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New to the MoDaoZuShi World?

2020.07.28 19:40 InsanityFy New to the MoDaoZuShi World?

New to the MoDaoZuShi World?
Did you watch 'The Untamed/CQL' or the Donghua and now you're just absolutely in love with MDZS? And you found this sub and there's SO much and you're just overwhelemed?
Dear excited yet lost and confused about the whole MDZS universe, here's our guide into the wonderfully varied and fantastic world of MDZS. Buckle up, there's a lot! (and maybe grab a snack while reading)

Mo Dao Zu Shi - The Novel

The novel, Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation (魔道祖师, Mó Dào ZǔShī; also: Founder of Diabolism) is a Chinese danmei (BL) web novel by Mo Xiang Tong Xiu, originally published on the Chinese web novel site JJWXC from October 31, 2015 - March 1, 2016, with additional side stories that continue to be released sporadically. The revised version of the main story was later published online until September 7, 2016. A formal paperback version was then published by PINSIN STUDIO (平心出版) was released on December 12, 2016, with a total of four volumes.
As for trasnlations, unfortunately there is no official english tranlsation, however the Exiled Rebel Translations took upon the porject and now have it fully translated on their website here. We have a few ongoing translations from 2 users on the sub currently which you can check out from the links on our sidebar.
The novel, after receiving a huge populaity, now has multiple adaptations, including a Manhua, an Animation, an Audio Drama, and a live-action Web Series.
Since the novel is the origin, it is the most uncensored of all the versions and is clearly a BL, exploring kinks and what not in the extra set of chapters. We advise the readers to be aware of this.

Mo Dao Zu Shi - The Donghua/Anime

The MoDaoZuShi Donghua, also named 魔道祖师; pinyin: Mó Dào Zǔ Shī, is produced by Tencent Penguins and B.C May Pictures.
The donghua is in Mandarin and moves at a slightly fast pace but mostly follows the flow of the original book, unlike The Untamed where all the flashbacks are grouped into one. However, there were some changes to the plot. Certain monsters and major plot points were revealed earlier on in the series. The series is censored but hints at homosexuality are still made. At the end of the second season, the story left off right before the Yi City arc.
The first season, 15 episodes, aired from July 9 to October 6, 2018. The first two episodes were 32 minutes long, while the rest were 24 minutes long. The second season aired from August 3, 2019 to August 31, 2019 with only 8 episodes. All episodes in season two were 24 minute long. Season 3 has already been confirmed and is rumored to be released sometimes in 2021.
The best place to watch the series would be on YouTube by a channel called Tencent Videos. There are subtitles in Arabic, English, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, and more are being added.
The Korean Dubbing version was aired here-%EB%A7%88%EB%8F%84%EC%A1%B0%EC%82%AC-1%EA%B8%B0) during may 2020.
On July 31st, 2020, a chibi mini series, titled “MDZS Q”, made its debut with its first episode. New episodes will be aired on We TV every Friday. Currently, the episodes are initially available for VIP viewers only; however, there is a possibility that they will be opened for non-VIP viewers in the future. The chibi mini series is a spin-off of the main donghua, with the intent to focus on lighthearted moments to provide a respite from the heavier content of the main storyline. More details here

The Unatmed/ CQL - The Live Action Drama

'The Untamed, or 陈情令 (Chén Qíng Lìng) as it is known in Chinese (hence giving birth to its colloquial nickname, CQL, online) is the live-action drama version of MDZS, comprising of fifty episodes. Starring Xiao Zhan as Wei Wuxian and Wang Yibo as Lan Wangji (voiced by Lu Zhixing and Bian Jiang respectively, both of whom reprised their roles in the audio drama as well as donghua), the show was an instant hit both within China and globally. The show was praised for its captivating displays of acting as well as its heart-wrenching soundtrack, amongst much more. Due to Chinese censorship laws, however, the romantic relationship between the main leads has been toned down to meaningful stares and wistful glances – more implicit than explicit, but nonetheless evident. Additionally, this is the only adaptation of the novel that is not termed ‘MDZS’ since its storyline differs significantly from the original – to the point where it may be considered a slightly canon-divergent alternative universe.
Production for the drama lasted a little over two years, and after that the project was announced in early 2018, with filming ending in August of the same year. It first aired on Tencent Video in June 2019, and is currently available for free streaming, complete with subtitles, on WeTV, Netflix, Viki as well as YouTube!
Aside from the actual drama itself, the CQL production teams also released a 20-episode ‘Special Edition’ of the show, focusing mainly on the relationship between our main leads, with a rearrangement of the drama’s ending. Two spin-off films were subsequently produced: ‘The Living Dead’ and ‘Fatal Journey’, focusing on secondary characters and their development – both of these are available, subtitled, for purchase on the iQiyi app.'
Anyone who's craving for more in terms of the BL aspect of the story, can give the novel a try, since it is the completely uncensored version of the story. (beware the extra chapters are explicit)

Mo Dao Zu Shi - The Manhua/Manga

The MDZS web comic, or manhua, is titled the same as the novel, and was first published on December 8th, 2017. It has been drawn by Mao Tuan Xiao Jian Jian and Luo Di Cheng Qiu, with HAloggzIt behind the cover illustration. The manhua is one of the two media of the franchise that is currently ongoing; as of July 27th, 2020 – the date of the latest update – the most recent chapter is 142, and is updated at the rate of one new chapter every week. Officially released in Chinese by kuaikanmanhua, the official English translation is available at WeComics but kindly note that chapter 100 onwards, they are accessible only for VIPs. Fan-translated versions of the manhua, in English as well as French and Polish, may be found here on Mangadex.
The manhua, in a fashion similar to the audio drama, closely follows the novel and stays true to it, but is more censored than the aforementioned two – although the censorship restrictions are looser here, nothing explicit is depicted, but smaller scenes like kisses have been omitted as well thus far.
The manhua has been well-received both globally and within China as well, even winning ‘Best Manhua’ at the China Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival (1st Network Drama Awards).

Mo Dao Zu Shi - The Audio Drama

The MDZS audio drama, or广播剧, is a spellbinding, captivating adaptation of the original novel by Mo Xian Tong Xiu, produced by Polar Penguin Studios and released in June 2018. The drama is closely based on the original novel and its production was supervised by Mo Xiang Tong Xiu herself. It consists of three seasons, with numerous additional “bonus” chapters and snippets featuring a rotating cast of characters.
The audio drama was a critical and financial success, praised for its storyline, high production value, and voice actors’ performances, including those of Lu Zhixin in his first performance as Wei Wu Xian (reprised later in The Untamed) and Bian Jiang as Lan Wang Ji (reprised in the donghua). The drama is available exclusively on the Chinese audio streaming website Miss Evans/猫耳FM, where all three seasons remain as the website’s top 3 most listened-to series. As of June 2020, the series has garnered 400 million playbacks.
The audio drama's massive popularity and success led to its Japanese adaptation, which was produced by Brave Hearts studio and began airing in January 2020 via MiMiFM and Miss Evans FM. The drama is not officially translated into English, but fans have worked to create and release an English subtitled version that is available on the web.


'The MDZS franchise has a vast and beautiful collection of official merchandise, from adorable plushies and headbands, to even cosmetics! The author of the novel has explicitly forbidden the distribution of unofficial merchandise, so kindly keep that in mind during your perusal of the Internet in this purpose. Since the official distributors are all based in China and use Taobao as their platform of choice, many gracious fans have taken it upon themselves to prepare guides in order to help international supporters.
One such example is this Tumblr post by user kittykat2010, which details both the relevant websites and how to operate them.
Additionally, you can visit here for The Untamed merchandise in particular.

Fan-Fictions & Fan-Art Community

The MDZS fandom is one grandly talented community full to the brim with mind-blowingly gorgeous fan fictions and Fan art that encompasses all genres and ships alike – you are bound to find something that will tickle your fancy and leave you awestruck at the sheer brilliance of the artist and writers. Fix its, modern AUs, canon divergent stories are common tags for the FFs while modern AUs to re-enacted scenes from one of the other media for the fanarts, we have everything – and on all platforms you could think of, too!
Fanfictions are best found of 'Archiveofourown' or 'tumblr'. Fanarts, while the more popular ones are circulated on Twitter, you may also turn to Reddit, Instagram, Tumblr, Weibo/Oasis, wherever it is that suits you best, and all you need to do is type in ‘MDZS’ or ‘魔道祖师’ in Chinese to enter the never-ending universe of diverse and beautiful fan art, produced by fans from every corner of the world.

TL;DR (links in detailed para)

The novel - is the original, in chinese, has English fan-translations available. Most uncensored.
The Donghua - currently 2 seasons in. Season 3 announced for 2021; had been dubbed in Korean recently; is censored so far
MDZS Q (Donghua Chibi Version) - started airing 31st July, 5 minutes, 2 episodes every Friday.
The Live Action (The Unatmed/ Chen Qing Ling) - the most popular one; 50 episodes (has 20 ep special edition); is censored. (but trust me BL is evident)
The Manhua - Comics version not yet finished, translated in English by fan group; censored so far (but has unofficial uncensored kiss)
The Audio Drama - complete and available in Chinese (with fan subs) and Japanese. Is critically considered to be the best version; is uncensored; 3 seasons.
Merch - MDZS has a world of official merch available, for both the Anime and the live action. MXTX, the author forbids any unoffcial merch so please be advised.
Fanfictions and Fanarts - the community is rich with wonderful writers and artists. AO3, tumblr, twitter are all full of rich works that you can explore and find solace in when the original story hurts you loool
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2019.07.01 20:51 seewhyKai Next Expansion Saviors of Uldum – Launching August 6

20190715 around 15:11 PDT - Official Hearthstone Twitter announced reveal schedule

20190701 around 10:00 PDT

Blizzard has officially revealed the next expansion, Saviors of Uldum, in a news blog and trailer video. This 135 card expansion will be released on August 6.
Saviors of Uldum will have
  • Reborn keyword mechanic. "Minions with the Reborn Keyword will return to life the first time they’re destroyed, but with 1 remaining Health".
  • Plague "are spells of ancient power wielded by the 5 League of E.V.I.L. classes (Priest, Shaman, Warrior, Warlock, and Rogue.) These cards wreak havoc indiscriminately, affecting every Minion on the board". Note that the Rogue Plague card,
  • Quests - "As with existing Quest cards, these Legendary 1-Mana cards start in your hand and, once played, their progress will track above your Hero portrait. After your quest is complete, you’ll be immediately rewarded with a game-changing new Hero Power"
  • Lackey cards and tokens

Arena Rotation

With the launch of Saviors of Uldum, the Arena will rotate to a new pool of cards from the following list of available sets:
  • Basic
  • Classic
  • League of Explorers
  • Journey to Un'Goro
  • Kobolds & Catacombs
  • Rastakhan's Rumble
  • Saviors of Uldum
The revealed cards can be found on the official site. Official English files can also be downloaded at the Blizzard Press Center.
Reveals will be listed below with the latest cards first followed by recent postings based on PDT. Multiple cards revealed by the same party/source and during the same instance will be in chronological order or based on the order posted by the official Hearthstone site. Reveals dates will be based on PDT with reveal times also including reveal source's local time.

135 out of 135 cards have been officially revealed

Latest Reveals

190731 - 29 cards

11:0X PDT - Final Card Dump on PlayHearthstone website - 19 cards
10:00 PDT - Final Card Reveal Twitch/YouTube Livestream - 29 cards

190730 - 7 cards

18:00 PDT - NetEase Dashen app. NetEase is a Chinese internet company and the publishedistributor for Blizzard's games in China.
09:00 PDT - Blizzard promotional email
05:00 PDT - Turkish tech site Technopat's YouTube livestream
03:12 PDT - Russian gaming site StopGame. Blizzard originally had the reveals scheduled for July 30 at 04:00 PDT on the official reveal schedule - 2 cards
02:00 PDT - UK/European gaming news site
01:00 PDT - LaoZhongYi's (老中医) Huya livestream and Weibo

190729 - 7 cards

18:00 PDT - Official Hearthstone YouTube video by Chinese video editor Amazing LaoPi (神奇的老皮) - 2 cards
05:00 PDT - French pro player TheFishou's YouTube
03:00 PDT - UK gaming site PCGamesN
02:00 PDT - Russian pro player SilverName's YouTube
00:00 PDT - Thai gaming site Online Station. Blizzard originally had these reveals scheduled for July 27/28 at 23:00 and 00:00 PDT on the official reveal schedule. Blizzard then changed the date to July 30 at 00:00 PDT. Blizzard then incorrectly changed the listed reveal to July 29 at 02:00 PDT on the official reveal schedule after the reveal had occurred - 2 cards

190728 - 3 cards

23:00 PDT - Chinese pro player AnDeLuoNi's (安德罗妮) Huya livestream
22:00 PDT - Thai pro streamer Basgamer's Facebook. Blizzard listed his YouTube on the official reveal schedule
18:00 PDT - Chinese card gaming site

Recent Reveals

190726 - 8 cards

10:00 PDT - American gaming site USgamer (USG) - 2 cards
09:00 PDT - American content creator RegisKillbin's Twitch livestream of his YouTube
05:00 PDT - Italian content creator Attrix's YouTube
02:00 PDT - Japanese branch of gaming site DEKKI on YouTube featuring an original song with lyrics by content creator Masaru and composed by Ga1N
01:00 PDT - Chinese streamer LingGe's (令哥) Douyu livestream and Weibo
00:00 PDT - Korean gaming news site Inven/InvenGlobal - 2 cards

Past Reveals

190701 - 8 cards

10:00 PDT - Saviors of Uldum announcement news blog post

190702 - 1 card

17:54 PDT - Official Hearthstone Instagram posted a Story. Was originally posted around 10:00 PDT but "removed" due to Cloudflare outage causing Instagram (and many other web sites and services) to shutdown.

190710 - 2 cards

10:00 PDT Official Hearthstone Instagram posted a Story

190711 - 3 cards

10:00 PDT - Official Hearthstone YouTube EU video. The official Twitter tweeted at 10:01 PDT the global Youtube video which was uploaded just under 30 seconds after the EU video.

190712 - 1 card

17:30 PDT - Official Hearthstone Twitter tweeted a video

190713 - 1 card

13:00 PDT - Official Hearthstone Twitter tweeted a video

190714 - 3 cards

09:05 PDT - Official Hearthstone Twitch livestream for Grandmasters Europe - Playoffs Day 3

190715 - 1 card

11:00 PDT - Official Hearthstone Twitter tweeted a video

190717 - 1 card

12:00 PDT - Official Hearthstone Twitter tweeted a video

190718 - 4 cards

12:00 PDT - San Diego Comic-Con Hearthstone Panel

190719 - 6 cards

02:00 PDT - Chinese pro streamer Valeera's (瓦莉拉) Huya livestream and Weibo
05:00 PDT - Spanish content creator Atlas' YouTube - 2 cards
09:00 PDT - American pro player Firebat's YouTube
10:00 PDT - Official Hearthstone Instagram posted a Story

190720 - 1 card

22:00 PDT - Chinese streamer YiLingShu's Douyu livestream

190721 - 2 card

23:00 PDT - Japanese gaming and technology site Game Watch. Blizzard originally had the reveal scheduled for July 20 at 23:00 PDT. It was confirmed on Twitter by both Game Watch and Hearthstone Japan that the official reveal schedule website had the incorrect date.

