Milli Vanilli lyrics

Catchy pop song from the 80s. Well known, just can't find it.

2020.10.22 11:16 cutiemagpie Catchy pop song from the 80s. Well known, just can't find it.

I thought it was Milli Vanilli but can't find it on their spotify etc. I don't know artist, song title or any lyrics so I made a version of what I remember of the chorus in Ableton. Hope you can tell the song from it!
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2020.06.12 03:51 joshually Mariah Carey released her debut album 30 years ago!!!

Hi friends, did you miss me?
I would be negligent as a lamb if I didn't commemorate the inauguration of the Skinny Legend, the Elusive Chanteuse,the Queen of Christmas, The Voice, the Songbird Supreme, Godriah, She Who Has The Range, the #1s Queen, the Automatic Princess, the Butterfly herself, Mimi, MC, THE MARIAH CAREY.
30 years ago today, Mariah Carey released her debut album. And the world of music, pop culture, memes and just general life and society itself has never been the same.
Mariah Carey, the self-titled debut album, let's look at the stats really fast:
The album didn't hit #1 until 36 weeks after debuting, and then stayed there for 11 weeks, and was the best-selling album in 1991, a year after its debut. WTF!?!?!? Thanks Grammys!
Speaking of, Mariah won Best New Artist at the Grammys - the year after the whole Milli Vanilli lipsynching scandal and Mariah was all "With all the controversy surrounding this award, I hope to bring it back to a real singer-songwriter category, where everyone else following me can be as proud as I am to receive this honor" - thereby shading the past, AND the future to come. Queen of Shade, she is. I should add that up there!
The debut has sold over 15,000,000 copies worldwide and its singles have sold over 5 mill worldwide.
The Singles:
Vision of Love: Imagine your debut single showcasing not only your songwriting skills as a teenager, but also your expansive and unique range - a song that has a vocal range spans from the low low low note of E♭3 to the high whistle note of C7. This song has the dubious honor of bringing forth melisma to popularity, inspiring an entire generation of singers to stretch one syllable into 18-20 syllables as unnecessary as it was. In my opinion, Mariah is skilled in that her melisma and vocal belting are all very intentional and impeccable. She's not just wantonly throwing yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh-eeeee-yeahhhhhhhh-ooooh-whoaaaaaaas around like 20% Bed Bath and Beyond coupons; they're all purposeful and add to the emotional breadth of a song. Rolling Stone has said that "Vision of Love has inspired the entire American Idol vocal school, for better or worse, and virtually every other female R&B singer since the 90s." PS Mariah Carey wrote her debut single and first No. 1 hit when she was just 17.
Love Takes Time: Her second #1 single that almost never was. Mariah recorded the song at the last last last minute when her debut album was already "completed" and being processed for release. She played the demo to her record company's CEO, who immediately insisted the song be included on her debut album, even though the album was already going through final stages of completion and Mariah wanted to save "Love Takes Time" for her second album. Eventually the song made it on to the album as the last track, BUT it was not listed as such on the first pressings of the album, so those are collectors items!!!
Someday: Her third #1. One of the four songs which were on the demo tape handed to Tommy Mottola prior to her signing the contract. Mariah has said that "Someday" was one of her favorite songs on the demo and that she would "listen to it over and over again on the subway after the studio sessions". This song also marked the first time Mariah started to remix her songs, being heavily involved with creating multiple new versions of her songs, oftentimes re-recording new vocals, adding new lyrics, rearranging everything, etc. Queen of Remixes! I should add that to her titles!!
I Don't Wanna Cry: Her fourth and final #1 from her debut, record breakingly so. The music video had to be re-shot because ahem Tommy Motolla complained about her dress blowing upwards and the attractive man being a distraction. Mariah herself has been purported to state that she doesn't like this song because her record company (goddang stupid evil record companies!!) wouldn't allow her to co-produce this song. Come on guys??? So she didn't perform it live for a very very long time until her #1s concert upon where she had to perform it because the concert was about her performing her #1 songs.
One of most interesting thing about Mariah and how she's perceived by the world now and even then, is that she just continually and constantly and relentlessly kept uppping the bar on vocals, that people forgot 1) just how excruciatingly demanding her songs were vocally, and 2) the acrobats she put her voice through to sing these songs both on record and live were really something to behold and one would be hardpressed to find even a handful of other singers who did the same, and thus, people started taking these things for granted and would instead focus or criticize other things - the schmaltz, the production, and most egregiously, focus on her persona, her background, her "antics" and her "diva" attitude.
Disirregardless of how she does now, what her lifestyle is like, how her voice is doing, Mariah has irrevocably placed herself in the pantheon of legendary iconic divas and will stay there pretty much from now until forever. She'll forever live on in memes and in lingo (I don't know her!). She's inspired many generations of singers, songwriters, and producers. And deservedly so. Her work ethic is unsurpassed, her attention to detail is impeccable, and her industry smarts is something to be studied.
On a personal note, Mariah Carey quite literally saved my life. As a closeted, depressed, lonely, suicidal teen filled with angst and feeling just hopeless in general, listening to Mariah and other female artists and studying her legacy on the internet was an escape I really needed. Her lyrics inspired me, provided me an outlet, and instilled strength in me, as hokey as that sounds. For that, even if she will never know, I will forever be grateful.
HOMEWORK: watch this in depth and incredibly interesting interview with Mariah for Genius where she goes deep into her songwriting and crafting process.
TEST: a list of SAT vocab words Mariah utilized in her eponymous inaugural album. Learn them for the spelling bee. Guess I should also add Empress of Vocabulary
Anyways, I leave you with my favorite Mariah video of all time.
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2019.12.31 06:30 Gucci_Adlib_Burr Juice WRLD was a underrated lyricist

A lot of people see Juice WRLD as a cheesy emo artist, which to a certain degree I agree with. Juice WRLD could come off as somewhat cheesy, or really depressing, when he comes through with a good song (which he mostly does) the lyrics find a way to speak to me. Also most of his songs have a clever punchline such as " I'm O.C, three-gram wood full of OG Give BM dick like Moby, gun make him flash, Adobe" or " These niggas lip-singin' like Milli Vanilli or somethin' I'm like Lil' Wayne I got a milli-milli-milli or somethin' ". I'm not saying he is the best lyricist in the rap game, I'm just saying that he was somewhat underrated as a lyricist, big shame he can't put that to use anymore
Rest in Peace 999
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2019.12.15 13:55 Bomboclad -Era: 2010's, Genre: Indie, Artist type: Male singer

Hi, first post on Reddit! My request might be extremely vague, but I've been looking for this song for a while now.
The song starts off with a low tempo, drums and then the male singer (with a low voice) starts off with:
"Oh lily, don't forget my number.." or it could be "Oh baby, don't forget my number" too.
If I remember correctly, the rhythm / tempo of the rest of the song is pretty slow aswell.
I've tried to look up the lyrics, please note that it's not Phil Collins or Milli Vanilli. Help! :-)
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2019.09.26 20:33 SupremoZanne This Milli Vanilli song reminded me of Pink Floyd's song, even though it's lyrics and melody are totally different!

