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/r/neoliberal elects the American Presidents - Part 53, Bush v Kerry in 2004

2020.10.13 02:55 John_Charles_Fremont /r/neoliberal elects the American Presidents - Part 53, Bush v Kerry in 2004

Previous editions:
(All strawpoll results counted as of the next post made)
Part 1, Adams v Jefferson in 1796 - Adams wins with 68% of the vote
Part 2, Adams v Jefferson in 1800 - Jefferson wins with 58% of the vote
Part 3, Jefferson v Pinckney in 1804 - Jefferson wins with 57% of the vote
Part 4, Madison v Pinckney (with George Clinton protest) in 1808 - Pinckney wins with 45% of the vote
Part 5, Madison v (DeWitt) Clinton in 1812 - Clinton wins with 80% of the vote
Part 6, Monroe v King in 1816 - Monroe wins with 51% of the vote
Part 7, Monroe and an Era of Meta Feelings in 1820 - Monroe wins with 100% of the vote
Part 8, Democratic-Republican Thunderdome in 1824 - Adams wins with 55% of the vote
Part 9, Adams v Jackson in 1828 - Adams wins with 94% of the vote
Part 10, Jackson v Clay (v Wirt) in 1832 - Clay wins with 53% of the vote
Part 11, Van Buren v The Whigs in 1836 - Whigs win with 87% of the vote, Webster elected
Part 12, Van Buren v Harrison in 1840 - Harrison wins with 90% of the vote
Part 13, Polk v Clay in 1844 - Polk wins with 59% of the vote
Part 14, Taylor v Cass in 1848 - Taylor wins with 44% of the vote (see special rules)
Part 15, Pierce v Scott in 1852 - Scott wins with 78% of the vote
Part 16, Buchanan v Frémont v Fillmore in 1856 - Frémont wins with 95% of the vote
Part 17, Peculiar Thunderdome in 1860 - Lincoln wins with 90% of the vote.
Part 18, Lincoln v McClellan in 1864 - Lincoln wins with 97% of the vote.
Part 19, Grant v Seymour in 1868 - Grant wins with 97% of the vote.
Part 20, Grant v Greeley in 1872 - Grant wins with 96% of the vote.
Part 21, Hayes v Tilden in 1876 - Hayes wins with 87% of the vote.
Part 22, Garfield v Hancock in 1880 - Garfield wins with 67% of the vote.
Part 23, Cleveland v Blaine in 1884 - Cleveland wins with 53% of the vote.
Part 24, Cleveland v Harrison in 1888 - Harrison wins with 64% of the vote.
Part 25, Cleveland v Harrison v Weaver in 1892 - Harrison wins with 57% of the vote
Part 26, McKinley v Bryan in 1896 - McKinley wins with 71% of the vote
Part 27, McKinley v Bryan in 1900 - Bryan wins with 55% of the vote
Part 28, Roosevelt v Parker in 1904 - Roosevelt wins with 71% of the vote
Part 29, Taft v Bryan in 1908 - Taft wins with 64% of the vote
Part 30, Taft v Wilson v Roosevelt in 1912 - Roosevelt wins with 81% of the vote
Part 31, Wilson v Hughes in 1916 - Hughes wins with 62% of the vote
Part 32, Harding v Cox in 1920 - Cox wins with 68% of the vote
Part 33, Coolidge v Davis v La Follette in 1924 - Davis wins with 47% of the vote
Part 34, Hoover v Smith in 1928 - Hoover wins with 50.2% of the vote
Part 35, Hoover v Roosevelt in 1932 - Roosevelt wins with 85% of the vote
Part 36, Landon v Roosevelt in 1936 - Roosevelt wins with 75% of the vote
Part 37, Willkie v Roosevelt in 1940 - Roosevelt wins with 56% of the vote
Part 38, Dewey v Roosevelt in 1944 - Dewey wins with 50.2% of the vote
Part 39, Dewey v Truman in 1948 - Truman wins with 65% of the vote
Part 40, Eisenhower v Stevenson in 1952 - Eisenhower wins with 69% of the vote
Part 41, Eisenhower v Stevenson in 1956 - Eisenhower wins with 60% of the vote
Part 42, Kennedy v Nixon in 1960 - Kennedy wins with 63% of the vote
Part 43, Johnson v Goldwater in 1964 - Johnson wins with 87% of the vote
Part 44, Nixon v Humphrey in 1968 - Humphrey wins with 60% of the vote
Part 45, Nixon v McGovern in 1972 - Nixon wins with 56% of the vote
Part 46, Carter v Ford in 1976 - Carter wins with 71% of the vote
Part 47 - Carter v Reagan v Anderson in 1980 - Carter wins with 44% of the vote
Part 48, Reagan v Mondale in 1984 - Mondale wins with 55% of the vote
Part 49, Bush v Dukakis in 1988 - Bush wins with 54% of the vote
Part 50, Bush v Clinton v Perot in 1992 - Clinton wins with 71% of the vote
Part 51, Clinton v Dole in 1996 - Clinton wins with 91% of the vote
Part 52, Bush v Gore in 2000 - Gore wins with 88% of the vote
Welcome back to the fifty-third edition of /neoliberal elects the American presidents!
This will be a fairly consistent weekly thing - every week, a new election, until we run out.
I highly encourage you - at least in terms of the vote you cast - to try to think from the perspective of the year the election was held, without knowing the future or how the next administration would go. I'm not going to be trying to enforce that, but feel free to remind fellow commenters of this distinction.
If you're really feeling hardcore, feel free to even speak in the present tense as if the election is truly upcoming!
Whether third and fourth candidates are considered "major" enough to include in the strawpoll will be largely at my discretion and depend on things like whether they were actually intending to run for President, and whether they wound up actually pulling in a meaningful amount of the popular vote and even electoral votes. I may also invoke special rules in how the results will be interpreted in certain elections to better approximate historical reality.
While I will always give some brief background info to spur the discussion, please don't hesitate to bring your own research and knowledge into the mix! There's no way I'll cover everything!
George Bush v John Kerry, 2004
  • George Bush is the 58-year-old Republican candidate and the current President. His running mate is Vice President Dick Cheney.
  • John Kerry is the 61-year-old Democratic candidate and a US Senator from Massachusetts. His running mate is US Senator from North Carolina John Edwards.
Issues and Background
  • One thing both President Bush and Senator Kerry agree on is that on September 11th, 2001, everything changed. On that date, the United States was attacked by the transnational Salafist terrorist organization known as Al-Qaeda. Nineteen terrorists hijacked four passenger airlines. Two planes were flown into the World Trade Center complex, causing the collapse of the North and South towers. Another plane was flown into the Pentagon. The fourth plane did not reach its intended target, with the hijackers thwarted by the plane's passengers - the plane instead crashed into a field in Pennsylvania. Nearly 3,000 people died in the attacks.
    • One week after the attacks, letters containing toxic anthrax spores were sent over several weeks to media outlets and politicians. Initial speculation including from top government officials suggested the letters may have somehow been connected to Al Qaeda or Iraq, but recent publicly known developments suggest the perpetrator may have been an American connected to the intelligence community.
    • The Bush Administration has taken a number of military actions internationally since the attacks as part of a global "war on terror." The most significant operations are given their own summaries in later bullet points.
    • The leader of Al-Qaeda is Osama bin Laden, and there is an ongoing manhunt for him. Senator Kerry claims that the United States had Osama bin Laden pinned down in Tora Bora but that President Bush outsourced the manhunt to Afghan warlords, and that this is why the terrorist leader was able to escape. This characterization is disputed by President Bush and by General Tommy Franks, who was in charge of US forces in Afghanistan at the time. Just days before the election, a new 17 minute video message from Osama Bin Laden has emerged.
    • On October 26, 2001, President Bush signed the Patriot Act. This legislation expands the ability of law enforcement to monitor phone calls and conduct other surveillance, allows greater pooling of intelligence resources across agencies, and expanded the types of crimes considered "terrorism" as well as the penalties for being found guilty of terrorism. Senator Kerry supports the legislation but has suggested it be amended to be stronger against money laundering and possibly increasing oversight of government surveillance powers. Kerry also says he doesn't like the way the current Attorney General has sometimes applied the legislation.
    • In late 2002, President Bush signed legislation creating a Department of Homeland Security.
  • In October 2001, following a failure to come to an agreement with the Taliban regarding the extradition of Osama Bin Laden, the United States invaded Afghanistan. By December, the United States had overthrown the Taliban regime and begun a rebuilding effort in the nation. Since then, and especially since 2003, the United States has fought the Taliban insurgency which formed from the remnants of the Taliban regime. In October of this year, Afghanistan held national elections, which President Bush has touted as a major success. Senator Kerry has described Afghanistan as the "right" war (in contrast with Iraq as the "wrong" war) and seeks to increase the number of American and allied troops in the country.
  • Starting in 2002, the United States began making the case to the country and to the international community for an invasion of Iraq. In October of that year, Congress passed an authorization of force against Iraq should it be considered necessary by the President. The authorization cited interference with weapons inspectors, domestic repression, the possession and development of chemical and biological weapons capabilities, seeking of nuclear weapons capability, and the presence of Al-Qaeda members in Iraq among other justifications.
    In February 2003, Secretary of State Colin Powell presented evidence to the United Nations, arguing that Iraq did possess weapons of mass destruction and was attempting to conceal this fact. He also attempted to link Iraq and Al-Qaeda, primarily through Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi. A month later, the United States announced to the world that diplomacy had failed, and proceeded to invade Iraq alongside the United Kingdom, Australia, and Poland. In April, Baghdad fell, and Saddam Hussein's reign of power ended.
    In May 2003, President Bush announced the end of major combat operations in Iraq in front of a banner reading "Mission Accomplished." What has proceeded since has been an occupation of Iraq which has dealt with a number of challenges. The United States set up a provisional government headed by an American diplomat. This provisional government dissolved the Iraqi military. Unemployment skyrocketed and many government services ended. The United States has since then had to combat an insurgency comprised of former members of the Iraqi military, surviving loyalists to Saddam Hussein, and religious militants. In June of this year, the US and its allies transferred power to a new Iraqi government led by Ayad Allawi.
    • In April of this year, CBS revealed evidence of egregious human rights violations being committed by US Army and CIA personnel against detainees in a prison in Iraq.
    • Just recently, the Iraq Survey Group submitted a final report concluding that Saddam Hussein's Iraq had no chemical weapons, no biological weapons, and no capacity to make nuclear weapons. President Bush's response to the report was as follows:
      Chief weapons inspector, Charles Duelfer, has now issued a comprehensive report that confirms the earlier conclusion of David Kay that Iraq did not have the weapons that our intelligence believed were there. ... The Duelfer report showed that Saddam was systematically gaming the system, using the U.N. oil-for-food program to try to influence countries and companies in an effort to undermine sanctions. He was doing so with the intent of restarting his weapons program, once the world looked away. Based on all the information we have today, I believe we were right to take action, and America is safer today with Saddam Hussein in prison.
    • Republicans have accused Senator Kerry of "flip-flopping" on Iraq, because he voted for the authorization of force there and called Hussein a grave threat, but this year has been very critical of the intervention. He has attempted to reconcile the issue:
      Well, let me tell you straight up, I've never changed my mind about Iraq. I do believe Saddam Hussein was a threat. I always believed he was a threat—believed it in 1998 when Clinton was President. I wanted to give Clinton the power to use force if necessary. But I would have used that force wisely. I would have used that authority wisely, not rushed to war without a plan to win the peace. I would have brought our allies to our side. I would have fought to make certain our troops had everybody possible to help them win the mission.
    • Senator Kerry's plan for Iraq is to use international diplomacy to shift the burden of the rebuilding effort away from the US during his first term. He has said it is possible that by the end of his first term, most of the foreign troops in Iraq would come from countries other than the US. He plans to solicit more international help in Iraq by granting the international community greater access to reconstruction contracts and greater say in the development of a permanent Iraqi government.
  • President Bush has signed into law two rounds of tax cuts. The first bill, in 2001, cut federal income tax breaks for several brackets, cut capital gains taxes, and began a phaseout of the estate tax. The second bill in 2003 lowered rates further. Senator Kerry intends to repeal the Bush tax cuts but only for those making over $200,000 a year.
  • In the 1960s, John Kerry served a four-month tour of duty during the Vietnam War, receiving several medals including three Purple Hearts. He first gained some national recognition as an anti-war activist upon returning, through his involvement with Vietnam Veterans Against the War. Returning to the present, a political group "Swift Vets and POWs for Truth" has formed to oppose Senator Kerry's presidential candidacy. The group claims that Kerry has exaggerated some claims about his service and hurt his fellow servicemen by opposing the war upon return to the US. The group has gone so far as to say he is "unfit to serve" as President. The group has released several television advertisements and a book. As time has gone on, the claims against Kerry have come under serious scrutiny, with some evidence (1) (2) (3) suggesting the attacks on Kerry are unfair or misleading.
  • At the end of last year, President Bush signed into law a major overhaul of Medicare. Perhaps most significantly, a new prescription drug benefit for Medicare beneficiaries will go into effect in 2006. Senator Kerry has attacked President Bush for blocking attempts to allow the importation or at least reimportation of drugs from Canada.
  • In 2002, President Bush signed the No Child Left Behind Act. The main provisions of the legislation mandate an expansion of standardized testing at the state level for public schools receiving federal funds. Further provisions and prescribed corrective action in the legislation depend on a school's ability to consistently improve standardized test scores. Senator Kerry supported the legislation but has criticized the President for not fully funding the associated programs.
  • Embryonic stem cells, coming from human embryos that are about 3-5 days old, are special cells which can divide to form the more specialized cells that are associated with a fully functioning human body. Scientists speak highly of the promise that research on these cells holds, and the potential treatments that could come from such research. However, many conservatives object partially or entirely to embryonic stem cell research because it typically involves the destruction of a human embryo. In 2001, President Bush issued an executive order only allowing federal funds for such research on colonies of stem cells which already existed when the policy was announced. The Bush Administration has argued this is a policy which compromises between ethics and the scientific value of the research. Senator Kerry wants to lift this partial ban.
  • In May of this year, Massachusetts became the first US state to license and recognize same-sex marriages, following a relevant court decision in 2003. John Kerry and George Bush both say they believe marriage is between one man and one woman. However, President Bush supports a Constitutional amendment banning gay marriage, which Senator Kerry does not. Kerry also voted against the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act.
  • As an exemplification of what they argue is the broader issue of Kerry's alleged "flip-flopping," President Bush and other members of his campaign have repeatedly referred to a quote from Senator Kerry in March, in which he said of a military supplemental appropriations bill, "I actually did vote for the $87 billion before I voted against it." Kerry has since said he regrets his phrasing.
Debate Excerpts
Quotations in excerpt titles refer to moderator's prompt, block quotations are from named candidate(s).
First Presidential Debate (full transcript)
(1) Bush on Iraq:
My opponent looked at the same intelligence I looked at and declared, in 2002, that Saddam Hussein was a grave threat. He also said, in December of 2003, that anyone who doubts that the world is safer without Saddam Hussein does not have the judgment to be President. I agree with him. The world is better off without Saddam Hussein.
(2) Kerry on Iraq:
The President just talked about Iraq as a center of the war on terror. Iraq was not even close to the center of the war on terror before the President invaded it. The President made the judgment to divert forces from under General Tommy Franks from Afghanistan before the Congress even approved it, to begin to prepare to go to war in Iraq. And he rushed to war in Iraq without a plan to win the peace.
(3) Bush on homeland security:
But the best way to protect this homeland is to stay on the offense. We have to be right 100 percent of the time, and the enemy only has to be right once to hurt us. There's a lot of good people working hard. And by the way, we've also changed the culture of the FBI to have counterterrorism as its number one priority. We're communicating better. We're going to reform our intelligence services to make sure that we get the best intelligence possible. The PATRIOT Act is vital. It's vital that the Congress renew the PATRIOT Act, which enables our law enforcement to disrupt terrorist cells.
(4) Kerry on the coalition in Iraq:
The United Nations' Kofi Annan offered help after Baghdad fell. And we never picked him up on that and did what was necessary to transfer authority and to transfer reconstruction. It was always American-run. Secondly, when we went in, there were three countries, Great Britain, Australia, and the United States. That's not a grand coalition. We can do better.
(5) Bush on the coalition in Iraq:
Well, actually, he forgot Poland. And now, there are 30 nations involved, standing side by side with our American troops, and I honor their sacrifices. And I don't appreciate it when a candidate for President denigrates the contributions of these brave—brave soldiers. It's—you cannot lead the world if you do not honor the contributions of those who are with us. He called them the "coerced and the bribed." That's not how you bring people together. Our coalition is strong. It will remain strong, for my—so long as I'm the President.
(6) Kerry on whether President Bush lied:
First of all, we all know that in his State of the Union Message he told Congress about nuclear materials that didn't exist. We know that he promised America that he was going to build this coalition. I just described the coalition. It is not the kind of coalition we were described when we were talking about voting for this. The President said he would exhaust the remedies of the United Nations and go through that full process. He didn't. He cut it off, sort of arbitrarily. And we know that there were further diplomatics—efforts underway. They just decided the time for diplomacy is over and rushed to war without planning for what happens afterwards. Now, he misled the American people in his speech when he said, "We will plan carefully." They obviously didn't. He misled the American people when he said, "We'd go to war as a last resort." We did not go as a last resort. And most Americans know the difference.
Vice-Presidential Debate (full transcript)
(1) Cheney on the connection between Saddam Hussein and Al Qaeda:
Concern about Iraq specifically focused on the fact that Saddam Hussein had been, for years, listed on the state sponsor of terror, that they he had established relationships with Abu Nidal, who operated out of Baghdad; he paid $25,000 to the families of suicide bombers; and he had an established relationship with Al Qaida. Specifically, look at George Tenet, the CIA director's testimony before the Committee on Foreign Relations two years ago when he talked about a 10-year relationship.
The effort that we've mounted with respect to Iraq focused specifically on the possibility that this was the most likely nexus between the terrorists and weapons of mass destruction.
(2) Edwards on Iraq:
The vice president suggests that we have the same number of countries involved now that we had in the first Gulf War. The first Gulf War cost the American people $5 billion.
And regardless of what the vice president says, we're at $200 billion and counting. Not only that, 90 percent of the coalition casualties, Mr. Vice President, the coalition casualties, are American casualties. Ninety percent of the cost of this effort are being borne by American taxpayers. It is the direct result of the failures of this administration.
(3) Cheney on Edwards:
Your hometown newspaper has taken to calling you "Senator Gone." You've got one of the worst attendance records in the United States Senate. Now, in my capacity as vice president, I am the president of Senate, the presiding officer. I'm up in the Senate most Tuesdays when they're in session.
The first time I ever met you was when you walked on the stage tonight.
(4) Edwards on Cheney:
The vice president, I'm surprised to hear him talk about records. When he was one of 435 members of the United States House, he was one of 10 to vote against Head Start, one of four to vote against banning plastic weapons that can pass through metal detectors.
He voted against the Department of Education. He voted against funding for Meals on Wheels for seniors. He voted against a holiday for Martin Luther King. He voted against a resolution calling for the release of Nelson Mandela in South Africa.
Second Presidential Debate (Town Hall) (full transcript)
(1) Bush on government spending:
We have a deficit. We have a deficit because this country went into a recession. You might remember the stock market started to decline dramatically 6 months before I came to office, and then the bubble of the 1990s popped. And that cost us rev-enue—that cost us revenue.
Secondly, we're at war. And I'm going to spend what it takes to win the war, more than just 120 billion for Iraq and Afghanistan. We've got to pay our troops more. We have. We've increased money for ammunition and weapons and pay and homeland security. I just told this lady over here we spent—went from 10 to 30 billion dollars to protect the homeland. I think we have an obligation to spend that kind of money.
(2) Kerry on taxes:
Right into the camera—yes. I am not going to raise taxes. I have a tax cut, and here's my tax cut. I raise the child care credit by $1,000 for families to help them be able to take care of their kids. I have a $4,000 tuition tax credit that goes to parents and kids, if they're earning for themselves, to be able to pay for college. And I lower the cost of health care in the way that I described to you.
(3) Bush on health care:
Let me start with how to control the costs of health care: Medical liability reform, for starters, which he's opposed. Secondly, allow small businesses to pool together so they can share risk and buy insurance at the same discounts big businesses get to do. Thirdly, spread what's called health savings accounts. It's good for small businesses, good for owners. You own your own account. You can save tax-free. You get a catastrophic plan to help you— own it. This is different from saying, "Okay, let me incent you to go on the Government."
(4) Kerry on abortion restrictions:
Well, again, the President just said categorically, "My opponent is against this. My opponent is against that." It's just not that simple. No, I'm not. I'm against the partial-birth abortion, but you've got to have an exception for the life of the mother and the health of the mother under the strictest test of bodily injury to the mother. Secondly, with respect to parental notification, I'm not going to require a 16- or 17-year old kid who's been raped by her father and who's pregnant to have to notify her father. So you've got to have a judicial intervention. And because they didn't have a judicial intervention where she could go somewhere and get help, I voted against it. It's never quite as simple as the President wants you to believe.
Third Presidential Debate (full transcript)
(1) Bush on the flu vaccine shortage:
Bob, we relied upon a company out of England to provide about half of the flu vaccines for the United States citizen, and it turned out that the vaccine they were producing was contaminated. And so we took the right action and didn't allow contaminated medicine into our country. We're working with Canada to, hopefully—that they'll produce a—help us realize the vaccine necessary to make sure our citizens have got flu vaccinations during this upcoming season.
My call to our fellow Americans is, if you're healthy, if you're younger, don't get a flu shot this year. Help us prioritize those who need to get the flu shot, the elderly and the young. The CDC, responsible for health in the United States, is setting those priorities and is allocating the flu vaccine accordingly. I haven't gotten a flu shot, and I don't intend to, because I want to make sure that those who are most vulnerable get treated.
(2) Kerry on whether homosexuality is a choice:
We're all God's children, Bob, and I think if you were to talk to Dick Cheney's daughter, who is a lesbian, she would tell you that she's being who she was. She's being who she was born as. I think if you talk to anybody, it's not choice. I've met people who've struggled with this for years, people who were in a marriage because they were living a sort of convention, and they struggled with it. And I've met wives who are supportive of their husbands, or vice versa, when they finally sort of broke out and allowed themselves to live who they were, who they felt God had made them. I think we have to respect that.
(3) Bush on Social Security:
I believe that younger workers ought to be allowed to take some of their own money and put it in a personal savings account, because I understand that they need to get better rates of return than the rates of return being given in the current Social Security trust. And the compounding rate of interest effect will make it more likely that the Social Security system is solvent for our children and our grandchildren.
(4) Kerry on assault weapons:
I believe it was a failure of Presidential leadership not to reauthorize the assault weapons ban. I am a hunter. I'm a gun owner. I've been a hunter since I was a kid, 12, 13 years old. And I respect the second amendment, and I will not tamper with the second amendment. But I'll tell you this. I'm also a former law enforcement officer. I ran one of the largest district attorney offices in America, one of the 10 largest. I've put people behind bars for the rest of their life. I've broken up organized crime. I know something about prosecuting. And most of the law enforcement agencies in America wanted that assault weapons ban. They don't want to go into a drug bust and be facing an AK-47.
Read the full 2004 Republican platform here.
Read the full 2004 Democratic platform here.
Internet Resources
Kerry/Edwards Website
Bush/Cheney Website (I can't seem to get a working WebArchive link for this one, feel free to send me one if you find one, should be
First Presidential Debate
Vice-Presidential Debate
Second Presidential Debate (Town Hall)
Third Presidential Debate
Bush "Whatever it Takes" ad
Bush anti-Kerry windsurfing ad
Bush anti-Kerry "wolves" ad
Swift Vets for Truth anti-Kerry ad
Kerry biographical ad
DNC anti-Bush ad
Kerry taxes counter-ad
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2020.08.04 09:39 huwhyteman VPX transcripts
everything is white supremacy
woke leftists have had a difficult time the past two years the list of ordinary acts that are called covert white supremacy has been growing exponentially since the trump presidency began and as the widening divide over nfl protests show the racially tinged culture war is just gaining momentum conservative media loves the liberal obsession with declaring innocuous activities as white supremacy because the wild headlines are red meat for talk radio and email newsletters but mainstream right wing commentary on these stories is amazingly shallow republican lawmakers use a standard sound bite comprised of an indignant denial of gop racism plus a preemptive disavow of conservative racists this earns them precisely zero credit with the media and the left conservative pundits lament the loss of common sense american values without offering any explanation for why those values have been in free fall since the sixties the mainstream right seems to regard declarations of white supremacy as isolated incidence and politically foolish acts perpetrated by rage filled progressives the gop is genuinely surprised every time they lose ground in the culture war to such seemingly ridiculous attacks by declaring such attacks madness conservative pundits absolve themselves of the responsibility to analyze and counter these assaults on whiteness the mainstream right is not curious enough to track the progression of allegations of white supremacy however and the left does have a clever method to their apparent madness liberals begin an anti white attack by condemning some distant act of racism so that moderate whites can comfortably agree once whites have shown their willingness to concede a minor point the liberal left rapidly moves the goalposts until those tolerant progressive whites are themselves accused of racism let us use the symbol x to represent any white institution or activity x could be sports higher education hollywood the music industry or local government the lefts attacks will follow the same general pattern no matter what x represents using this alt right guide to white supremacy you will be able to not only understand the leftist tactic being used you will also be able to predict for friends and family the next stage of white supremacy outrage whatever topic is selected for forced reeducation is first attacked through its history there is a legacy of racism in x therefore the modern version of x must be made more inclusive and diverse the politically correct white dupes be they liberal or conservative will then make an offer of support in good faith the most powerful institutions and individuals will bend over backwards to get non whites to the front of the line in x the changes implemented in the name of diversity lead only to decline in the quality of x but guilt ridden whites are willing to accept that if it means theyre immune to charges to racism unfortunately at this point the totally unracist whites have accepted the basic premise of a historical legacy of racism so they are now powerless to object when the institutional change that merely adds some diversity to white organizations is declared not good enough at this stage of the attack there will be a spate of headlines alleging that there is more work to be done once the accommodating whites have done everything possible to make x more inclusive short of dismantling x altogether they unexpectedly find themselves under attack for their very efforts at inclusion everything a white person does including giving undeserved help and affirmative action to non whites is then classified as white supremacy the institution x is then entirely taken over by non whites which means that x ceases to perform its dated function and is reduced to a wealth transfer program in which whites silently provide the money and managerial skills to facilitate their own decline this process does not merely condemn whites for protecting their own interests if you are white even joining in the erasure of your own race is not good enough the final stage in the white supremacy gambit is the open condemnation of whiteness itself as inherently evil to review first an institution whites invented is declared racist next the diverse version of the institution is declared insufficient then all the actions of whites become racist and finally the mere existence of whites is declared a form of white supremacy this last stage is quite a complement when you think about it people of color are so intimidated by the achievements and potential of whites that our very existence on earth is de facto supremacy unfortunately this also makes certain that real genocide will proceed at some point in the future the white supremacy gambit clearly shows the inadequacy of gop political philosophy when a republican talks about common sense american values or the constitution they are merely trying to avoid identity politics but identity politics are an extricably link to all the values that republicans hold dear the mythic age of common sense was just a time when the social norms that conservatives like were the dominant force in society and american values can only be conservative to the extent that america is peopled by white europeans the constitution itself was never intended to be the governing document for heterogeneous country made up of muslims hindus jews or africans if anyone had asked the founders to write a governing document for such people they would have immediately created a white ethnostate after america has lost its white majority with no resistance from conservatives and the promised ideological conversion of non whites fails to materialize the few conservatives who are left will argue that the new hispanic and muslim cultural norms are just as american as the european traditions they replaced because all the muslims and hispanics are legal citizens of the usa the absurdity of this ideology is egregious the politicians who claim to be conserving american culture will be praising totally different cultures and calling them just as american in a few decades excepting the infinite malleability of america and the universal applicability of the constitution means that conservatives can never make a principled objection to any demographic or cultural change proposed by the left the alt right fundamentally agrees with the lefts assessment of western civilization shakespeare is white supremacy free speech and meritocracy are white supremacy math logic and science are also white supremacy all of these civilizational attainments can only survive in a white european society that seeks its own interests without worrying about the hurt feelings of non whites as john derbyshire has said there must be something good about white supremacy because a few billion non whites are desperate to move into white countries every attempt to exploit white guilt or to redress racial grievances no matter how innocuous and justified it may seem eventually leads to the condemnation of whiteness itself and that is the most intolerable thing of all
the attack on the traditional german family
germany which has become the model upon which the entire west will be refashioned amidst its own self abolishment has yet made it again very clear that the traditional notions of what it is to be german are no longer reconcilable in a strange horrifyingly obvious attempt to impose the new social narrative last year the widely circulated parenting magazine baby und familie published an article that embodied wholly the decline of european civilization the title of the piece was gefahr von recht or danger from the right in it was depicted an artists renderings of solely blond mothers with their blond children in various settings such as playgrounds or daycare centers however the accompanying text was thinly veiled deliberately anti german doublespeak the writer warned of a rise in right wing extremism among middle class native germans especially in the eastern rural areas parents the writer cautioned should be vigilant at all times but that the warning signs were easily detected if one knew what to look for and what are these indicators she asked one if the children are inconspicuous cute and engaged two the family is generally nice and dedicated to one another three if the children are cleanly clothed obedient and not overly loud four the parents and children do not have american logos on their clothing five if the children exhibit attentiveness beyond their years six if the young girls often exhibit accurately braided hair and wear long skirts seven if the parents try to build personal relationships with other parents eight if the parents state that they want to build quote a better community and nine if the family seems too normal so basically if the parents and children are modeled on traditional german values and principles then they are likely to be some kind of neo nazi kinsfolk this underhanded betrayal of german culture is stomach churning to say the least but it has an ulterior objective that is less obvious it intends to make a corrupted vision of an ideal family this is not just an attack on classic european or christian values it is an assault on the very fabric of german society the end result can only be a degenerate form of the family paradigm and for a magazine that receives government support this is completely outrageous one must come to the rational conclusion then that the german government is intentionally breaking down the moral standards of its own native people where things such as dedication towards others sense of community mindfulness high self esteem and happiness within the family unit are held in contempt and no longer valued the ngo think tank that was consulted for this article the amadeu antonio foundation is partly run by former stasi agents whose mission has not changed in the twenty five years since the berlin wall fell global marxism and the annihilation of the nation state if this means wiping out the cultural value systems of entire peoples then so be it the thin veneer of their operation uses the typical rhetoric of a pro democratic one world community organization but the reality is quite the opposite and the danger this group poses to germans is far reaching the fact that thousands of young progressive liberals and socialists make up the bulk of its volunteer army gives it an impetus that will last for decades the harm this will do shall continue for several generations or at least until german identity is utterly put to death anetta kahane the founder of the amadeu antonio foundation has for years pushed the notion that germany will fall as a state unless unmitigated millions of third world migrants enter the country as saviors one of her closest associates and foundation member julia schramm has even gone so far as to state that germans are not human and that we must betray germany heike radvan the well known third wave feminist and gender specialist is also a contributor to this organizations philosophical system with such a nihilistic self serving intelligentsia at its core this group will effectively rush the german nation headlong into a nightmarish and brutal end that is of course if the blonds dont fight back
the direction of new sexual norms
an argument made by the pro gay marriage crowd is that marriage would domesticate gays because the wider social norms governing heterosexual marriage would infiltrate gay marriage others warn that the sexual norms surrounding homosexuality would instead travel the opposite direction and infiltrate heterosexual marriage and corrode the institution over time there are three powerful arguments for a gay to straight transmission of sexual norms rather than a straight to gay transmission and keep in mind that gays have about six to eight hundred percent more lifetime sexual partners and deviant predilections than heteros do one through the courts as the courts essentially have been corrupted into a legislative branch of leftist cultural marxism after a long wind into legal positivism what happens is that the problems of the penumbras created by gay marriage and the legal wrangling to accommodate those penumbras will necessarily and inevitably be applied in kind to heterosexual marriage two precedent the history of social movements is ever toward the left and three perception sexuality underlies the whole reason for marriage and we can take cues from the non marital tributaries of the sexual market to see how marriage norms can shift and we find for instance that perceived norms of sexual behavior have a bigger influence on teen sexual behavior than does peer pressure what we think is happening in society influences our personal decisions thanks to a twenty four seven pozzed media pushing gayness into our homes westerners consistently and vastly overestimate the number of gays which is roughly one point six percent of the population as the actual sexual practices of gays become normalized straights will perceive gay abnormality as normal and this shift in perception will energize a progressive shift in the courts gay marriage went from a joke to majority approval in less than twenty years partly from court activism helping to normalize the gay lifestyle that is the power of perception in this way the extremes of sexual behavior tolerated by a society tend to pull the traditional norm in the direction of the novel form even if there was a norm crossovers that is gay norms meeting hetero norms in the middle for half a rainbow compromise the overall effect would be to homofy society since a norm imported to ninety eight percent of a population will have a much larger impact on overall society than would a norm imported to two percent of the population novelty seeking is a hallmark of atomized societies hyper individualism and lack of social connection drive people to seek novel experiences to fill the nihilistic void and gay marriage with its attendant gay sexual norms is a novelty that a disintegrating society will simply not have the strength to resist
the lie of inevitability
in the history of politically disastrous pronouncements perhaps nothing exceeds texas politician clayton williams ill considered joke that if a women is going to be raped she might as well just relax and enjoy it yet something akin to this passes for political philosophy for the leadership of the european union how else can we explain the declaration by dimitris avramopoulos european high commissioner for migration home affairs and citizenship that there is nothing the european union can do to stop mass migration in a column for politico mister avromopoulos writes its time to face the truth we cannot and will never be able to stop migration the truth however is quite different harsh language alone can discourage migration as peter brimelow noted in the daily caller even before building a wall or doing much of anything president trumps views on immigration encouraged illegal aliens to leave illegal immigration has recently increased but only because new amnesty is being broached by the republican leadership as for fences the real complaint of the european leadership seems not to be that fences dont work but that they do the hungarian governments swiftly constructed border wall cut the number of illegal immigrants entering hungary by over ninety percent israels border wall has met with similar success as even hostile media outlets have had to admit when mister avromopoulos writes about the mistaken belief that solidarity in financial terms will keep migrants on the south side of the mediterranean he is probably taking about the idea that if we can put the third world on the road to riches third worlders will stay at home he is right to think thats a pipe dream but only race realists know why mister avramopoulos recognizes only two other possibilities some kind of border control or none at all but africans and middle easterners will fight any kind of control and what is the eu commissioners solution somehow eliminate the recent discourse on migration influenced by rising nationalism populism and xenophobia which has limited our opportunities to put in place smart forward looking migration policies at both the national and european levels so what are these smart policies evacuating migrants from lybia through resettlement or assisted voluntary return a comprehensive and fair asylum reform or more legal channels for economic migration especially for skilled workers as he likes to suggest this last recommendation is simply nonsense skilled workers are already fleeing nations like germany because of the effects of mass migration and the migrants replacing them are not just unskilled but absolutely unemployable beyond that though mister avromopoulos talks about the need for a comprehensive plan he doesnt have concrete suggestions his only real message is that there is no possibility of actually solving this problem he stated that we all need to be ready to accept migration mobility and diversity as the new norm and tailor our policies accordingly but why do we need to do any of these things the problem started because of the incompetence pathological altruism and globalist foreign policies of the european union itself moreover its not that the european nations cannot prevent mass migration its that the european union will not let them multiple times the european commission of which mister avromopoulos is a member voted to sanction poland or hungary because of nationalist guided policies while hungarian prime minister viktor orban noted that the true intention of the eu is to punish countries opposed to mass immigration the inability of european nations to assimilate their already sizable non white populations should have lead to caution about inviting more the continent will now be saddled with a host of permanent problems created by importing a permanent underclass that is why mister avromopoulos is right to conclude that migration is deeply intertwined with our policies on economics trade education and employment to name just a few but if the future is to consist of dumping an unlimited number of poor uneducated and culturally alien migrants on europe it will become nearly impossible to have any policies on education healthcare infrastructure or the environment europe is doing the equivalent of developing a more effective bucket to bail water out of a boat while doing nothing to stop the leak the supreme function of statesmanship said enoch powell is to provide against preventable evils mister avromopoulos tells us that mass migration is not preventable but if preventing the movement of huge masses of strangers onto european soil is something beyond the capability of the united governments of europe what is the european union anyway certainly preventing migrants from entering europe is a more obtainable goal than assimilating tens of millions of africans ensuring that third world immigrants make as much money as native europeans or preventing terrorist attacks but then preventing terrorist attacks seems to be something european governments can no longer do as british mayor of london sadiq khan explained the threat of terrorism is simply part and parcel of living in a big city the oldest trick of a managerial elite is to create a nonexistent problem make it a permanent condition and use it to justify the existence of a class of professionals whose job it is to manage the problem decades from now assuming migrants arent swiftly removed we will be reading sob stories about how africans are having a hard time competing in the german economy the only people who will profit will be the class that created the problem in the first place and mister avromopoulos is a member of that class he is a kind of parody of european leadership he boasts an array of awards and declarations from various governments and is a knight a grand commander or a holder of a grand cross in the various orders of chivalry with which emasculated national governments amuse themselves yet he has won no victories in defense of his homeland and indeed has done far more to destroy it than any greek since pericles imagining this ludicrous creature fastened with his cheap ribbons lecturing europeans on how mass migration will be good for them is reminiscent of brezhnev dressed in his hero of the soviet union and order of lenin medals telling everyone that the soviet invasion of afghanistan would be a great success mister avromopoulos is not managing an unavoidable process he is promoting an invasion and working to thwart those who are trying to stop it and just like afghanistan europe will become a graveyard for generations to come
the nature of identity
nation is an extended phenotype of race the people of a racially homogeneous nation can afford the luxury of identifying themselves by patriotic national pride the people of a multiracially fractured squatter zone cannot they will be forced by tribalistic antagonisms and competing racial interests to identify by more primal signifiers and those who remain committed to a deracinated higher order of national identity will eventually succumb to the undertow of ethnocentric aggrandizement and either sink into a malaise or expend huge mental and emotional energy acting tribally but thinking globally to assuage their cognitive dissonance and unresolved feelings of unease nothing will gel an implicit and explicit white identity faster than multiracial encirclement if you value the concept of an american identity and think a white identity is gauche then youll support staunching the decline of the white population share of america and renewing the white majority so that it sits comfortably and securely at eighty percent or more of the total american population you will support closing the borders to perpetual dirt world colonization and deporting the invaders who have set up shop here at the behest of the uni party globo homoists who live and breath for cheap votes and cheaper labor its past time we stop pussyfooting around about this issue existential threats to a nation deserve existential truths in defiance but presently you simply sit at your office desk and ponder this with a dead stare peering deeply into an lcd screen for an answer you already know
the unbearable whiteness of being
a few months ago londons walking and cycling commissioner stated that cycling had become too white and was deeply concerned about the lack of gender and racial diversity among the operators of two wheeled pedal powered conveyances as a consequence actual diversity quotas are seriously being considered to address the glaring absence of women muslims and people of color on their bicycles in britain this follows a dangerous trend in which whites are the only group that government can interrogate and critically scrutinize whenever more than one of them seems to be enjoying themselves the basic theory is if more than two white people are engaged in some kind of hobby it is in dire need of diversity and the simple presence of whites will somehow scare all the people of color away we could probably critique the strange phenomena of implicit racial bias towards white people going completely unremarked as if its just natural to fear the all aryan bowling league clearly if we were talking about white people feeling intimidated by a large presence of blacks that would imply racism but the converse is never true in this case the ? menace in which cycling is dominated by white middle aged men in lycra policy makers are scratching their heads as if the ethnic homogeneity is evidence of some vast racist conspiracy it makes one wonder if these idiots really believe that there are violent skinhead cyclist gangs silently cruising on their overpriced carbon fiber road bikes looking for blacks to beat up with their bicycle pumps are we really supposed to believe that women and minority groups are somehow intimidated by gangly cardio fags wearing skintight lycra this isnt a new phenomenon just try a little experiment and type any random activity into google followed by the phrase too white or unbearable whiteness and observe the frantic handringing over how ever facet of life suffers from an inundation of demelininated colonizers wistful introspection and naval gazing commences the very instance someone observes a proportionately appropriate number of honkeys engaged in virtually any sort of enterprise cant go running work as a librarian play video games or swing a fucking tennis racket without the social justice inquisition dissecting you for racism the levels of absurdity achieved by this analysis reached the point of self parody as in the white supremacist implications based on the color white itself excepting the one obvious counter example of a non white group being scrutinized for over representation you cant get a fair analysis of something that the most brain dead normie would immediately think of this phenomena is just the logical corollary of assuming that white people do not have a culture completely invalidating the concept whites could ever have distinct pursuits in the first place its all part of a blatant delegitimization of an entire race of people which according to their very own sociological theory is the very first thing someone does to a suspect class before brutally oppressing them despite bicycles originating in europe and professional bike racing evolving as a pursuit of white european men this is not in any way perceived as a natural pastime for that ethnic group in the same way that jazz music and fatally shooting people over their sneakers is widely accepted as authentic black culture apparently if a white man is engaged in something he is at best functioning as a placeholder until a more worthy group comes along and at worst is actively blocking the pocs entitled to this hobby this is what anti white propaganda looks like it is real it is dangerous and the hostile liberal elite is consciously trying to delegitimize whiteness theyre effectively denying whites any avenue for personal satisfaction but more importantly this will act as a prelude to real genocide
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2020.07.21 01:09 LearningIsListening A not-so-brief rundown of the letter M in Jeffrey Epstein's 'Little Black Book'