190722 - 6 cards

09:00-10:00 PDT - Official Hearthstone YouTube
09:00 PDT - Canadian pro streamer Kripparrian's YouTube - 2 cards
07:00 PDT - Argentinian pro caster SnailARG's Twitch livestream (in prerecord video) and on YouTube
05:00 PDT - Russian content creator Yaspers Game's YouTube
03:00 PDT - German pro player caster Thanh's YouTube

190723 - 8 cards

17:04 PDT - Official Blizzard Entertainment Twitter for Australia & New Zealand tweeted a video
09:00 PDT - American video game site
07:00 PDT - Brazilian streamer NightmareCwb's YouTube
05:00 PDT - Polish YouTuber MKRR3 - 2 cards
02:00 PDT - Taiwanese stop-motion video filmmaker Jordan Tseng's YouTube featuring RLOC (Recognized LEGO Online Community) Ambassador Cid Hsiao
01:00 PDT - Korean pro player Flurry's YouTube featuring Korean pro players Dawn, Ryvius, Surrender, and Che0nsu - 2 cards

190724 - 7 cards

09:00 PDT - American content creator Dekkster's YouTube
05:00 PDT - Chilean pop culture site Tarreo - 2 cards
03:00 PDT - New Zealand pro player Pathra's YouTube
01:00 PDT - Chinese streamer YiBenDao's (一本稻) Douyu livestream and Weibo
00:00 PDT - Gaming section of Taiwanese news site United Daily News (udn) with YouTube video by 老布 Gaming (Laobu Gaming) - 2 cards

190725 - 7 cards

11:00 PDT - American pro streamer Trump's YouTube
10:00 PDT - Official Hearthstone YouTube - 3 cards
03:00 PDT - Yahoo EsportsTW website featuring Taiwanese pro player WeiFu (威傅) and esports personality tobe (托比)
02:00 PT - Chinese pro streamer MoZe's (墨泽) CC.163 (NetEase) live stream
01:00 PDT - Korean pro player LookSam's YouTube
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    5. [Stipe on Twitter] Congrats to DC. Didn’t get the chance to say it in the cage, but lets dance again and get a rematch before you call it a career. Thx to my coaches and team. Being the greatest heavyweight in UFC history is a career-long journey and doesnt end here. I’m more motivated than ever! (5098 points, 669 comments)
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    1. Breaking: TJ Dillashaw has been suspended two years by USADA. Tested positive for EPO prior to Jan. 19 title fight against Henry Cejudo. Dillashaw did not contest the suspension. (12668 points, 2920 comments)
    2. Breaking: Anderson Silva vs. Israel Adesanya headed to UFC 234 on Feb. 9 in Melbourne. (6058 points, 807 comments)
    3. Ferguson out of UFC 223, Holloway will step in to face Khabib for the 155 title (5654 points, 5470 comments)
    4. Breaking: Rose Namajunas will defend her strawweight title against Jessica Andrade in enemy territory, at UFC 237 on May 11 in Brazil, per Dana White. (5127 points, 810 comments)
    5. Breaking: The UFC is close to finalizing Nick Diaz's return to the Octagon, per Dana White. The fight is Jorge Masvidal at UFC 235 on March 2 in Las Vegas. Diaz's first appearance in more than four years. Story coming soon to @ESPN. (5096 points, 683 comments)
    6. Breaking: Tyron Woodley (@TWooodley) vs Robbie Lawler (@Ruthless_RL) verbally agreed to headline UFC Fight Night on June 29 in Milwaukee. (4596 points, 650 comments)
    7. BREAKING: Max Holloway (@BlessedMMA) vs. Frankie Edgar (@FrankieEdgar) is verbally agreed for UFC 240 on July 27 in Edmonton. Story coming to ESPN. (3626 points, 730 comments)
    8. Khabib Nurmagomedov and Conor McGregor will both attend a UFC press conference next Thursday at Radio City Music Hall in NYC. (3622 points, 622 comments)
    9. Max Holloway out of UFC 226 (3597 points, 1857 comments)
    10. Lawler vs. Cerrone at 213 (3273 points, 397 comments)
  12. 53902 points, 9 submissions: sarkiscizm
    1. Yoel Romero distracts Derek Brunson with his salsa moves, then punches him in the dick. (10928 points, 547 comments)
    2. Psycho Stare vs. Sassy Stare (10362 points, 317 comments)
    3. LawleMacDonald staredown, before the 5th round (8129 points, 473 comments)
    4. GSP confesses to poisoning Nick Diaz (4825 points, 521 comments)
    5. GSP chokes out Michael Bisping (4553 points, 379 comments)
    6. Khabib offers support to Tony Ferguson, hopes 'dream fight' will happen. (4165 points, 617 comments)
    7. Rose Namajunas x Jéssica Andrade staredown (3893 points, 396 comments)
    8. Alistair Overeem runs away from Stipe, then drops him (3865 points, 408 comments)
    9. Tony Ferguson taps Matt Serra (3182 points, 280 comments)
  13. 53469 points, 9 submissions: DrNobles
    1. McGregor throws signature strike at Buchinger & Nurmagomedov. Khabib did his homework. (12912 points, 837 comments)
    2. Islam Makhachev Russian tie snaps young wrestler Chase Saldate. Saldate then hits it in a tournament. Iron sharpens iron. (11990 points, 275 comments)
    3. One of the most beautiful strikes ever landed. Jeremy Stephens fade away knee on Dennis Bermudez. (5009 points, 248 comments)
    4. In the space of 2 months, Kevin Randleman almost kills two of the greatest heavyweights of all time. (4662 points, 344 comments)
    5. Silva avoids Adesanya's kick, Cowboy really appreciates it. (4562 points, 181 comments)
    6. Khabib Nurmagomedov vs Conor McGregor - Face Off (4196 points, 2452 comments)
    7. On this day 3 years ago, Nate Diaz shook up the world vs Conor McGregor. (3455 points, 532 comments)
    8. Israel Adesanya vs Anderson Silva staredown (3453 points, 395 comments)
    9. [Spoiler] Main event fighter gets dropped for the first time in their career (3230 points, 1137 comments)
  14. 51196 points, 10 submissions: FuzzyWuzzyMooMoo
    1. [SPOILER] Ryan Hall vs BJ Penn (6150 points, 1053 comments)
    2. [SPOILER] Edson Barboza vs. Justin Gaethje (5993 points, 1579 comments)
    3. [SPOILER] Ben Askren vs Robbie Lawler (5923 points, 3778 comments)
    4. [SPOILER] Francis Ngannou vs. Cain Velasquez (5877 points, 2752 comments)
    5. [SPOILER] Israel Adesanya vs. Kelvin Gastelum (5201 points, 1721 comments)
    6. [SPOILER] Rose Namajunas vs. Jessica Andrade (4995 points, 3016 comments)
    7. [SPOILER] Misha Cirkunov vs Johnny Walker (4834 points, 831 comments)
    8. [SPOILER] Renato Moicano vs. José Aldo (4756 points, 1176 comments)
    9. [SPOILER] Israel Adesanya vs. Anderson Silva (4075 points, 1409 comments)
    10. [SPOILER] Max Holloway vs. Dustin Poirier (3392 points, 2123 comments)
  15. 47195 points, 10 submissions: AlexTrujello
    1. Tyron Woodley and Stephen Thompson go to WAR (9110 points, 676 comments)
    2. 365 DAYS #68: Matt Brown counters Diego Sanchez's leg kick with a brutal elbow (8555 points, 346 comments)
    3. 365 DAYS #365: The most incredible finish in UFC and possibly even MMA history (5863 points, 384 comments)
    4. 365 DAYS #76: After Jose Aldo gets injured, Conor McGregor takes a fight with Chad Mendes on two weeks notice and stops him in the second round to earn a shot at the undisputed Featherweight king (3886 points, 452 comments)
    5. 365 DAYS #311: Alexander Gustafsson mauls 14-0 Jimi Manuwa and proceeds to show off his athleticism (3677 points, 247 comments)
    6. 365 DAYS #247: Don Frye and Yoshihiro Takayama beat the holy high hell out of each other (3487 points, 171 comments)
    7. 365 DAYS #57: Yves Edwards has to basically kill Rafaello Oliveira before Mario Yamasaki stops the fight (3269 points, 368 comments)
    8. 365 DAYS #310: Holly Holm dethrones 12-0 Ronda Rousey with a head kick to become the second UFC Women's Bantamweight Champion (3202 points, 488 comments)
    9. 50 Days 50 Finishes #50🎄: Two of the greatest to ever step inside the Octagon collide, only one emerges with their hand raised. Merry Christmas mma! (3127 points, 250 comments)
    10. 365 DAYS #358: With the main event for UFC 173 cancelled, TJ Dillashaw agrees to face current champ Renan Barao on short notice and puts on one of the greatest performances of his career, claiming the UFC Bantamweight Championship in the process. (3019 points, 171 comments)
  16. 45238 points, 9 submissions: e-rage
    1. The size difference between an atomweight (Alesha Zappitella) and a featherweight (Megan Anderson) (9023 points, 57 comments)
    2. At UFC 188 vs Kelvin Gastelum, Nate Marquadt told his corner "I got nothing left." His coach, Trevor Wittman, immediately called the fight with no hesitation: "It's over. It's over. I'm gonna stop it. He's done." (6292 points, 578 comments)
    3. Big Tan Dan Miragliotta absolutely disgusted at Greg Hardy's illegal knee (6087 points, 736 comments)
    4. "Kick him in the dick!"- Sam Alvey vs Dylan Andrews (5191 points, 189 comments)
    5. One of the greatest and funniest opening sequences I've ever seen: Barnett rocks Arlovski, Arlovski rocks Barnett, Barnett rocks Arlovski (4639 points, 172 comments)
    6. Darren Till's reaction to Wonderboy's attempted spinning shit (4182 points, 288 comments)
    7. Valentina Shevchenko's bloody thumbs up from her most recent fight. (3453 points, 220 comments)
    8. "I work hard for this shit" (3220 points, 351 comments)
    9. [Spoilers] Multiple strikes after the bell in PoiriePettis (3151 points, 186 comments)
  17. 42181 points, 6 submissions: Bibosas
    1. Reddit now tracks user information by default. Link to the page to disable it. Staying safe with BOIS. (13077 points, 425 comments)
    2. Confused cameraman (8661 points, 308 comments)
    3. Brendan Schaub will cover all the medical bills for Ray Borg's son going on forward (6535 points, 1269 comments)
    4. Joe Rogan: NSAC suspending Nick Diaz for 5 years for pot is an irresponsible abuse of power. It's callous, idiotic and sickening. (5698 points, 791 comments)
    5. Luke Thomas: Just a reminder Nick Diaz spent the last 18 months on suspension for an alleged marijuana violation the NAC couldn't even prove was real. (4770 points, 308 comments)
    6. Brock Lesnar will be on Joe Rogan Experience (3440 points, 783 comments)
  18. 41017 points, 7 submissions: Vulcan44
    1. Ian McCall Got Slapped at the Rizin FF Weigh Ins , Retaliated w a Punch. (19376 points, 1173 comments)
    2. UFC's Twitter Account Responds to Ben Askren (4115 points, 273 comments)
    3. Romero vs Costa Scheduled as the UFC Miami Main Event April 27 (3791 points, 624 comments)
    4. Official UFC 227 Namajunas vs Andrade Poster/ (3748 points, 429 comments)
    5. Jon Jones abnormal drug-test results continue into January (3453 points, 911 comments)
    6. Tyron Woodley vs Demian Maia Set for UFC 214 (3336 points, 652 comments)
    7. UFC Denver Frankie Edgar vs Korean Zombie Official Poster (3198 points, 191 comments)
  19. 38658 points, 2 submissions: Hella42
    1. I won my pro debut against Natalie King and fight of the night! (30832 points, 777 comments)
    2. Lost by decision (7826 points, 315 comments)
  20. 38372 points, 1 submission: notverytallman
    1. Khabib posted this on his Instagram in Russian and English. (38372 points, 4536 comments)
  21. 37933 points, 8 submissions: implacabilis
    1. Don Frye and Yoshihiro Takayama give 0 fucks about technique after the first five seconds of the 1st round (8094 points, 431 comments)
    2. Kyle Bochniak was a savage when he faced Zabit Magomedsharipov (6323 points, 280 comments)
    3. Still can't believe this happened. Ryo Chonan submits Anderson Silva with a flying scissor heel hook (6013 points, 270 comments)
    4. Zabit throwing everything at Santiago including a Showtime Pettis Kick (4614 points, 316 comments)
    5. Mark Hunt withstands the full force of Mirko's left leg (3769 points, 258 comments)
    6. Mark Hunt and Ray Sefo have fun standing in the pocket (3067 points, 220 comments)
    7. Vitor's perfect spinning shit against Luke Rockhold (3036 points, 396 comments)
    8. Slow motion appreciation for Anderson Silva living in the matrix against Bonnar, Franklin and Leben (3017 points, 335 comments)
  22. 37030 points, 7 submissions: conez420
    1. Matt Brown takes Diego Sanchez’s soul with a brutal hellbow at Fight Night 120 (8172 points, 358 comments)
    2. Beth Correia eating a shin bone sandwich after taunting the Preachers Daughter Holly Holm (7753 points, 579 comments)
    3. Aaron Pico sparks Justin Linn with a left hook at Bellator 183 (5943 points, 211 comments)
    4. Conor McGregor styles on The Underground King Eddie Alvarez to become the first dual weight UFC champion (4776 points, 1082 comments)
    5. Nate Marquardt starching the current Welterweight Champ Tyron Woodley with a brutal combination (4074 points, 510 comments)
    6. Jose Aldo KOs Cub Swanson 8 seconds into the first round with a flying knee at WEC 41 (3278 points, 354 comments)
    7. Lyoto Machida retires Vitor Belfort with a brutal front kick at UFC 224 (3034 points, 352 comments)

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  1. how bout the FCC go an fuck off my internet then those juicy sluts 👀👀👀 by rmma (60353 points, 659 comments)
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  5. I won my pro debut against Natalie King and fight of the night! by Hella42 (30832 points, 777 comments)
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  7. I turned Conor McGregor into a Super Saiyan during his legendary combo against Eddie Alvarez by RayRod747 (29040 points, 917 comments)
  8. Looks like Sage Northcutt has some pretty disgusting tweets in his history too. Honestly disappointed, Twitter brings out the worst in people. by steezenking (28122 points, 1042 comments)
  9. Glad I paid $99 for PPV on UFC.TV. They did not even prepare their servers for the volume. by deleted (26286 points, 2149 comments)
  10. [Spoiler] Tempers flare after Khabib Nurmagomedov-Conor McGregor match by Metsvault (24753 points, 11540 comments)

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  1. 10013 points: eatingofbirds's comment in NBC News: Champion UFC fighter Conor McGregor is in custody and is expected to be charged with assault by the NYPD
  2. 9467 points: zanegoldy's comment in Ian McCall Got Slapped at the Rizin FF Weigh Ins , Retaliated w a Punch.
  3. 9223 points: MMA__Junkie__'s comment in Dana White: Khabib Nurmagomedov will not be stripped of title for role in UFC 229 brawl
  4. 9199 points: YhuggyBear's comment in [Spoiler] Tempers flare after Khabib Nurmagomedov-Conor McGregor match
  5. 8898 points: gambledub's comment in Fight Pass is Shady! YSK UFC Fight Pass is using your PC to crypto mine. Your CPU is being used to mine, without your knowledge on a service you already pay for!
  6. 8572 points: deleted's comment in Floyd Mayweather-Conor McGregor fight finalized for Aug. 26
  7. 7718 points: W3lrdkld's comment in Does anyone have blurry footage of an MMA fight so I can lie to girls?
  8. 7473 points: Kevlar125's comment in Does anyone have blurry footage of an MMA fight so I can lie to girls?
  9. 7262 points: deleted's comment in Jon Jones tests positive for steroids, stripped of title
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2019.03.13 15:02 AdamSC1 Kin Swap FAQ + Video Tutorials + Guides (Multiple Languages)


1) Do I need to swap?
Yes. Kin is migrating to its own Blockchain which will be the only system connected to their SDKs.
If you do not transfer your Kin you will be left with the ERC-20 tokens. The Kin Foundation claims there will be an on-going one way swap method manually via Kin's support staff in the future if you miss the swap window. We have no further details on how this process will work, how long it will take or if it will always be available. Kin ERC20 tokens will not be used in the main Kin blockchain, SDK or apps.
2) Can't I swap back?
No. The original plan was to have a programmatic 1:1 swap always available. This was abandoned.
This is a one-time swap. It is only available through exchange partners.
3) Do I need to swap my Kin if it is in an app like Kik, Kinit, Kinny, Swelly or MadLipz?
No. This Kin is being migrated for you.
4) Do I need to swap my Kin if I have it in an exchange?
Yes. If your exchange is not:
Or you were not previously holding Kin on:
Then you MUST move your Kin in order to swap it. It will not swap automatically.
5) Will other exchanges support the swap?
We don't know. The Kin documentation is unclear, and it seems unlikely based on the time constraints set. If they do, there is no guarantee that there will not be a fee.
6) Are their fees for the transaction?
Kin's documentation has said partners are not charging fees. There still may be network fees. You should talk to the customer support of each service before swapping if you are worried about fees.
7) If my Kin is in a wallet like Jaxx, MEW, Coinimi, etc do I have to swap?
Yes. You must manually swap.
8) Is there any way to swap that is not an exchange?
Yes. CoinSwitch and Changelly are technically not exchanges but also support the swap.
9) Is there anyway to swap that is not a third-party service?
10) How much time do I have?
For the current exchanges you have until April 10th. (EST)
For CoinSwitch and Changelly you have until June 12th.
11) What happens after June 12th?
We have no idea. We are told there will be a manual swap method available for individuals who were unable to swap prior to that time. What this looks like is still unclear.
12) How do I swap?
Right now we are in Phase 2 of the swap, there are less options for swapping currently. You can see the Phase 2 guide here:
13) Should I use FreeWallet, AtomicWallet or TrustWallet?
Both of those services come with risks. FreeWallet is centralized and is owned by HitBTC a controversial exchange commonly accused of scamming.
AtomicWallet requires running third-party software on your system.
Neither are ideal or recommended. If you are using a wallet you should consider buying a Ledger device, or Creating a Paper Wallet?. If neither of those are an option then you can use TrustWallet by Binance.
14) Which exchange is the safest?
That is a matter of personal opinion. Right now your only option is P2PB2B
15) Should I use CoinSwitch?
CoinSwitch is an unknown and fairly new team from India. The process of switching has been smooth for some people so far, but, it is worth proceeding with caution. Multiple virus scanners such as F-Secure and McAffee also suggest it is an unsafe site.
The main problem is that to use Changelly or CoinSwitch you must either manually set up your Ledger to support Kin, or use AtomicWallet or FreeWallet - which is not advisable.
16) When will I get my Kin?
If you use the instant switching from CoinSwitch or Changelly you should get the Kin3 within a few minutes.
If you use Lykke or LAToken you will get your Kin3 March 26th.
If you use any of the other exchanges you will get your Kin3 on March 21st.
For Phase 2 using P2PB2B you will get your coins on April 12th or 13th.
17) Is Trezor supported?
18) If my Kin are in HitBTC do I need to do anything?
Technically no. But, HitBTC has very expensive withdraw fees and a pretty bad reputation. You should check out the guide below for other options.
19) If I am out of the country and away from my hardware wallet for 3-6+ months how will I deal with the swap?
This has been discussed with Kin support, they claim they will have a manual email service for people who are in this situation. No further information has been given at this time. It is unclear if any proof is required or what the process involves. It is unclear if the process is only for ICO holders.
20) What if I have Kin on Stellar from Stellarport etc?
Stellar assets like that are issued as "IOUs" from the Stellar Anchor you bought them at. They are not tokens. In theory, who ever sold you the IOU should have Kin1 tokens that they are holding in balance when issued. They should swap these tokens to Kin3 and provide you with a Kin3 IOU or the Kin3 itself. You will need to contact the support at your Stellar Anchor to confirm more.
21) Are more exchanges coming?
Yes. We know more exchanges are coming, but we have no idea when, or which exchanges.
22) I'm doing your tutorial on How to Build Manual Ledger Transactions but getting the error code op_no_destination?
This means the wallet you are trying to send to isn't activated yet. Wallets on Stellar don't get created when the keypair is generated, they get created by another wallet activating and funding them. You must use the operation "CreateAccount" rather than "Payment" when building the transaction.
23) I'm doing your tutorial on How to Build Manual Ledger Transactions but getting the error code Unsupported Media Type?
Most likely you are on the Kin test network and not the main network. Check the upper right hand corner of the lab and switch to the public network.
24) How do I transfer from MEW?
Simply follow either the How to Swap Kin with Exchanges (Beginners) or How to Swap Kin with Ledger (Advanced Users Only) but instead of sending from a Ledger send the tokens from your MEW wallet. If you choose to do the instant swap you'll need to have a Kin3 compatible wallet such as a paper wallet (How to create a Kin Paper Wallet/What is a Paper Wallet?)
24) I have other questions not answered here?
I've set up a specific Question Thread to better keep track of issues.
25) Where can I stay up to date on this stuff?
Since there hasn't been much official guidance, I've been tweeting about important updates as they develop. You can follow the account I set up here: @crypto_adamsc1


International Guides:


Kin FAQ in other languages:

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2019.01.02 12:54 areohdeee Memes Gear - tqcvwfnrawdnhtuilr - Meme Merch.