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2019.04.12 04:29 BRC_Haus Fri 4/12/19 - Our Daily Update

Daily Topics
Who’s having her SECOND YEAR KETOVERSARY today? u/ketokate-o, that’s WHO!!!!! Let’s PAR-TAY, people! And yes, there will be a Funky Friday Dance Party/Happy Hour item ~later today to keep the party going...
Musical Question
How soon we all forget about the faux-duo who won the ‘Best New Artist’ Grammy & was forced to give it back after the fraud was revealed. Blame It on the Rain, by Milli Vanilli was yesterday’s MQ.
I never wanted to be your weekend lover I only wanted to be some kind of friend
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2019.03.24 14:59 nutrop Who's the real singer for Milli Vanilli?

I know about the controversy surrounding the group but was it possible that it was a vocal processor, similar to a Yamaha Vocaloid where you type in the lyrics and it sings in the key the melody is in (although I don't believe this technology was even available back then, at least not commercially).
Milli Vanilli's singer sounds a bit like Mike Patton of Faith No More (especially when he raps), maybe even Anthony Kiedis from the Red Hot Chili Peppers?
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2019.02.19 22:52 iminterestingplease Part 42.

There have been a lot of big changes recently.
6658.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Steve Jobs being the first person to say "Good artists copy. Great artists steal." instead of Pablo Picasso?
6659.(Music Lyrics change.)"She's a killer Queen. Gunpowder. Turpentine."/"She's a killer Queen. Gunpowder. Guillotine."/"She's a killer Queen. Gunpowder. Gelatine."(Other lyrics?)(Anything else off?)
6660.(Celebrity death date change.)Do you remember Wallace Broecker dying earlier than February 18, 2019?
6661.(Celebrity death date change.)Do you remember Lee Radiziwill dying earlier than February 15, 2019?(Do the Ls in her name look off?)łł
6662.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember The Doors Of The 21st Century not being a thing?(Ian Ashbury/Ian Astbury)–Krieger
6663.(Event name change.)Lalapalooza/Lolapalooza/Lollapalooza(Other spellings?)(Does the logo look off?)
6664.(Movie Quote change.)"You're gonna be one badass motherfucker."/"You're gonna be a bad motherfucker."(Other quotes?)
6665.(Product Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in Tampico being normal?(Anything else off?)
6666.(Real Life Quote change.)"I am not a crook."/"I'm not a crook."(Anything else off?)
6667.(Movie Quote change.)"I love him something awful."/"I love him awful."(Does the movie logo keep changing?)
6668.(R&B Group name change.)The Staples Singers/The Staple Singers(Do any of their logos look off?)(Anything else off?)(Does the Soul Train logo look off?)(Many remembered spellings of Abbott and all the other logos have changed.)(SiriusXM logos all have off letters.)(Most Capitol Records logos have connected letters.)(Soya Sauce/Soy Sauce)(Other spellings?)(Soya/Soy)(Twitter logo bird has changed.)(Dolly from Moonraker now has bows in her hair.)(The Bare Necessities lyrics keeps changing.)(Terrence McKenna/Terence McKenna)(Anything else off?)(Yubo logo has off letters.)(The Gifted logo has off letters.)(Quanta(Quantum?)Magazine website logo has off letters.)(The Conversation website logo has off letters.)(Book predicts a lot of Donald Trump related stuff.)(Givology logo and name keep changing.)(Male fruit flies look for alcohol when rejected.)(Frost And Nixon/Frost/Nixon)(Other names?)(Anything else off?)(Seatle, Washington/Seattle, Washington)(Other spellings?)(New Dylan album and a song moved onto it.)(Have you heard of Mimi Pond?)(Snownados now exist.)(Famous Birthdays logo has off logo.)(Android logos all keep changing.)(Timothy Chalamet/Timothée Chalamet)(Was Timothée and anything similar to it never an acceptable spelling of Timothy?)(Vector Vest logo has connected and off letters.)(Tess Daily/Tess Daly)(Lots of album cover logos have changed.)(Kissed By A Rose by Seal keeps changing.)(Other remembered spellings of Diana Rigg that haven't been mentioned yet?)(Radio station logos keep changing.)(Did John Lennon say the Good Artists Copy quote?)(Anything else off?)(Old raven related quote changed.)(Abba song lyrics are changing.)(Water polo was a thing.)(Homeless shelters charge people to stay.)(Didn't Ric Flair die?)(Spider that looks like David Bowie.)(Tasty Freeze/Tastee-Freez)(Anything else off?)(Hughes Airwest logo looks off.)(Altec Lansing is off.)(We're The Millers If Anyone Asks?)(Red Red Wine by Neil Diamond has changed or was it UB40?)(Was Zangief spelled differently?)(Sherbet Crayola or Pink Sherbet?)(MC Hammer's pants in U Can't Touch This are now red instead of yellow.)(Better Help website logo has off letters.)(Weird colored skies.)(Neurophen/Nurofen)(Footloose lyrics keep changing.)(Harpy eagles now exist.)(Dip Dab logo is merged.)(Derek Hatton is now alive.)(Sherbet Lemons/Lemon Sherbets)(Maynards Bassetts logo and all the subtexts have merged or off letters.)(Sherbet pronunciation keeps changing.)(Did what Sorbet and Sherbet used to be switch with each other?)(Is the pronunciation of Sorbet off?)(Fred from Scooby-Doo lost his Adam's Apple and his hairstyle has changed.)(Velma from Scooby-Doo has larger breasts, has different shoes, has knee stockings and looks less plain and her eye shape looks off.)(Scooby Doo's voice sounds slighty deeper and easier to understand and he no longer ends every episode with "Scooby Dooby Doo!".)(All the new moons and names for them.)(Interesting video below.)(Russia sold Alaska to America and Canada didn't.)(Video below.)(More new blood types.)(Video below.)(The Challenge: War Of The Worlds logo is off.)(Interesting video below.)(Tarantula with horn on its back discovered.)(The Munsters spelling keeps changing.)(Lots of early colored photos and videos.)(Lots of weird eye colored cartoons.)(Big Native American book change.)(Golden possums?)(Bamm-Bamm now has a green club.)(Elvis quote keeps changing.)("One of us" quotes all keep changing.)Lots of weird eye colored cartoons now.)(Rana brand logo keeps changing.)(Timothy Leary radio quote keeps changing.)(Purple and weird solid colored corn.)(Almost perfectly straight bananas.)(All Zillow logos keep changing.)(Giant supposedly extinct bees exist and they were found to still be alive.)(Lots of weird new stuff.)(Juicy Fruits/Juicy Fruit)(Were MC Hammer's pants a color other than yellow or red in U Can't Touch This?)(Baobab flower?)(Ficcus tree or plant?)(Lots of weird new changes.)(Lots of new logo changes.)(Snoopy's feet now have lines on them.)(Lots of new religious studies and philosophies.)(Sayeth to Quoteth raven quote change.)(Woman rubs period blood on face to show "beauty".)(Weird new large fish species discovered washed up on beach.)(Go Wireless! 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Add-On: Do you remember Gobstoppers instead of Gobstopper?
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6733.(Famous Basketball Player name change.)Paul Gasol/Pau Gasol(Other spellings?)(Was Pau never an acceptable spelling of Paul?)
6734.(Famous Race Car Driver name change.)Sebastien Vettel/Sebastian Vettel(Was Sebastien never an acceptable spelling of Sebastian?)(Are there other weird Sebastian spellings?)
6735.(Town name change.)Marinello, Italy/Maranello, Italy(Other spellings?)
6736.(Famous Basketball Player name change.)Derek Rose/Derrick Rose(Was Derrick never an acceptable spelling of Derek?)(Are there other weird spellings of Derek?)
6737.(Celebrity death date change.)Do you remember Katherine Helmond dying earlier than February 23, 2019?
6738.(Company Logo change.)Do you remember the Spread logo being different?
6739.(History change.)Do you remember the Boeing 314 Clipper not being a thing?
6740.(History change.)Do you remember the hand mixer not being patented in 1856 and the first electric one not being invented in 1885?
6741.(Fictional Character appearance change.)Do you remember Jaws' teeth being different?
6742.(Fictional Company name change.)The Daily Bugle/Daily Bugle
6743.(Fictional Company name change.)The Daily Planet/Daily Planet
6744.(Slogan change.)"Nobody knows Easter better than Cadbury."/"Nobunny knows Easter better than Cadbury."
6745.(Celebrity death that didn't happen.)Do you remember Tracey(Tracy?)Gold dying a while back?(Was Tracey never an acceptable spelling of Tracy?)
6746.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Coca-Cola not using Coca leaves in their recipe ever and all their ingredients in their formula being secret?
6747.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember human bodies not reacting this way to things like leaf blowers?
6748.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember "My glasses! I can't see without my glasses!" being said more often throughout Scooby-Doo?(Do you remember Scooby Doo's real name being Scooby instead of Scoobert?)(Do you remember Scooby Doo not having any other relatives other than Scrappy Doo?)(Anything else off?)
6749.(Company name change.)Amtrack/Amtrak(Anything else off?)
6750.(History change.)Do you remember the White House never burning down ever?