Below is a rundown of the letter M under Epstein's contacts. Last year, I wrote about letters A-C. You can check that out here (
I also wrote about letters D-F on July 5, 2020. You can check that out here (
I posted letters G-I on July 13, 2020. You can check that out here (
I posted letters J-L on July 15, 2020. You can check that out here ( There are some misspelled names. Epstein entered their names like this.
I have bolded some of the more interesting connections and information, but there could be much more that I overlooked. I hope something here strikes an interest in someone and maybe we can get more investigations out of this. Please, if you know anything more about any of these people than what is presented here, post below. I am working off of the unredacted black book found here:
Mack, Carol & Earl: Carol Mack (nee Dickey) is an interior designer. Carol is a friend of Epstein and Ghislaine ( Earle Mack was the US Ambassador to Finland from 2004-2005. He is a businessman involved in real estate and investing.
Macmillan, Dave & Bella: David is a publisher and the grandson of Harold Macmillan, former British Prime Minister (1957-1963). Bella is a British socialite and author. She also designed dresses for Princess Diana. They are now divorced. David and Bella made news in 2015 when it was revealed that Michael Lynton, the CEO of Sony Pictures, jokingly mentioned firing the UK culture minister so that David can take over ( David and Bella were voted a top 50 power couple over the age 50 back in 2013.
Magaziner, Ira C: Was the senior advisor of policy development for President Bill Clinton. He now serves in a leadership role for the Clinton Foundation. He is a CEO and Vice Chairman of the Clinton Health Access Initiative which helps people gain access to medicine and health services in low and middle income countries, most notably in Africa. Remember, the Clintons helped bail out their colleague, Laura Silsby, who was caught trying to traffick 33 Haitian children ( Most importantly, Magaziner traveled on the Lolita Express on several occasions (, including the infamous flight that included Epstein, Clinton, Kevin Spacey, Naomi Campbell, and Chris Tucker. Magaziner also flew with Ghislaine Maxwell, also (
Maguire, Jennifer: Jennifer Maguire Isham is the former president of the Tribeca Film Festival where she worked closely with Robert De Niro. There are tons of pictures of them together. Before that, she was senior vice president of programming at CNN and worked at ABC where she was a producer and senior staff member at Primetime Live and ABC News. Her husband is VP and Washington Bureau Chief for CBS News. Jennifer and her husband were photographed with Ghislaine Maxwell at Epstein friend Peggy Siegal’s birthday party in 2007 (
Mahler, Giovanni: Businessman in the gas industry. He co-founded Navigator Gas shipping company. The most interesting story revolving around Mahler can be read here ( Mahler was on a motorboat on the way to his yacht in Sardinia where close friend Flavio Briatore (Briatore is Naomi Campbell’s ex-boyfriend and was photographed with Epstein victim Virginia Roberts several times - waited. On the way to the yacht, Mahler and the others on board struck and killed Alex Ciardi, wife of investment banker Giuseppe Ciardi. Turns out that Alex Ciardi worked with the NSPCC, a children’s charity that several others in Epstein’s ‘black book’ (Jemma Kidd, Tim Jeffries, Mary Glanville, Clare Hazell-Ivaegh, Ben Holland-Martin) and Princess Margaret have served. The accident occurred close to Silvio Berlusconi’s villa. Berlusconi is a billionaire businessman and four-time former Prime Minister of Italy who throws infamously raunchy Bunga Bunga parties. He was convicted of paying an underage prostitute for sex, but those charges were later overturned.
Mahoney, Sean: A long-time investment banker at Goldman Sachs and Deutsche Bank.
Mailer, Michael: Movie producer. Son of Norman Mailer, the famous author and journalist.
Mailman, Josh: Not enough info.
Malek, Harry & Didi: Diddi owns a fine art consultancy company that gives guidance to buyers and collectors. No info on Harry.
Malenga (Mandela) Machel: A managing director at Whatana Investments Group in Mozambique. His father, Samora Machel, was the first president of Mozambique. He died in an airplane crash in 1986 under mysterious circumstances. His mother, Graca Machel, runs the company. After her husband Samora died, she married Nelson Mandela, who died in 2013.
Malina, Marjorie: Wife of Frank Malina who co-founded Aerojet, an American rocket and missile propulsion manufacturer. Frank went on to become head of scientific research at UNESCO before creating Leonardo, a peer-reviewed research journal. Frank was inducted into the International Space Hall of Fame in 1990. Marjorie is the mother of Ghislaine’s brother-in-law, Roger Malina.
Malkin, Shelly & Tony: Shelly comes from major oil money. Her grandfather founded Belco Petroleum, which was bought out by Enron in the ‘80s. Tony is the chairman, president, and CEO of Empire State Realty Trust, the real estate investment company that owns the Empire State Building, and other properties around New York.
Mallinckrodt, Mr. Philip: A former investment banker with Credit Suisse, Schroders, and Citibank. Has served as non-executive director of The Economist, a weekly newspaper that focuses on current affairs, international business, politics, and technology, for the last three years. The Rothschild family owns 21% of shares in the company. Mallinckrodt is a member of The Pilgrims Society and takes part in the World Economic Forum in Davos.
Manconi, John: Businessman who hosts super exclusive charity polo events attended by Prince Charles, Harry, and Andrew (
Mandelson, Peter: European Trade Commissioner from 2004-2008. A Labour party politician who held several cabinet posts under suspected pedophile Tony Blair and was First Secretary of State from 2009-2010. Mandelson was a very close friend of Epstein’s. Mandelson (allegedly) phoned Epstein in 2009, while Epstein was in jail, to ask Epstein to arrange a meeting with him and Jamie Dimon, the head of JP Morgan. Epstein agreed to do so, often addressing Mandelson by the nickname “Petie” ( Mandelson was introduced to Epstein through Ghislaine Maxwell (they met through her father), who he has been friends with since the 1980s. He is also a very close friend of Prince Andrew. Mandelson is confirmed to have stayed on Epstein’s island and had dinner at Epstein’s NYC mansion with Donald Trump, David Blaine, and Sergey Brin, co-founder of Google ( If you scroll through the article, you will see pictures of Mandelson shopping with Epstein, as well as pictures of him with Prince Andrew. Mandelson has long been suspected of giving tax breaks to Russian oligarchs, although he has denied these charges. Mandelson is gay and has been living with his partner for over 20 years.
Manfredini Alessandro: A sculptor and graphic artist who turned to modeling in his 40s (
Mangope Eddie: Son of Lucas Mangope, former President of Bophuthatswana in South Africa, a nation which further propagated apartheid.
Manners, Eddie: Lord Manners is the son of the 10th Earl of Rutland and an investment banker. He lives at Haddon Hall, a beautiful old mansion.
Manners, Miss Lucy: An interior designer who is the cousin of Eddie (mentioned above) and the Duke of Rutland. Lucy is a very close friend of Sarah, Duchess of York (Prince Andrew’s first wife), a close friend of Epstein’s, and even served as her lady-in-waiting. Manners lives at Eastnor Castle, which houses 96 rooms.
Manners, Terssa: Teresa is the daughter of the 10th Duke of Rutland and sister of Eddie and the 11th Duke of Rutland. She was the cover girl for Tatler and posed for Vogue, two magazines that feature many Epstein contacts.
Manzano, Jose Luis & Alejandra: Jose Luis is an Argentine businessman and former politician. He is a partner in Grupo America, the second largest multimedia group in the country. He has given money to the Clinton Foundation and The Climate Reality Project ran by Al Gore.
Mappin, John: Scientologist owner of Camelot Castle and is a “central figure behind Turning Point UK, the British arm of the pro-Trump American student organization” (
Margolis, Eric: A journalist who worked as contributing editor for the Toronto Sun and has appeared on CNN and on the Huffington Post website. He inherited Canadian vitamin manufacturer Jamieson Laboratories, which he sold for $300 million in 2014. Margolis chastises Epstein, Maxwell, Clinton and others and denies doing anything inappropriate, although he does claim to have been to Epstein’s homes in NYC and Florida. He says that he suspected it was a ‘honey trap’ (
Marks, Stephen & Alisa: Stephen is the founder and chairman of French Connection clothing brand. Alisa is his gold digging ex-wife.
Marocco, Manilo & Pia: Manilo is an investment banker. He attended a gala for the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC), along with Ghislaine Maxwell, Naomi Campbell, and several other people mentioned in Epstein’s contact list ( The number of suspected pedophiles and child traffickers that are involved with the NSPCC is mindblowing. His ex-wife, Pia, is close friends with Allegra Hicks (, who is also in Epstein’s book.
Marsh, Jeremy: Has served as a managing director and president of Warner Bros. Records, Virgin, Telstar, and RCA.
Marterier, Astrid: A fashion consultant who used to work as VP of Global Sales and Merchandising for several brands, including Von Furstenberg, whose family makes several appearances on this list.
Martins, Peter: Leader of the New York City Ballet who was forced to retire in 2018 because he was accused of sexually abusing his dancers, dating back decades ( Of course, he was eventually found to be innocent of these charges. Coincidentally, it seems as though Epstein target dancers at NYC studios, including one who was approached by an intermediary after ballet class (
Marzotto, Matteo: Fashion mogul. Marzotto’s family owned Valentino fashion before selling in 2006. He used to date scumbag supermodel Naomi Campbell, who is embroiled in Epstein’s child trafficking and child abuse ring. They broke up because of her fiery temper (
Mason, Christopher: A journalist and author who writes about the rich. Best friend of Ghislaine Maxwell. Sang a raunchy song for Ghislaine at her birthday party in 1994 ( Mason is going to appear in the docu-series, “Surviving Jeffrey Epstein” next month and has turned his back on Maxwell since finding out about her participation in the pedophila and child trafficking ring ( The fact that he is denying any knowledge of what happened and is actually participating in this docu-series should tell you how full of shit this guy is.
Massimo, Parisi: Founder of Baltic Model Management.
Mattsson, Carolina: Owns a consulting company in Sweden. No other info found.
Mavroleon, Caitlin: Creative Consultant and Creative Direct for Art for Youth London, a charity that raises money for UK youth. Comes from a family of Greek shipping magnates.
Mavroleon, Basil & Carina: Basil is still involved in shipping, working at Genco as an Independent Director.
Mavroleon, Carlos: This guy lived a life-and-a-half. Heir to the family fortune, Carlos became disillusioned with his privileged status. He moved to Afghanistan and converted to Islam. He moved back to Britain two years later, heavily involved with drugs, specifically heroin. Despite this, he went to Harvard and became a friend and guest of the Kennedys at their home in Hyannisport. After nailing Mary Richardson, Bobby Kennedy Jr’s future wife, he joined the Mujahideen and even led attacks against the Russians. He returned to Britain and nearly married the daughter of former British politician Michael Heseltine, who has some serious pedo connections and is listed in Epstein’s book (check out my G-I thread for more info). Carlos would go on to become a war reporter and was charged with looking for Osama Bin Laden for the news program ‘60 Minutes’. He was found days later, dead of a heroin overdose, in a sleazy hotel on the outskirts of town. Many conspiracies abound (including from his family) who believe he was murdered because he was found with a heroin needle and it was well known that he never injected (
Mavroleon, Manoli: From the same Greek shipping magnate family. His name was listed in the Panama Papers ( for using offshore tax havens.
Mavroleon, Mr. Bluey: Father of Carlos (above) and Nicholas (below). Ran the family company for a while.
Mavroleon, Nicholas & Barbara: Nicholas works in the family business. His ex-wife, Barbara Carrera, is a model and actress.
Maxwell & Laurens, Ms Anne: Anne is Ghislaine’s eldest sister. She is a failed actress who became a hypnotherapist in Surrey.
Maxwell Malina, Christine: Older sister of Ghislaine. Used to run the West Coast office of Pergamon Press for her father in the ‘70s and ‘80s. She is a successful Internet content pioneer and educator. Rumors swirl about her involvement with tracking software and working for Israeli intelligence. Twin sister of Isabel (below). There is a great article on the Maxwells and their in-laws, particularly Christine’s husband, Roger Malina (
Maxwell, Debbie: No info found.
Maxwell, Dr & Mrs Philip: Philip is Ghislaine’s older brother. Had a horrible relationship with his father. Wanted to become a writer.
Maxwell, E: Ghislaine’s mom. Died in 2013.
Maxwell, Ian & Tara: Ian is Ghislaine’s brother and a businessman. In 2018, he and his brother Kevin (listed below) founded the UK Think Tank called Combating Jihadist Terrorism (CoJit), which is ironic considering that most, if not all, of the family are likely Israeli intelligence.
Maxwell, Isabel: Older sister of Ghislaine. Co-founded Magellan with sister, Christine, and has served on the World Economic Forum (as has Philip Mallinckrodt, listed above). Along with twin sister, Christine, is rumored to be involved in tracking software and Israeli intelligence. This Reddit thread on the family is rather fantastic (
Maxwell, Kevin and Pandora: Kevin is Ghislaine’s older brother and co-founder of the UK Think Tank called Combating Jihadist Terrorism (CoJit) with brother Ian (above).
Maxwell, Marcella: Ghislaine’s niece. Daughter of Philip Maxwell.
Mayhew, Mr John: Owner of the famous Rules restaurant in Covent Garden. Inherited the Lartington Estate.
Mazandi, Yassi: Sculptor and painter.
Mazzoti, Mateo: Violin maker.
MC & Allenor: Not positive. Could be a garden designer. Typing in the address from Epstein’s book led to this site (, which has an email address at the top that reads [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]), a close match to the email address in Epstein’s book.
McAlpine, Alistair & Romilly: Baron McAlpine of West Green was a close advisor to Margaret Thatcher and served in the House of Lords for 26 years. McAlpine was falsely accused (supposedly) of child abuse by the BBC program, Newsnight. He won £185,000 in damages from BBC and £125,000 from ITV, both of which he donated to the children’s charity, Children in Need. Coincidentally, McAlpine collected the work of Graham Ovenden, an artist who drew naked children. Ovenden was found guilty of sexual abuse against children against underage girls, some as young as six-years-old ( Romilly was McAlpine’s 2nd wife. Alistair died in 2014.
McDonald, John: NYC-based restaurateur.
McFarland, Anthony: No info found.
McKenzie, Raymond: Former investment banker at Lazard Freres and Morgan Stanley. Both firms appear constantly while going through Epstein’s contacts.
Mclancy Gas: No info found.
Mclane, Shannon: Fashion designer.
Mcleod Jock & Pru: Alasdair ‘Jock’ MacLeod is a long-time executive at Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation. His wife, Prudence, is Rupert Murdoch’s daughter. Coincidentally, Prudence attended The Dalton School while Epstein taught there in the ‘70s ( Rupert Murdoch is listed later on in Epstein’s contacts. Murdoch also goes back a long way with Ghislaine. Murdoch and Ghislaine’s father, Robert, were rivals since they both owned competing newspapers in the U.S. and abroad (
Meister, Todd: Meister is a hedge fund manager who was married to Nicky Hilton for six weeks back in 2004. Hilton later married into the Rothschild family. Meister is a potential witness who might have knowledge of Epstein and Maxwell’s child trafficking and abuse ( Les Wexner invested a ton of money in Meister’s hedge fund. Todd’s father, Robert, was the one who introduced Epstein to Wexner (
Mendoza, Neil: British publisher and entrepreneur. Mendoza served as Chairman for The Prince’s Foundation for Children and the Arts, a children’s charity founded by Prince Charles ( Mendoza also serves on the Shakespeare Schools Foundation, another children’s charity. Actor Ralph Fiennes, who is also listed in Epstein’s book, is one of the patrons of the charity ( As of 2018, Mendoza has been the Provost of Oriel College, Oxford.
Menzies, Kate: Close friend of Princess Diana and the Royal Family. The Menzies are millionaires because of their newsagents and distribution group.
Merison, Guy & Caroline: Guy is co-founder of Hartees, a commodities firm specializing in energy.
Merivale-Austen, Bruce: Managing Partner of DM Partners Asia, a private wealth management firm. Plays polo every summer with Prince William and Prince Harry (
Mermagon, Mr Jonathan: Businessman and close friend of Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan, whose name keeps popping up. Memagden even served as Chairman of the UK PTI Secretariat (,c9336910). PTI is the current ruling political party in Pakistan.
Metcalf Justin: See below under Justin and Joane Metcalfe.
Metcalf Melanie & Julian: Julian is the founder of the popular sandwich shop chain, Pret a Manger. Metcalfe has attended charity events for ARK (, Arpad Busson’s children’s charity and chain of children’s schools, which I wrote about last year (
Metcalfe, Julian and Melanie: Same as above.
Metcalfe, Justin & Joane: Justin a jeweller in London. Joane was a fashion and interior designer. Died of lung cancer in 2016.
Metz, Robin: No info found.
Meyer, Tony: Investment banker. Co-founder of Lazard Freres Real Estate Investors as an affiliate of Lazard Freres & Co. ( Another Lazard Freres connection.
Micklethwait, Fev & John: John has been the current editor-in-chief of Bloomberg News since 2015. He was the editor-in-chief of The Economist (21% Rothschild owned) from 2006-2015. In 2019, he ordered his employees not to investigate Bloomberg (their boss) or any other Democratic candidates during Bloomberg’s presidential campaign ( Had they investigated their boss, they would have discovered his relationships with Epstein, Maxwell, Weinstein, and Wexner (
Milani, Gianluca: No info found.
Milford Haven George & Clare: George Mountbatten, 4th Marquess of Milford Haven. Second cousin of Prince Charles. Founded uSwitch, a website that allows you to compare suppliers of various services. Sold the company for $400 million. George’s grandfather was the older brother of Lord Mountbatten, alleged pedophile and father figure/mentor to Prince Charles. George’s wife, Clare, was the Social Editor of Tatler magazine (there it is again!) from 1995-2005.
Milford Haven, Sarah: First wife of George Milford Haven. Daughter of millionaire businessman and gangster George Walker.
Miller, Nicole & Kim Taipale: Miller is a millionaire fashion designer and businesswoman. Taipale is her husband. They were married by Rudy Giuliani in 1996. Nicole is a good friend of disgusting perverts, Ghislaine Maxwell and Tiffany Dubin (, wife of even more disgusting pervert Glenn Dubin. You can read about the Dubins in my D-F thread.
Mills, Cheryl: Lawyer who defended Bill Clinton during his impeachment trial. She served as deputy White House Counsel for Clinton, Senior Adviser and Counsel for Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign, and Counselor and Chief of Staff during Hillary’s tenure as Secretary of State. Mills had a key role in Hillary’s email scandal and in Haiti, where the Clintons are heavily involved (
Minot, Carie & Bell, George: Caroline is a jewelry designer. George has been responsible for several Silicon Valley startup companies. Before that, he was a senior editor of Outdoor Life magazine and has won Emmys for directing and writing conservation documentaries. He also founded Outdoor Life Network (now NBC Sports).
Minot, Susan: Novelist, screenwriter, playwright, and poet. Sister of Caroline (above).
Mischer, Kevin: Big-time movie producer and former Hollywood executive.
Modafferi, Daniela: No info found.
Moncada Cico: No info found.
Monckton, Rosa: Former President of Tiffany & Co. jewelry company. Daughter of a Viscount. Princess Diana was Monckton’s best friend and the Godmother of one of her children. Rosa also serves as a fundraiser for and on the board of several charities, most of which focus on children. Monckton is a patron for Downside Up, a charity for children with Down Syndrome, with actor Ralph Fiennes, who is also in Epstein’s contacts ( She also raises money for KIDS charity out of London where Liz Hurley (also in Epstein’s contacts) is a patron, along with Elton John, David Cameron, David Furnish, Cherie Booth, and Channel 4 News presenter Cathy Newman ( Epstein once offered Monckton to bring her daughter, who has Down Syndrome, to his house in Palm Beach (
Money Kryle, Mr Charlie & Kit: Charlie is a real estate specialist.
Montemayor, Cesar: Founder and President of InverCap, a large investment firm.
Monti Riccardo: Managing Director and Senior Partner at BCG (Milan), one of the largest management consulting firms in the world.
Moore Deborah: Likely the actress and daughter of Roger Moore of James Bond fame.
Moore, Juliet & Chris: Juliet is in publishing. Chris is an investment banker who worked at Bear Stearns in the ‘80s. He is now President of CSM Capital.
Moore, Mr Goeffrey: Roger Moore’s son.
Morris Stephen: Financial advisor.
Morris, Nick & Lucy: Not enough info.
Mortimer, Gigi & Averell: Gigi is a beauty entrepreneur who is very good friends with Ghislaine. Averell is Founder and CEO of Arden Asset Management. Averell’s mother was a descendant of the insanely wealthy and powerful Harriman family.
Morton, Peter: Co-founder of the Hard Rock Cafe.
Morton, Robert: Former producer of Letterman’s ‘Late Show.’
Mruvka Alan: Founder and former CEO of E! Entertainment Television.
Munro, Donald: Investment banker.
Murdoch, Rupert: Billionaire media mogul who owns more media outlets than God. Known for paying millions to female employees in order to cover up sexual abuse and harassment at Fox News. It’s pointless to name his connections. He knows almost everyone of importance.
Murray Phillipson Kate: A very good friend of Ghislaine’s from their Oxford days. Granddaughter of Hylton Murray-Philipson, a Conservative Party politician who served as a Member of Parliament. Kate is Now an interior painter (
Murray Phillipson, Mr & Mrs: Likely Kate’s brother, Hylton, a landowner and banker who Prince Charles referred to as one of his heroes. Just recently got some publicity for nearly dying from COVID 19.
Murray Threipland, Tercious/Claire: Owner of Dunbeath Castle. Claire left her first husband, Henry Herbert, The 17th Earl of Pembroke, to be with Tertius in 1981. Claire’s daughter, Emma, was a bridesmaid at the first marriage of Camila Parker Bowles (now Prince Charles’s wife).
Murray, Jean Pierre: Founder of Surf Channel and co-founder of TransCash, a prepaid Visa debit card firm.
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2020.07.18 17:44 Army_Bot Summary For: Weekly Question Thread (6/10 to 6/16)