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starcraft ii husky starcraft -
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2018.02.08 02:44 Sturmgewehrkreuz Anime Aired on Philippine Free TV thread (Long Post)

Ok, may nagbigay sa akin ng gold para aking comment. Maraming salamat, anonymous redditor, wish ko lang sana humaba pa ang buhay mo, at wish ko din na sana magka-trabaho na ako (para may ipambayad na din ako sa mga loans ko. LOLSOB). At trip kong mag-update ng listahan. So eto na siguro ang isa sa mga exhaustive na list tungkol sa mga anime na ipinalabas noong mga late 80's to 90's to early 2000's (pre-2010). Sana.
Kung may mga kulang o mali man eh lagay nyo na lang sa comments section.
Nilagay ko na din mga links sa opening songs nila. Memorable ang shit na yun.
Also hindi ko na lalagyan ng date aired dahil incomplete ang data, pero I'll try to mention what day it was scheduled to air back then. I wish I had a sharper memory.
Wag na din pansinin yung opinyon ko. Nood nalang kayo with the links.
Di kasali dito ang Korean shit at Chinese shit tulad ng kalbong si San Mao. At Tokusatsu/ Super Hentai Sentai, sadly, di ko na sinali. Nakakapagod mag type.
GMA 7- sandigan ng mga anime lovers noon, na may bloc pa sa primetime (!) noong late 90's to early 00's. Ngayon puro kupal nalang, panggagaya, shaming, pekeng bakla, mga artistang kulang sa workshop, pointless sigawan/gratuitous catfights, at walang kamatayan na reruns ng anime. Paulit ulit. Nakakagalit. Tangina nyo GMA7. Tangina ninyong lahat.
Sa ABC 5 noon ok din ang anime pag gabi. Ngayong TV5 na eh, may mga nilabas din sila na anime tulad ng Code Geass kaso parang palaos ang station. Sad!
Sadly sa channel 2 konti lang naaalala ko, pero dito madalas i-air yung mga World Masterpiece series. They try to show never-before-seen (unless you have internet) anime shows. Request ko lang sana palitan na yung lineup na shows pag Sunday afternoon, mga putanginang cringe na shows. Gawing anime nalang.
Isingit ko na din yung sa Channel 13 noon.
That's all folks!
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2017.02.12 05:42 BossIsMySenpai1974 *MASSIVE SPOILERS* Full timeline 1429- 2015 PART 1

Hundred Years ' War.
French national heroine Joan of Arc leads royal French forces against the British army.
Fourth voyage of Christopher Columbus*. *
Columbus discovers Costa Rica around where Limón now stands.
The Mayflower sails from England to North America.
American Patriots living in Boston form the "Sons of Liberty", a secret society dedicated to protect the rights of colonists.
The Boston Tea Party.
The Sons of Liberty instigate the Boston Tea Party in protest of the British monarchy's taxation of the American colonies.
Inauguration of George Washington. George Washington is inaugurated as the first President of the United States in Federal Hall.
The French Revolution.
Inspired by the American Revolution, the French overthrow their rulers.
"La Marsellaise" becomes the national anthem of France.
Immanuel Kant publishes an essay called Perpetual Peace: A Philosophical Sketch.
The War of 1812.
The Burning of Washington.
Washington, D.C. is invaded by British forces and burned to the ground. The American flag survives, which leads to the creation of the national anthem, The Star-Spangled Banner.
The use of the Congreve rocket by the British during this time is referenced in the anthem's verse, the Rocket's red glare.
The French Foreign Legion is created.
The sole reason for the Legion's purpose was originally a force to supplement the French Army by those willing to fight for France.
The Battle of the Alamo.
After a bloody battle, forces of the Republic of Texas surrender.
Alexandre Dumas's novel The Three Musketeers is released.
Herman Melville's novel, Moby-Dick is released.
The End is born.
The American Civil War.
Symptoms of combat stress are first identified.
Code Talker is born.
c. 1895 – c. 1904-
Aleksandr Leonovitch Granin is born.
The Spanish American War.
The Second Boer War.
The British annex territory from Boer states, which in turn would later form the constitute the Republic of South Africa.
The Wright brothers make the world's first aeroplane that is capable of human flight.
c. 1903 – c. 1912-
The Sorrow is born.
David Oh is born.
The first British intelligence outfit, the SIS, is created.
c. 1905 – c. 1914-
The Fear is born.
The Fury is born.
The Pain is born.
Nikolai Stepanovich Sokolov is born.
Birth of Yevgeny Borisovitch Volgin.
World War I.
After Austro-Hungarian Archduke, Franz Ferdinand Carl Ludwig Joseph Maria is assasinated.
A chain of events result in the world plunging into war.
Mata Hari is executed by firing squad in France under accusations of espionage for Germany during World War I.
October Revolution occurs in Russia.
The Russian Civil War begins.
Bolsheviks seize power as the Russian monarchy is overthrown.
The Russian Bolsheviks form the GRU.
World War I comes to a close.
The predecessor of the KGB, the Cheka, infiltrates the GRU.
A fierce rivalry between the two agencies persue.
Russian Civil War ends with a Bolshevik victory.
The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics is born.
The Philosophers are founded. The secret organization originates from a pact that formed at a clandestine gathering of authority figures from America, post-revolutionary Russia, and China, which would later be known as the Wisemen's Committee.
The Boss is born.
1927- Italian-born anarchists Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti are executed. It is believed by some that the two men were wrongfully executed.
Venom Snake is born in California.
Nicolás Calderón Sandino pushes U.S. forces out of Nicaragua.
Adolf Hitler is appointed Chancellor of Germany, with all power going directly to him.
The Third Reich is established.
Naked Snake is Born.
EVA is born in Meridian, Ohio.
Dr. Clark,(Para-Medic) is born in Boston, Massachusetts,
Anastasio Somoza García comes to power in Nicaragua.
The Mitsubishi J2M "Raiden" fighter plane is built in Japan.
World War II.
Albert Einstein writes a letter to Franklin D. Roosevelt advising work on the atomic bomb, in response to Nazi Germany's own research.
Nazi Germany invades Poland.
The United Kingdom and France declare war on Germany.
Donald Anderson (Sigint) is born in Nashville, Tennessee.
The Soviet army invades Finland.
The Winter War begins.
A secret pact is concluded between the Philosophers that deals with the construction of world order after the Axis Powers are defeated.
The American, Chinese, and the Russian factions of the Philosophers pool their assets in order to secure victory in the war.
They agree to distribute them after the end of the war.
The uranium mine in Shinkolobwe is reopened by the the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers after it is flooded.
Uranium from the mine is used by the Manhattan Project.
The Katyn Forest Massacre.
Joseph Stalin orders the NKVD to execute 20,000 Polish soldiers near the Katyn Forest.
Yevgeny Borisovitch Volgin takes part in the massacre.
The Wehrmacht later find 4,000 of the dead soldiers and immediately blame the Soviet Union, only for the Soviets to blame Germany instead.
Nazi Germany invades the Soviet Union.
The Special Air Service of the British Army is formed.
The SAS perform a false run on Heliopolis.
The Boss is especially responsible for the creation of this mission.
Operation Squatter.
Night bombing raids are carried out in North Africa.
Executed by the SAS, The Boss helps organize the bombing raids..
The Imperial Japanese Navy attacks Pearl Harbor.
The United States declares war on Japan.
The Boss and David Oh lose a close friend and fellow member of Layforce in Egypt.
1942 -
The Office of Strategic Services (OSS) a predecessor of the Central Intelligence Agency, is opened.
The Manhattan Project.
Huey Ememerich's father is assigned to work on the project.
The German Army besieges the city of Stalingrad.
Enrico Fermi splits an atom in a nuclear reactor, generating the first artificial nuclear fission chain reaction.
The Boss forms the Cobra Unit during the Battle of Stalingrad.
Albert Camus's novel The Stranger is released.
Code Talker helps create the U.S. military code talkers' cipher book.
The Battle of Stalingrad ends with a Soviet victory.
V-1 rockets are dropped on London.
Invasion of Guam.
M2 flamethrowers first see use.
Warsaw Uprising.
Gustava Heffner's mother spends days in the sewers under the city after fleeing from the Nazis.
Normandy Landings.
Operation Neptune.
Operation Overlord.
The Allied Forces dispatch the Cobra Unit into Normandy, to undergo a operation to destroy V2 missile installations.
Allied forces begin their assault on the Western front.
Ocelot (Adamska) is born to The Boss and The Sorrow.
During birth, The Boss is wounded and goes into a coma for 3 months.
Ocelot is taken by agents of the Philosophers.
The USS Missouri fights in the Pacific Theater of World War II.
Tokyo air raid.
381,300 cluster bombs are dropped on Tokyo, causing mass destruction.
The first nuclear test, codenamed "Trinity", is conducted in Alamogordo at Los Alamos.
Atomic bomb is dropped on Hiroshima.
Huey Emmerich is born.
Atomic bomb is dropped on Nagasaki.
Japan surrenders.
World War II ends.
the Cold War begins.
Vietnam declares independence.
In the aftermath of World War II, Boris Volgin, the man who was in charge of laundering the Philosophers' funds, steals their assets in the post-war chaos.
The Philosophers' Legacy is dispersed and laundered through banks in countries across the world, including Switzerland, Austria, and Hong Kong.
The three branches of the Philosophers start to split up, which brings even more tension to the Cold War.
The prototype of the AK-47 assault rifle is completed.
Kazuhira Miller is born.
Japan enacts Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution to renounce war, as well as being unable to maintain an army.
The Roswell UFO incident.
The Inter-American Treaty of Reciprocal Assistance is signed.
The Central Intelligence Agency is created.
Chuck Yeager breaks the sound barrier.
Disbandment of the Cobra Unit.
The Costa Rican Civil War.
A rebel army commander José Figueres Ferrer leads an armed uprising against the Costa Rican government, which it quickly defeats.
Paz Ortega Andrade's grandparents are killed during the war.
The Malayan Emergency.
The SAS is deployed to stop the Malayan National Liberation Army.
José Figueres Ferrer's provisional junta abolishes the Costa Rican army, becoming a "nation without a military."
The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is formed.
Germany is divided into East and West Germany.
June George Orwell publishes 1984.
The USSR tests their first nuclear bomb in Kazakhstan, and becomes the world's second nuclear power.
The Chinese Civil War ends in a Communist victory.
The People's Republic of China is formed.
Costa Rica enacts Article 12 of its Constitution, causing it to abolish it's military.
The AK-47 becomes the standard assault rifle of the Soviet military.
Pacifica Ocean (Paz Ortega Andrade) is born.
Peter Stillman is born.
The Korean War.
Naked Snake becomes The Boss's disciple.
Naked Snake fights in the war.
U.S. President Truman orders production of a slew of nuclear warheads.
The French movie Les Enfants Terribles is released.
The "Buster Dog" atomic test is conducted at Area 7 in Nevada, with U.S. Army troops participating.
The Boss is exposed to high levels of radiation.
The Mars Project.
The U.S. Army Special Forces "Green Berets" is formed.
The United Kingdom tests its first nuclear bomb, becoming the world's third nuclear power.
The National Security Agency (NSA) is established.
The Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory is founded in Livermore, California by the U.S. Department of Energy, for the purpose of research and development of nuclear weapons.
East German Uprising.
Yevgeny Borisovitch Volgin takes part in the suppression.
End of the Korean War.
Nikita Khrushchev becomes the First Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.
The Laotian Civil War begins.
The United States Marine Corps sniper team Glaz and Palitz participate in the war.
The USS Nautilus, the first nuclear-powered submarine, is launched.
Operation Castle Bravo.
The first U.S. test of a hydrogen bomb. and detonate Castle Bravo in Bikini Atoll.
Naked Snake is rendered sterile after involvement in the testing.
The KGB is formed in the Soviet Union.
The Battle of Dien Bien Phu.
The French garrison of Dien Bien Phu falls, signaling the victory of the Viet Nimh.
France leaves Indochina.
William Golding's novel The Lord of the Flies is released.
The USS Missouri is decommissioned and placed into the Pacific Reserve Fleet.
Before Albert Einstein dies, he begs for the end of nuclear weapons.
The First World Conference against atomic/hydrogen bombs is held in Hiroshima.
NORAD first sets up the NORAD Tracks Santa program.
The Hungarian Revolution.
The Space Race begins.
The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) is established to oversee peaceful as well as military applications of atomic power.
The USSR launches the first-ever intercontinental ballistic missile, the R-7.
The Kyshtym Nuclear Disaster in the Ural Mountains.
Elisa is caught in the nuclear fallout and is taken to a lab in East Germany.
ESP experiments are conducted on her.
She develops her alternate personality, Ursula.
The USSR launches Sputnik1, the first Earth-orbiting artificial satellite.
The U.S. launches its first successful ICBM, the Atlas A.
The first ever HALO school in the United States military is established.
The Boss is invited to teach at the school. SS-1C enters service.
The Zu-23 is first produced.
America launches its first satellite, the Explorer 1.
The Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) is created.
Its creation is directly attributed to the launching of Sputnik and to U.S. realization that the Soviet Union has the resources to rapidly exploit military technology.
NACA is dissolved.
NASA is established.
Work doesn't begin until October 1.
NASA begins operations.
The USSR launches the Vostok Program, the first human spaceflight program.
The Da Nang Air Base is established.
Sometime in the early 60's-
Yevgeny Borisovitch Volgin inherits the microfilm containing the Philosophers' Legacy after his father dies.
The U.S.-Japan Security Treaty is signed in Washington, D.C.
Project Gerboise Bleue.
France tests its first nuclear bomb. becoming the world's fourth nuclear power.
The U-2 incident.
An American U-2 spy plane violates Soviet airspace and is shot down over the Ural Mountains.
CIA pilot Francis Gary Powers is taken prisoner and his confession brings to light the organization's activities in the region.
Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev announces missile aid to Cuba.
The South Vietnamese National Liberation Front (NLF) is formed.
Sputnik 4 is launched.
A glitch in its system, which is the result of sabotage caused by U.S. agents infiltrating the Soviet Union.
The sabotage causes it to go into higher orbit.
The U.S.-Japan Security Treaty goes into effect.
The Congo Crisis begins.
Constituting a series of civil wars, it is also a proxy conflict in the Cold War in which the Soviet Union and United States support opposing factions.
Che Guevara is involved in the conflict.
A Soviet rocket explodes on the launch pad before it can achieve liftoff.
The Malayan Emergency ends.
Sputnik 5 is launched.
It contains two dogs, two lab rats, and several plants.
Sputnik 5 achieves reentry, and the animal test subjects are recovered easily.
Two NSA code breakers, ADAM and EVA, defect to the Soviet Union. The movie The Magnificent Seven is released.
Revisions towards the U.S.-Japan Security Treaty spark mass protests, especially in Okinawa.
The Mafia sting operations begin in Chicago by the FBI.
Cuban and American diplomatic relations end.