6751.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember elephants never being able to cry?
6752.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember parrots never being able to take or get addicted to things like opium?
6753.(Famous Model name change.)Barbie Benton/Barbi Benton(Was Barbi never an acceptable spelling of Barbie?)
6754.(Famous Actor name change.)Bobby J. Thompson/Bobb'e J. Thompson(Other spellings?)(Was Bobb'e never an acceptable spelling of Bobby?)(Are there other weird Bobby spellings?)
Add-On: Do you remember Edwin or Erich Schrödinger?(Other spellings?)(Were Caffe and Caffé never acceptable spellings of Café?)ödinger
6755.(Famous Soccer Player name change.)Emre Belezoğlu/Emre Belözoğlu(Other spellings?)özoğlu
6756.(Famous Soccer Player name change.)Gerald Piqué/Gerard Piqué(Other spellings?)é
6757.(Famous Soccer Player name change.)Felipe Luís/Filipe Luís(Other spellings?)ís
6758.(Famous Soccer Player name change.)Carlos Valderama/Carlos Valderrama(Other spellings?)
6759.(Famous Soccer Player name change.)René Huiguita/René Higuita(Other spellings?)é_Higuita
6760.(Famous Soccer Player name change.)Graham LeSaux/Graeme Le Saux(Other spellings?)
6761.(Famous Soccer Player name change.)Ferenc Puszkás/Ferenc Puskás(Other spellings?)ás
6762.(Famous Actress name change.)Stephanie Powers/Stefanie Powers(Other spellings?)
6763.(Celebrity death that didn't happen.)Do you remember Dean Stockwell dying a while back?
6764.(Song name change.)Believe/Still Believe(Are the lyrics off?)(Do any of her logos look off?)(Anything else off?)
6765.(Girl Group name change.)Destiny Child/Destiny's Child(Do any of their logos look off?)(Were they never kniwn as Girl's Tyme?)(Were the members originally sisters instead of just being members?)'s_Child
6766.(Celebrity death that didn't happen.)Do you remember One Man Gang dying?
6767.(Spelling change.)Twighlight/Twillight/Twilight(Other spellings?)
6768.(Famous Actress name change.)Patsy Kenzit/Patsy Kensit(Other spellings?)
6769.(Famous Actress name change.)Leslie-Ann Down/Lesley-Anne Down(Other spellings?)(Was Lesley never an acceptable spelling of Leslie?)
6770.(Famous Actress name change.)Tiffany Thiessen/Tiffani Thiessen(Other spellings?)(Was Tiffani never an acceptable spelling of Tiffany?)
6771.(Famous Producer name change.)Stephen J. Canell/Stephen J. Cannell(Other spellings?)
6772.(Famous Actor name change.)Patrick McGohan/Patrick McGoohan(Other spellings?)
6773.(Famous Actor name change.)Martin Scorcese/Martin Scorsese(Other spellings?)
6774.(Famous Actress name change.)Grey DeLeslie/Grey DeLisle(Other spellings?)
6775.(Famous Actor name change.)Bill Faggerbake/Bill Fagerbakke(Other spellings?)(Was him name pronounced differently?)
6776.(Famous Actor name change.)William Stylers/William Salyers(Other spellings?)
6777.(Candy name change.)Strawberry Flavour Laces/Strawberry Flavour Lances(Anything else off about Lances?)
6778.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Cole Sprouse being less popular than Dylan Sprouse when The Suote Life Of Zack & Cody was on and now?
6779.(Celebrity death that didn't happen.)Do you remember Paul Young dying a while back?(Anything about him in Desperate Housewives off?)(Anything else off?)
6780.(Famous Cook name change.)Rachel Ray/Rachael Ray(Other spellings?)(Was Rachael never an acceptable spelling of Rachel?)
6781.(Famous Fashion Designer name change.)Vivian Westwood/Vivienne Westwood(Other spellings?)(How do you remember Vivian being spelled in general?)
6782.(Famous Soccer Player name change.)César Aczpilicueta/César Azpilicueta(Other spellings?)ésar_Azpilicueta
6783.(Famous Soccer Player name change.)Jermaine Defoe/Jermain Defoe(Other spellings?)(Was Jermain never an acceptable spelling of Jermaine?)
6784.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these things being different or not a thing?(Ellora caves, petra and little petra, shrovetide, calcio storico, American Kidney Foundation/American Kidney Fund, Chichén Itzá, black sea under river, pattern on doe's back and other weird patterns on deer, more friendly wild animals, Michael Jackson dropped 50 feet to stage in an accident, Isaiah 11:8 changes again, more on harpy eagle, Ford logo is now tilting, Honda logo has changed again, polycephalic everything, weird elephant parts, gaboon viper that moves like a caterpillar, pattern change on raccoon and panda eyes, naked foal syndrome, more geography changes, Great lakes keep changing, guy with large hairy birthmark and two children with weird birth defects, weird looking cat with white coloration, 12 finger family, Neanderthals may have been smarter than we think, more anatomy changes, Quetzacoatl(Was it spelled differently?), rabbit without hair, when student doctors remove your appendix, 1939 ghost Pontiac, Marie Curie and everything about her, shark with bioluminescent nose, mice can sing.)(Video below.)
6785.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember transgender people not being able to give birth?
6786.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember little Grand Canyon-like structures not being a thing?
6787.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember teacup pigs being their own separate species and not just being very small and/or underfed pigs?
6788.(Theme Song Lyrics change.)"I love Wisconsin!"/"Hello Wisconsin!"(Was it Kelso or Eric that said it and not Hyde?)
6789.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember bumblebees not being endangered?
6790.(Movie name change.)The Naked Gun 33 1/2: The Final Insult/Naked Gun 33 1/2: The Final Insult⅓:_The_Final_Insult
6791.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember 1950's breakfast stations not being a thing?
6792.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the first mall in America not opening as early as 1956?(Anything else off?)
6793.(Phrase change.)"Not your circus. Not your clowns."/"Not my circus. Not my clowns."(Anything else off?),_not_my_monkeys
6794.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Alaska not having a rainforest?(Were there no rainforests in North America at all?)(Anything else off?)
6795.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Della Duck not existing?
6796.(Fictional Character name change.)Do you remember Inspector Gadget's real name being Don Brown or John Brown?
6797.(Music Lyrics change.)"Things in common?"/"Thing in common?"("Cuz opposites attract."/"'Cause opposites attract.")(Anything else off?)(Do any of her logos look off?)
6798.(Logo change.)Do you remember the Fair Use logo not being connected?
6799.(Music Lyrics change.)"What am I supposed to do when the best part of me was always you?"/"What am I gonna do when the best part of me was always you?"(Anything else off?)(Do any of their logos look off?)
6800.(Comic Series name change.)Calvin And Hobbs/Calvin And Hobbes(Anything else off?)
6801.(Abbreviation change.)Auto Immune Deficiency Syndrome/Aquired Immune Deficiency Virus
6802.(T.V. Shiw name change.)Beverly Hills 92010/Beverly Hills, 90210,_90210
6803.(Famous Actress name change.)Ellen Paige/Ellen Page
6804.(Famous Director name change.)Howard Hawk/Howard Hawks
6805.(Famous Soccer Player name change.)Mark Clattenberg/Mark Clattenburg(Other spellings?)
6806.(Famous Referee name change.)Pierluigi Colina/Pierluigi Collina(Other spellings?)
6807.(Famous Soccer Player name change.)Phillipe Coutinho/Philippe Coutinho(Other spellings?)(How do you remember Philippe being spelled in general?)
6808.(Famous Soccer Player name change.)Jessy Lingard/Jesse Lingard(Other spellings?)(How do you remember Jesse being spelled in general?)
6809.(Famous Singer name change.)Lauren Hill/Lauryn Hill(Other spellings?)
6810.(Famous Singer name change.)Phil Colins/Phil Collins(Other spellings?)(How do you remember Collin or Collins being spelled in general?)
6811.(Famous Composer name change.)Wolfgang Amadeus MozaWolfgang Amadeus Mozart(Other spellings?)
6812.(Theme Song Lyrics change.)"Come and listen to a story about a man named Jed."/"Come and listen to my story about a man named Jed ."
6813.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Jam Session by Heavy D and The Notorious B.I.G. not existing?
6814.(Can't think of a to title.)Do you remember the music video for Puffin On Blunts And Drankin' Tanqueray not existing?
6815.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Barbie only having a first name and not a middle or last one?
6816.(Celebrity death date change.)Do you remember Jan-Michael Vincent dying earlier than February 10, 2019?
6817.(State name change.)Okhlahoma/Oklahoma(Other spellings?)
6818.(City name change.)Passadena, California/Pasadena, California(Other spellings?),_California
6819.(City name change.)Norwitch/Norwich(Other spellings?)(Multiple places.)
6820.(Town name change.)Ipswitch/Ipswich(Other spellings?)
6821.(Village name change.)Amytiville, New York/Amityville, New York(Other spellings?),_New_York
6822.(Famous Actor name change.)Rob SteigeRod Steiger(Other spellings?)
6823.(Famous Actress name change.)Judy Gardland/Judy Garland(Other spellings?)
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2018.10.01 01:48 19djafoij02 Where are they now? What would some more celebs be doing in the FNaF universe?