Any advice for a new guy headed to JBLM?
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Do men get to wear makeup on duty? I’m dead serious and Google doesn’t yield anwsers
Link to Comment Chain
I am looking for some guidance on completing my SF-1199A. I am transferring from Army National Guard to Regular Army and was asked to fill out a SF-1199A from my recruiter. I asked my recruiter for clarification and he said, read it. I know that most army forms contain instructions that explain what is needed for each section. This is not the case for this form.
For example,
Section 1, Box C. ** CLAIM OR PAYROLL ID NUMBER ** the instructions on the second page say look this information is found on my government check. One thing I found on google said SSN, so that's what I put.
Next section, ** PAYEE/JOINT PAYEE CERTIFICATION and JOINT ACCOUNT HOLDERS’ CERTIFICATION (optional). ** Does that mean my wife needs to sign since its a Joint Account I am assuming that they want both of us to sign.
It wants Govt Agency Name, since its for Active Duty Army would I put that, additionally for Govt Agency address what do I put?
Link to Comment Chain
How does one go about filing a claim against the federal government in regards to automobile damage?
Link to Comment Chain
How far from base can you travel on active duty? And can you just travel freely in the reserves or guard until drill ?
Link to Comment Chain
Can you use your phone at AIT?
Link to Comment Chain
Hello there, I am a 18 year old male who had a dream of serving. I tried to join the Airforce out of high school. I went to MEPS and tested perfectly in all aspects except one. The very end of the physical the doctor noticed I had flat feet. He asked if they hurt or bothered me and of course I said they do not. He said, “ok sounds good to me, I won’t DQ you”. I walk out thinking I passed the first phase to joining to be told I was in fact DQ’d. I later found out the report he wrote said I complained about severe foot pain due to flat feet. I gave up and tried again this year for the Army. I had to submit a waiver to join and it was denied all because of the lie the doctor wrote down. It has been my dream to serve for the longest time. I’m at the point now where I am stuck and have no guidance. My recruiter dropped me as soon as the waiver came back denied. Do I have any hope for other branches? Can I clean that off my record? I’ve looked into appealing the waiver and all I’ve got from it is that is almost impossible. Is this true or is there hope to appeal? Any information is appreciated and I thank you for reading and hopefully commenting. Thank you -Jordan
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This is going to sound weird but maybe I just need to hear is from an outside force. My fathe grandfather were Airborne grunts and i’ve always wanted to do the same, turns out i’m colorblind so infantry and airborne are off the table.
Is it okay “serving” and not being a combat mos? I know that is a large part of the Army and not to say anything about 99% of MOSs but it just seems so disheartening. Are you still proud of shit you did or is it just a 9-5 and you go home and you’re out in 4 years?
Link to Comment Chain
Any of you guys have any experience with 4th Engineers up in Carson? I’m headed that way, I’d like to know what some people’s experiences are. Thanks!
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So if I sign a 6-year active duty contract, does my 6-years start after I finish AIT? Or does it start the very same day you being BCT?
Link to Comment Chain
I’m enlisted and I ship out in July. My question is, what is fort sill AIT like?
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Hello reddit, I’m a civilian who is currently trying to make tape so to go to MEPS, take asvab, etc. I have done extensive research on this site as well as others, but would like direct opinions about what my options/routes. A little background info:
Age: 26
Wt: 230 lbs (need 197 lbs or 3 in. Off waist)
Criminal History: DUI-2014-21 years old.
Vision: maybe correctable to 20/20, maybe not will find out at MEPS.
AFQT: 79 (walked in off the street no studying) asvab should be in 90’s range after studying a bit.
Employer: I deal cards in a casino in CA. Make pretty good money, have no job satisfaction.
I am currently doing everything I can to make a great decision as to what my MOS will be. When I was younger (19-20) I scored really high on afqt and recruiter wanted to push intel on me. Ended up not enlisting because I thought (why enlist when I can finish school and commission duh), but life doesn’t always pan out how we expect. I have enough units to enter as a PFC, which is nice since I’m older. I always wanted to join the military, and now that I’m getting older I’m trying to make the leap before it’s too late. My main questions are:
What MOS would you recommend for someone in my position? I’ll need waivers for my DUI, and actually can’t do most of the cool MOS because I can’t get a TS clearance and possible vision requirements. Secret maybe, but also maybe not.
I’m very interested in an opt 40 contract, but I have worries I won’t be able to get in the shape I’ll need in BCT or OSUT to hack it, any opinions in regard to this?
My mind is telling me to go support or look at an MOS that translates to civ world, but my hearts wants to go infantry. I am 26 and worried I’ll be too old to be able to do the grunt life. Is this true or am I overthinking it? Also will having high ASVAB scores do anything for me in infantry? Does it make a difference?
Other MOS I think are pretty cool that I QUALIFY for are: 12D, 12M, 19D, 68W, 88K.....these are pretty much what I can qualify for out the gate. Can’t do anything cool such as: 31K, 35series, 37series, 38series. Those would be my top, but I can’t because of DUI.
Basically what are the best options for me based on my pros/cons?
Lastly at 26 possibly 27 would you recommend 3 or 4 year commitment?
P.S. was also planning on trying to go tacp with AF but for some reason the army appeals to me more. Can’t tell you why.
Thank you in advance for you time
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My question is about combat training. I’m naturally left handed and when shooting guns I am a left and shooteleft eye dominant. How will that affect me in combat training? Will the Army make me switch to my right hand dominant?
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People are saying in my guard unit if we fail this new pt test it's an honorable discharge. I'm almost positive that this isn't true guy can someone tell me why this isn't true?
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Been a while.
So my active duty 11B journey comes to an end in about two hours, and I'll be transitioning into the old NG as a reclass: 35T. Seemed like a good step after completing the MSSA program for cloud/server admin, plus I'm super interested in all the equipment.
I'd like to hear about what I can expect going into the lengthy AIT as an MOS-T. Heard in general it's way more relaxed than a brand new private's experience, but if there are any major pieces of information I'm gonna need, I'd appreciate the heads up.
I know I can expect to get my Sec+. Any other major certs? Currently hold MCA: Azure Admin & the paltry MTA: Networking Fundamentals.
Going in for the "Try 1" contract, but I have two years to schedule my AIT. Is there a time of year that's better than others?
Cheers all.
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Prior service guy, was out for a while and resigned to the national guard for six years. It's been two years and they have not sent me to AIT yet. Does anyone know if there is a way out of my contract if they don't send me by a certain date? If so please site regulations or where that info can be found.
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Is it possible for a non-citizen/green card holder getting overseas on first assignment?
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Question about working as a contractor in Afghanistan or other war zones: ------------------
Are there any 3-6 month contracts in Afghanistan which one can apply to? Not sure if contracts like that exist, and wanted to ask.
My story/background:
Long story short, I'm a mechanical engineer with 4 years experience and speak 3 languages (English, Spanish and Polish).
I've been running a small online business the past 4 years, but just went out of business recently due to unforeseen events.
I have $15,000 in debt and was looking for a 3-6 month contracting job I could apply to, to help pay my debt.
I would be open to any type of contracting job, hopefully one paying at least $4k-$5k a month.
Any advice is highly appreciated, thank you in advance for your help
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Shipping off to boot in a month and I have a series of dumb questions:
I just did my OPAT and got enough to qualify for a Heavy MOS even though I’m going in as a 13j(moderate) is that going to correlate with how well I do physically in basic(LWOOD)?
Should I shave my head prior to going? I kinda want to see myself in a Mohawk before shipping out and I’d probably shave it off a couple days before. Is there a stigma to that?
Will aspirin be available? I’m afraid that I’ll get a headache and fuck something up at basic. If there isn’t I can just ride it out. I bring this up because I had a terrible one at MEPS but it got better right before I had to do the testing.
Swimming? I can’t swim that great but I have enough time to practice if I need to.
When is my first APFT? I can defiantly hit the requirements but at the same time idk what’s going to happen between now and then.
You don’t have to answer all of these, answering just one would be more than helpful
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This will sound GENUINELY gay, but I just wanna get it off my chest:

I was hyped for enlisting, but now I'm shook on the idea. How do I get over this weird sense of dread? I keep thinking of all the positive things that will come and change my life for the better, but I can't help but to feel nervous and somewhat scared.
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I have already gone through MEPS, as well as had an interview for my potential security clearance. If I decide that I do not want to join the army, then will my fingerprints show up for other jobs showing that I applied for a security clearance? For example, if an employer does their own background investigation and runs my fingerprints, then will the army's "findings" be available to them even though I never joined? Thanks for any help!
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As a new infantry 2LT, how difficult is it to attend different schools like Sapper and Airborne if you aren't in a unit where these tabs would be necessary? The recruiter I asked basically just told me "Yeah, sure, of course you can go to Sapper school!" but I'm wondering if attending these different schools as an officer actually is super easy, or if it's more difficult and based on some sort of application process or random chance.
Link to Comment Chain
Hey guys
My Question has to do with the Army Space Badge im having trouble finding any forms or online location for the online class just trying to see if am qualified or how i can go if anyone has any information please DM
Link to Comment Chain
Hey y’all, this isn’t related to joining but I dunno if it merits its own post. I need to obtain ASUs in the next two weeks; what’s the cheapest + fastest way to get a set in that time?
I am not near a post but I can make a day trip to one, if that helps.
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If you have a slot for a mobilization in a different MOS than your primary and don't go to re-class for it, will it be awarded after the mobilization is over?
Link to Comment Chain
Currently deployed, being sent home for NCOES. Is there a regulation on how many days prior to my report date I should be sent back stateside?
I’ve heard rumors of a 30 day window, I’m not getting a flight till about 2 weeks prior. I’m fine with that if that’s how it has to be, but I’ll have to do reintegration and figure out my TDY shit within that time. I’m not finding anything on google about this.
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I graduated a few years ago with a bachelor's in chem and minor in math. My interests have been research and development, but I also tend to really like technical, hands-on work that involves troubleshooting and instrumentation. Nuclear and radiological fields are also of interest.
Can someone perhaps suggest some other roles that may be applicable? I know very little about the military, so if you know of roles outside of this branch that may also apply I would be interested in hearing about those as well.
Link to Comment Chain
So I'm not fat, I'm a skinny build but I do have some flabs and a pretty soft stomach. Haven't gone to a gym seriously in over a year and a half. What's a good routine to follow to get back in top shape for BCT? Should I just stick solely with the PFT requirements? (Push-ups, sit-ups, and distance-cardio only) Or should I include some weight-lifting in the process as well?
Link to Comment Chain
Regarding promotion to E-3 out of BCT with 2,100 hours in trade/vocational training. I'm in the process of graduating from my medical assisting program, and am thinking about enlisting. I will of met the hour requirements upon graduation, but has anyone received promotion this way? I have yet to ask a recruiter about this, I'm still waiting for him to get back to me. until then any info? Specifically what programs are applicable and how I would find this information. I go to a federal program run by the department of labor, so I assume I'm golden but I'm not sure. Google searches are getting me everywhere but to the information I'm looking for. Thanks!
Link to Comment Chain
Interested in commissioning, does anyone know if a past visit to BH years ago is disqualifying?
Also, does anyone know if rosacea is a DQ?
Link to Comment Chain
Gotcha. Thanks man! I'll follow up with my recruiter and get the details.
Link to Comment Chain
I'm planning on trying to commission by the end of the year. I have some weight to drop still, but when I get down to weight I want to make sure I am ready to go.
What records should I be working on collecting now? For example, I went to the ER last year for a work related injury. I ended up having to do 3ish weeks of physical therapy but I'm fully healed now. Should I get all those records or will they not need them?
What about when I broke my hand when I was 16? I'm 30 now and have had no issues with it.
Do I need letters of recommendation? If so, how many?
Basically I'm just curious what I should be doing (other than PT) to prepare myself to meet with a recruiter when I'm ready.
Link to Comment Chain
I'm an 88L. My Mos is has too many people in it. So they are taking volunteers and pushing them into other Mos'. If there are not enough people volunteering they may take people anyways. That's what all my NCOs in my unit are saying.
So, I don't like gambling with my job. I like being an 88L. But, its either I choose an Mos I like or there is a small chance I'm forced to change. I've not been at my unit for over a year.
So, my question is: I'm thinking about 25D as an Mos. There's an almost 30000 bonus if you have more than 3 years on your contact going into it. I qualify. I'd get a promotion if I pass the AIT. Is 25D good? Should I just stay as an 88L even with the small risk off being reclassed forcibly? I heard the schooling for 25D is hard. But so was 88L and I passed that.
Any general advice or info would be nice.
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My dad recently went to Ft. Campbell and was talked up about 11B getting insane bonuses, so now he wants me to enlist as 11B. Is there any truth to this? He thinks I'm gonna get $20-30,000 cash upon signing, but I kind of doubt it being that ludacris.
Link to Comment Chain
So I'm in Italy and am on a 2 year tour, I was interested in extending for year and 7 months to my ETS. I had a change of heart, but am wondering if I am stuck here now. I haven't signed the 4187 or FSTE. Do they need my signature to extend me?
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Hello All,
I'm seeking to figure out, can I enlist in the Army as a Counterintelligence Agent? I'm honestly pretty confused by what and my local recruiter say about it.
For context, I'm going to graduate with a BA soon, and I'm pretty confident about scoring high on the ASVAB (based on my practice with the recruiter) and I think I'll be a go for the clearance.
Any advice on this, or about being a 35L in general, would be appreciated.
Link to Comment Chain
I want to check what unit I’m going to using UIC, is that public info or do I need a DODComputenetwork?
Link to Comment Chain
I'm going to see my recruiter tomorrow and i want to be a 19 kilo m1 crewmen but i have had multiple surgery when I was born but I have never broken anything and am phisicaly fine and able to do daily task and,have no underlying problems other then i have no bellybutton and have a large scar i had what is called,an omphalacele and everything is fine now so im hopeing I'm good to go my biggest concern is the medical everything else i can studay and work out but its medical somthing i cant controls that worries me . please if any one knows what my chances are please help and cheer me up im stressed .... This has been my dream for years and i have always been told i cant do this or that and,i just want to serve my country and work with an amazing team in these big metal beasts.. Olease if anyone has any tips let me know thanks...
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How do I ruck faster? Did my first 12 mile in 2:40 with 50 sumn lbs and I've been doing 3 miles lately with 75+ holding a 15ish minute pace(walk no run) If I just go out there with 35 or 45 (trying to prepare for ranger, maybe someday) what can I do to just ya know walk faster? I have a civilian Osprey bag with about 28lbs or so dry and I can run a ways with that on but that's not heavy enough for standard I just like using that bag in my freetime. But as far as just walking faster I dont feel like I can, what's a good tip? I already ruck and run I know the pole trick but how do I walk faster between running?
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I see a lot of talk about sending more troops to various places in the news. Is this having any real impact on deployments right now?
Link to Comment Chain
Question about joining.
So I started the whole process with National Guard and when the packet was done I told my recruiter I wanted to switch to Army Active Duty. I'm guessing he would switche my packet over and he told me somebody else he knew would be taking care of the process. He was genuinely cool about it and I talked with him the other day about it. The recruiter he's sending me to has yet to even contact me and it's been a month. I still have 3 new papers to sign and havent been to MEPS. I'm wondering if I should just tell him I want to talk to another recruiter or I should keep waiting? Thanks in advance.
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Are you allowed to take OTC medication out in the field and on deployment? Obviously taking it in boot camp wouldn't be allowed. I have a skin condition that requires me to take hydrocortisone cream once daily. Without it I can get bad flareups.
I can tolerate the symptoms, but I get red rashes on my face that itch like crazy. Would I get pulled out of bootcamp, or would they allow me to suck it up and graduate?
Link to Comment Chain
If I have an rfo can I still try and drop my refrad?
Link to Comment Chain
Anyone knows anything about AC/RC? career counselor said it was a good gig, tried researching but all it says is that I'll be doing the planning for Reserve components as an active duty soldier. Anyone has any feedback? anything helps
Link to Comment Chain
Trying to get an airborne slot while in AIT. Like a retard, I believed everyone that said "don't worry, you can get it in ait, they always need intel." Looking at HRC it appears I can send a packet to my branch G1 with a 4187 and airborne physical through ATRRS. Where is ATRRS? I can't find it anywhere. Should I ask the airborne POC directly?
Link to Comment Chain
I’m in AIT currently for 91f (small arms repaiartillery repair) I’m a reservist, and know I’ll be stationed at Fort Knox 11th aviation. I was wondering what kind of weapons I’ll mostly get to work with, and what kind of gear will I actually be issued? I also have a 275 pt score, what kind of extra schools could this MOS or my pt score get me as a reservist? I also know that in some units 91f is able to go to the front lines in deployments. How likely would it be for me to get that opportunity, given I’m in an aviation unit?
Link to Comment Chain
So about 5 years ago I started the process of enlisting in the Army. I would have been able to enlist as an E3, and was trying for 12r. My father's health ended up going down hill extremely fast so I put that idea on the back burner. It was a good thing I did because he passed away a few months later. My life got a little crazy after that and I never had a chance to entertain the idea of enlisting again.
So here we are now. I'm now 29, happily married for 3 years with 3 kids under 3 years old. We own a house with 12ac and a small, somewhat successful, sheep ranch. I'm an ASE Master Technician and own my own automotive repair business which is starting to pick up steam and actually be profitable.
Yet despite all of that, I really regret never enlisting, and am starting to get the urge to do so again before I'm too old.
My wife and I discussed the idea of going into the National Guard last night, and she said she would be ok with that, as long as we didn't have to move around. The time away for BCT and AIT would be difficult, but after that we agreed it wouldn't be too bad, until a deployment anyhow. My state is in need of several decent MOS that have $20k bonuses. Plus, I have about 13K in student loans that would be nice to have paid with the SLRP.
Honestly though, I kind of want to go active duty. See the world some. Experience all the bullshit and fuck-fuck games. I may also eligible to go 25S, $40k bonus.
Link to Comment Chain
What MOS translates into the most money in the civilian world?
Link to Comment Chain
My post got removed for some type of violation. Hope this is the right spot to post. Hello everybody, i've got an issue with my asvab line scores. I took the Asvab twice, many years ago. The second time i took it i received higher scores, that is also the time i enlisted. For some reason my ERB is showing the scores from the first time i took the test. Anybody have any idea on who i would contact to get this issue fixed? I asked around in my company, but no one was able to figure it out. Thanks.
Link to Comment Chain
Hi guys, I had a question for my friend who doesn't have a reddit account:
She's a college graduate studying to go to law school and is interested in going to JAG route through the Army or Air Force. However she isn't sure if she would work her entire law career in the military and she was wondering how the transition from military to corporate law firms are because from what she's read so far, corporate firms prefer to hire fresh graduates. She wants to talk to an OSO about all this as well but is worried she'll get baised answers and wants to see if anyone has similar experiences or advice they'd like to share.
TLDR: Do JAGs do well transitioning from the military to corporate/outside jobs?
Link to Comment Chain
So this morning, my recruiter looked at the available MOS's and the list is so sad. lol No 36b or 25b. I understand that all the recent grads from May likely took all the jobs, but does anyone which months are best for availability?
Link to Comment Chain
Hello all, I am an enlisted future soldier and I ship off to basic next week! I am very nervous and feel like I’m not physically ready even though I have been training for the last month. I am shipping off to FLW for OSUT, so I was wondering if anyone has any advice? I know it’s gonna be hot as hell, that’s for sure. Thank you.
Link to Comment Chain
Is there a rule about running shirtless on post? I assume it's in the post/div standards document, but I just pcs'd and don't have internet yet. I also assume it's pretty standard across the country. Anyone looked it up before?
Link to Comment Chain
What compelled you to sign up to defend Israel and Exxon abroad?
Link to Comment Chain
So my question is this, I enlisted with the Gaurd back in February. Now, I haven't been in long, but it seems like swearing is the defacto way to speak. So, needless to say, fuck yeah. Me and my drill buddies start swearing, drill Sargeants are swearing along with us. All is good. However. I recently came to learn, some Sargeants don't take kindly to swearing. I had to take a few laps and do some push ups. What are some ways of knowing who is and isn't cool with the occasional F-bomb?
Link to Comment Chain
I'm currently in DEP waiting to ship to basic in August, I was just wondering if I'm eligible for military discounts or not? I was planning on switching my phone company and the one I'm switching to offers a discount.
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2020.07.09 23:25 NamNguyen56 America lost during the "reign" of President Barack Obama