John F. Kennedy assumes office as the 35th President of the United States.
NASA successfully places a chimpanzee named Ham into orbit.
The U.S. conducts the first test of the Minutemen intercontinental ballistic missile.
The Angolan War of Independence begins.
The USSR launches Vostok 1.
The Vostok 1 is the first manned spacecraft in history, piloted by Yuri Gagarin.
Russian scientist Nikolai Stepanovich Sokolov designed the multi-engine for the Vostok Program.
The Boss enters space, secretly achieving America's first manned space flight through the Mercury Project.
The U.S. loses the space race to Gagarin by only minutes.
The Boss returns to Earth, but is injured in the crash landing and enters a coma for six months.
The development of the Shagohod begins.
The CIA launch Operation Zapata.
The Bay of Pigs Invasion.
The U.S. Government uses the opportunity to cover up The Boss's failed space flight attempt by stating that she took part in the invasion.
The Pentagon begins to feel threatened by the CIA's growing influence in the U.S. military's affairs.
President Kennedy falls into disfavor with the Philosophers.
A group of university students create the Sandinista National Liberation Front in Nicaragua. Their aim is to overthrow the Somoza regime and establish a Marxist state.
Alan Shepard officially becomes the first American in rocket flight aboard the Redstone Rocket.
The military considers the development and adopting ARPANET after the destruction of telephone relay stations massively paralyzes defense communication systems.
American movie The Guns of Navarone is released.
Construction begins on the Berlin Wall in Germany.
The Eritrean War of Independence.
The U.S. Army 5th Special Forces Group is activated by President Kennedy due to the need of special units with insurgency combat expertise.
President Kennedy delivers a speech to the UN General Assembly, citing that the world can find an alternate method from war.
The Soviet Union conducts its first atomic test in space above Russia.
The Soviet Union tests the Tsar Bomba, the largest nuclear weapon in existence, over the Arctic.
President Kennedy announces increase in deployed troops to aid South Vietnam.
The Boss infiltrates the Soviet Union's OKB-1 without CIA permission and discovers that Sputnik 5 features a pilot ejection system, reporting her findings to NASA.
The CIA later lies to the recently inaugurated Kennedy, taking credit for the discovery and blaming The Boss for previous misinformation supplied by her sleeper agent.
The Vz61 Scorpion is developed in Czechoslovokia.
The Navy SEALs are formed.
The Mercury-Atlas 6 (Friendship 7) is launched.
John Glenn into space. This is the first time an American orbits the Earth.
The Starfish Prime test is conducted at Johnston Island, detonating a nuclear weapon at a high altitude.
The concept later allows for the potential of using Nuclear weapons as EMP devices.
Major Zero uses a mole to help Dr. Sokolov's family defect from the Soviet Union to the United States.
Sokolov is evacuated. After two weeks of travel, Sokolov arrives in West Berlin, and is checked into a hospital due to exhaustion.
A U.S. Lockheed U-2 surveillance craft discovers Soviet missiles in Cuba.
The Cuban Missile Crisis.
A Russian sub commander refuses to launch a nuclear-armed torpedo at an American destroyer.
Sokolov is sent back to Russia as a result of the crisis.
The north of Borneo (Malaysia) secedes from Indonesia.
The British SAS are sent to Malaysia to battle the Indonesians, utilizing the effectiveness of shotguns in jungle warfare.
This prompts the Soviet Union to conduct research in Tselinoyarsk, regarding the use of shotguns in jungle guerrilla combat.
The Mariner 2 approaches Venus and begins scanning the planet, revealing that it has cool clouds and an extremely hot surface.
The Mariner 2 later approaches Mars and sends back data relating to the planet.
The Boss carries out a covert mission in Tselinoyarsk, where she is ordered to kill The Sorrow, her former lover.
The Laotian Civil War begins.
The United States begins production of the Davy Crockett nuclear missiles, it's missile has a deadly nuclear payload.
Although it enters mass-production, the Davy Crockett is never actually deployed in battle due to problems with the launcher's precision and range.
Major Zero creates the FOX Unit, also known as Force Operation X, a special services division of the CIA. Jack is part of the organization.
The SS-1C Scud-B missiles, designed by Aleksandr Leonovitch Granin, are first deployed.
Ricardo Valenciano "Chico" Libre is born.
The United States and the Soviet Union sign the Hotline Agreement. A direct telephone connection is set up between the U.S. and Soviet leaders.
President Kennedy is assassinated.
Lyndon B. Johnson becomes is sworn in as the 36th President of the United States.
Virtuous Mission.
The world's first High Altitude Low Opening is performed by Naked Snake.
Operation Snake Eater.
Death of the Boss.
Naked Snake is awarded the title of "Big Boss".
The comatose Volgin is transported to a research facility on the outskirts of Moscow.
Anti-Vietnam War protests begin.
Kazuhira Miller witnesses the rise of these movements in America.
The MACV-SOG ( Military Assistance Command, Vietnam – Studies and Observations Group) is established.
A highly classified, multi-service United States special operations unit, MACV-SOG conducts covert unconventional warfare operations prior to and during the Vietnam War.
The CIA is heavily involved in the unit's activities and operations.
The Mozambican War of Independence.
It is an armed conflict between the guerrilla forces of the Mozambique Liberation Front or FRELIMO (Frente de Libertação de Moçambique) and Portugal.
The Three Non-Nuclear Principles are introduced in Japan.
The principles state that there will be non-production, non-possession, and non-introduction of nuclear weapons.
Code Talker begins research on The End's remains.
1965- The U.S. officially enters the Vietnam War.
The U.S. begins heavily bombing North Vietnam.
Sigint joins ARPA and is involved in the development of ARPAnet.
The First Chadian Civil War.
The Congo Crisis is brought to a close.
The revolution ends in failure.
1966- Big Boss encounters the child soldier Frank Jaeger during the Mozambican War of Independence.
Jaeger is rescued by Big Boss and placed in a care facility, where he is later taken by the CIA for the Perfect Soldier Project.
The United States starts launching Apollo Program missions.
The intention of the Apollo program is sending a man on the moon.
Che Guevara is captured by the Bolivian Special Forces, with support from the CIA, and executed.
French philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre later declares him to be "the most complete human being of our age."
China conducts its first hydrogen bomb test.
The Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty is opened for signatures.
Kazuhira Miller is recruited into the Japan Self-Defense Forces.
EVA disappears, last seen in Hanoi.
The Apollo Program is a success, Apollo 11 lands on the moon.
The U.S. Department of Defense successfully sends its first message using ARPANET.
SALT-1 negotiations are initiated.
The limit of the number of deployed U.S. and Soviet ballistic missiles are decreased, provoking a détente era between the two countries.
San Hieronymo Incident.
Ivan Raidenovitch Raikov is exiled to the San Hieronymo Peninsula and imprisoned in the Western Wilderness.
A Soviet spy steals blueprints to the Saturn V from NASA, which develops modifications to the silos at the San Hieronymo Peninsula Soviet missile base.
The CIA plans transport of the Intercontinental Ballistic Metal Gear.
On CIA orders, Gene leads the FOX unit in hijacking the Intercontinental Ballistic Metal Gear during a transport operation, and take over of the abandoned Soviet IRBM facility on the San Hieronymo Peninsula.
Major Zero is arrested by the Pentagon under the charge of treason.
Big Boss is also charged with treason for accusations of spearheading the revolt.
Death of Gene.
The other portion of the Philosopher's legacy is acquired by the United States.
Ocelot kills the Director of Central Intelligence in a way that is indistinguishable from suicide.
The Sandinista National Liberation Front, backed by the KGB and the Cuban DGI (Dirección General de Inteligencia), start launching military initiatives against the Somoza regime.
Formation of the Patriots.
The Patriots are dedicated to reuniting the world that The Boss envisioned.
Ocelot joins the unit, but stays in the Soviet Union as an informant.
Sigint, Para-Medic, and Big Boss make up the rest of the organization.
Major Zero proceeds to turn Big Boss into an idol and hero, to lead the world as a messiah-like figure.
The Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty is signed by America, the Soviet Union, France, England, and China.
The Treaty on the Non- Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT) goes into effect.
Major Zero disbands FOX.
The Les Enfants Terribles project commences.
Zero has Dr. Clark (Para-Medic) clone Big Boss in order to preserve the Patriots' icon.
The Soviet Union launches the Salyut-1, the world's first space station.
Big Boss founds FOXHOUND, and becomes its commander.
The 'Les Enfants Terribles" project is successful.
Clones of Big Boss are born; Eli ( Liquid Snake) and David (Solid Snake) and a third at a later date , George ( Solidus Snake).
Disgusted, Big Boss leaves The Patriots and goes on to create his own Mercanary force, The Militaries Sans Fronteres.
Working with the Colombian Army, Militaires Sans Frontières ambushes a guerrilla unit led by Kazuhira Miller.
Miller, the only survivor, is captured and eventually recruited into MSF after Big Boss earns his respect, becoming second in command.
ARPA is renamed DARPA.
The ABM Treaty is signed by the United States of America and the Soviet Union on the limitation of the anti-ballistic missile (ABM) systems used in defending areas against missile-delivered nuclear weapons.
The Watergate scandal occurs.
The Summer Olympic Games are held in West Germany.
The Munich Massacre occurs when the terrorist organization Black September holds 11 Israeli athletes hostage during the Olympic Games, eventually killing them.
As a consequence of the incident, the GSG 9 (Grenzschutzgruppe 9 der Bundespolizei) counter-terrorism force is created.
Project Apollo ends with the Apollo-17.
Big Boss fights alongside the Studies and Observations Group (SOG), the Green Berets and the Wild Geese.
The Paris Peace Accords.
The U.S. starts withdrawing troops from Vietnam.
Peace Sentinel invades Costa Rica.
Huey Emmerich is hired into the Peace Walker Project.
Code Talker discovers a strain of archea that metabolizes uranium.
Project Smiling Buddha.
India conducts an atomic bomb test.
Richard Nixon resigns.
The Militaires Sans Frontières are hired by Paz Ortega Andrade and Ramón Gálvez Mena of the Costa Rican University for Peace.
MSF is hired to drive rogue CIA forces operating in Costa Rica.
Gálvez is exposed as a KGB agent.
Sigint proposes that machines are best suited for information control, rather than complex decision-making.
Peace Walker Incident.
Big Boss and Kazuhira Miller drastically expand the Militaries Sans Fronteres' military capabilities for over a month, although at the cost of exposing their power.
MSF recover Peace Walker's nuclear warhead from Lake Nicaragua.
Metal Gear ZEKE is armed with the nuke, resulting in MSF becoming the world's seventh nuclear power.
Vladimir Zadornov is killed.
Paz, (Pacifica Ocean), hijacks ZEKE and offers Big Boss the choice to rejoin Zero's organization, Cipher.
Big BOss refuses the offer and Paz prepares to launch a nuclear strike to frame MSF, forcing Big Boss to disable ZEKE.
Paz falls into the ocean and disappears, but is later rescued by a Belezean fisherman, who found her drifting in the Carribean.
The U.S. and the Soviet Union agree on a general framework for the second round of Strategic Arms Limitation Talks (SALT II).
Gerald Ford and Leonid Brezhnev sign the SALT II.
The treaty limits the number of strategic nuclear delivery vehicles on each side to 2,400.
Ground Zeroes Incident.
The IAEA requests an inspection of Mother Base, which Huey accepts without permission.
Chico is captured, imprisoned and tortured by XOF after a failed rescue attempt to save Paz at the U.S. naval base in Cuba.
He gives XOF commander Skull Face information on MSF, after being forced to watch Paz's torture.
XOF plant C4 explosives on MSF's Mother Base.
Under Skull Face's orders, Chico sends out an SOS transmission that is picked up by MSF.
Despite suspecting a trap, Big Boss commences a lone infiltration of the prison site.
Paz is manipulated by Skull Face into revealing Zero's hidden location, before being drugged and implanted with two bombs.
Big Boss begins his infiltration into Camp Omega and extracts Chico and Paz by chopper.
Mother Base is destroyed.
Paz awakens and jumps from the chopper to prevent the bombs from destroying it, but the shockwave sends the helicopter into collision of a perusing XOF chopper.
Deaths of Ricardo Valenciano " Chico " Libre and Paz Ortega Adrade (Pacifica Ocean).
Zero hides Big Boss in a hospital in Cyprus and leaves him in Ocelot's care.
Skull Face is reassigned to Africa by Zero.
The vocal cord parasites are resurrected through reverse evolution.
The Ho Chi Minh Campain leads to the fall of Saigon and Vietnam's reunification.
The Angolan War of Independence ends.
The Laotian Civil War ends.
The Soyuz-19 and Apollo-18 spacecraft dock in orbit.
The 'Les Enfants Terribles" project is abandoned.
Eli is taken to Great Britain, but slips through Zero's care.
Zero suffers brain damage due to a parasite attack by Skullface, slowly shutting down his motor skills.
Nastasha Romanenko is born in Ukraine.
The Soweto Uprising occurs in South Africa.
The number of protesters who police killed are estimated up to 700.
New York City Blackout Incident.
Zero flees the United States.
Delta Force is established.
The Mozambican Civil War.
The civil war is caused between the ruling party, the Front for Liberation of Mozambique (FRELIMO), and the Rhodesian/South African-funded Mozambique Resistance Movement (RENAMO).
Frank Jaeger would later return to Mozambique and participate in the conflict as a RENAMO soldier, but is taken prisoner and is tortured.
An underground nuclear test site is discovered beneath the Kalahari Desert.
Bowing to international pressure, the South African government abandons the site.
Zero visits Big Boss in Cyprus, then disappears completely. never to be seen again.
The First Chadian Civil War ends.
The Iranian Revolution leads to the Iran Hostage Crisis.
Sometime in the late 70's-
Stealth missile technology starts to be researched.
The United Nations officially establishes the University for Peace in Costa Rica.
The Iran- Iraq war breaks out.
Fearing the ripple effects of the Iranian Revolution, Western nations and the Soviet Union supports Iraq.
Huey Emmerich and Strangleove have a child, he is named Hal.
Operation Opera: Israeli bombers strike a nuclear reactor under construction in Iraq.
The Invasion of Grenada.
Raiden is born.
A suicide bomber attacks the U.S. Embassy in Beirut, Lebanon.
Soviet General Yuri Andropov dies.
Phantom Pain Incident.
Snake awakens.
Snake rescues Kazuhira Miller in Afghanistan, and go on to rebuild Militaries Sans Fronteres, now named Diamond Dogs.
A Civilian airliner carrying " The Third Boy" crashes in the mountains of Ukraine.
Quiet suffers full-body burns and undergoes parasite therapy to survive.
Skullface is wounded at the hands of Snake and Kazuhira Miller, they leave him to die slowly, but only to be killed by Huey.
Part 2-
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2016.10.02 22:46 Rocknocker Attack of the killer lists...500+ global Geological society URLs, many with job & internships links, etc.