Part 1
Machine Gun Kelly didn't take kindly to Eminem calling him "the one Will should've killed." His response track, "No Respect", began with a voiceover of him imitating Phone Guy saying "these characters hold a special place in the hearts of innocent souls, so please show some respect" before cutting to a video of a Freddy plush and then Kelly holding an AK-47 and saying "F$&k no," opening fire....although it's revealed that he opened fire on an effigy of Eminem's daughter Hailie instead. The video is seen as one of the gnarliest and most intense hip-hop beef videos ever and ends with Kelly burning the effigy alive, kicking the plushie into the flames, and spitting on the charred remains.
Lil Wayne added a hidden track to his newest installment in the Tha Carter album series in which he describes Kelly as "trailer trash scum who would shoot an angel in the bum." His daughter reportedly owns several plushes, none of which are sentient.
Trap queens Nicki Minaj, Cardi B, and Bhad Bhabie each tweeted out drawings of themselves made up as sexy Chicas. The #ChicaChallenge meme has become popular on hip-hop Twitter. Snapchat has released a Toy Chica-esque filter (called "Cute Birdie") to capitalize on it.
Foxy Brown attempted to jump (pun intended) on the bandwagon by releasing a song called "The Fox Is Back" which features her and JAY-Z together wearing pirate costumes. It was critically panned.
Elsewhere in the world of music, a scandal has rocked the singer-songwriter world after several musicians including Halsey and Carrie Underwood abruptly released records with epic lyrics about justice, vengeance, and struggle. In what was described as the Freddy's version of the Milli Vanilli scandal, the artists were revealed to not actually have written those lyrics, instead relying on a Rockstar Bonnie figurine.
Odell Beckham, an NFL player, got a tattoo of two of Charlie's lines - I'm Not Afraid Of You. You Need To Stay Out Of My Way - tattooed on his back.
Rihanna released a Christian music album with abundant Freddy's imagery called "Rest Your Soul."
Trevor Noah played several news clips on Freddy's on the Daily Show and was stunned at first, before the Soweto-born comedian said simply "You seeing this? Trump, you gotta be weirder or else I'll stop talking about you!"
On Saturday Night Live, Alec Baldwin - as Trump - lamented that nobody is laughing at him anymore because they're so fixed on the Afton business. The skit showed him running naked across the White House lawn in a bid for attention, while meanwhile in Heaven Michael (played by Matt Damon with purple makeup and a skater-dude wig) laughed at his irrelevance.
Justin Trudeau, who looks quite a bit like Mike, has announced that he'll be wearing purpleface for Halloween.
Kevin Hart tweeted that he wanted to be Carlton in the upcoming movie adaptation. He was shockingly rebuffed because Carlton is a) white and b) a school-age boy. He responded with a highly politically incorrect jab at how "Carlton" is a black name and should have a black actor. Hart is reportedly being considered to play Corrupt Boardmember #3 in the Circus Baby's spinoff, if it makes it out of development hell.
Anna Kendrick has expressed her willingness to appear in the movie as well. She will reportedly be playing Gabe's mom.
Former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan, 92, was used in a brief clip where he plays a particularly frumpy Will in Hell. The resemblance is uncanny.
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2018.05.06 00:58 PandanoidAndroid Alex Turner admits that the Arctic Monkeys are not a real band