America lost during the

America lost during the "reign" of President Barack Obama In 2008, a young senator from Illinois (USA) attracted the most diverse constituency in American history. With great speech skills, Barack Obama persuaded American voters who were tired after nearly a decade of war adventure, now excited with such words as "recovery, unity and change". In 2016, ending the eight-year term, Barack Obama became the most polarized president in American history. Obama's legacy reflects his vision and actions as well as that of the Democratic Party. In 2008, his campaign slogan was "Change - We can believe in" (Change - We believe in that). Indeed, Barack Obama has changed America and in many ways, he succeeded ... If a person is a traditionalist and has faith, he will not be pleased with the decisions that President Barack Obama has made, for example, he supports abortion and homosexuality, and vice versa. . But regardless of the school, all must admit that Barack Obama has turned the great United States into divided, debilitated and old. So what happened during the two terms of President Barack Obama? Road to the top of power Journeying from Columbia University to the position of Editor of Harvard Law Magazine and temporarily content as a lecturer at the University of Chicago, Obama only wanders with academic publications and theoretical papers. In his political records, the most outstanding thing besides his racial identity is just two autobiographies, the same position of the young Senator in Illinois. Journeying from Columbia University to the position of Editor of Harvard Law Magazine and temporarily content as a lecturer at the University of Chicago, Obama only wanders with academic publications and theoretical papers. (Video snapshot) Click image for larger version Name: Snap28.jpg Views: 0 Size: 58.5 KB ID: 1615676
However, on this "novelty" basis, the United States did a "gamble" with Barack Obama instead of choosing experienced Senator John McCain, and US voters were yearning for a "change." After getting tired of the Republican president who led the United States into the war on terror. Barack Obama is the ideal model for that change: Young, Colored and partisan with predecessor George W. Bush. An America that yearns for innovation and the election of the young black senator may have partly reflected the "opinion" of the United States at the time, that putting a minority in a position of power The highest will create racial progress and social equality. In addition to the dynamic youth, Barack Obama also shows many qualities of a talented, persuasive speaker that moves people. Outstanding rhetoric, great punctuation, powerful voice full of emotion and perfect body language make anyone who likes or dislike Obama to remember him as one of the speakers the best. In addition, the United States has seen the failure of African American presidential candidates. And Barack Obama is the first person who seems to have the temperament and sharp intuition to inspire the public naturally smoothly, without resorting to ethnic "political" tricks like Jesse Jackson, Carol Moseley Braun and Al Sharpton have worked in the past.
Click image for larger version Name: Snap29.jpg Views: 0 Size: 66.9 KB ID: 1615677 Barack Obama is the person who seems to have the temperament and intuition intuitively, to inspire the public naturally, without resorting to ethnic "political" tricks. (Photo: Getty) The United States has finally found an African leader committed to a "progressive" vision of post-racialism. The American people were so fascinated with Obama that they even overlooked a character who once influenced the "inspiration" of Barack Obama. It was Jeremiah Wright - both a pastor and a longtime friend of Obama, but a character with a deep hatred of America. Jeremiah Wright - both a pastor and a longtime friend of Obama, but a character with a deep hatred of America. (Image: Getty)
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In the 2008 presidential election, Barack Obama once said: "It is time to turn to a new page, leaving behind the arrogance of Washington and anti-Americanism in the region that has hindered progress." After 8 years in power, President Barack Obama's legacy has become an unforgettable "highlight" of the United States. The deepest racial split In 2008, Barack Obama won a landslide victory with overwhelming African-American voting rates and became the first black president in American history as a sign for see this country overcoming race issues. 8 years later, the opposite happened. In 2016, when Obama left the White House, the United States was unbelievably racially divided. In a July 2016 poll, nearly 70% of Americans agreed that racial relations had worsened - an unprecedentedly high rate since the Rodney King riots in 1992. In the years at his post, the Obama administration has done nothing to improve the lives of African-Americans, other than appointing a few to prominent cabinet positions. This is not much different from the predecessors in both Republicans and Democrats. Under Obama, economic indicators show that things have gone wrong: The gap between rich and poor has increased significantly between blacks and whites since 1989; poverty rates among black children hit a record; racial gap widens at university level; and blacks lost their foothold in key economic sectors. Under Barack Obama, racism was not but not overcome, on the contrary, the division between ethnic groups was more severe. In 2015, the number of black people shot by US police killed 1134. (Image: Wikipedia / CC BY-SA 2.0) Identity "mysterious" Click image for larger version Name: Snap31.jpg Views: 0 Size: 118.3 KB ID: 1615679
Since Barack Obama ran for office until the end of his first term, many people have questioned the true identity of the President. In March 2011, billionaire Donald Trump called on President Obama to announce a birth certificate to the American public, and he even published his birth certificate to persuade Obama to follow suit. Donald Trump once said: "It is unbelievable that after four years of questioning, the President still cannot get his birth certificate." In April 2011, under pressure of public opinion, the White House announced President Obama's birth certificate amid suspicions that he was not born in the United States, thus ineligible to be president. In March 2016, Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County (Arizona) announced the results of a five-year investigation into the origin of Obama's birth certificate. Forensic evidence concludes that President Obama's birth certificate, published on the White House website on April 27, 2011, is fake. Many doubts surrounding Obama's true identity. Investigators said the birth certificate published on the White House website was fake. (Photo: Getty) Joe Arpaio's investigation team consists of investigator Mike Zullo and volunteers who used to work for law enforcement, thanks to doctors, researchers and experts in 4 laboratories. different.
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On December 6, 2016, Sheriff Joe Arpaio held a press conference broadcast live on Fox 10 to discuss the findings of the investigation team. They found nine fake spots were copied from a birth certificate belonging to a citizen named Johanna Ah 'Nee, and then faked them electronically, including: City of birth, Island of birth, Place of residence Mother's residence, Date stamped birth certificate ... In which, both certificates of birth originated from Hawaii, were born in 1961, and birthdays are only 16 days apart. In order to make the survey accurate and transparent, the team transferred the birth certificate to two experts on two different continents (Hawaii and Italy), both scientists giving the same results, leading to the same result. up to 9 fake points. Reid Hayes, a member of the Scientific Council of Forensic Examiners, and a handwritten investigator with 40 years of experience, reached the same conclusion. Surprisingly, the US media restricted this information. If Barack Obama is not born in the United States, he is not eligible to be President. And if this is verified and published, then this will be the biggest scandal in US political history. However, mainstream media is limited to reporting on this. (Photo: 302ND Airlift Wing) Won the Nobel Peace Prize but ordered the most bombs Click image for larger version Name: Snap33.jpg Views: 0 Size: 70.8 KB ID: 1615681
The fact that President Barack Obama was awarded the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize less than 9 months after taking office, surprised not only the people of the world but also the owner of the award because Obama had not done anything to worthy of this award. Perhaps when selecting Obama, the Nobel Committee expected him to bring peace "hope" to humanity. By the time Barack Obama received the Nobel Peace Prize, the Los Angeles Time wrote about "honor and paradox": "The economy has caused millions of suffering. The mood of the country is depressed - many people think the country is going astray - the good news is hard to find. Unemployment is still double digits although the momentum of job loss has decreased. ” In fact, during his two terms as President, Barack Obama was painted by the left-wing media and Democratic Party "experts" as a reluctant warrior, but he was actually is a belligerent. Ironically for the owner of the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize when Obama was the one who dropped more bombs than the "war" President George W Bush. Looking back at Obama's legacy, Micah Zenko - a political scientist at the U.S. Council on Foreign Relations, revealed incredible data: In 2016 alone, the Obama administration dropped 26,171 bombs. That means that on average Obama orders 3 bombs per hour, the equivalent of dropping 72 bombs a day. Obama also authorizes drone attacks 10 times more than President Bush.
Click image for larger version Name: Snap34.jpg Views: 0 Size: 87.4 KB ID: 1615682 In 2016 alone, the Obama administration dropped 26,171 bombs. That means that on average Obama orders 3 bombs per hour, the equivalent of dropping 72 bombs a day. (Photo: Getty) In 2015, in his memoirs, Nobel Peace Prize Secretary Geir Lundestad said he regretted giving this prestigious award to Barack Obama because he did not "respond." and expectations and expectations ”set out by the Committee. Promoting global geopolitical instability, worsening the image of the United States Despite reducing the number of US troops on the battlefields of Afghanistan and Iraq, Obama continues to send troops to dead zones such as Somalia, Libya and Syria also significantly expanded its air wars and used special forces around the globe. In the final year of the 2016 term, US observers noted that US forces were in 138 countries. Although this figure has decreased by 6% compared to 2015, 2016 is still in the higher group if compared with 2010 (75 countries), 2011 (120 countries), 2013 (134 countries). and 2014 (135 countries) before peaking in 2015 at 147 countries. Despite these numbers, the US military, under the command of Commander-in-Chief Obama, has suffered major strategic defeats in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya. In Iran, the Obama administration "shook hands" with the authoritarian government by signing the Iran Nuclear Agreement, which wasted billions of dollars of American tax on the Iranian government, but did not stop the ambition. Iran's possession of nuclear weapons, but also as a "helping hand" to increase funding for terrorist activities in the Middle East and beyond. Despite expanding its global presence, US troops under the command of Commander-in-Chief Obama still suffer major strategic failures in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya. (Image: Getty)
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In Syria, President Obama humiliated the United States when it showed weakness to failure. In 2013, Obama set a red line for the warring parties and threatened that any party using chemical weapons would be punished by the US. Despite the fact that dictator Bashar al-Assad has crossed the red line that Obama has warned, by using chemical weapons against civilians, the president with the strongest military in the world has avoided involvement. by deciding not to launch missile attacks to punish Syria. Postpone the Syrian air strike at the last minute, Obama feebly decided to "push" the issue to the US Congress decision, which was "indifferent" to his proposals for 8 years. A few days later, Obama "relied" on Russian leader Vladimir Putin to persuade Syria to eliminate chemical weapons with a signed agreement, hoping "naively" that the Assad dictator would be willing to give up. His strongest murder weapon. This "cautiousness" of Obama led many innocent civilians in Syria to be later killed, and observers around the world have called Obama the President to avoid. Obama has shirked his responsibility to protect civilians from the regime's war crimes, and has left more room for Russia to intervene in the conflict in Syria.
Click image for larger version Name: Snap36.jpg Views: 0 Size: 60.8 KB ID: 1615684 In Syria, President Obama humiliated the United States when it showed weakness to failure. Obama's act of evasion led to the deaths of many innocent civilians in Syria, and strong criticism among observers around the world. (Photo of video) With the weakness of the head of the United States who failed to stop the Assad dictatorship (resulting in over half a million deaths and the biggest refugee crisis of the century), Barack Obama was "Helping" Russia under Putin to become more assertive in the illegal merger of Ukraine's Crimea peninsula (2014), promoting an increasingly fierce China in Asia-Pacific Yang, at the same time, he also turned the mighty US military force into a paper tiger. This is a stigma in the inherently "terrible" legacy of President Obama and observers that, during 8 years in power, Obama has led US troops to fight on many fronts, but the result is only are: Terrorism is increasingly widespread and the Middle East is increasingly devastated by chaos, more deeply divided with the Syrian civil war and sectarian war in Iraq. As a presidential candidate, Obama pledged to end the wars of his predecessor George W Bush. But when Obama left the White House, he was the president whose "achievement" lasted more wars than any president in American history. Click image for larger version Name: Snap37.jpg Views: 0 Size: 73.4 KB ID: 1615687
The day he left office, Barack Obama left President Donald Trump with a deeply divided US with a weak economy and a chaotic world filled with terrorism. (Photo: Getty) Abuse of the most executive power in history In the eight years of Obama's rule, the US Congress is more divided than ever. Members of the Republican Party were dissatisfied with Obama's weak externalist agenda, along with high domestic tax collection policies, increased spending, focused power on the government ... The last years of Obama's tenure, the United States had to witness a wave of mergers and acquisitions in 2015, and in 2016 nearly every sector of the economy, from pharmaceuticals to telecommunications, from From Internet platforms to aviation, power was concentrated in the hands of the government. These policies of Obama have led to soaring inequality, most jobs created only temporarily or part time, leading to economic recession. While elites enjoy preferential policies "given" by the government, Democratic leaders abandon the people, make Americans poorer and live longer. decrease. Therefore, members of the Republican Party set up the "Tea Party" (Tea Party) paralyzing "Obama Congress." The Tea Party routinely blocked bills it deemed illogical, weakening the United States, thus leading to policy congestion in Congress. Under Obama, the government 'reached out' to acquire nearly every sector of the economy that created social inequality. Most jobs are created only temporarily or part time, leading to economic recession. (Photo: Getty) Of course President Obama did not sit still "bear the battle" declared: "I have a pen and I have a phone!", Implying that he does not need Congress and the use of executive power solutions to "bogged down" issues in Congress. Click image for larger version Name: Snap38.jpg Views: 0 Size: 88.9 KB ID: 1615688
President Obama has begun to sign an unprecedented number of executive orders and challenges the National Assembly to stop him. Obama also ordered federal agencies to issue a record number of regulations without the need for legislation. He also chose to ignore, not to do things that he disagreed with, such as the Marriage Protection Act, in which clause 3 contained content that did not recognize gay marriage. With Obama's active support, the US became one of the first countries to introduce laws to protect the rights of same-sex marriage when the US Supreme Court rejected this clause 3. Instead of seeking support in Congress, President Obama used the executive power to arbitrarily sign the Iran Nuclear Agreement, Climate Agreement in Paris ..., which led House Speaker John Boehner of the Communist Party. reconciled fierce reaction and threatened to sue Obama for abusing executive power. Here are a few of Obama's fiercely controversial policies: President Obama declared, "I have a pen and I have a phone!", Implying he doesn't need Congress. and using its executive power to solve "bogged down" issues in Congress. (Image: Getty) • National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA):
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One of Obama's most shocking events when he abused his executive power was that on December 31, 2012, he signed the NDAA to allow the detention of US citizens indefinitely without charges or trials. This new law is completely authoritarian and unconstitutional. In particular, the Obama administration broke at least two amendments from the Bill on Human Rights. The Fourth Amendment states that everyone has the right to be safe and not arbitrarily arrested unless a warrant based on probable cause, while the 6th Amendment guarantees the right to be tried quickly. • Obamacare - Compulsory Health Insurance: The famous Act, called the President, caused the most controversy, but it was passed by the National Assembly controlled by the Democratic Party (2009). Republican lawmakers have called Obamacare "the most dangerous law ever passed" and was written in secret by Democrats in a secret that almost no Republican member knew. . Its real name is ACA (Affordable Care Act), which states that Americans who can afford to buy insurance from a provider will have to pay a higher fee to help pay for the benefits given to them. people who buy insurance from government-controlled markets. This policy of the Democratic Party proved the government's intervention, and contrary to the views of the Republican Party members who always believed that the government should be streamlined and less intervention. Click image for larger version Name: Snap40.jpg Views: 0 Size: 79.0 KB ID: 1615690
This policy of the Democratic Party proved the government's intervention, and contrary to the views of the Republican Party members who always believed that the government should be streamlined and less intervention. (Image: Getty) Obamacare's highlight is a personal provision - requiring all US citizens to have health insurance, either through ACA or another source, otherwise face penalties. Strict tax. Therefore, the Republican Party also called the law "having a destructive effect on human and personal freedoms like the Abandoned Slave Handling Act" and has pushed more than 60 voting sessions in Congress. to cancel but failed. • Fast and Furious scandal campaign In this scandal, with the help of Justice Secretary Eric Holder, the Obama administration allowed gun smuggling without supervision with the goal of tracking those weapons at Crime scene in Mexico. However, about 2,000 rifles in the Fast and Furious campaign lost their "footprint" and fell to Mexican drug cartels. On December 14, 2010, two of those guns were found at the scene of the murder of US Border Patrol Brian Terry. But when Congress investigated the Fast and Furious campaign, Attorney General Eric refused to provide documents. President Obama used executive privilege to "help" the US Department of Justice to retain those documents.
Click image for larger version Name: Snap41.jpg Views: 0 Size: 52.7 KB ID: 1615691 Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz as a witness reports on the failures in Operation Fast and Furious. (Image: Getty) A few hours after Obama exercised his privileges, the House of Representatives Commission on Government Reform and Reform (controlled by the Republican Party) voted to condemn Justice Attorney General Eric Holder "to contempt." often ”the National Assembly refused to hand over documents related to the campaign. • Signing an ordinance to allow homosexuals to serve in the military On July 22, 2011, President Obama and Defense Secretary Leon Panetta issued an order to end the Don't Ask, Don't Talk policy. , Do not say) prohibit homosexuals from serving in the military. In 2014, Obama signed Ordinance 13672 to fight homosexual discrimination in federal government contractors. In June 2016, Defense Secretary Ashton Carter issued a directive ordering military services to accept transgender personnel. By this decree, President Obama fundamentally changes the quality of US military forces. In 1968, in the United States, homosexuality was listed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) as a mental disorder. Paul R. McHugh, a former psychiatrist at Johns Hopkins Hospital, declares that transgender disease is a mental disorder that requires treatment and should not be served in the military. Although transgender people are not mentally and physically qualified to meet their military service, the Obama administration has strongly supported this policy. With Obama's active support, the United States became one of the first countries to introduce laws to protect the rights of gay marriage, while also allowing gay people to join the military. Photo: The White House shows its support for homosexuals in Washington on June 26, 2015. (Source: Getty) • "Give away" American Internet invention Click image for larger version Name: Snap42.jpg Views: 0 Size: 81.2 KB ID: 1615692
The Internet is an American invention and the United States has shared this platform with the world. American free values ​​created the Internet and allowed it to thrive. In less than a quarter of a century, the Internet has transformed the world, changed the way we do business, and created wealth for many. The Internet has also been the best tool to promote freedom since the printing press. However, President Obama "disliked" the US control of the Internet by issuing policies on Internet neutrality in the last two years of his term. In November 2014, Obama asked the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to reclassify broadband Internet service as a telecommunications service, banning Internet service providers (ISPs) from being privileged. for different types of Internet traffic. This policy is considered unfair to American telecommunications corporations, hindering investment and innovation in the field. • DACA and DAPA Act During his 2012 re-election campaign, President Obama directed the Department of Homeland Security to issue work permits and residences for illegal immigrants in the Deferred Action program for Child Immigrant Children (DACA). Later, in November 2014, Obama issued a series of executive orders for the DAPA Deferral Act (DAPA) policy despite opposition from Congress. Republican Senator John McCain said: "Congress is responsible for responding and responding to his illegal actions (Obama)." Republican Senator John McCain said: "Congress is responsible for responding and responding to his illegal actions (Obama). " (Image: Getty) Click image for larger version Name: Snap43.jpg Views: 0 Size: 63.5 KB ID: 1615693
And there are many "missions" that President Obama does not "ignore" in Congress, arbitrarily deciding including the Iran Nuclear Agreement, the Paris Climate Change Agreement, the Dodd-Frank Act (Reform). Wall Street Finance and Consumer Protection), Choke Point Campaign (an illegal program to eliminate legitimate businesses that sell guns and ammunition) ... Self-position as a "ruler" " some lawyers said that the Obama administration is" illegal "in the history of the United States to abuse executive power most. The 44th president of the United States considered himself above the law, ignoring the legal limits of the executive branch and disrespecting constitutional limits such as the federal government and the division of power. Tragically for America, in the Oval Office, Obama continued to extend self-determination in various fields, from criminal procedures, religious freedom, property rights, immigration, securities regulation. , tax laws up until the division of powers. Obama abused his executive power without exception to asserting federal power, allowing the executive branch to do whatever he wanted without regard to the constitution. Obama abused his executive power without exception to asserting federal power, allowing the executive branch to do whatever he wanted without regard to the constitution. (Image: Getty)
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The way President Obama "rules" the country has dragged his government into partisan politics, and turned his office supposed to be public service policy, it was moved to serve. for his own personal agenda. This "authoritarian" of Obama contradicts the basic values ​​of the United States. As Judge Anthony M. Kennedy in the US Supreme Court wrote: “Federalism protects an individual's freedom from authoritarian power. When the government acts beyond its legal authority, that freedom is threatened. ” However, not all of Obama's "circumvention" policies are fully "manipulated," as they sometimes fall into the hands of the Supreme Court and are invalidated. lost in cases in the U.S. Supreme Court higher than any president in history, with a win rate of only 45% while President George W. Bush is 60%, President Ronald Reagan 75% During Obama's eight-year term, Obama's policies were only passed by Democratic votes, despite opposition from the Republican Party and ignoring bipartisan consensus. abusing executive power to pass one-sided decisions, and self-pitying when the legacy of Obama is wearing a hat in turn under President Donald Trump. Click image for larger version Name: Snap45.jpg Views: 0 Size: 62.6 KB ID: 1615695
The president abused his executive power to pass one-sided decisions, and self-pityed when the legacy of Obama was wearing hats in turn under President Donald Trump. (Photo: Getty) The lavish president and the wealth doubled When Barack Obama and his family enjoyed the eighth and final holiday as President in Hawaii, this trip was worth more ... 3 , 5 million dollars. The Judicial Watch, which received information from the US Secret Service and the Air Force through a separate Freedom of Information Act, has revealed an unprecedentedly large sum of money: nearly $ 100 million ($ 96,938,8882.51 to be exact) spent on vacation trips by President Obama and his family for 8 years. In a press release, Chairman of Judicial Supervisory Organization Tom Fitton said: "Obama's notorious abuse of the President's travel privileges wasted military resources," which reminded even unnecessary vacations. President Tom Fitton mentioned that Obama abused an unnecessary trip to raise money for Hillary Clinton (July 2016) in North Carolina, and "enlisted" to enjoy a luxury vacation worth $ 360,236. This is very contradictory when, in 2008, Senator Barack Obama vowed to give up vacations if he was elected president, and completely focused on national affairs. In 2008, Senator Barack Obama once vowed to give up vacations if he was elected president, and completely focused on national affairs. (Image: Getty)
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President Barack Obama is famous for giving a good speech, but words do not go hand in hand with work. While he supported the Paris Agreement on Climate Change, pledging to cut emissions, Secret Service records revealed that he had a flight to Florida Everglades on Earth Day (April 22 / 2015) to speak of global warming. The trip costed more than US $ 1 million in taxes, of which the cost of the Air Force alone amounted to nearly US $ 150,000. While his predecessor, George W. Bush, often saved his taxes by returning to his ranch in Crawford, Texas, successor President Donald Trump often went to Mar- A-Lago in Palm Beach (Florida) or at the family's Bedminster golf club in New Jersey. Since leaving the White House, former President Obama and his family often go on vacation in luxury places in Europe. In 2009, when entering the White House, the Obama couple only "mere" 1.3 million. In 2017, when they left the White House, they "accumulated" 30 times the amount after 8 years of Barack Obama as President.
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あなたは私のことを何と言ったの?私がネイビーシールズでクラスのトップを卒業したことを知ってもらいます。アルクエダで数々の秘密の襲撃に関与しており、300人以上の殺害が確認されています。私はゴリラ戦の訓練を受けており、全米軍の中で最高の狙撃兵です。あなたは私には何の役にも立たず、ただの別のターゲットです。この地球上でこれまで見られなかったような正確さで性交を一掃します、私のクソ言葉をマークします。あなたはインターネットで私にそのたわごとを言うことで逃げることができると思いますか?もう一度考えて、ファッカー。私たちが話している間、私はアメリカ中のスパイの秘密のネットワークに連絡しており、あなたのipは現在追跡されているので、嵐、うじ虫の準備をよりよくすることができます。あなたが人生と呼ぶ哀れな小さなことを一掃する嵐。お前は死んだぞ私はどこにでも、いつでもいることができ、700以上の方法であなたを殺すことができます。それは私の素手だけです。私は非武装戦闘で広範囲に訓練されているだけでなく、私は米国海兵隊の兵器全体にアクセスでき、大陸の顔からあなたの惨めなお尻を拭き取るためにそれを最大限に使用します、あなたはちょっとくそ。もしあなただけが、あなたの小さな「賢い」コメントがあなたに降りかけようとしている不誠実な報復が何であるかを知ることができたなら、たぶんあなたはあなたのクソ舌を握っていただろう。しかし、あなたはできなかったし、そうしなかったし、今やあなたは代価を払っているのだ。私はあなたのいたるところに激怒し、あなたはそれに溺れます。お前は死んだぞ、キッド️️ ️ ️although ️‍ ️‍️ ️‍️‍️‍ ️⃣ ️️ ️️️ � 𝓼𝓱𝓾𝓽 𝓾𝓹
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2020.02.18 01:12 jonisantucho Oscars 2021: An inside look (like, really inside) to 50 possible contenders in the next awards race