Due to an acute attack of Listomania (and a soggy weekend) here's over 500 links to geological societies the world over. Many of these carry job links (in their own particular specialty) plus links to more detailed information on activities of the society, articles and 'drill deep downable' information. The list is global, more or less alphabetical, and pan-geological.
Share & Enjoy.
Aargauische Naturforschende Gesellschaft www.naturwissenschaftench/organisations/ang
AASP - The Palynological Society
Aberdeen Formation Evaluation Society
Aberdeen Geological Society
Akademie der Geowissenschaften zu Hannover
Alaska Geological Society
Albanian Geophysical Society
Amateur Geological Society (N. London)
American Association for the Advancement of Science
American Association of Geographers
American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)
American Geosciences Institute (AGI)
American Geophysical Union (AGU)
American Institute of Professional Geologists (AIPG)
American Quaternary Association (AMQUA)
Association of American State Geologists (AASG)
Association of Environmental and Engineering Geologists(AEG)
Association for Women Geoscientists (AWG)
American Association of Stratigraphic Palynologists, Inc (AASP)
American Avalanche Association
American Ceramic Society
American Chemical Society - Geochemistry Division
American Crystallographic Association ACA
American Exploration & Mining Association (formerly Northwest Mining Association)
American Geological Institute
American Geophysical Union (AGU)
American Geosciences Institute (AGI)
American Institute of Hydrology (AIH)
American Institute of Mining, Metallurgical, and Petroleum Engineers (AIME)
American Institute of Professional Geologists (AIPG)
American National Standards Institute (ANSI)
American Petroleum Institute API
American Quaternary Association (AMQUA)
American Rock Mechanics Association
American Society for Limnology and Oceanography (ASLO)
American Society of Mining and Reclamation (ASMR)
American Water Resources Association (AWRA)
Appalachian Geologic Society
Asociación Argentina de la Ciencia del Suelo
Asociación Argentina de Sedimentología
Asociación Cordobesa de Mineralogía y Paleontología
Asociación Española para la Enseñanza de las Ciencias de la Tierra
Asociación Geológica Argentina (AGA)
Asociacíon Latinoamericana de Ciencias de la Terra
Asociacíon Latinoamericana de Paleobotanica y Palinología
Asociacíon Mexicana de Geofisicos de Exploración
Asociación Venezolana de Sedimentólogos
Association des Étudiants en Sciences de la Terre (PANGEA LausanneCH)
Association for the Sciences of Limnology and Oceanography (ASLO)
Association for Women Geoscientists (AWG)
Association Française de Microminéralogie (AFM)
Association of American State Geologists
Association of Applied Geochemists (AAG)
Association of Earth Science Editors (AESE)
Association of Engineering Geologists
Association of Environmental & Engineering Geologists (AEG)
Association of European Geological Societies
Association of Exploration Geochemists (AEG)
Association of Geoscientists for International Development (AGID)
Association of Hungarian Geophysicists
Association of Polish Geomorphologists
Association Suisse des Géologues CHGEOL
Associazione Italiana di Geologia Applicata e Ambiente (AIGA)
Associazione Italiana di Oceanologia e Limnologia (AIOL)
Associazione Italiana per lo Studio del Quaternario
Austin Geological Society
Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy
Australian Clay Minerals Society
Australian Geoscience Information Association
Australian Institute of Geoscientists
Australian Institute of Petroleum
Australian Petroleum Production & Exploration Association (APPEA)
Australian Society of Exploration Geophysicists
Balkan Geophysical Society
Bath Geological Society
Baton Rouge Geological Society
Bay Area Geophysical Society
Belfast Geologists’ Society
Belgian Structural Geology Study Group
Belgische Vereniging voor Paleontologie
Berkshire Geoconservation Group
Berufsverband Deutscher Geowissenschaftler
Black Country Geological Society
Blueprint Earth (BE)
Brighton & Hove Geological Society
Bristol Naturalists Society (Geology Section)
British Cave Research Association
British Geomorphological Research Group
British Geophysical Association
British Hydrological Society
British Micromount Society
British Micropalaeontological Society
British Sedimentological Research Group
Bucks Earth Heritage Group
Bulgarian Geological Society
Bulgarian Geophysical Society
Bulgarian Mineralogical Society
Cambridgeshire Geological Society
Canadian Association of Palynologists
Canadian Geomorphology Research Group
Canadian Geophysical Union - Union Géophysique Canadienne
Canadian Geotechnical Society - Société canadienne de Géotechnique
Canadian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy (CIM)
Canadian Quaternary Association
Canadian Society of Exploration Geophysicists
Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists
Canadian Tectonics Group (CTG)
Canadian Well Logging Society
Canon City Geology Club
Carn Brea Mining Society
Cheltenham Mineral & Geological Society
Carolina Geological Society
Chamber of Geophysical Engineers of Turkey (CGET)
Clay Minerals Society
Colegio de Geólogos de Costa Rica www.geologos.or.c
Collegium Palynologicum Scandinavicum
Colorado Mineral Society
Colorado Mining Association
Colorado Oil and Gas Association (COGA)
Colorado Scientific Society (CSS)
Colorado Springs Mineralogical Society
Columbine Gem & Mineral Society
Computer Oriented Geological Society
Council on Undergraduate Research Geosciences Division (CUR)
Council on Undergraduate Research
Croydon Natural History & Scientific Society
Cumberland Geological Society
Cushman Foundation (CF)
Dallas Geological Society
Dallas Geophysical Society
Dansk Geologisk Forening
Deep Foundations Institute (DFI)
Denver Coal Club
Denver Gem & Mineral Guild
Denver Geophysical Society
Denver Mining Club
Denver Region Exploration Geologists’ Society (DREGS)
Deutsche Bodenkundliche Gesellschaft
Deutsche Gemmologische Gesellschaft
Deutsche Geologische Gesellschaft (DGG)
Deutsche Geophysikalische Gesellschaft (DGG)
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Geotechnik
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Kristallographie (DGK)
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Kristallwachstum und Kristallzüchtung
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Meeresforschung (DGM)
Deutsche Mineralogische Gesellschaft
Deutsche Quartärvereinigung (DEUQUA)
Deutsche Ton- und Tonmineralgruppe
Deutsche wissenschaftliche Gesellschaft für Erdöl, Erdgas und Kohle (DGMK)
Deutscher Dachverband für Geoinformation
Devon RIGS Group
Devonshire Association, Geology Section
Dharan Geoscience Society (DGS)
Dinosaur Society
Dorset Geologists' Association Group
Dorset Natural History & Archaeological Society
Dresdner Grundwasserforschungszentrum eV
Drilling Engineering Association
Drilling, Observation and Sampling of the Earth's Continental Crust (DOSECC)
Dutch Association for Engineering Geology (INGEOKRING)
Dutch Petrophysical Society (DPS)
Earth Science 2000 (ESK2)
Earth Science Teachers' Association (ESTA)
Earth Science Teachers Association
East Herts Geology Club
East Midlands Geological Society
Ecological Society of America (ESA)
Edinburgh Geological Society
Environmental and Engineering Geophysical Society (EEGS)
Environmental and Engineering Geophysical Society European Section (EEGS-ES)
Environmental Protection Agency
Essex Rock and Mineral Society
European Association for Geochemistry (EAG)
European Association for the Conservation of the Geological Heritage (ProGEO)
European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers (EAGE)
European Ceramic Society
European Drilling Engineering Association (DEA)
European Federation of Geologists (EFG)
European Geophysical Society (EGS)
European Geosciences Union (EGU)
European Mineralogical Union (EMU)
European Union of Geosciences (EUG) eost.u-strasbg.fEUG/
Everglades Geological Society (EGS)
Farnham Geological Society
Fédération Européenne des Géologues (EFG)
Federazione Italiana di Scienze della Terra (FIST)
Flatirons Mineral Club
Fort Collins Rockhounds Club
Four Corners Geological Society
Friends of Mineralogy
Friends of Mineralogy, Colorado Chapter
Friends of the Sedgwick Museum
GEA Stichting Geologische Aktiviteiten
Geochemical Society (GS)
GeoConservation Kent
Geo-Institute of the American Society of Civil Engineers
Geolancashire incorporating Lancashire Local Group of the GA
Geologica Belgica (GB)
Geological Association of Canada (GAC)
Geological Society of Africa (GSAF)
Geological Society of America (GSA)
Geological Society of Australia (GSAus)
Geological Society of China (GSC)
Geological Society of Denmark - Dansk Geologisk Forening
Geological Society of France - Societé géologique de France
Geological Society of Glasgow
Geological Society of India
Geological Society of Japan
Geological Society of London (GSL)
Geological Society of Malaysia
Geological Society of Nevada
Geological Society of New Zealand
Geological Society of Norfolk
Geological Society of Oman
Geological Society of Puerto Rico
Geological Society of South Africa (GSSA)
Geological Society of Sweden - Geologiska Föreningen
Geological Society of the Isle of Wight
Geologisch Kollege Miölnir (Utrecht NL)
Geologische Gesellschaft in Zürich
Geologische Kring GEOS (Leuven BE)
Geologische Kring Tellus (Leuven BE)
Geologische Vereinigung
Geologists' Association
Geologists’ Association
Geophysical Society of Houston
Geophysical Society of Yugoslavia
Georgia Geological Society
Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society
Geoscience Australia Joint Action Group (GeoJAG)
Geoscience Information Group (GIG)
Geoscience Information Society (GSIS)
Geoscience Society of New Zealand (GSNZ)
GeoVUsie (Amsterdam)
German Geological Society (GV)
German-Austrian-Swiss Clay Group Association
Gesellschaft für Geowissenschaften
Gesellschaft für UmweltGeowissenschaften
Grand Junction Geological Society
Groundwater Resources Association of California (GRA)
Groupement suisse de la géologie de l'ingénieur
Gruppo Mineralogico Cremonese
Gruppo Nationale di Petrografia (GNP)
Gulf Coast Association of Geological Societies
Gwynedd & Mon RIGS (AWRG) [email protected]
Harrow & Hillingdon Geological Society
Hastings & District Geological Society
Hellenic Geophysical Union
Hertfordshire Geological Society
History of Earth Sciences Society (HESS)
Horsham Geological Field Club
Houston Geological Society
Huddersfield Geology Group
Hull Geological Society
Hungarian Geological Society
Illinois Geological Society
Illustre Colegio Oficial de Géologos
Independent Oil & Gas Association of West Virginia
Indonesian Association of Geologists (IAGI)
Indonesian Association of Petroleum Engineers (IATMI)
International Association for Geoscience Diversity (IAGD)
International Association for Mathematical Geology (IAMG)
International Association for Promoting Geoethics (IAPG)
International Association of Emergency Managers (IAEM)
International Association of Geochemistry and Cosmochemistry (IAGC)
International Association of GeoChemistry (IAGC)
International Association of Geodesy
International Association of Geomagnetism and Aeronomy
International Association of Hydrogeologists (IAH)
International Association of Hydrogeologists/US National Chapter
International Association of Hydrological Sciences
International Association of Sedimentologists
International Association of Structural/Tectonic Geologists (IASTG)
International Association of Volcanology and Chemistry of the Earth's Interior (IAVCEI)
International Commission on Stratigraphy (ICS)
International Federation of Palynological Societies
International Fossil Algae Association
International Geoscience Education Organization
International Geothermal Association
International Marine Minerals Society
International Medical Geology Association (IMGA)
International Mineralogical Association wwwobs.univ-bpclermont.fima/
International Organisation of Paleobotany
International Research Group on Ostracoda
International Society for Aeolian Research (ISAR)
International Society for Rock Mechanics
International Subcommission on Paleogene Stratigraphy
International Union for Quaternary Research (INQUA)
International Union of Crystallography (IUCr)
International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics (IUGG)
International Union of Geological Sciences (IUGS)
International Union of Soil Sciences (IUSS)
Irish Association for Quarternary Studies
Irish Geological Association
Israel Geological Society (IGS)
Japanese Association for Petroleum Technology
Jugoslovensko geofizicko drustvo
Jurassic Microfossil Group JMG
Karst Waters Institute (KWI)
Kent Geologists' Group
Kentucky Oil & Gas Association
Kentucky Society of Professional Geologists
Kingston Lapidary Gem & Mineral Society [email protected]
Koninklijk Nederlands Geologisch Mijnbouwkundig Genootschap (KNGMG)
Korean Society of Exploration Geophysicists www.seg.or.k
Lake George Gem and Mineral Club
Leeds Geological Association
Leicester Literary & Philosophical Society – Geology Section (C)
Lithos (Harelbeke)
Littleton Gem & Mineral Club
Liverpool Geological Society
London Petrophysical Society
Lunar and Planetary Institute
Manchester Geological Association
Marburger Geowissenschaftliche Vereinigung
Materials Research Society
Medway Fossil & Mineral Society [email protected]
Metamorphic Studies Group (MSG)
Meteoritical Society
Microanalysis Society (MAS)
Microscopy Society of America
Mid Wales Geology Club
Mid Week Geology Group in Yorkshire
Midland Geotechnical Society
Midlands Microanalysis Users Group
Midwest Federation of Mineralogical & Geological Societies wwwamfedorg/mwf/
Mijnbouwkundige Vereeniging (DelftNL)
Mile High Rock and Mineral Society (RAMS)
Milton Keynes Geological Society
Mineralogical Association of Canada (MAC)
Mineralogical Society of America (MSA)
Mineralogical Society of Great Britain and Ireland
Mineralogical Society of Poland
Mineralogische Kring Antwerpen - Mineralogy Club of Antwerp
Minerals and geotechnical Logging Society
Minerals, Metals and Materials Society (TMS-Online)
Minnesota Ground Water Association (MGWA)
Mole Valley Geological Society
National Association of Black Geoscientists (NABG)
National Association of Geoscience Teachers (NAGT)
National Association of State Boards of Geology (ASBOG)
National Cave and Karst Research Institute (NCKRI)
National Earth Science Teachers Association (NESTA)
National Ground Water Association (NGWA)
National Park Service, Geological Resources
National Science Foundation
National Science Teachers Association (NSTA)
National Speleological Society
Naturforschende Gesellschaft des Kantons Glarus (NGG)
Naturforschende Gesselschaft in Basel
Naturforschende Gesselschaft in Zürich (NGZH)
Naturforschende Gesselschaft Luzern
Natur-Historische Gesellschaft Nürnberg
Nautilus-Gent Vereniging voor Mineralogie en Paleontologie
Nederlandse Geologische en Mijnbouwkundige Studenten Organisatie (NGMSO)
Nederlandse Geologische Vereniging (NGV)
Nepal Geological Society (NGS)
Netherlands Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Association (NOGEPA)
Nevada Petroleum Society
New Orleans Geological Society
New York State Geological Association
New Zealand Geophysical Society
New Zealand Hydrological Society
Newbury Geological Study Group
Norfolk Mineral & Lapidary Society
Norsk Geologisk Forening
North American Commission on Stratigraphic Nomenclature
North American Micropaleontology Section SEPM
North East Wales RIGS [email protected]
North Eastern Geological Society
North Jeffco Gem & Mineral Club
North Staffordshire Group of the Geologists’ Association
North Wales Geology Association (Cymdeithas Daeareg Gogledd Cymru)
Northwest Geological Society (NWGS)
Norwegian Formation Evaluation Society
Norwegian Petroleum Society - Norsk Petroleumforening (NPF)
Oberrheinischer Geologischer Verein
Ocean Drilling Program Janus Database
Ocean Drilling Program Science Operator
Oceanography Society
Ohio Geological Society
Ohio Oil and Gas Association
Ontario Petroleum Institute
Open University Geological Society
Österreichische Geologische Gesellschaft
Österreichische Mineralogische Gesellschaft
Oxford Clay Working Group also in Eastern Region [email protected]
Oxford Geology Group
Oxfordshire Geology Trust
Palaeontographical Society
Palaeontological Association
Palaeontological Society of Japan
Paläontologische Gesellschaft
Paleobotanical Section of the Botanical Society of America
Paleontological Research Institution (PRI)
Paleontological Society (PS)
Pander Society - International Conodont Research
Peak Lapidary & Mineral Society
Permian Basin Geophysical Society
Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA)
Petroleum Exploration Society of Great Britain (PESGB)
Petroleum Geologische Kring (PGK) (Delft NL)
Petroleum History Institute
Plymouth Mineral & Mining Club
Production Engineering Association (PEA)
Pueblo Rockhounds
Quaternary Research Association
Reading Geological Society
Real sociedad Espanola de historia natural
Rockwatch (the Junior Club of the GA)
Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists (RMAG)
Rocky Mountain Micromineral Association
Rocky Mountain Section-Society for Sedimentary Geology
Romanian Society of Geophysics
Royal Geological and Mining Society of the Netherlands (KNGMG)
Royal Geological Society of Cornwall
Ussher Society
Royal Society, The UK academy of science
Russian Mineralogical Society
Sankt-Gallische Naturwissenschaftliche Gesellschaft
Schweizer Geologen Verband CHGEOL
Schweizerische Fachgruppe für Ingenieurgeologie (SFIG)
Schweizerische Geologische Gesellschaft
Schweizerische Gesellschaft für historische Bergbauforschung
Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Hydrogeologie
Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Kirstallographie
Schweizerische Mineralogische und Petrologische Gesellschaft
Schweizerische Vereinigung von Petroleum-Geologen und Ingenieuren
Seismological Society of America (SSA)
Seismological Society of Japan
Senckenbergische Naturforschende Gesellschaft
SEPM (Society for Sedimentary Geology)
Serbian Geological Society
Shropshire Geological Society
Sidcup Lapidary & Mineral Society also in South East Region
Sigma Gamma Epsilon (SGE)
Slovenian Geological Society / Slovensko Geolosko Drustvo
Sociedad Española de Mineralogía
Sociedad Geológica de España
Sociedad Geológica Mexicana, AC (SGM)
Sociedad Venezolana de Geólogos
Sociedade Brasileira de Geofísica
Sociedade Brasileira de Geologia (Nucleo de Minas Gerais)
Societá Geochimica Italiana (SoGeI)
Societá Geologica Italiana (SGI)
Societá Italiana di Mineralogia e Petrologia (SIMP)
Societé géologique de France
Society for American Archaeology (SAA)
Society for Applied Spectroscopy
Society for Environmental Geochemistry and Health (SEGH)
Society for Geology applied to Mineral Deposits (SGA)
Society for Mining, Metallurgy and Exploration, Inc (SME)
Society for Organic Petrology
Society for Sedimentary Geology
Society for the Preservation of Natural History Collections (SPNHC)
Society of Economic Geologists (SEG)
Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG)
Society of Independent Professional Earth Scientists (SIPES)
Society of Mineral Museum Professionals
Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE)
Society of Petrophysicists & Well Log Analysts (SPWLA)
Society of Rheology
Society of Vertebrate Paleontology (SVP)
Soil Science Society of America (SSSA)
South African Association for Geotechnology
South African Geophysical Association (SAPIA)
South African Petroleum Industry Association (SAGA)
South Texas Geological Society
South Wales Geologists’ Association
Southampton Mineral & Fossil Society
Southern California Paleontological Society
Southwest Louisiana Geophysical Society
Stamford & District Geological Society
Stichting Geologische Kring Den Bosch
Swiss Association of Geologists CHGEOL
Swiss Association of Petroleum Geologists
Swiss Geological Society
Swiss Society of Mineralogy and Petrology
Tectonic Research Group of Japan
Tectonic Studies Group (TSG)
Tertiary Research Group
The Association of Applied Geochemists (AAG)
The Clay Minerals Society (CMS)
The Dinosaur Society
The Jurassic Coast
The Kirkaldy Society [email protected]
The Meteoritical Society
The Mineralogical Society (MS)
The Palynological Society (AASP)
The Canadian Quaternary Association (CANQUA)
The Clay Minerals Society
The Cushman Foundation for Foraminiferal Research
The Dinosaur Society
Geological Society of America Home Page (GSA)
Geological Society of Maine (GSM)
The Geological Society (London)
Geoscience Information Society
International Association of Geomorphologists (IAG)
International Union for Quaternary Research (INQUA)
Mineralogical Society of America (MSA)
National Association of Black Geoscientists (NABG)
National Association of Geoscience Teachers (NAGT)
National Earth Science Teachers Association (NESTA)
New England Intercollegiate Geological Conference (NEIGC)
The Palaeontological Association (UK)
The Paleontological Research Institution/Museum of the Earth
The Paleontological Society
Seismological Society of America (SSA)
Society for Sedimentary Geology (SEPM)
Society of Economic Geologists (SEG)
Society of Vertebrate Paleontology (SVP)
Soil Science Society of America (SSSA)
The Russell Society
The Society for Mining, Metallurgy and Exploration (SME)
The Society for Organic Petrology
The Tertiary Research Group
Thurgauische Naturforschende Gesellschaft
UK Volcanologists' Home Page
United States Permafrost Association
US Geological Survey
USGS Govt Indicator locator service
Utrechtse Geologen Vereniging (UGV)
Verband Schweizer Geologen CHGEOL
Verein der Geologie-Studenten in Münster eV
Vereinigung der Freunde der Mineralogie und Geologie (VFMG)
Volcanic and Magmatic Studies Group (VMSG)
Volcanological Society of Japan
Warwickshire Geological Conservation Group
Welsh Stone Forum [email protected]
Werkgroep voor tertiaire en kwartaire geologie
West of England Group of the Geologists’ Association
West Sussex Geological Society
West Texas Geological Society
West Virginia Oil and Natural Gas Association
Western Interior Paleontological Society (WIPS)
Westmorland Geological Society
White House Office of Science and Technology Policy
Winchester Geology Society [email protected]
Wisconsin Geological Society
Woolhope Naturalists' Field Club Geology Section
Yorkshire Geological Society
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2015.06.22 19:48 DsagjiiggsScjjigsjsb May 2015 in is that infamous bastion of Korean hypernationalists on the internet who use English (strangely enough) to communicate. These are R5s for a few comments from that forum (that should be solely from May 2015, hence the title) just to skim the surface of the endless pit of nationalist bullshit they have there. It's a bit long, so don't feel obliged to read to the end.