Alex Turner has shocked fans by admitting today that the popular Sheffield alt rockers Arctic Monkeys are not a real band. Turner revealed in an interview with Fern Britton that classic hits such as "Do I Wanna Know?" and ”Fluorescent Adolescent" are not in fact genuine compositions but were merely made up by the band in order to give them some material to perform at gigs. “We never thought it would go this far” said a visibly remorseful Alex Turner. “We thought ‘well we can’t be a band without any songs’ so we just got our instruments and played various different combinations of notes and rhythms until we had something which resembled the music we enjoyed and were influenced by”, added Turner. “We never meant to hurt anybody”.
Since the shocking revelations musicologists have pored over the band’s recordings and confirmed the non-genuine nature of the music. “If you look at this section of 'Cornerstone'” says Prof Ian Beale of the University of Music in Bangor “you can clearly see that it contains some of the 12 notes which have already been used widely in both the popular and classical music forms for years. This note for example is a G, which some scholars believe was used several times by the Beatles as early as the 1960s.” He adds, “The whole thing has clearly just been put together cack handedly by someone with little regard for authenticity. I’m not even going to talk about their lyrics. I mean ‘Library pictures of the quickening canoe...’? What does that even mean?”. In addition to the revelations about the music, the band members themselves have proved not to be what they seem. Turner has admitted that the guitarist Jamie Cook is in fact his loyal childhood dog Barney, an Afghan Hound. “We didn’t know anyone who played guitar” he explains “and Barney seemed to like hanging around the rehearsal room so we just put some clothes on him like in Denver the Last Dinosaur.” “We honestly can’t see how anyone was ever fooled”, he added.
Miles Kane, who helped Turner release the new The Last Shadow Puppets album this year, was unavailable for comment. However, fans on the Arctic Monkeys official messageboard have been quick to air their views. User ‘blakejp’ claimed “I always knew it wuznt a reel album, you can even hear sum1 sayin walkies halfway thru and all the songs is just who let the dogs out played at different speeds and backwards and stuff”. Leading the charge to condemn the band for their dishonesty has been NME magazine, who first championed them in 2006 and recently dubbed their last album ‘AM’ the ‘Greatest Single Achievement in Human History’. Editor Spunky McFarlane commented “We feel let down. NME is all about championing real music made by passionate artists not afraid to step outside the boundraries of commerciality. We seek to provide thought provoking and in depth coverage of only the finest and most innovative modern music. We treat our readers as discerning and intelligent people who are willing to go the extra mile and discover records which deliver their rewards slowly over time, rather than being interchangeable bits of fluff which, after six months, will merely be another inert bit of plastic occupying shelf space.” “This discovery that the Arctic Monkeys music was entirely fabricated shocks me and will shock our readers… for approximately 5 seconds until they receive a text message about some shoes, or see any brightly coloured object.” The band have vowed to carry on, saying their next album will contain ‘real songs’. “We’re determined to show people the real us” says bassist Nicholas O'Malley, who is in fact two young children standing on each other’s shoulders. “We’re going to work with the people who wrote the songs for Basement Jaxx and Coldplay”. When asked to comment, White Stripes singeguitarist and former friend of the band Jack White said “Two words: Milli Vanilli”.
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2018.05.05 18:11 ZxphoZ Julian Casablancas admits The Strokes are not a real band