Another Oscar ceremony happened, and we got our fair share of joy and disappointment. After Parasite surprised the world and took Best Picture, it seems like the game has changed for the awards race, now that non-English speaking films can actually fight and be recognized as well as classics as… Green Book. The Oscar race is still full of pain and glory, and even though the year has barely started, we have a bunch of movies that are fighting for air. And here’s 50 of them. Yes, I had some free time in my hands and this is a cool hobby, so I took the liberty to introduce most of the movies that will have Film Twitter entertained for the following 12 months. I say most, because there are always contenders who come out of nowhere later in the year, so this is the starter set. Here we go.
-Annette: Since Parasite’s road to the Oscars started at Cannes, it seems fair to talk about a movie that is circling a premiere in the world stage that is set in France. After delivering weird, indie classics like Mauvais Sang and Holy Motors (yes, the kind of movies that make you seem like a snob when you recommend them to people), Leos Carax is making his first movie spoken in the English language… and it has a musical screenplay written by the cult rock duo of Sparks. Recently robbed Adam Driver and previous Oscar winner Marion Cotillard sing in this tale of a stand-up comedian and a famous soprano singer who rise and fall in Los Angeles while their daughter is born with a special gift. It seems like a wild bet, but we already know that Carax is a master with musical moments, so this is one of the most intriguing question marks of the year.
-Ammonite: It’s time to talk narratives. On the one hand, we have Kate Winslet, a known name who hasn’t been very successful in the Oscar race since her Oscar win for The Reader over a decade ago (with the exception being her supporting performance in Steve Jobs, where she had a weird accent). On the other, we have Saoirse Ronan, a star on the rise who keeps collecting Oscar nominations, with 4 nods at the age of 25, including her fresh Best Actress loss for Little Women. What happens if we put them together in a drama set in the coasts of England during the 19th century where both of them fall for each other? That’s gonna be a winning formula if writedirector Francis Lee (who tackled queer romance in his acclaimed debut God’s Own Country) nails the Mary Anning story, and Neon (the distribution company founded three years ago that took Parasite to victory) is betting on it.
-Benedetta: We know the Paul Verhoeven story. After isolating himself from Hollywood for over a decade, he took Isabelle Huppert to an Oscar nominated performance with the controversial, sexy, dark and funny thriller Elle. Now, he’s back with another story that perks up the ears, because now he’s covering the life of Benedetta Carlini, a 17th-century lesbian nun who had religious and erotic visions. If you know Paul, you already can tell that this fits into his brand of horniness, and a possible Cannes premiere could tell us if this has something to carry itself to Oscar night.
-Blonde: With a short but impactful directorial credits list that takes us from Chopper, to The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford to Killing Them Softly, Andrew Dominik is back with a film about Marilyn Monroe, a woman who has transcended the ideas of fame and stardom, in ways that are glamorous and nightmarish at the same time. After failing to launch with Naomi Watts or Jessica Chastain,the rising Ana de Armas takes the lead in the retelling of Monroe’s troubled life based on Joyce Carol Oates’ novel, which is said to be covered in the screenplay as somewhat of a horror movie. We don’t know what that means yet, but Netflix is gonna push hard for this one, especially considering how the Academy loves throwing awards to stars playing previous stars, and that also can possibly include co-stars Bobby Cannavale and Adrien Brody.
-Breaking News in Yuba County: While he hasn’t gone back to the heights of his success achieved by the box office and award success of The Help (a movie that did not age well), Tate Taylor is still enjoying himself economically due to recent thrillers like The Girl on the Train and Ma. For his next movie, he’s made a dramedy that once again reunites him with Oscar winner Allison Janney, where she plays a woman who has to keep appearances and a hidden body when she catches her husband cheating on her, and then he dies of a heart attack. With a cast that also includes Mila Kunis, Regina Hall, Awkwafina, Samira Wiley, Wanda Sykes, Jimmi Simpson and Ellen Barkin, this could be a buzzy title later this year.
-C’mon C’mon: You may love or hate whatever Joaquin Phoenix did in Joker, but you can’t deny the benefit of playing the Crown Prince of Crime in an Oscar-winning performance. The blank check that you share with indie directors afterwards. Now that Joaquin’s cultural cachet is on the rise, Mike Mills gets to benefit with this drama that stars Phoenix and Gaby Hoffmann, with him playing an artist left to take care of his precocious young nephew as they forge an unexpected bond over a cross country trip. We only have to wonder if A24 will do better with this movie’s Oscar chances compared to 20th Century Women.
-Cherry: After killing half the universe and bringing them back with the highest grossing movie of all time, where do you go? For Joe and Anthony Russo, the answer is “away from the Marvel Cinematic Universe”. The Russo brothers are trying to distance themselves and prove that they have a voice without Kevin Feige behind them, with a crime drama that’s also different than their days when they directed You, Me and Dupree or episodes of Arrested Development and Community. To help them in the journey, they took Tom Holland (who also needs to distance himself from Spider-Man, lest he ends up stuck to the character in the audience’s eyes) to star in a crime drama based on former Army medic Nico Walker’s memoir about his days after Iraq, where the PTSD and an opioid addiction led him to start robbing banks.
-Da 5 Bloods: After bouncing back from a slump with the critical and commercial success of BlackKklansman, Spike Lee is cashing a Netflix check to tell the tale of four African American veterans who return to Vietnam to search for their fallen leader and some treasure. With a cast that includes Delroy Lindo, Clarke Peters, Isiah Whitlock Jr, Paul Walter Hauser and Chadwick Boseman, this sounds like an interesting combo, although we still should remember the last time that Spike tried his hand at a war movie, with the dull Miracle at St. Anna.
-Dune: If you are on Reddit, you probably know about the new film by movies’ new Messiah, Denis Villeneuve. While the epic sci-fi novel by Frank Herbert is getting a new chance in the multiplexes after that David Lynch movie that was forgotten by many, some are hoping that this will be the beginning of a new franchise (as seen by the release date of December 18, taking the spot of the usual Star Wars opening), and a return to the whole “remember when stuff like Return of the King or Fury Road were nominated for Best Picture?” question. Timothee Chalamet will be riding a lot of hope, and sandworm.
-Everybody’s Talking About Jamie: As you start to see, there are several musicals that are gonna be fighting for attention over the next year, and Annette was the first one. Now, we also have this adaptation of the hit West End production, that centers around a gay British teenager who dreams of becoming a drag queen and get his family and schoolmates to accept his sexuality. With a cast that mixes young unknowns, familiar Brits (Sharon Horgan, Sarah Lancashire and my boy Ralph Ineson) and the previously nominated legend that is Richard E. Grant (who is playing a former drag queen named Loco Chanelle), the creative team of the stage musical will jump to the big screen with the help of Fox Searchlight (sorry, just Searchlight), who has clear Oscar hopes with a release date right in the middle of awards heat, on October 23.
-Hillbilly Elegy: Even though the Parasite victory gave many people hope for a new Academy that stops recognizing stuff like previous winner Green Book… let’s be honest, the Academy will still look for movies like Green Book. This year, many people are turning their eyes towards Ron Howard’ adaptation of J.D. Vance’s memoir about his low income life in a poor rural community in Ohio, filled with drugs, violence and verbal abuse. If this sounds like white trash porn, it doesn’t help to know that Glenn Close, who has become the biggest living Oscar bridesmaid with seven nominations, will play a character called Mamaw. And if that sounds trashy, then you have to know that Amy Adams, who follows Glenn with six nominations, is playing her drug-addicted, careless daughter. I don’t want to call this “Oscar bait”, but it sure is tempting.
-I’m Thinking of Ending Things: After his stopmotion existential dramedy Anomalisa got him a Best Animated Feature nomination at the Oscars but at the same time bombed at the box office, Charlie Kaufman is getting the Netflix check. This time, he’s adapting the dark novel by Iain Reid, about a woman (Jessie Buckley, who is on the rise and took over the role after Brie Larson had to pass) who is taken by her boyfriend (Jesse Plemons) to meet his parents (Toni Collette and David Thewlis), in a trip that takes a turn for the worse. If Kaufman can deliver with this one, it will be a big contender.
-In the Heights: Yes, more musicals! This time, it’s time to talk about Lin-Manuel Miranda’s first Tony-winning musical, that was overshadowed because of his other small play about some treasury secretary. Now, his Broadway ensemble tale about life in a neighborhood in Washington Heights is jumping to the movie screen with Jon Chu at the helm, following the success of Crazy Rich Asians. This Latino tale mixes up-and-comers like Anthony Ramos (who comes straight from Hamilton and playing Lady Gaga’s friend in A Star is Born), names like Corey Hawkins and Jimmy Smits (who is pro bits), and Olga Merediz, who starred in the Broadway show as Abuela Claudia and who could be the early frontrunner for Best Supporting Actress, if Chu allows her to shine like she did onstage.
-Jesus Was My Homeboy: When looking at up-and-coming Black actors right now in Hollywood, two of the top names are Daniel Kaluuya and Lakeith Stanfield, who already appeared in the same movie in Get Out, which earned Kaluuya a Best Actor nomination. This time, they share the screen in Shaka King’s retelling of the story of Fred Hampton (Kaluuya), an activist and Black Panther leader… as well as the story of William O’Neal (Stanfield), the FBI agent sent by J. Edgar Hoover to infiltrate the party and arrest him. With the backing of Warner Bros, this will attempt to make an impact with a clash of actors that will have to fight with an August release date, not the ideal time to release an awards movie.
-King Richard: Starting with Suicide Squad, Will Smith has been trying to prove that he’s back and better than ever. Some attempts to get back to the top of the A-list (Aladdin, Bad Boys For Life) have worked, while others (Gemini Man, Spies in Disguise)... have not. But Will is still going, and now he’s going for his next prestige play as he plays Richard Williams, the coach and father of the tennis legends Venus and Serena, who pushed them to their full potential. While it’s weird that the father of the Williams sisters is getting a movie before them, it does sound like a meaty role for Smith, who has experience with Oscar notices with sports biopics because of what he did with Michael Mann in Ali. Let’s hope director Reinaldo Marcus Green can take him there too.
-Last Night in Soho: Every year, one or two directors who have a cool reputation end up in the Dolby Theatre, and 2020 could be the year of Edgar Wright. After delivering his first big box office hit with Baby Driver, the Brit is going back to London to tell a story in the realm of psychological horror, which has been supposedly inspired by classics like Don’t Look Now and Repulsion. With a premise that supposedly involves time travel and a cast that includes Anya-Taylor Joy, Thomasin McKenzie, Matt Smith and Diana Rigg, Wright (who also co-wrote this with Krysty Wilson-Cairns, who was just nominated for Best Original Screenplay for her work in 1917) is making a big swing.
-Let Them All Talk: Every year there’s more new streaming services, and that also means that there’s new players in the Oscar game. To secure subscribers to the new service, HBO Max has secured the rights to the next Steven Soderbergh movie, a comedy that stars Meryl Streep as a celebrated author that takes her friends (Candice Bergen, Dianne Wiest) and her nephew (Lucas Hedges, again) in a journey to find fun and come to terms with the past. The last time that Soderbergh and Streep worked together, the end result was the very disappointing The Laundromat. Let’s hope that this time everything works out.
-Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom: Now that Netflix got the deal to adapt August Wilson’s acclaimed plays with Denzel Washington’s production company, the next jump from the stage to the screen is a meaty one. Viola Davis is playing blues singer Ma Rainey in this tale of a heated recording session with her bandmates, her agent and her producer in 1927, with a cast that also includes Chadwick Boseman, Glynn Turman and Colman Domingo. The Tony nominated play talked about race, art and the intersection of the two, and it’s gonna be explosive to see that unfold on screen, even if director George C. Wolfe’s previous filmography isn’t very encouraging.
-Macbeth: In a shocking development, the Coen brothers are no more. Well, just this time. For the first time in his career, Joel Coen is making a movie without Ethan, and it’s a Shakespeare adaptation. Denzel Washington is playing the man who wants to be king of Scotland, and Frances McDormand is playing his Lady Macbeth. While this just started filming and it will be a race to finish it in time for competition in the awards race, the potential is there, and this project has everybody’s attention.
-Mank: After scoring 24 Oscar nominations and only winning 2 awards last Sunday, Netflix has to wonder what else must they do to get in the club that awards them. They tried with Cuarón, they tried with Scorsese, they tried with Baumbach, they tried with two Popes, and they still feel a barrier. Now, the big gamble for awards by the streamer in 2020 comes to us in the hands of David Fincher, who is basically their friend after the rest of Hollywood denied him (Disney dropped his 20,000 Leagues adaptation, HBO denied the US remake of Utopia, and Paramount drove World War Z 2 away from him). In his first movie since 2014’s Gone Girl, David will go black and white to tackle a script by his late father about the making of the classic of classics, Citizen Kane, with previous Oscar winner Gary Oldman playing the lead role of screenwriter Herman J. Mankiewicz. Will the Academy fall for the ultimate “power of da moviesshhh” story?
-Minari: Sundance can be hit or miss with the breakout films that try to make it to the Oscars. However, you can’t deny the waves made by A24 when they premiered Lee Isaac Chung’s new drama there, ending up winning the Grand Jury Prize and the Audience Award in the US Dramatic Competition. If Parasite endeared Academy voters to Korean families, Steven Yeun hopes that the same thing happens with this story, where he plays a father in the ‘80s who suddenly decides to move his family to Arkansas to start a farm. Even though the reviews have been great, we must also remember that last year, A24 had in their hands The Farewell, another Sundance hit about an Asian family that ended up with no Oscar nominations. Let’s hope that this time, the Plan B influence (remember, that’s Brad Pitt’s production company, of Moonlight and 12 Years a Slave fame) makes a difference.
-Next Goal Wins: It’s a good time to be Taika Waititi. Why? Taika Waititi can do what he wants. He can direct a Thor movie, he can win an Oscar for writing a comedy set in WW2 about a Third Reich boy who has an Imaginary Hitler friend, or he can pop up in The Mandalorian as a droid. Taika keeps winning, and he wants more. Between his press tour for Jojo Rabbit and his return to the MCU, he quickly shot an adaptation of a great documentary about the disgraced national team of American Samoa, one of the worst football teams known to man, as they try to make the cut for the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Everybody loves a good sports comedy, and Searchlight bets that we’ll enjoy this story led by Michael Fassbender as the new (and Dutch-American) coach in town who tries to shape the team for victory.
-News of the World: Seven years after their solid collaboration in Captain Phillips, Paul Greengrass and Tom Hanks reunite for more awards love in what seems to be Universal’s main attraction for the Oscars. This time, Hanks stars in a Western drama based on Paulette Jiles’ novel where he plays a traveling newsreader in the aftermath of the American Civil War who is tasked with reuniting an orphaned girl with her living relatives. With a Christmas release date, Universal is betting big in getting the same nomination boost that 1917 is enjoying right now, and the formula is promising.
-Nightmare Alley: Following his Best Picture and Best Director wins for The Shape of Water, everybody in Hollywood wondered what would Guillermo del Toro do next. Well, as Del Toro often does, a little bit of everything and nothing. Some projects moved (as his produced Pinocchio movie on Netflix, or his Death Stranding likeness cameo), others stalled and die (like his proposed Fantastic Voyage remake). But now he’s rolling on his next project, a new adaptation of the William Lindsay Gresham novel that already was a Tyrone Power film in 1947. This noir tale tells the story of a con man (Bradley Cooper) who teams up with a psychiatrist (Cate Blanchett) to trick people and win money, and how things get out of control. With a cast that also includes Toni Collette, Willem Dafoe, Rooney Mara and more, this could play well if it hits the right tone.
-Nomadland: There’s breakout years, and then there’s the amazing potential of Chloe Zhao’s 2020. On the one hand, after making Hollywood notice her skill with the gripping story of The Rider, she got the keys to the MCU kingdom to direct the next potential franchise of Kevin Feige, The Eternals. And just in case, she also has in her sleeve this indie drama that she wrote and directed beforehand, with two-time Oscar winner Frances McDormand playing a woman who, after losing everything in the Great Recession, embarks on a journey through the American West, living as a van-dwelling modern-day nomad. If Chloe nails these two films, it could be the one-two punch of the decade.
-One Night in Miami: Regina King is living her best life. Following her Oscar win for Best Supporting Actress in If Beale Street Could Talk and the success that came with her lead role in the Watchmen show on HBO, the actress is jumping to a new challenge: directing movies. For her big screen debut, she’s adapting Kemp Powers’ play that dramatizes a real meeting on February 25, 1964, between Muhammad Ali, Malcolm X, Sam Cooke and Jim Brown.
-Over the Moon: After earning praise and Oscar nominations with I Lost My Body and Klaus, Netflix will keep its bet on animated movies with a film directed by the legendary Glen Keane. Who? A classic Disney animator responsible for the design of characters like Ariel, the Beast, Aladdin, Pocahontas, Tarzan and more](, and who recently won an Oscar for Best Animated Short for Dear Basketball, which he co-directed with the late Kobe Bryant. Now, he brings us a musical adventure centered around a Chinese girl who builds a rocket ship and blasts off to the Moon in hopes of meeting a legendary Moon Goddess.
-Passing: It’s always interesting when an actor jumps behind the camera, and Rebecca Hall’s case is no exception. For her directorial debut, Hall chose to adapt Nella Larsen’s acclaimed novel set in Harlem in the 1920s, about two mixed race childhood friends (Ruth Negga and Tessa Thompson) who reunite in adulthood and become obsessed with one another's lives. With a premise that explores tough questions about race and sexuality, it looks like a tricky challenge for a first timer, but it would be more impressive if Hall manages to rise over the challenge.
-Prisoner 760: An interesting part of following the awards circuit is looking at when it's appropriate to talk about touchy subjects in recent history. I’m saying that because this next movie tells the real life tale of Mohamedou Ould Slahi (Tahar Rahim), a man who, despite not being charged or having a set trial, is held in custody at Guantanamo Bay, and turns towards a pair of lawyers (Jodie Foster and Shailene Woodley) to aid him. Based on the famous journal that the man wrote while he was being detained, the movie (that also counts with Benedict Cumberbatch) is directed by Kevin Macdonald who, a long time ago, helped Forest Whitaker win Best Actor for The Last King of Scotland. Could he get back in the race after almost 15 years of movies like State of Play?
-Raya and the Last Dragon: This year, Walt Disney Animation Studios’ bet for the Oscars is a fantasy tale set in a mysterious realm called Kumandra, where a warrior named Raya searches for the last dragon in the world. And that dragon has the voice of Awkwafina. Even though they missed out last Oscars when Frozen II got the cold shoulder by the Academy in Best Animated Feature, this premise looks interesting enough to merit a chance. One more thing: between last year’s Abominable, Over the Moon and this movie, there’s a clear connection of animated movies trying to appeal to Chinese sensibilities (and that sweet box office).
-Rebecca: It’s wild to think that the only time that Alfred Hitchcock made a film that won the Oscar for Best Picture was with 1940’s adaptation of Daphne du Maurier’s psychological thriller novel, more muted and conventional than his more known classics. Now, Ben Wheatley and Netflix are giving the Gothic story a new spin, with Lily James playing the newly married young woman who finds herself battling the shadow of her husband's (Armie Hammer) dead first wife, the mysterious Rebecca. The story is a classic, and we have to see how much weird Wheatley stuff is in the mix.
-Red, White and Water: Between 2011 and 2014, Jennifer Lawrence was everywhere and people loved it. She was America’s sweetheart, the Oscar winner, Katniss Everdeen. But then, everything kinda fell. Those X-Men movies got worse and she looked tired of being in them, her anecdotes got less charming and more pandering to some, she took respectable risks that didn’t pay off with Red Sparrow and Mother!, and some people didn’t like that she said that it wasn’t nice to share private photos of her online. Now, she looks to get back to the Oscar race with a small project funded by A24 and directed by Lila Neugebauer in her film debut, about a soldier who comes back to the US after suffering a traumatic brain injury in Afghanistan. Also, Brian Tyree Henry is in this, and it would be amazing if he got nominated for something.
-Respect: You know what’s a surefire way to get Academy voters’ attention? Play a real singer! Rami Malek took a win last year for playing Freddie Mercury, Renee Zellweger just won the gold after portraying Judy Garland, and now Jennifer Hudson wants more Oscar love. Almost 15 years after taking Best Supporting Actress for her role in Dreamgirls, Hudson will try to get more by playing soul legend Aretha Franklin, in a biopic directed by first timer Liesl Tommy that practically screams “give me the gold”. How am I so sure? Well, see the teaser that they released in December (for a movie that opens in October), and tell me. It will work out better for Hudson than Cats, that’s for sure.
-Soul: Unless they really disappoint (I’m looking at you, The Good Dinosaur, Cars 2 and Cars 3), you can’t have the Oscars without inviting Pixar to the party. This year, they have two projects in the hopes of success. While in a few weeks we’ll see what happens with the fantasy family road trip of Onward, the studio’s biggest bet of the year clearly is the next existential animation written and directed by Pete Docter, who brought Oscar gold to his home with Up and Inside Out. The movie, which centers on a teacher (voice of Jamie Foxx) who dreams of becoming a jazz musician and, just as he’s about to get his big break, ends up getting into an accident that separates his soul from his body, had a promising first trailer, and it also promises a score by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross, as well as new songs by Jon Batiste. The only downside so far for the marketing was the fact that the trailer reveal led people to notice a suspicious trend involving black characters when they lead an animated movie.
-Tenet: When Leonardo DiCaprio finally touched his Academy Award, an alarm went off in the mind of a portion of Internet users, who have made their next crusade to give themselves to the cause of getting Christopher Nolan some Oscar love. And his next blank check, an action thriller involving espionage and time travel, could pull off the same intersection of popcorn and prestige that made Inception both a box office hit and a critically acclaimed Oscar nominee. It helps to have a cast of impressive names like John David Washington, Elizabeth Debicki and Robert Pattinson, as well as a crew that includes Ludwig Goransson and Hoyte van Hoytema. In other words, if this becomes a hit, this could go for a huge number of nominations.
-The Devil All the Time: As you may have noticed by now, Netflix is leading the charge in possible Oscar projects. Another buzzy movie that comes from them is the new psychological thriller by Antonio Campos, a filmmaker known for delivering small and intimate but yet intense and terrifying dramas like Simon Killer and Christine. Using the novel by Donald Ray Pollock, Campos will follow non-linearly a cast of characters in Ohio between the end of World War II and the beginning of the Vietnam War, with the help of an interesting cast that includes Tom Holland, Sebastian Stan, Robert Pattinson, Mia Wasikowska, Eliza Scanlen, Bill Skarsgard, Jason Clarke and Riley Keough.
-The Eyes of Tammy Faye: After being known as a sketch comedy goofball because of The State, Wet Hot American Summer and Stella, Michael Showalter reinvented himself as a director of small and human dramedies like Hello, My Name is Doris and The Big Sick. For his next project, he’s gonna mix a little bit of both worlds, because he has before him the story of the televangelists Tammy Faye Bakker (Jessica Chastain, who has been really trying to recapture her early ‘10 awards run to no avail) and Jim Bakker (Andrew Garfield, who was previously nominated for Hacksaw Ridge, instead of Silence, because why). With a real life tale that involves Christian theme parks, fraud and conspiracies, this is the kind of loud small movie that Searchlight loves to parade around, especially as an actors showcase (Jojo Rabbit being the most recent example). The first image looks terrifying, by the way.
-The Father: It’s weird to be in the middle of February and say that there’s already a frontrunner for the Best Actor race at the next Oscars. After its premiere in Sundance a couple of weeks ago, every prognosticator pointed in the direction of Anthony Hopkins (recently nominated for Best Supporting Actor in The Two Popes), who delivers a harrowing portrayal of an old man grappling with his age as he develops dementia, causing pain to his beleaguered daughter (recent winner Olivia Colman, who also got praised). With reviews calling it a British answer to Amour (in other words: it’s a hard watch), Florian Zeller’s adaptation of his acclaimed play not only benefits from having Hopkins and Colman together as a selling point, because it was acquired by Sony Pictures Classics, a distributor with experience in getting Academy voters to watch adult movies with heavy themes. If you don’t believe me, watch how they got Julianne Moore a win for Still Alice, as well as recent nominations for Isabelle Huppert for Elle, Glenn Close for The Wife, and Antonio Banderas for Pain and Glory. They know the game, and they are going to hit hard for Hopkins and Colman.
-The French Dispatch: If you saw the trailer, we don’t need to dwell too much on the reasons. On the one hand, we have the style of Wes Anderson, a filmmaker who has become a name in both the critics circle and the casual viewer, with his last two movies (The Grand Budapest Hotel and Isle of Dogs) earning several Oscar nominations, including Best Picture for the one with Gustave H. Then, we have a long cast that goes from the director’s regulars like Bill Murray to new stars like Timothee Chalamet, and also includes people like Benicio del Toro. The only thing that could endanger the Oscar chances for this is that the story, an anthology set around a period comedy with an European riff on The New Yorker, will alienate the average Academy member.
-The Humans: There’s the prestige of a play, and then there’s the prestige of a Tony-winning play. Playwright Stephen Karam now gets to jump to the director’s chair to take his acclaimed 2016 one-act story to the big screen, and A24 is cutting the check. Telling the story of a family that gets together on Thanksgiving to commiserate about life, this adaptation will be led by original performer Jayne Houdyshell (who also won a Tony for her stage performance), who’ll be surrounded by Richard Jenkins, Beanie Feldstein, Amy Schumer, Steven Yeun and June Squibb. If it avoids getting too claustrophobic or stagey for the cinema, it will be a good contender.
-The Last Duel: Always speedy, Ridley Scott is working on his next possible trip to the Oscars. This time, it’s the telling of a true story in 14th-century France, where a knight (Matt Damon) accuses his former friend (Adam Driver) of raping his wife (Jodie Comer), with the verdict being determined by the titular duel. It’s a juicy story, but there was some concern when it seemed that the script was only being written by Damon and Ben Affleck (who’ll also appear in the film). A rape story written by them after the Weinstein revelations… not the best look. But then, it was revealed that they were writing the screenplay with indie figure Nicole Holofcener, who last year was nominated for an Oscar for her script for Can You Ever Forgive Me? Let’s hope that the story is told in a gripping but not exploitative way, and that it doesn’t reduce the role of Comer (who deserves more than some of the movie roles that she’s getting after Killing Eve) to a Hollywood stereotype.
-The Power of the Dog: We have to talk about the queen of the indie world, we have to talk about Jane Campion. More than a decade after her last movie, Bright Star, the Oscar and Palme d’Or winner for The Piano returns with a non-TV project (see Top of the Lake, people) thanks to Netflix, with a period drama centered around a family dispute between a pair of wealthy brothers in Montana, Phil (Benedict Cumberbatch) and George Burbank (Jesse Plemons), after the latter one marries a local widow (Kirsten Dunst). According to the synopsis, “a shocked and angry Phil wages a sadistic, relentless war to destroy her entirely using her effeminate son Peter as a pawn”. Can’t wait to see what that means.
-The Prom: Remember the Ryan Murphy blank check deal with Netflix that I mentioned earlier? Well, another of the projects in the first batch of announcements for the deal is a musical that he’ll direct, adapting the Tony-nominated show about a group of Broadway losers (now played by the one and only Meryl Streep, Nicole Kidman, Andrew Rannells and, uh, James Corden, for some reason) who try to find a viral story to get back in the spotlight, and end up going to a town in Indiana to help a lesbian high school student who has been banned from bringing her girlfriend to the prom. The show has been considered a fun and heartwarming tale of acceptance, so the movie could be an easy pick for an average Academy voter who doesn’t look too hard (and you know that the Golden Globes will nominate the shirt out of this). It’s funny how this comes out the same year than Everybody’s Talking About Jamie, and then it’s not funny realizing that Film Twitter will pit the two movies against each other.
-The Trial of the Chicago 7: After getting a taste of the director’s taste with Molly’s Game, Aaron Sorkin wants more. For his second movie, he’s tackling one of his specialties: a courtroom drama. And this one is a period movie centered around the trial on countercultural activists in the late ‘60s, which immediately attracts a campaign of how “important” this movie is today’s culture. To add the final blow, we have a cast that includes Sacha Baron Cohen, Eddie Redmayne, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Jeremy Strong, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Frank Langella, William Hurt, Michael Keaton and Mark Rylance. If Sorkin can contain himself from going over the top (and with that cast, it would be so easy to surrender to bouts of screaming and winding speeches), this could be one of the top contenders.
-Those Who Wish Me Dead: Having made a good splash in the directorial waters with Wind River, Taylor Sheridan (also known for writing the Sicario movies, the Oscar-nominated Hell or High Water or that Yellowstone show that your uncle raves about on Facebook) returns with yet another modern Western. For this thriller based on the Michael Koryta novel, Angelina Jolie stars as a survival expert in the Montana wilderness who is tasked with protecting a teenager who witnessed a murder, while assassins are pursuing him and a wildfire grows closer.
-Untitled David O. Russell Project: Following the mop epic Joy, that came and went in theaters but still netted a Best Actress nomination for Jennifer Lawrence, the angriest director in Hollywood took a bit of a break (it didn’t help that he tried to do a really expensive show with Amazon starring Robert De Niro and Julianne Moore that fell apart when the Weinstein exposes sank everything). Now, he’s quickly putting together his return to the days of Oscar love that came with stuff like The Fighter, Silver Linings Playbook and American Hustle, with a new movie that is set to star Christian Bale, Margot Robbie and Michael B. Jordan. Even though we don’t know many details (some people are saying the movie is called Amsterdam) except for the fact the movie hasn’t started shooting yet, David is a quick guy, so he’ll get it ready for the fall festival circuit. If there’s one thing that David O. Russell knows (apart from avoid getting cancelled for abusing people like Lily Tomlin, Amy Adams and his niece), it’s to make loud actor showcases.
-Untitled Nora Fingscheidt Project: When Bird Box became one of the biggest hits on Netflix history, the streamer decided to keep itself in the Sandra Bullock business. Sandy’s next project for Ted Sarandos is a drama where she plays a woman who is released from prison after serving time for a violent crime, and re-enters a society that refuses to forgive her past. To get redemption, she searches her younger sister she was forced to leave behind. With the direction of Fingscheidt, who comes from an acclaimed directorial debut with Systemsprenger (Germany’s submission to the last Academy Awards), and a cast that also includes Viola Davis, Vincent D’Onofrio and Jon Bernthal, this will also hopefully try its luck later this year.
-Untitled Paul Thomas Anderson Project: We don’t know if this movie will be ready for the end of the year (although last time, he managed to sneak Phantom Thread under the buzzer and earn several Oscar nominations, including Best Picture), but PTA is apparently gonna start to shoot it soon, with the backing of Focus Features. After several movies with prestige locations and intricate production design, Film Twitter’s Holy Spirit will go back to the San Fernando Valley in the 1970s, to tell the story of a high school student who is also a successful child actor.
-Stillwater: Tom McCarthy’s recent career is certainly puzzling. After delivering the weird lows of The Cobbler, he bounced back with the Best Picture winner that was Spotlight. And following that, he… helped produce the 13 Reasons Why series. And following that… he made Timmy Failure: Mistakes Were Made, a Disney+ original movie. Now, he’s back to the award race with a drama starring Matt Damon, who plays a father who rushes from Oklahoma to France to help his daughter (Abigail Breslin), who is in prison after being suspected for a murder she claims she didn’t commit.
-West Side Story: To close things, we have to see one of the possible big contenders of the season, Steven Spielberg’s adaptation of the iconic musical that translates Romeo and Juliet to the context of a street gang war in 1950s New York. While the decision to adapt again something that has been a classic both in Broadway and in movie theaters almost 60 years ago is a challenge, the idea of Spielberg doing a musical closer to the stage version with Tony Kushner as the writer is too tempting for the average Academy voter, who is already saving a spot in major categories in case Steven nails it in December. However, there’s two question marks. First, how well will Ansel Elgort and newcomer Rachel Zegler stand out in the roles of Tony and Maria? And second, will In the Heights steal some of the thunder of this movie by being, you know, more modern?
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2020.01.07 02:47 Dualitydefined Stop, Rinse, Relapse, Repeat