I'll focus only on English-language content directly on the forum, directly relating to history, and posted only on May 2015. No bad history in the Korean language, nor links to youtube or other blogs, nor bad science or bad lingustics.
I'll also consistently use the term "Manchuria", which I've heard may be offensive to some people because of connotations with Manchukuo. It is also definitely anachronistic. But the other options are "Northeast China" which is even more anachronistic and needlessly confusing in a historic context (i.e. Hebei, not Manchuria, would be northeast China during the Song) or something overly wordy like "Amur-Liao Drainage Area" (which I've never heard anyone use anyways).

Thread 1

Qin never built Greatwall [sic] it was built during North Song Dynasty to stop the nomadic incursion into Yellow river
Well, not quite. I quote from The Great Wall of China: From History to Myth by Arthur Waldron:
It should be clear, first of all, that no "Great Wall" anything like our modern conception of it existed in ancient times. Before the sixteenth century, walls in China were of a modest scale, and eroded easily. Furthermore, they followed no single route, but rather a series of different ones, according to the defense needs of the dynasties that built them. One makes sense of them by looking at each against the background of the strategic and political challenges of the dynasty that built it, not by linking them all together into [one] single mystical structure.
See also this map of fortifications in northern China and the steppes further north.
It's not quite accurate to say that Qin Shi Huang built the Great Wall, since its current form in the popular imagination is almost entirely a product of Ming effort. Qin fortifications would have been much less grand, being largely earthen fortifications easy to build, and the Qin built on top of a basis of previously existing networks. But it's simply ridiculous to claim that the Northern Song Dynasty built it; the northern fortifications built by the Northern Song were not nearly as comparable to the Ming Great Wall and in fact similar to previous fortifications in the region.
Ancient Chinese records indicates ancient Chaoxian (Korean) was made up by Mo [Maek] tribes as well and even Samguk Sagi have passage where Baekje, Gaya and Silla being Mo tribe descendants but some Korean scholars claimed this Mo tribe as Hmong but it wasn't it was the related to Murong Xianbei tribe.
Some background information for those not acquainted with Korean history. The History of Korea by Djun Kil Kim is an awfully short (IMO) but decent English introduction as our book list says so it's worth a read.
"Chaoxian" here refers to Gojoseon, generally considered the first Korean state. Gojoseon's original center of power appears to have been in southwestern Manchuria until they were pushed into northern Korea as a result of Chinese aggression. It was finally conquered by Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty in 108 BC, and Chinese commanderies were established over it.
The next stage in Korean history is the Proto-Three Kingdoms era when most of the peninsula was dotted by states or alliances between chiefdoms; we know a lot about most of them thanks to Chinese sources.
From the third century onwards Korean polities gradually centralized with Chinese influence. Goguryeo expanded into most of southern Manchuria and northern Korea, while the confederations of chiefdoms in southern Korea morphed into full-fledged states, Baekje in the west and Silla in the east. The chiefdoms in the lower Nakdong River Valley remained a comparatively loose confederacy of statelets - known as Gaya - which was eventually completely annexed by Silla in the sixth century. In the seventh century there was generally a balance of power in Korea between the Three Kingdoms - Goguryeo, Baekje and Silla - while the former was involved in grueling wars with Chinese dynasties. Eventually Silla and the Tang Dynasty allied to defeat Goguryeo and Baekje for once and for all, and when Silla thwarted Tang ambitions to directly rule over all of the peninsula and succeeded in retaining its sovereignity as a tributary state of China ruling the southern two-thirds of Korea, the Three Kingdoms Period of Korean history is considered to have come to an end.
"Mo" here refers to 貊 or Maek, an ethnic group/ethnic groups inhabiting Manchuria and northern Korea simultaneously with the Han Dynasty and before. We know little for sure about the Maek, and contradictions in Chinese sources don't help. Although there is a general consensus that the Maek were one of the ancestral cultures tp modern Koreans along with other peoples such as the Ye or the Han, the assuredness displayed here that Gojoseon, Baekje, Silla and Gaya were definitely all completely Maek is a horribly arrogant position to take especially when much of it is arrogantly...wrong.
Chinese records do say that the Maek people were part of the Gojoseon/Chaoxian polity. But much of what's said here about the Samguk Sagi is just plain wrong. As for Silla the Sagi just says that people from Gojoseon lived in the Gyeongju Valley prior to the formation of Silla as a state; see here if you read Korean for the primary source. It never actually says that these Gojoseon inhabitants were Maek. I'll try my hand at a non-literal translation of the original source with some excerpting:
The progenitor [of the kingdom] was surnamed "Bak" and named "Hyeokgeose." He was crowned in the Bingchen day of April of the Jiazi year or the first year of Wufeng during the reign of the Emperor Xiaoxuan of the Early Han [BC 57] and was called the Geoseogan. His age was thirteen, and he took Seonabeol [cognate with modern Korean seoul "capital" and beol "field"] as the name of his country. Prior to this, emigrants from Joseon had formed six settlements in the valleys, and these were called the Six Towns of Jinhan; Yangsan on the Al River, Goheo on Mount Dol, Jinji on Mount Chwi, Daesu on Mount Mu, Gari on Mount Geum, and Goya on Mount Myeonghwal. Sobeol, chieftain of Goheo, looked at the slopes of Mount Yang and saw a horse kneeling and weeping in the bushes besides the Na Well, but when he went the horse was gone and there was a large egg. When he split open the egg there was a baby within. He raised the child and at the age of ten the child was wise and skillful. The people of the Six Towns who had venerated and respected the child for his miraculous birth so made him their king. The Jin[han] people called a squash bak and because the egg [he was born in] had been like a squash they gave him "Bak" as his surname.1 Geoseogan in the Jin language means king.
But what's even more ridiculous is the claim that the Sagi says that the Gaya chiefdom/statelet confederation was Maek. Besides the fact that the Sagi hardly discusses Gaya at all, our actual main source for Gaya myths, the Samguk Yusa, states the following (my translation to get the gist of it across rather than a literal translation, see the original Chinese and a Korean translation here):
Since the creation of the world this land had had no name for a country nor for kings and officials. There were only nine gan: the Ado Gan, the Yeodo Gan, the Pido Gan, the Odo Gan, the Yusu Gan, the Yucheon Gan, the Sincheon Gan, the Ocheon Gan and the Shingwi Gan. These chieftains ruled over a hundred towns and 75000 people. Most lived in the mountains and the plains, drinking in wells and tilling the fields. [In 42 AD] there was a strange sound like a call from the Guji Peak north of the land, and two or three hundred people gathered there. They heard a voice like that of a person but without a body. The voice asked, "Are there people here?" The nine gan replied, "There are us." The voice came again, "Where am I?" The nine gan replied, "You are on the Guji Peak." The voice said, "Heaven has made me descend here to found a new country and to be its king. If the next day you dig in the earth top of the peak while dancing and chanting 'Turtle, turtle, take out your head, if you do not take it out we will cook you and eat you' the great king shall come and you shall dance in joy."
The nine did as they said and all danced and chanted. Soon when they looked up on the sky violet ropes fell from the sky and touched the earth. At the end of the ropes there was a golden chest wrapped in crimson cloth. When they opened it there were six golden eggs round as the sun. [...] Twelve days later at dawn many people gathered again to open the chest again and saw that the six eggs had become fair children. [...] The fifteenth of that month they all became kings of Gaya.
We see from this myth that the Nakdong River Valley was inhabited and ruled by local chieftains or gan and that the first Gaya kings are never stated to be Maek individuals - or even humans, for that matter, since they hatched from golden eggs and one of the six supposedly lived to the age of 157. While the myth has been interpreted as symbolic of historic events, nowhere in any primary source does it ever say that the Gaya confederation was composed of "Maek tribe descendants".
The Maek were not Xianbei, Murong or otherwise. The Xianbei were probably a para-Mongolic people speaking a Mongolic language. The Maek spoke a language belonging to Koreanic or possibly Tungusic or other language groups existing northeast of China. They almost certainly did not speak a Mongolic language.
Baekje's Buyong vassal Tammora aka Taiwan
Tammora actually refers to Jeju island (see this) and is probably cognate with modern Korean seomnara "island country." There is no evidence that Baekje had any sort of influence whatsoever in ancient Austronesian Taiwan. As explained here Taiwan was undergoing a peaceful transition to the Iron Age at Baekje's epogee, and most Chinese trade goods discovered on the island date no further back than the Tang Dynasty. There is no evidence that Taiwanese chieftains were vassals to a kingdom far far away, particularly considering their isolation from China, just across the channel.
Maek is another name for Balk not Mo
No. I don't know what the "Balk" even are, and they do not seem to exist based on my google searches. But 貊 is pronounced mo in Mandarin and maek in Korean, and the Maek are the only people with a name remotely similar to mo that played a major role in ancient Korean history. Maybe "Consoleman" realized he knew shit about ancient Korea and tried to save face with this.
Let's summarize the Gojoseon's location:
1. Shang period - Gojoseon was divided into nine Dongyi nations and stretched far as Shandong
2. Zhou Dynasty period - Gojoseon was at Hebei-Liaoxi-Inner Mongolia
3. Revolt at Hebei region made Gojoseon to relocate to the East, Hebei became control by Xiongnu
4. Yan attacked Donghu and Gojoseon and taken Liaoxi from Gojoseon
5. Han attacked Gojoseon again and re-take control over Liaoxi
1) There's no evidence for a polity identifiable as Gojoseon that existed in the Shandong peninsula during the Shang period. Now, there is evidence that Shandong was inhabited by people their western neighbors saw as Dongyi or "Eastern Barbarians". From The Archaeology of China: From the Late Paleolithic to the Early Bronze Age, emphases mine
In the late Shang oracle-bone inscriptions the name "Renfang" was used to refer to the region, in south Shandong and north Jiangsu, of alien people whom the Shang kings waged wars. It is also commonly believed that the characters "Ren" in the late Shang inscriptions and "Yi" [the second character in the compound Dongyi] in Zhou and Han documents refer to the same people, who resided to the east. Accordingly, peoples identified by the Zhou as residing to the east were also commonly called Dongyi ("Eastern Barbarian"). Many Chinese archaeologists often use the term Dongyi to refer to the Yueshi culture. Apparently, these Yi peoples did not belong to a single ethnic group.
But KoreaSentry here committed the horrible sin of thinking that "Dongyi" was a singular ethnic group that was the ancestor of one modern ethnic group. Dongyi were not Japanese. Dongyi were not Koreans. Dongyi was simply a catch-all term for eastern peoples alien to China, a term that had little regard for cultural, linguistic, or political differences within the Dongyi. For example, a good third of one of the volumes of Records of the Three Kingdoms (not to be confused with a later novel of a similar title) is solely about the Dongyi. But these "Dongyi" include Tungusic speakers, Koreanic speakers, and Japonic speakers; they include hunter-gatherers, millet farmers, and rice farmers; they include full-fledged kingdoms and loose organizations of chiefdoms. The people who resided in Shandong during Shang days and the people who resided in Korea during Han days were both called Dongyi, but all that tells us is that they lived east of "China" and that they were considered barbaric, both of which we knew.
2) and 3) There's no archaeological or historical evidence for this. Archaeologically, Gojoseon sites are distinguished by characteristic "northern"2 dolmen tombs and by distinct bronze daggers. This map of their distribution doesn't seem to be completely accurate, but it should suffice. Here the blue leaf-like shapes represent sites with a large number of bronze daggers, and the grey stone-like shapes are major dolmen complexes. Clearly you should notice that most dolmen complexes are in Korea or southern Manchuria, and that the significant majority of bronze daggers were also found east of the Liao River. And besides, the Hai Basin which is essentially most of Hebei is packed with Shang sites, not Gojoseon sites. Archaeology is completely inconsistent with the claim that Gojoseon was centered west of the Liao.
4) and 5) all derive from 2). But I also want to make a general point about a claim circulating nowadays among nationalist Koreans that in the 7th century BC, the "Liao River" referred to the Luan River. This is used to "prove" that Liaodong in ancient Chinese texts was not this but this. This is fallacious in many ways. First, the two sources usually given are an anthology of anecdotes and tales and an obscure volume on geography. As aforementioned, archaeology does not support the existence of a significant non-Chinese polity west of the Liao during the Warring States period, while it does support the existence of one east of the Liao. And even if we do assume the Luan was called the Liao in the 7th century, Liao simply means "faraway" and Liaohe is literally "the river faraway." Therefore it's only natural that even had the Luan been the Liao of the 7th century BC, 400 years later when the Luan region had adjoined the center of a major Warring State it makes sense that the river called "the river faraway" by that point would have gone further east.
Korean nationalists love using obscure and often contradictory Chinese texts while hardly mentioning archaeological evidence. I'm never sure exactly why.
These are enough for this one thread, I think. Let's move on to another one...
1 Although bak does indeed mean "squash" in modern Korean and presumably Old Korean as well, this etymology is probably wrong. The surname Bak, more familar to most people as "Park", probably derives from the word for "bright" which in early modern Korean was balgda with the -da being a verbal suffix.
2 "Northern" dolmen tombs have been found on the southernmost parts of the Korean peninsula, vice versa for "southern" dolmen tombs.

Thread 2


He was claiming that Kublai Khan attacked China and taken control over Beijing and northern states and I was little confused as when Kublai Khan seized control over Beijing, this city was already occupied by Jurchen Jin Dynasty not Chinese dynasty and Chinese Song Dynasty was at far south when this happened.
Alright. Both the drama and "Consoleman" are egregiously wrong because Genghis Khan had already conquered the city of Zhongdu (what would later be Beijing) decades before Kublai Khan was already born. When the Jin emperor moved south to the city of Kaifeng, defended by the Yellow River, the former Jin capital of Zhongdu was quickly besieged by Genghis. After several failed attempts to breach the defensive walls of the city the Mongols decided to let Zhongdu starve to defeat. The commander of the Jin forces fled to join his emperor in Kaifeng in June 1215, and soon after it fell to the Mongols. This is a basic event of Genghis's conquests and it's incredible that the moderator of a forum supposedly about East Asian history doesn't know about this.
It seems Chinese are trying to paint Liao, Jin and Yuan Dynasty as Chinese dynasties.
For those not versed in Chinese history, the Liao Dynasty was founded by the initially nomadic Khitan people and ruled much of the steppes north of China as well as parts of northern China. The Jin Dynasty was founded by Jurchens who were Tungusic and lived in Manchuria; after taking over most of the Liao the Jurchens invaded the Song Dynasty to the south and conquered most of northern China. The Yuan Dynasty was founded by the Mongols after their conquest of all of China, including the Song Dynasty which had relocated south after the Jurchens. I recommend the fantastic Imperial China 900-1800 by Frederick W. Mote.
First, History of Liao, History of Jin and History of Yuan all belong to the classic Twenty-Four Histories. So the Chinese clearly thought of them as part of Chinese history centuries before Korean nationalism even identifiably existed.
Let's begin with the patrons and founders of Liao temples. They include names such as Li Yanchao (possible patron of the Geyuan Temple), Jiao Xiyun (founder of the Fengguo Temple) or Wang Wenxi (helped build the Guangji Temple). These are all rather typical Chinese names, rather than Mongolic Khitan names. On the celebrated Liao-era architecture Dieter Kuhn has this to say:
Theoretically, the imperial Qidan [Khitan] may have emerged as "geniuses in the making of their own architectural tradition"; but practically they most probably had to rely on their Chinese architects and builders, who were able to translate their religious conceptions and political aspirations into three-dimensional architectural structures of great complexity.
The Khitan themselves, especially in the southern Liao territories, were adopting more of the trappings of Chinese civilization. The following are all quotes from History of Liao with Mote's translation
This was the system of Liao: during [937 - 945] the emperor and the officials of the Southern Region dressed according to Chinese style [while those in the Northern Region did not]

[In 941] On the day bingzhen ... it was decreed that Khitan individuals who held Chinese offices [i.e. offices in the Southern Chancellory] were to follow Chinese customs and might intermarry with Chinese.

After [983] at big ceremonies even officials of the third rank and above in the Northern Region also wore Chinese clothes. After [1032] at big ceremonies all dressed in the Chinese style.