Julian Casablancas has shocked fans by admitting today that the popular New York alt rockers The Strokes are not a real band. Casablancas revealed in an interview with Fern Britton that classic hits such as ‘Last Nite’ and ”You Only Live Once’ are not in fact genuine compositions but were merely made up by the band in order to give them some material to perform at gigs. “We never thought it would go this far” said a visibly remorseful Casablancas “We thought ‘well we can’t be a band without any songs’ so we just got our instruments and played various different combinations of notes and rhythms until we had something which resembled the music we enjoyed and were influenced by”. Added Casablancas “We never meant to hurt anybody”.
Since the shocking revelations musicologists have pored over the band’s recordings and confirmed the non-genuine nature of the music. “If you look at this section of ‘The Modern Age” says Prof Ian Beale of the University of Music in Bangor “you can clearly see that it contains some of the 12 notes which have already been used widely in both the popular and classical music forms for years. This note for example is a G, which some scholars believe was used several times by the Beatles as early as the 1960s.” He adds, “The whole thing has clearly just been put together cack handedly by someone with little regard for authenticity. I’m not even going to talk about the lyrics. I mean ‘In the sun sun having fun…’? What does that even mean?”. In addition to the revelations about the music, the band members themselves have proved not to be what they seem. Casablancas has admitted that bassist Nikolai Fraiture is in fact his loyal childhood dog Barney, an Afghan Hound. “We didn’t know anyone who played bass,” he explains “and Barney seemed to like hanging around the rehearsal room so we just put some clothes on him like in Denver the Last Dinosaur.” “We honestly can’t see how anyone was ever fooled”, he added.
Fraiture/Barney who released his solo debut album this year under the moniker Nickel Eye was unavailable for comment. However fans on the Strokes official messageboard have been quick to air their views. User ‘strokemeoff93’ claimed “I always knew it wuznt a reel album, you can even hear sum1 sayin walkies halfway thru and all the songs is just who let the dogs out played at different speeds and backwards and stuff”. Leading the charge to condemn the band for their dishonesty has been NME magazine, who first championed them in 2001 and recently dubbed debut album ‘Is This It’ the ‘Greatest Single Achievement in Human History’. Editor Spunky McFarlane commented “We feel let down. NME is all about championing real music made by passionate artists not afraid to step outside the boundraries of commerciality. We seek to provide thought provoking and in depth coverage of only the finest and most innovative modern music. We treat our readers as discerning and intelligent people who are willing to go the extra mile and discover records which deliver their rewards slowly over time, rather than being interchangeable bits of fluff which, after six months, will merely be another inert bit of plastic occupying shelf space.” “This discovery that the Strokes music was entirely fabricated shocks me and will shock our readers… for approximately 5 seconds until they receive a text message about some shoes, or see any brightly coloured object.” The band have vowed to carry on, saying their next album will contain ‘real songs’. “We’re determined to show people the real us” says guitarist Nick Valensi, who is in fact two young children standing on each other’s shoulders. “We’re going to work with the people who wrote the songs for Basement Jaxx and Coldplay”. When asked to comment, White Stripes singeguitarist and former friend of the band Jack White said “Two words: Milli Vanilli”.
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2017.05.16 19:00 waffel113 For Your Consideration #104: Neil Cicierega - Mouth Silence & Mouth Sounds