In [994] it was decreed that Khitans who had committed one of the ten grave crimes should also be sentenced according to [Chinese] law.
These quotes might give the impression that the Khitan were wholesale Sinicized. The Liao empire and the Khitan civilization were distinctly multicultural and hybrid, and the Khitan themselves tried and preserved their old steppe traditions particularly towards the north. But the Liao Dynasty was a society with a large Chinese population that had embraced a number of Chinese traditions, their emperors called themselves huangdi and took on imperial language such as the throne name or the temple name, and their legacy - artistic, political, and otherwise - would linger on in the region and continues in China today. It perfectly deserves to be called a Chinese dynasty.
Continuing on to the Jurchen Jin Dynasty. Like the Liao that they had defeated, after their conquest of northern China the Jurchens began to adopt Chinese customs. Just from a political/legal viewpoint, the Jin government in Zhongdu was largely Chinese by the late 12th century, complete with the Six Ministries system and the Nine-rank system, although the functioning and classification of a number of governmental posts differed (and the Jin court had some offices that lacked prior precedent in China). From 1123 onward the Jurchens had civil service examinations and by the 1180s they were using them on a massive scale. The Jin law code in 1202 copied half of its ordinances from the Chinese code of the Tang Dynasty. Or culturally, too - by 1150 traditionally Jurchen literary forms were dying out while Chinese styles were flourishing among the Jurchen elite of Zhongdu. The Jin Emperor Xizong was taught by Confucian scholars, and he became a classical Chinese scholar-gentleman, trained in Chinese poetry, Chinese calligraphy, and Chinese (Confucian) rites. After his coronation "he was served by Confucian ministers" and was apparently rather contemptuous of the old and conservative Jurchen individuals of the court. Prince Hailing inherited and continued the Sinicization policies. While Hailing's successor, Emperor Shizong, campaigned to bring back the old Jurchen ways, Shizong's Crown Prince did not even properly know the language! While Shizong's grandson and successor, Emperor Zhangzong, knew Jurchen, Shizong notes that "I have ordered all the princes to learn the language of the dynasty; only Prince Yuan [Zhangzong] has studied it to any great extent."
Again, you shouldn't make the mistake of thinking the Jurchen were completely Sinicized; after all, the Jin empire existed for less than a dozen decades. For an example, the Jin code I mentioned allowed the practice of levirate marriage (marrying the brother's widow) which was considered barbaric and almost incestual by the Chinese while it was a long-standing tradition in the steppe, practiced since the days of the Xiongnu or earlier. But there was a general trend of adopting more of Chinese culture among the Jurchens. And of course the Jurchens, like the Liao, used imperial language. (a great anthology of essays and essays on Jurchen Jin history is China Under Jurchen Rule: Essays on Chin Intellectual and Cultural History)
As for Yuan I know a lot less, but I do know that the Mongol emperors used imperial language and at least the basic outline of Chinese government formats, and, obviously, they ruled all of China. Not to mention that their Ming successors recognized them as having been a legitimate dynasty.
There is a general misconception about the nature of "conquest dynasties" from Korean nationalists, probably abetted by the fact that a thing remotely similar to a conquest dynasty has never existed in the past millennium of Korean history. Many Koreans seem to view the Jurchen-Han relationship in the Jin Dynasty or the Manchu-Han relationship in the Qing as some sort of colonial relationship. This could not be further detached from reality. The Khitans or the Xianbei or the Manchus or the Jurchens adopted Chinese government, traditions, even language. Their societies were often hybrid, but they really have full right to be called a Chinese dynasty.
Chinese sino-centric view of their neighbors stopped after Qin Dynasty.
If this was the case I want an explanation as to why Wang Fuzhi thought it was okay to deceive "barbarians" while doing the same thing to the Chinese was obviously not. While I don't have the full quote at hand, in one of his works Wang says something to the point of
It is not against ren for China to decimate the barbarians; it is not against xin for China to deceive the barbarians; it is not against yi for China to take and farm the land of the barbarians. It is ren that China decimate them to protect her people; it is xin that China deceive them and see them as malign; it is yi that China take their land to strengthen her people.
Read that and tell me that Sinocentristic outlooks on the world died after the 3rd century BC. Besides I also want an explanation as to some of the wording of this letter. I want an explanation as to why the Korean1 court agreed that barbarians have no concept of li or ritual. In other words, I want an explanation to a lot of things I know to be true about East Asian history.
Chinese also need to remember that notion of "China" did not existed prior to 1912.
I'll just quote from Wang Fuzhi, who I introduced earlier as a 17th-century scholar vehemently against the Manchu and other barbarians (source is The Manchu Way: The Eight Banners and Ethnic Identity in Late Imperial China, but I'm tweaking a few words2):
There are two great barriers in the empire: [the first is the barrier between] Chinese and barbarians, [and the second is that between junzi and xiaoren] [.....] the barbarians, with respect to the Chinese, are born in alien lands. As their lands are alien, their customs are alien, so their behavior is entirely alien.
Wang Fuzhi clearly distinguishes "China" (Huaxia) from "barbarians" (Yidi). In fact, concepts such as 中華 zhonghua 中國 zhongguo or 華夏 Huaxia, all translated in English as "China," as a entity differentiated from her foreign neighbors is a virtually ancient one, mentioned in texts such as The Records of the Grand Historian.
There's no historical proof of that bullshit claim [that 'Phags-pa is related to Hangul]
Well, no. There's a number of misconceptions about Hangul often found in the general Korean public. These include more reasonable ones such as "Sejong independently invented the concept of an alphabet", to more hardcore idiotic ones such as "Hangul is the only script with a known creator," to completely inane ones like "Hangul is actually the oldest script in the world!" I don't think public education about Hangul in Korea is helping.
I'm not a linguist and I haven't bothered to read up much on the origin of the Hangul alphabet, but the connection between a number of Hangul elements and a number of 'Phags-pa elements, as well as other alphabets, is well-established at this point. I quote from Rethinking East Asian Languages, Vernaculars, and Literacies, 1000–1919
Elements of the new Korean script not only drew from Chinese rhyme tables, dictionaries, and phonological scholarship but also demonstrated awareness of alphabetic scripts used in the Mongol Empire, such as the Mongol-Uighur script, 'Phags-pa, and the Tibetan script.
While the innovative spirit represented in Hangul is worthy of applause, it's historically dishonest to claim that Hangul is an independent invention.
Khitan left China long ago and established another nation and their descendants are called Kazakhstan. There's even Yuchi's descendants called Uyghurs
As mentioned above, the Para-Mongolic-ness of Khitan is widely accepted. Meanwhile we know that the Kazakh language is a Turkic language belonging to the Kipchak subfamily. Despite the Altaic hypothesis, no verifiable genetic connection between the Turkic and Mongolic languages have been confirmed. Kazakhs speak a fundamentally different language from the old Khitans. Sure, there are probably a few things that the Turkic peoples of the central steppes learned from Khitans or Kara-Khitans (I wouldn't know) but that's like saying that the English are
The Uyghurs cannot be the descendants of the Yuchi, because the Yuchi are an indigenous people of the Eastern Woodlands originally living in what is now Tennessee. Assuming this person meant Yuezhi, not Yuchi, the Yuezhi are believed to be Indo-European speakers while the Uyghurs are a Turkic people. Again the Yuezhi language during Han times had nothing to do with what Uyghurs in Xinjiang speak now.
1 Yes, Korean, but the Joseon court increasingly became more Neo-Confucian than the Chinese themselves, and the philosophical tenets of the particularly later Joseon court is reflective of orthodox Neo-Confucianism in China as well. There was actually a sentiment that Korea had inherited civilization from the Ming after the orangkae (rather antiquated word for "barbarians" in Korean, here it refers to the Manchu) conquered China; this is reflected really well in one manifestation in 1881, more than two centuries after the Manchus had taken Beijing, as a response to the government's failure to persecute Christianity. My translation of excerpts:
What makes people different from mere beasts or birds? It is the nature to respect the five fundamental principles and five moral disciplines, the nature to reject barbarity and follow [Chinese] civilization [.....] For three hundred years [Beijing had fallen to the Manchus 257 years before] China has been underwater, the four seas have yellowed and dirtied. But one remnant of the spring lingers on alone in the east, like a great fruit high in the air that shows that the force of life still remains on the tip of the branches in a world subsumed by death. The world adores it; the people depend it on it dearly. Shall you take even this away and leave a world of only darkness and no light?
2 They translated 君子 junzi as "superior people." Like many Chinese concepts junzi is a tricky word to translate, but it has no connotations of inherent superiority that the English term "superior people" brings with it, and is really a direct antonym to 小人 xiaoren meaning "petty-minded person, narrow-minded person". For consistency I changed the translation of xiaoren back into Chinese too.

Thread 3

Now this whole thread is a masterpiece of /badlinguistics. Korean absolutely has other dialects and one of the so-called dialects, spoken on an island off the south of Korea called Jeju, is really a separate language (unfortunately we're probably witnessing the final generation of the Jeju language). However there was one epic bad history/anthropology in it:
I believe Jeju and Ryukyu people are same people just that two were influenced by two different people
What? First, the Jeju dialect/language is distinctly Koreanic, with most words cognate with the mainland Korean. There are large numbers of Chinese loans and some Mongol loans, both to be expected (the Yuan Dynasty directly controlled Jeju for three generations and there were at least a few Mongols living there) but the basic vocabulary, the grammar, and the phonology are all Koreanic. There are some phonemes that do not have cognates in modern Korean such as the arae a (/ɒ/ afaik) but they all derive from Middle Korean. Not unlike the relationship between Scots and English, actually. By contrast, the Ryukyuan languages are all Japonic and show evident affinities to Japanese. A simple table with some oversimplifications (source for Okinawan is this and source for Jeju is 표준어로 찾아보는 제주어 사전)
English Standard Japanese Okinawan Standard Korean Jeju
Mother Haha Ayaa Eomeoni Eomeong
Mountain Yama Mui San Oreum
Hand Te Tii Son Son
Today Kyo Kuu Oneul Oneol
To do Suru Sun Hada Heoda
Or from a less linguistic and more ethnographic perspective, let's compare traditional religious practices in Jeju and the southern Ryukyus, in particular the island of Yonaguni. While there definitely are similarities between the religious practices of the two regions, the former at least (I don't know much in depth about Yonaguni religion) have much stronger similarities to the shamanism of the mainland than to anything on Yonaguni.
For example, consider the role of the shamans on the two islands. In Yonaguni there is a clear distinction made between female "priestesses" (the k'a and the bunai tidigang) and the shamans (of either gender) called the juta or munuci, and they serve different roles. But in Jeju, like in mainland Korea, there are no real equivalents to Yonaguni priestesses. (there is a role that can be filled only by women, that of the Samseung Halmang, but the Samseung Halmang is more of a shamanistic midwife/nurse) In Jeju no real supreme deity exists as a major focus of worship, while in Yonaguni the supreme god Tagasa'udi is worshipped. In Jeju the star Polaris is not more a focus of rites than any other star in Ursa Minor, whereas in Yonaguni Polaris is intricately linked to the goddess Ku'udin.
To anyone who actually read the whole thing, well thanks! I hope it was worth reading and not too tedious though it wasn't the best piece of writing you've ever read. Let's wrap this up with a liberally translated quote from a Korean historian of art (hope I don't butcher the translation). He's talking specifically about the exaggerated claims that Baekje was a naval empire, but I think it applies generally to a number of other things:
In television, novels, even in certain history books, I increasingly frequently encounter the far-fetched claim that Baekje was some sort of ancient maritime empire. I do not pretend not to know how and why these claims have emerged, but they are only hurdles to an accurate analysis of history, because a wrong theory is in the end nothing more than just that - a wrong theory.
In fact, it is worth a reminder that an important fact is too often forgotten while dealing with the tomb of Muryeong. The artifacts and structure of the tomb closely mimic the tomb style of the Chinese Liang Dynasty. The southward positioning of the bodies, the Chinese-style tomb guardians, the Chinese porcelain cups and vessels, the bronze mirrors based on Han styles, the Chinese Wu Zhu coins, the Liang-style bricks with lotus decorations...all this means that had the royal epitaphs not been found, many scholars would definitely have assumed the tomb to have belonged to some Liang émigré. The scale of this Sinophilia is evident in the very first word of the epitaph where the king is introduced as "the Great General who Tranquilizes the East," a title granted to him by the Liang emperor that may have been a mark of royal authority. Someone who had thought that Muryeong's tomb was a masterpiece of indigenous Korean culture would definitely be shocked and disappointed if he ever visited the Nanjing Museum.
These Sinophilic tendencies should be understood in a historic context. Throughout the history of Baekje, active cultural contact with Chinese civilization was limited until the reign of Muryeong. That was when the kingdom finally experienced a global stage and escaped the stagnation of isolation, and it matured through its efforts to follow the general trends of East Asian culture. Koreans should not feel shame at the cultural imitation of the Muryeong reign, but they should applaud Baekje's openness and readiness towards change. World history has many examples of collapse urged on by refusals to adopt new ways and traditions. [.....] Thus did Muryeong open up to the world, and with this cultural basis his son could bring about the full splendor of Baekje civilization.
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2012.08.09 01:42 tabledresser [Table] IAmA Irish person who has lived in china for the past seven years, does reddit have any questions?

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How's the government? The laws for exemple, any wierd ones? And last, how are the people you meet? Kind? Cold? Assholes? etc... Well, Government wise they check on us foreigners like every three months to see if we're here legally, apart from hundreds of blocked sites nth else is much to notice, umm...well two laws I've learned first hand is if someone instigates a fight and the instigator gets the shit beat out of him the victims have to pay all his hospital bills plus compensation. another is if you're driving and an asshole in front of you decides to slam on the breaks for the fun of it and you hit him/her you have to pay all there repairment costs and compensation, same would be if some asshole slaps on the breaks causing a 17 car collision then the last car to bump pays for all 17 cars... Well, apart from being hospitalised with a fractured skull last year after being beaten with a brick and a few beer bottles for the sole reason that I'm a foreigner life has been pretty ok, Have a bunch of bros who would do anything for me and me for them and well yup,hope you get the point haha, I tend to stay away from assholes==
Tell me more about the getting hospitalized just for being a foreigner, I was considering going to China to teach. This disturbs me. Ok, so heres what happened, I was working at a bar as a foreign correspondant and a chinese mate comes in at the end of my shift, offers to bring me for a few drinks and sheep kebab, he said i can crash at his place so I agreed. (Note:He lives pretty far from city centre,anyone interesting in google map can search 北京东坝) so we were there just me and him chattin and having a beer and a sheeps leg each,and there as another table to our right backside, well as the time went on they offered us cigarettes and came over to cheer with us and strike up a chat,things goin well anyway and after bout a half an hour they say they're leaving so we say goodbye and that was that,until...five minutes later(note: this is when things start getting hazy) I got a brick(yes a building brick,red one) busted in half over my head, my face slammed off the table and bounced back up just to be greeted with a bottle smashing into pieces on what i can presume was the same spot i previously got hit, anyway animal instinct kicks in and I stand up turn around and think holy fuck its them,all bottles and bricks(Not too hot on what happened next, I had a concussion and would later find out i had a fractured skull) well things blurred, and i looked to my friend who was also standing up unharmed,next thing i know the owner of the kebab stall grabs me and throws me inside his shack,locks the door and tells me stay there, two-three minutes later hes like they're gone, I walk over and ask where my friendd is and he's like,over there and then I started crying, man was my friend fucked, to this day he's still in emergency care in a vegetablised state,,,his head was the size of a basketball,his shoes ten metres away from him on the ground etc...I visit him twice a week and have helped him pay all his medical bills so far,doctors said theres a chance of recovery. note this happened last august. Sorry if my storys a bit long and confusing...but In the fight and when i was being hit and later according to witnesses the reason of this savage beating was because I'm a foreigner,'nuff said, and my friend got it cos he was hanging out with a foreigner.
That's horrible, I'm so sorry for you. It's ok~
No offense intended... but couldn't this be more related to you hooking up with 26 random chicks behind the bars than you being a foreigner? No mate, as stated in the further.posts this place was terribly far from city centre and also, im not a manwhore, i didnt plow thru 26 in a month or sth if you knw what i mean, it was 26 throughoit seven years amd some of which I regret, drunken mistakes..
Are you a juicy contradiction? Not sure what you're getting at-_-
Link to Chinese... Japanese... Korean... What's the difference? Link to Umm...youtubes blocked here mate...but umm...If you're questioning my credibility I can prove it one way or another.
It's a funny Starburst candy commercial about a Korean who lives in Scotland and acts stereotypically Scottish, which is viewed as a strange clash of cultures (a juicy contradiction). MrDreamBlind was wondering if you are an Irishman that acts stereotypically Chinese. Ahahaha alright it sounds funny when explained like that,sorry for not understanding @ mrdreamblind and thx for explaining @novadaemon, umm, well to behonest my thinking has been changed slightly, like if i see a foreigner i dont think oh a dude, i think ohhh a foreigner yet i look at chn ppl completely normal...i knw rite==
You must provide proof of your identity in the body of your post when you submit your IAmA. And how do I provide proof of my identity?-_-
Wanna know how I know you're white? Cos I uploaded pics?←_←
Give some proof you are a) an Irish person b)Lived in China and c) did it for 7 years or something similar. Otherwise you could be some sweaty neck beard sitting in his mothers basement making up bullshit stories while jacking off to ZGB. Wish I had facebook== So you're absically asking me for my passport photocopy, pics of me for the last 2555 days?(yes i used a calculator) and all the copies of my visa extensions even tho during mid way i have had to update my passport...?if thats not what youre saying man then pm me,and also tell me where i should place this stuff.
Do you eat asian/chinese food every day now? Or do you miss any food in particular from Ireland? Well, Depends what I'm in the mood for haha I ofcourse eat the food of the gods(Nutella) but I usually have chinese every second day, well...I miss a good fish and chip and sausage rolls:S.
I bet you miss the milk. Every irish person i know who goes abroad suffers on account of the shitty milk everywhere else. Jesus u got that spot on, also another "what i wouldnt give for a" factor.
Taytos? To tell the truth I'd kill for a pack of monster munch (They still have em?)
Yes we still have em. Ah yes`~
But they're called mighty munch now. Well as long as insides the same i dun care,thx for the heads up~
Is it true that men and women, boys and girls, will just drop trau and take a shit on the side of the road? I hear that it's an issue with mainlanders visiting HK, etc. Oh yes,very true...they say it is ultimately unhygienic to wear so theyd rather have there childrens wee-wees and hoo-has out in the dirt etc....boggles the mind man, china is like.. aight its too fucked up, if anyone can make a suitable reference of words they got my upvote.
I've never seen a fellow Irishman type 'aight' and 'bros' etc. What county are you from ? New York? Sorry man, just writing it like that cos i presumed reddit was mostly americans←_← Im from meelick county clare if youre wondering.
But it's still children? You don't see teenagers or adults just saying "dang, I gotta pinch one off right now" and just go at it? Babies I can almost understand. They shit everywhere anyways. But when you can make a conscious decision to drop a loaf somewhere, and you do, then it's different. Well...if thats the case then u usually just see guys pissing on a wall and whatnot, u never rly see a grownup woman pissin in the middle of the street.
The Americans would make up a large percentage alright but you don't need to pander to them in that kind of way. They're generally a smart bunch and it's not like anyone is expecting you to labhairt as Gaeilge ;) Cheers for the AMA by the way, it's food for thought. Any info or experiences with teaching in South Korea? Haha alright then sound,nah sorry man i haven't.
Why did you grow tired of teaching English? What are Chinese women like compared to western women? Has anyone accidentally spat on you? Have you lived in any other Oriental countries? And if so, then what are the differences you've noticed? Because their level of english is too low, it gets highly frustrating.. In what way are you referring to? I ggot snotted on by an old woman... lived in hk for a month, People are alot more civilised, thats basically it~
I meant what are Chinese women like in a dating/relationship sense, compared to western women. Very..well...braindead IMO...and in multiple foreign friends opinion... I think it's cos of the one child policy, all of them are princesses, spoiled rotten, there are 30 year olds who love hello kitty== They throw hissy fits in public,stomp there feet if they don't get what they want, sum it up...they are mentally immature, basically the same as children. I'd pick a westerner for a relationship anyday but...damn some asians are hot:S.
Are you doing this self.IAmA because you feel very tall and lonely? Hahahaha, man im 1.82 and lately yao mings seem to be popping up everywhere...scary shit.
How do you get a visa that allows you to stay for so long? Is prostitution quite common? Did you work/live with other western people or just chinese? Did you learn to speak mandarin? I work... Umm..yes it is, You can find them in most KTV's for around 200-300 rmb, do the math yourself.. umm,yes when i was teaching english, mostly american or canadians, but also alot of phillipine ppl. I'm fluent in reading writing and oral.
'YOU RANT RICE WIT DAT?' Dude...its china,you dont want rice they dont care,you get rice
How did you slip past the knight of new? What's new for?
It sounds like a place I would hate visiting honestly. The lack of manners sounds like something that would piss me off. Also the lack of cleanliness... yuck.... How do you eat food there? do people really just shit in the streets? the fuck? Children shit in the streets, dont get it too twisted in ur head lol, well...i usually make my own food or go to western restaraunts, if i got nth to make ill order and eat with my own utensils,as to at dinner with chinese mates ill just wing it~
What about a black guy? Black guys get all the ladies, sad rly:(
Was there a large Irish community out there? I remember seeing something on tg4 there a while ago where some guy in china was trying to set up a GAA club...I've always wondered was there genuinely an Irish community out there or just one guy trying to get a grant! Well man to be honest, I have only met like 5 irish people in my whole seven years, four of those 5 were at a bar on holidays and we drank an hour or two, the other one was a mate for about three months teaching gaelic football then he went off home and that was that~
What province did you work at? What did you like most about china? What did you like Least about china? Favorite dish? Beijing,liaoning,shanxi. Cheap beer and cigarettes. peoples manners. has always been.....(drum roll) egg fried rice fuck yea.
Aside from the language, what is the biggest adjustment you have made as a foreigner in china? Well, the customs here are alot different and people on the streets are very unhygienic/rude. they'll smoke right into your face, ask you alot of personal questions,constantly marvel at the fact that you're a foreigner(老外pronounced lau wy) spit all over the street and'd have to be here to understand what I'm truly getting at. Apart from that would also be the food which was really hard getting used to at the start and also numerous other factors.
I think some of the rudeness/lack of hygiene depends on where you are as well. China is pretty large, not all of it is backwards. But you know that. Well man, in my vast adventures across china and living in the daily lifestyle theres only one place I haven't seen this stuff, hang zhou,杭州,otherwise known as chinas own heaven on earth, man...i did not wanna leave that place.
Are you teaching english? or working a job? I have a friend or two over there doing it. Was teaching for a bit, got extremely tedious, now I've decided damn I don't wanna be here any longer and am waiting for my visa to expire so i can nope the fuck outta here hehe (I should explain that in the 7 years I've been here I have yet to return home or visit other western countries)
Why do you need to wait for your visa to expire? Why can't you just up and leave now? Cos i don't want to:S... and also because booze and cigarettes man.
What's the plan so? Heading back to Ireland, not sure to do what yet,just miss home.
You couldn't pick a worse time to come back. Well I heard the economy is the worst it's ever been but well, I'll see how it goes~
You could teach chinese language to europeans! Have considered it actually~
It's terrible.. people are leaving.. 1000 a week or something.. could end up dole bound for a couple of years. I heard everyones going to canada, but well, either way I gotta head back for a while, people have passed away while I was gone including my grandad who passed last month so..yup.
Hey, just to add to that thought; my friend taught English in China for 4-5 years. Came back blagged his way onto a PGCE (teaching qualification) and is now teaching Mandarin to school kids. I think there's also a decent market in teaching business men and women. Thanks, to be honest if things don;t work out in Ireland I'm planning on hitting up canada to see how it goes and truth be told Teaching chinese in the future has been in my plan:) So thanks somuch and good luck to you too.
Sorry to hear dude.. whereabouts you from? Meelick co.clare.
Have you ever been to Tibet? How was your journey like? Never been, If i went there I wouldn't be allowed back in to china...umm...that word might get me blocked from reddit lets refrain frm using it and call it the smurfs or sth.
That sucks dude, if you ever get the chance to go Para, GO. It's fucking amazing, minus the tense atmposphere in the citys though. Well I'm thinking of visiting the land of smurfs after I get back to ireland~ always been a big fan,always was dissapointed bout the restrictions here tho.
Have you met any other Irish folks? Do people stare because you look different? Well it was previously mentioned(although at this point it's pretty hard to find in the mountain of comments)but yeah man, I've met 5 altogether, four at bars and they were on holidays and one who used to teach gaelic football here, were frds around 3 months when he went back home,so yeah, going by my experience they really are few and far apart which is pretty sad:S.
What do you miss most about Ireland? Chocolate, rain rain RAINNNNN, good ole meal, garlic chips and cheese, my relatives, my dad and sister's too much to type when theres so many more posts to reply too so I'll sum it up, damnit man I miss everything!!T_T.
Is table tennis really that popular in china? How popular is table tennis in comparison to football, tennis, rugby, etc? And how important is sport in china? China is about the best(or second best) cuntry in this years olympics how much is shown in tv? how patriotic are the people? Well from what I've seen it isn;t incredibly popular but it's usually people in school that play it the most. basketball takes the no.1 place in popularity here which is sad cos i dont play, but thankfully after that there's football(soccer) which is pretty popular and slowly increasing with chinas improvement in there football league, but sadly apart from a few fitness freaks I haven't had much of a challenge, they're not exactly...good at all.. but on the other hand theres a small minority that can make your jaw drop so for rugby etc i havent checked it out, oh umm, golf is pretty popular among the 30-40+
Ever been an average or decent looking white guy in Asia? All you have to do is stand in a baclub and you'll get some. Exactly.
What is the beer like in China? Well, they have there own brand "tsingtao/青岛" which you can get bottled or in draft at a pub, its pretty worth it for the price (15RMB a pint,umm...2-3 dollars?) and well,if you don't like it you can always get other foreign beers, corona, bud,guinness etc.
[Tried tsingtao whilst in Beijing. It wasn't for me, to say the least =]( Well thats too bad man considering it's so cheap n' all:(
Did you live in one of the giant well know cities or a smaller city? Is the pollution really bad? Did you drive or is public transport quite good? Well ive lived in the poorest parts of china and all over but am currently livin in beijing.WELL.....Alright,all jokes aside its disastrous.. used to ride motorbike,sold it, now use subway mostly.
Great AMA, first off! I was in Guangzhou for about 5 months for school last year, lots of great memories. After 7 years, why no VPN? Did you have one and decided it wasn't worth it, or just never got around to it? I bet you've done a fair bit of travelling. Where is your favorite place to go on holiday? Best vacation story? Thanks mate, well I used to use hotspot shield(free vpn) but since it stopped working for me like 2 or 3 years ago I just couldnt be bother my arse to get a new one so thats y i dun have one~ Best place I went was hainan, thunder and lightning on the beach, it rained the whole time I was there, Ppl may think it sounds stupid or lame or sth but damn i love rain haha, and it was pretty great,played xbox 360 four player Call of duty while having beers, then if we got bored wed walk around exploring,pretty much it~
Could you speak a little on visa types? I had a company offer me an F visa to teach this year, and I the offer is still open, how risky would you say it is? ( I realize the F is illegal to work on) If one was found, what would be the ramifications? If it was me I wouldn't take it unless the case was when you get there they'll switch you on to a Z visa man, chinese government are cranking down on alot of foreign related shit and if you get caught on an f visa you will either be deported or have to go to the detention centre, so you should get that clear with them mate, Z visa or nothing.
你有沒有操過中國的女孩? 喜歡愛爾蘭的女孩還是中國的女孩? 有干过几个吧, 我个人只对亚洲人来那种劲儿所以嗯。。。现在的女朋友是新加坡人,挺牛逼你的,国外的思想和亚洲人的身材呵呵呵, 你怎么打繁体的啊?香港人?台湾人?
哈哈, 非常好. 新加坡的女孩? 跟她說國語還是英語? 我是加拿大華人. 不是打出來的. 我寫的. 不知道怎樣打 lol . where did you stay in China? 英语汉语通说~他跟我一样两个都好呵呵, 啊好吧华人啊~ 几乎走遍中国了。。。~~
Why is it that, no matter where I go in the world, I can find an excellent Irish pub? Also, what is your favorite pub in China? Cos we're the best drinkers+advertisement purposes haha,well if you ever get to beijing hit up first floor in sanlitun bar street(三里屯酒吧街的一楼酒吧) I'm there almost daily, great drinks,solid draft, nice beef burger if i may add and great athmosphere.
Have you retained an Irish accent or have you developed a 'twang'? I've proudly retained my Irish accent:)
Would you mind posting an audio clip of you speaking Chinese? My brain can't decide what Chinese with an Irish accent sounds like. Well...where would i post this to? this can be solved alot easier provided ure an iphone or android user,if so download an app called WEchat. free whatsapp type messenger, fully awesome lol.
Wait so do all of your (former) students have Irish accents too ??? Unfortunately no, I do like what I've been trying to do with this thread, I jist kill my accent and thats that... only feels natural when in irelqnd or talking to my family, otherwise its just a dead bland accent that I use.
Do you eat mostly spicy food now instead of salty? No not really, I've liked spicy foods since I was born so I personally tend to edge towards spicy foods but you can find alot of salty/bittesweet foods etc here so your diet isn't extremely restricted,also if you feel really (insert yao ming ugh face) then you can always hit up a foreign restaraunt so yeah~
Sichuan would welcome you, first time I had "water boiled beef" i thought they really meant beef boiled in wrong was I. :( I'm glad you are doing well, I"m full chinese and I don't speak mandarin...eesh :-/ How does it feel that you could outdrink most people in the country? Haha pretty good i guess but damn in the seven years ive been here ive spent four tracking down the best drinkers, now my best mates all chinese, damn weve all drank one another under the table one time or another~ was just out with em again last night,christ was i shitfaced.
Did any Chinese women try to marry you/ were you popular with the ladies? Thank god no for the first one. and to answer no.2, still am B-)
Irish I had lived in China! Sorry about the pun. Now questions. What did you think was the weirdest part of their culture? Also, where in Ireland are you from? Meelick co.clare. well....Mostly hygiene related things...I'm a real somewhat clean freak and don;t like when a bunch of ppl all have saliva on there chopsticks and keep eating off the ame plates together, also they have weird superstitions/traditions? like if you have a baby girl you have to squeeze/pinch her nipples till water comes ut,when this happens it will guarantee she has a huge rack when shes older, diapers are unhygienic etc etc.
How common is it to find a cheap rip off/fake of a real product? (iPhone, Laptop, Usb device, so on) and have you had problems like that? with scams? VERY common, knock off iphone can be anywhere from 200rmb to 1600rmb. laptops not much but u can get a sony/apple/toshiba (they all look the same as another and run xp mind you) for around 1600 rmb, usb device u can pick up a fake 16gb for around 60 rmb and so on. never been scammed,if i want fake ill intentionally buy fake lol.
The reason why I wanted to know is because my dad is actually in China for business and he said he'll bring some tech back and my paranoia said "no" Well if thats the case youd be better off going with hardware than anything else, phns and laptops are a no-go but a usb disk wouldnt hurt~also bags or wallets aint to be missed.
I'm taking guess that you speak Mandarin? That being said, what did you find most difficult learning? I've picked up bits of it from friends. this day I still find difficulties with the umm....pronunciation of some words, the way they have the four sounds(hard to explain==) but apart from seldom fuckups I read speal and write perfectly.
My wife's dad remarried a chinese woman. her son came to visit us here in the states, he lives in NZ. he hates china with a passion, says government is only there for presence, doesn't do anything to help the poor. unles you live in hong kong, you are most likely poor. Do you see any of this? how do you feel about it, not being a native? I get where he's coming from but I wouldn't say only hk ppl are rich, there are so many "new rich" here,like they sold there farm or cold mines or rent houses etc and they all drive lambos audis ferraris bmws the like, man sometimes it seemd like the most common car here is audi a6..
Well, he hasn't been back to china in at least 10 years, maybe its changed. i just know he will never go back. Well thats too bad,to each his own.
I know what you mean. It isn't just the Chinese either had a Polish buddy that would laugh his ass off at me when I tried to pronounce his last name. "Brezhinski", I think, sounded like a fucking dying blender. Hahahahaha, nice use of words~ you get my upvote:P But yeah, can really tick you off.
I'm pretty new too. You said earlier that " I must hav had an interesting life". Well, yeah, I've seen some shit for only being 32. I'm trying to get my licenses to work on commercial shipping vessels. In the engine room. It pays really good, and I'll get to travel a lot. Well man what Can I say? I hope all the best for you! And upvotes away~!
I'm sure you've experienced, when walking around, people bumping into you. What I mean with that is both of you have room to walk but they seem to walk into your path to bump into you. Has this happened often? Do you have any idea why some do this? Also, do they, in general, seem to talk louder than necessary to each other? Same as before; have any guesses as to why this is? It's happened to me a few times, some non-intentional example a dope staring at his phone, others intentional but for what reason I still don't know, and yea man, chinese people shouldnt even need phones,most've the time they're shouting into the phones like its completely normal(not arguing or cursing)
Ever get robbed? How safe did you feel? Thankfully never got robbed, altho I lost my phn a couple of times in taxis, to be honest all in all you feel very safe walking around here~
Is the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989 acknowledged by society in general? Is it mentioned in the press every 4th of June? Are there any major news events that they do not cover or acknowledge? It's usually not acknowledged by the younger generations but find someone in there 60's or 70's and you get a nice good story, My former chinese teacher was a 68 year old man, caterpillar eyebrows rly cool guy, he lived in france for thirteen years or sth during or after the cultural revolution,he said on the tiananmen tank crushing day his son stood in front of the tank, he said if it wasnt for him saving his sons ass he wouldve been mush too. Well...alot of news here gets restricted, especially any news harmful to china a s a whole so yeah, that's basically the gist of it.
As a fellow Irishman I must ask. Does being in China make the Irish Curse seem fiction? Irish curse?! what irish curse?! blasphemy ;) if you know what i mean.
What are the average Chinese person's perceptions of the West like? Tall,big nose,rich. that about sums it up.
This might have been asked already, but here goes. Do they treat you any differently because your Irish as opposed to British or American? Or is there just one attitude towards Westerners? Just one attitude towards westerners, unless you're russian.... Mainly because a majority of the russian women here are prostitutes and the men well...I dunno what the men do== (No offence intended to any russian redditors)
Do you miss Tayto crisps? And Cadburys chocolate? What typical Irish things do you miss? Cadburys turkish, golden crunch,sausage rolls,supermacs,fish nd chip, crisps crisps crisps all of em, miss so much, you cant even get a garlic chip n cheese anywhere here...oh the humanity...
I don't think there's much difference... maybe shanghai people can be a bit more snobby/commanding? They're still both chinese people living in a big city.. Well it's just a thing of North and South, matters alot in China for some reason... They're always insulting each other yet when it comes to marriage in alot of situations the parents always encourage to marry someone far away(It's actually to prevent the idea of them somehow being related somewhere up the family tree)
Forget about immigrants, so many tourists wtf Haha well what can be done man? It gives the country money and that's all they care about as far as I'm concerned~
Did they have any good beers in China that you found? What were the alcohols of choice? Usually local beer and bai jiu, but god is bai jiu horrible.... its around the same percentage of vodka (42 percent thereabouts/ theres also a 52/56?) but after two or three small glasses im hammered(not shot glasses)
Isnt there another subreddit for this?? I'm not sure.... New to reddit, thought this was it, if I'm wrong well then I wouldn't mind if the mods moved it.
Did you face any discrimination at all? Well most foreigners do one way or another, be it for being white,black, other asian,hispanic etc. also we're always sterotyped as having huge noses and to be having fortunes just burning in our pockets, and contrary to our belief ive heard a few times that they think foreigners all look the same which was pretty sad.
I was in China for a month and one of the things that startled me the most was the driving. How do you deal with their crazy closeness, ignoring street markings sometimes, etc? Always find a human shield, if not well extra careful.
This is a serious question, how easy is it to get cat/dog meat? Dog meat is pretty easy to get depending on where you live, you can find it in multiple places in beijing, but for dog and cat meat you'd either have to head up north or all the way down south(both have it), this was just in my experiences.
Why did you use and not imgur ? Cos imgur doesnt load properly:S.
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