Good afternoon everyone, and welcome to this week's For Your Consideration, the weekly series where we discuss albums that aren't on our Essentials chart, and maybe why they oughta be. This week, dankdadburrito and scratchedrecord_ are teaming up to talk about Neil Cicierega's double-feature of mashups, remixes and other audio atrocities, Mouth Sounds & Mouth Silence.
Artist: Neil Cicierega
Albums: Mouth Silence & Mouth Sounds
Sounds on Youtube
Silence on Youtube
Silence Website
Sounds Website
Background by dankdadburrito
Neil Cicierega, if you haven’t heard of him already, has probably made at least one internet hit you HAVE heard of. Be it Brodyquest, Potter Puppet Pals, The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny, Animutations, Ariel Needs Legs, or some other oddity, Neil is a relentless creator, having created different works for the past 18 years, ranging from albums with his band Lemon Demon, point-and-click adventure games, to what we’re talking about today, his trio of mashup albums. There’s a chance you’ve heard echoes of these albums, such as “Bustin’”, “Wow Wow”, or “Wndrwll”. They started from Neil finding stems for popular tunes in the game Rock Band, and exploiting these until he found proper matches to make these terrifying remixes. (AUTHOR’S NOTE: If you haven’t listened to any of these before reading, go search them up on Soundcloud and just experience a full mix as it was intended, no track titles, and revel in the wonder that comes with being inexperienced in Neil’s craft.) This is the story of the first two collections of these absolute messes, Mouth Sounds and Mouth Silence.
Mouth Silence Review by scratchedrecord_
We begin with the “prequel” album Mouth Silence, released only a few months after the first. However, on Silence, all the Smash Mouth samples are left behind (well, mostly), with Cicierega challenging himself to create a mashup record that stands solely on its own merits without relying on the crutches of a running joke. This album is the one that truly stands as a testament to Cicierega’s abilities as a producer – even without the constant Smash Mouth references, Cicierega is able to weave song after song together in a way that seemingly defies reason.
One of Cicierega’s greatest strengths is to take two tracks that are diametrically opposed to each other and mix them together, creating a final product that is slightly unsettling but also works musically in a strange yet familiar way. This is best showcased in tracks like “Crocodile Chop,” which mixes together “Chop Suey” by System of a Down and “Crocodile Rock” by Elton John. Serj Tankian’s slowed-down vocals provide a harsh contrast to the upbeat and playful instrumentals from the Elton John track, and the pitch-shifting used to manipulate the vocals into the original synthesizer melody works oddly well, yet slightly off. This somewhat uncomfortable nature, though disconcerting at times (especially in tracks like “Love Psych,” mixing “Love Shack” by the B-52’s with the theme from the Hitchcock film Psycho), leads to one of the best aspects of the album. Unlike other mashup records, Mouth Silence never tries to feel as if these were the original arrangements of these songs. Instead, the songs here use the fact that they are remixes and mashups to create an interestingly self-aware sense of humor. Such is the case on “Rollercloser,” a track built on the Ohio Players’ “Love Rollercoaster” and the vocals from Nine Inch Nails’ “Closer.” Trent Reznor’s original lyrics are edited and manipulated to be (slightly) more innocent (for example, lines about sex being changed to being about dancing). The upbeat horns also contrast with Reznor’s predatory vocal delivery, creating a contrast not quite compatible with either track but still musically solid.
There are also a few tracks here that are less mashups of two individual songs and more collages sampling multiple songs at once. These tracks are a sort of musical Frankenstein’s Monster, with melodies being crafted from parts of each individual song. The song “Numbers” does this along a telephone theme, based in songs like Carly Rae Jepsen’s 2012 hit “Call Me Maybe,” Milli Vanilli’s “Baby Don’t Forget My Number,” and Ray Parker, Jr.’s theme from Ghostbusters. The edited lyrics feel like a fever dream of phone numbers, and yet there is a certain bliss in the cacophony. Such is also the case with the closing track “Piss,” which uses Third Eye Blind’s “Semi-Charmed Life” (the song which also opens the record on “Goodbye”) and Chumbawumba’s “Tubthumping,” along with samples from Justin Timberlake, Spin Doctors, and, yes, Hampsterdance. Third Eye Blind and Chumabwumba weave in and out of each other, complementing and negating each other’s verses. It helps that the songs have some lyrical similarities, but these don’t really come into the foreground, with edited vocals once again taking the spotlight. As the ending mirrors the beginning, “Piss” lends the whole album a sense of cohesion, leading to a satisfying finish.
This may be a more “serious” album than Mouth Sounds, but that’s not to say that it’s wholly devoid of humor. On the contrary, the album is incredibly witty, but the humor is a different kind than the comedy found in Sounds. Whereas Sounds is nearly entirely predicated on Smash Mouth, as well as patience-testing and overly long passages of the same melody (as in “Full Mouth” and “No Credit Card”), Silence’s humor is much more reliant on creating unexpected combinations. One of the sharpest comedic moments in the record comes just four tracks in, with the ten-second “Friends.” The segue from the previous track “Furries” is brilliant (once the word “friends” is spoken at the end of the track, it immediately shifts to the theme from the TV show Friends), but this track also encapsulates what is so funny about this album – it diverts your expectations and always has some left-field “twist,” resulting in sharp and catchy humor. However, this humor extends well past the breadth of what the music covers. Yes, the music is brilliantly mixed and edited, but one of my favorite parts of this album is the hidden secrets that lie within. There are quite a few puzzles hidden throughout the tracklisting, some spanning multiple songs, with some even expanding to the MP3 tags. From using alt codes to spell out a hidden message to, fittingly enough, jokes hidden in the silence of one track, this record manages to expand its boundaries like very few I’ve seen before.
Anyway, here’s Wndrwll.
Mouth Sounds Review by dankdadburrito
Mouth Sounds is a crime against nature. I may be over-exaggerating, but Neil’s work is simultaneously revolting and wonderful to watch in its craft. Most songs here consist of basic one plus one mashups between two seemingly random classic songs, finding common threads in their DNA to make something shocking. The most apparent piece here is “Mullet With Butterfly Wings”, a slapdash affair between Loverboy’s “Working For the Weekend” and Smashing Pumpkins’ “Bullet With Butterfly Wings”. Each half of the song takes individuals from one track and layers them over the opposite side’s backing tracks, with each part getting its time to shine. Another interesting example here is “Bills Like Jean Spirit”, which basically just smashes Kurt Cobain’s voice and a rhythm guitar into “Billie Jean”. The other style clearly exhibited here is the slyly crafted remix, showing up in “No Credit Card”, which turns the brash rock of the Huey Lewis and the News track “The Power of Love” into a serious dance jam, and once again on display with “The Sharpest Tool”, which turns “All Star” into a bastardized industrial track, the kind of stuff worthy of nightmares. Speaking of that song….
If you couldn’t tell from the titles of this album, it contains plenty of influence from an infamous tune known by many for its placement in the Shrek soundtrack. In order to understand the beast further (and analyze anymore songs containing it), we need to look at the facts. The song, as written by Greg Camp, the guitarist of American band Smash Mouth, is a simple rock tune written in G-flat major at 108 BPM, released May 4th, 1999. There’s not much substance to it as originally written, and surprisingly, it only hit #4 on the Billboard singles chart at the time of release, not much boosting the album it was supporting, (Astro Lounge). I don’t much like it, honestly. Now that we’ve got it out of the way, we can talk about its place in this album.
All Star is used in this album as a basic palette to launch several tracks off of. Probably the most heinous example here is “Modest Mouth”, a basic combination of the vocals from “All Star” with the Modest Mouse breakout single “Float On”. The scariest thing about this track is not the unremorseful attack on one’s nostalgia with the MM track, but the fact that Neil didn’t need any pitch shifting or tempo setting to make All Star fit into its place. The alternate reality in which this track exists as a normality rather than a joke is a terrifying one. For more eldritch horrors involving Smash Mouth, look no further than “Imagine All Star People”, a tune which runs a greatly slowed down “All Star” over John Lennon’s “Imagine”. Finally, we have “Promenade (Satellite Pictures At An Exhibition).” With this, Neil takes vocal chops from the song and layers them into a stupefying reconstruction of the similarly-titled opening movement of the 1874 symphony written by Modest Mussorgsky. Perhaps the one moment when a Smash Mouth-based piece works (never thought I’d say that phrase in my life) is “Daft Mouth”, a funky mashup between the Smash Mouth single that isn’t “All Star” and the Daft Punk groove “Harder Better Faster Stronger”. The song runs through the motions of the latter’s beat, until suddenly spiraling into maximum speed with voices all around from both songs as well as Kanye’s hit which remixes the Daft Punk tune, “Stronger.” Immediately following this is probably the best song on the entire album, the transcendent “Like Tears in Chocolate Rain” takes the infamous Youtube hit from Tay Zonday and turns it into a veritable soundscape, using bassy tones and layering Tay’s voice until it becomes something worlds beyond the original tune that the Internet embraced in 2007. Finally, there’s the one moment where the album has likely angered plenty of people. Overall, this album is a rollercoaster ride of emotions and ideas, from the entertaining juxtapositions of some of the groovier tracks to the batshit insane experiments of Neil’s original creations. The only real way to explain this album is to just hear it yourself and be driven on the emotional rollercoaster yourself. I mean, I only found it because somebody once told me about it.
Favorite Lyrics by dankdadburrito and scratchedrecord_
Somebody once told me
the world was gonna roll me
I ain’t the sharpest tool in the shed
  • “Modest Mouth”, off of Mouth Silence
Talking Points by dankdadburrito and scratchedrecord_
  • Favorite song here?
  • What fascinates you about Neil’s process the most?
  • Which of the two albums is your favorite, personally?
  • What do you think of the zequel/squeakquel/threequel release this year, Mouth Moods?
  • What are your thoughts on Neil’s overall body of work?
  • Why do we not discuss the futility of existence?
  • Do you enjoy the song “All Star” by Smash Mouth?
Thanks again to dankdadburrito and scratchedrecord_ for the terrific joint writeup! Next week, B_E_H_E_M_O_T_H will make their case for Ben Folds Five's Whatever and Ever Amen. If you'd like to apply to write an FYC, send me a PM with the album you want to cover, the artist, and maybe why you want to write about it. Once you do, you'll be added to the schedule, which you can find in the comments below. Thanks again!
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2016.11.23 02:03 vasdrakken What would milli vanilli have been if it had been the artists singing?

So most modern bands play a set or two in the venue without people screaming over the sound of the pickups, in the venue before the show and some times they play studio albums over the monitors to get a breather without a long intermission.
So most bands stand up there jumping up and down performing to the the track of their own music, should bands set aside time to play acoustic tracks for the fans that show up to the shows before the main show? Or is a good show more important? I know bands that have stood up on stage for six hours playing their hearts out at one show go through the motions at another show and always get in trouble for it, so this might not be something bands could always do, considering the venues are all different. Fly leaf performed an acoustic show in los angles and then played the rest of the gig live but they may have gotten slack because justin beber showed up to watch.
I used to respect on artist because he would talk about live music but half the music was from old albums mixed together. The group he tour with the most usually ended up paying for the venues so no one asked why their lyrics were in older songs she used to write for the first band. Which is what got me to thinking about some of the bands that sounded great in person and on the cd then you found out that someone was back stage singing... so if bands open with an acoustic set it would have to be really close less than a football field long of a venue and huge venues would have to have mics set up defeating the purpose but it they play to electronical most of the music might be missing, so if say milli vanilli had actually been the singers and had opened with an acoustic set then switched to electric guitars and bass, run into preamps and gain control mix boards for the more finished song would they have been cheered on or still booed off stage?
If you did not know most pre-mix their shows ignore this post it only ruins the performance of the musicians and singers standing up there dancing to the beat...
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2016.11.10 12:03 serial_wanker Milli Vanilli - Baby Don't Forget My Number w/Lyrics [pop] (1989)

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2014.04.18 19:56 pogra [GUIDE] Guide to Shad

As a huge stan of Shad since 2010, I’ve always wanted to see him gain more hype and credit as one of the greatest lyricists of this era. He doesn’t make “bangers.” He isn’t thuggin. He’s just a bright guy with some of the sickest rhymes I have ever heard. He is renowned and critically acclaimed in Canada, even beating out Drake’s Take Care for a Juno Award (Canada’s music awards) in 2011. As I see him gain a little more shine every year on hip-hop forums, I still feel as if he deserves far more recognition than he receives. I will be compiling a guide here of the essential Shad tracks and videos released during his career. He has released 4 albums, 2 mixtapes, and 3 EP’s. Feel free to add more in the comments, obviously this is subjective.
From Wikipedia: Shadrach Kabango (born July 18, 1982), better known by his stage name Shad or Shad K., is a Canadian hip hop artist. Born in Kenya, of Rwandan parents, Shad was raised in London, Ontario.His mother worked in London as a hospital lab technician; his father, as a machinist. He attended London Central Secondary School.
When This Is Over
In 2005, Shad released his first album, When This Is Over, which he made himself with a grant of $17,500 he won from a radio contest. Honestly, I would love to put every track in here as a Shad essential, because this album IMO is a 9/10, and my second favorite Shad album. Every song is fantastic lyrically and topically, and the production is pretty good.
I Get Down
Out of Love
The Old Prince My personal favorite album by Shad, and one of my all-time favorites, The Old Prince is an awesome album. Not only is the album fun, it is conscious without being preachy or boring, lyrically top-notch, and the beats compliment Shad so well. Shad also creates fantastic music videos that all have themes throughout. I recommend the entire album but here are a few standout tracks anyone would love:
I Don’t Like To
Now A Daze My favorite Shad track. He GOES IN on this sick beat, with amazing multis, word play, and flow.
What We All Want A very serious song by Shad that has given me a lot of food for thought in my own life. Had to post it. Shad's last verse is fucking FIRE.
[The Old Prince Still Lives At Home](
A hilarious video to go with a very fun song, where Shad plays The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Talks about his hard times financially with a playful and creative spin. Once again, he kills it.
THE DIAMOND SHIRT FREESTYLE This video converted me into a Shad stan when i randomly found it one day. It's crazy. I can't even put it into words. Please just watch this video, if not anything else in this guide.
TSOL A great album by Shad. Very nice follow up to The Old Prince. Some very serious and mature subjects on here, but Shad makes them relatable to anyone, and keeps things fun and fresh. He steps his game up with his lyrical skill in this album, which was already insane before.
Rose Garden One of his most famous songs, with a great sample, content, and lyrics to make the biggest MF DOOM disciples salivate.
Telephone A very introspective song about his relationships. Dope beat.
Yaa I Get It Verbal murder. I don't know what Shad was on when he wrote this.
"Jesse James meets Jet Li
Killing these fakes at break neck speed
I make your head steam like a pet peeve
Get your neck squeezed till the breath leaves
Got the finesse and the prestige
And more Mac than 10 tech geeks dissing XP
Best in the league of vets like ex-marines......."
Flying Colours Probably my least favorite album from Shad, but also the album i have had the least amount of time to listen to. Still very dope and in my top 5 of last year. His production takes on a new flavor. Still talks about a lot of interesting topics with great production, and a lot of good, fun songs on this album. A very "smart" album if i do say so.
Remember to Remember
Fam Jam
Flying Colors Freestyle "I stay on-point for the heads, this cut's a mohawk!"
Melancholy and the Infinite Shadness EP:
Out Here (Canonball) One of my favorite Shad songs, my friends and I play this at this parties all the time. It's a hit.
He also put out an EP with producer Skratch Bastid in 2013, entitled The Spring Up EP. These few tracks made up for anything i didn't get from Flying Colors.
Classic Love this track. More of this is what i wanted personally on Flying Colours.
Homie feat. Cadence Weapon Shad AND Cadence fucking tear up this amazing beat by Skratch Bastid. Check it!
La Casettee Mixèe (2007)
The Single This song blows my mind, he disses purely commercial artists over a sick beat. One of my favorites.
Where I'm At Now A very introspective song that is very relatable to me. Chorus is inspiring.
Released a few weeks ago, Shad destroyed the Strictly 4 My Jeeps beat- Koko B Ware
Spraying My Pen A song by k-os, another rapper from Canada. Sick verses from both on a some boom bap shit.
Well, there it is. The guide for beginners for Shad, my personal favorite rapper. If there are any other Shad K fans out there, feel free to give me some input in the comments. I hope I can spread some good music with great lyrical skill, fun content, good beats, and a great positive message. If i converted someone into a fan, the few hours I put into this were worth it. PM me if you would like more songs recommended.
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2011.12.09 07:43 amysun91 A lyrical reading of Milli Vanilli & some light Moaning.

A lyrical reading of Milli Vanilli & some light Moaning. submitted by amysun91 to WTF [link] [comments]