Firstly, I want to thank this community for existing while I've struggled. For me, the fact that I've accepted the fact that I'm addicted to pornography is crazy. When I went looking for answers after I realized that I couldn't just quit when I wanted to I found some strange cult like groups and then I found this. You guys and loveafterporn have been paramount in my acceptance of myself and my recovery process.

My story is a bit different than a lot of what I have read here however so I figured I'd share it. I actually didn't watch and porn or view pornographic images until I was 18. When I was a kid I just didn't have access to it. My family didn't even own a television, I was never allowed to leave my parents home, and I wasn't allowed to have friends or go to school, and we didn't have internet so I had no real access to the outside world. With that being said, I self pleasured from the time I was five years old, well before I could even physically complete, and it was to some fucked up mental imagery that I somehow conjured up. (bondage type stuff without actual sex because I didn't know how that worked until I was eight or so) I've often thought about how that started and I know a lot of people might say that perhaps I was sexually abused, but I wasn't. I was physically abused and that was about it.

Fast forward to the time I was eighteen and I had been working as a temp for two years. The folks through the temp agency I had been working with were mostly drug addicts and ex con types so I went from that overtly sheltered childhood to basically hello world this place is fucked. One of the guys I had been working with asked my what kind of porn I was into and I told him I didn't watch porn. I was accused of being gay and in that environment, the allegation destroyed my reputation with my coworkers. So that night, I got on my laptop and typed those four letters into my browser for the first time. I ended up watching some porn tape a celebrity at the time had made and I didn't even touch myself because I wanted to vomit. I felt like I shouldn't be watching other people do what they were doing. It felt wrong. I didn't watch porn again for about a year afterwards as I had enough information to go back and talk about at work to dispel any rumors about my sexuality.

I joined the military after that. It was there that I developed an addiction even though I didn't see that as being the case. Porn was normalized at the time and even passed to people as a coping mechanism when shit was fucked up. I got real bad. Out in Afghanistan we passed around porn magazines and swapped porn to eachothers hard drives in trades and stuff. If you were tired after a twelve hour patrol and you had to go stand guard duty at your PB right afterwards, getting a dopamine rush in a corner while you stood security was an accepted and encouraged form of keeping yourself awake. If you were emotionally fucked up from something you saw, well, go beat off in the shitter until you don't think about it anymore. Porn became my coping mechanism.
During the seven years I served, if I was in a relationship I wouldn't use. I felt it was wrong to do that to my S/Os so I didn't do it. That continued after I exited my service. I had met a wonderful woman and I wanted to be the best man I could for her. Unfortunately, that relationship ended after two years because of some things she was dealing with personally and I went deep down the depression rabbit hole. I had been diagnosed with PTSD which barred me from the job I had been planning on getting into after college, my family had disowned me for serving in the military and then alleged demon possession when they found out about the mental health stuff. Times were rough. I went back to the thing I knew made me feel something that wasn't wanting to kill myself. That was porn. Worst mistake of my fucking life. Up to this point I never had an issue stopping when I wanted to. But it got bad.

It was at this point that I had realized that porn wasn't actually consenting adults in a safe space doing what they wanted to do. I realized that there might be coercion or even some vindictive POS giving away things that were supposed to be private. That's when I decided that I needed to stop. That's when I realized I couldn't. I'd quit for three days, then boom I was back on my porn phone. I'd feel like shit about myself and stop for a day then i'd be back at it, then maybe a week and I'd be right there again. It was after one of those relapses that in desperation I googled how to stop. That's when I found this community and learned I didn't have an isolated issue. I tried a lot of things at first. I already worked out every day, so I added to my routine. It didn't work and I relapsed that first time after two weeks. After that I set myself an ultimatum. I'm not going to date anyone until I kick this thing. I want to find a strong woman and be a strong man for her and be able to support her and be a good partner. I can't do that if porn occupies my mind and this unhealthy coping mechanism is my go to if things get rough. I took a hammer and smashed my porn phone.

It's been 63 days. 63 long fucking days. I'm not yet mentally in a better place. My life is still kinda shit. I don't have any real meaningful relationships. However, it's been 63 fucking days and porn can go fuck itself. I don't need it. I don't want it. But I still want the dopamine rush. If im not busy and I have urges, I go here, to this sub and I read about people's streaks, their struggles, and I remind myself that I'm not alone in this. I go to love after porn and I read about how people have been hurt by porn use and how relationships have been destroyed through this thing. That has been my most powerful motivation. I don't have to be a victim. I got myself into this shit and I can get myself out.

Thank you to this community. Seriously. This addiction was going to be my last straw and I was considering ending things because I couldn't deal with the fact that among everything else in the world I can't fix, I couldn't fix this issue and the guilt that came with it. Thank you for having my back even though I never posted here or talked to anyone. You guys are motivators and you're never alone.

(This is a throwaway account for obvious reasons)
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2019.09.06 03:20 Pickup_your_nuts Today In History 06/09

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2019.05.18 23:05 Captain_Stottlemeyer [Spoilers S3E1] The American-Gilead Analysis

The following post was made to the best of my ability using information from the show, the book, and real life information available to me. All comparisons are made from real life events that could be connected to the settings of Handmaid's tale. While some comparisons or information may not be the truth revealed later in the series, or you do not agree with my input that is fine. That is your right as a viewer. This simply my personal think and comparison
There will be spelling mistakes and weirdly sentenced things, so I'm doing a double take after posting.
The religious group known as "Sons of Jacob" had risen to power and popularity throughout the country with chapters located in at least 30 states. SOJ members most likely reached political or powerful government positions throughout the country due to the groups popularity and influence. In S1 E8, in a flashback we see Nick at the "Worthy Praise Career Counseling" with the business having a similar symbol to Gilead symbols. One of the original SOJ members working there, who eventually recruits Nick into the organization, is later named to be Commander Pryce, a high ranking member in the new Gilead. So the W.P.C.C business may have publicly been SOJ doing God's work and cleaning up the country to help the people get back on there feet, but also a recruiting place. Think about it; unemployed people who are down on there luck suddenly find a job and feel like they have a purpose with the group SOJ who are told they are doing God's working. Slowly paving the way for public SOJ support for Gilead. Even Ofglen #2 aka the Handmaiden bomber says " I used to get f***ed behind a dumpster just so I could buy a sixth of Oxy and a Happy Meal. I'm clean now. I've got a safe place to sleep every night and I have people who are nice to me. And I want to keep it that way." This gives an idea that for June , Lucas and Moira this new life is terrible, but for others like her. Its better then what they had before the takeover.
These members likely started Gilead foundation from within the government very slowly. We would see SOJ members be appointed to state and government positions; state attorney, senator staffer, Intelligence officers, governor. Appointments that would appear normal to the public, but was actually placing key members into positions of authority. Members were likely promoted within as well for increased authority.
Military personnel were likely members as well. Within the U.S Military we likely saw increased training exercises that seemed to focus more on seizure and less on defense , increased troop movement, non-SOJ officers would be removed from meetings, given lower security clearance. Regular troops would be encouraged to attend the public SOJ meetings at one of its many chapters to align with SOJ ideas, also be encouraged to attend Christian "Religious Services", that is if there isn’t already "Sons of Jacob" Religious services. This would help explain why there seem to be so many Guardians and those in the military that were willing to join Gilead. While there is no specific date given for the creation SOJ to the actually creation of Gilead, ranging from a few years to even 8 years. While to many this may not seem like enough time to gather enough members worthy of a full out civil war, the support for the SOJ is exacerbated by the fertility crisis. In comparison the Nazi Party it took them at least 10 years to reach 12,000 members, but had two million by 1933/4 . People were looking for an answer, a reason for this crisis. Who is to blame for our terrible birth rate and destroyed environment right now? Similar to the Weimar Republic’s economic depression and Hitler giving the stricken population somebody to point at, the Jews and the Boshloviks. Just as the Nazi party rose in popularity by giving them a purpose, so did the Sons of Jacob . Gilead would blame the fertility crisis on lesbians, gays gender traitors, and birth control; Weather or not it was true
The group “SOJ” was being investigated by the F.B.I . At least two members known to be specifically under investigation were Serena Joy and Fred Waterford. The exact extent of the investigation is unknown though SOJ was likely treated as a domestic terrorist group, similar to groups ; The Covenant, The Sword, and the Arm of the Lord and the KKK as they are considered radical militant christian group
--The Attack on the D.C , Levels of Government, and the President--
There is were things get bumpy due to the hazy timeline and little info about the attacks, the takeover, and the civil war. So real life comparisons will be used.
In the show Commander Waterford describes the attacks as three targets; Congress (Legislative) The White House (Executive Level), and the Supreme Court (Judicial). The attacks were in that order( S1E6) The Waterford’s were told that the plan was approved and issued order for the attacks in three weeks. Hitting the three levels of government would cripple any chance of political norm.
Lets go back almost 90 years for a history lesson.
in real life in 1933, four weeks after Hitler became the Chancellor, the Reichstag, (similar to the U.S Congress and the British Parliament) caught fire and was destroyed. The exact origins of the fire and its arsonists are still unknown to this day. The fire was blamed on a communist plot from within the government . This gave way to the“reichstag fire decree”which suspended many civil liberties such as habeas corpus, freedom of the press, and gave Hitler emergency powers . ( We all saw Star Wars and took history class, we know how this ends.)
A event known as “Night of the Long Knives” which started June 30th, 1934 and lasted three days saw all of Hitler and the Nazi Party’s enemies executed. The Gestapo, which we can compare to the Guardians, carried out the attacks all over Germany. Several important figure were killed ; "von Schleicher, the last Chancellor to Germany before Hitler, von Kahr, the former Bavarian prime minister during Hitler’s uprising in 1923, dozens of S.A members, several Reichstag members, and anyone else who could have opposed Hitler. This purge truly cemented Hitler’s power over Germany. Just as the D.C attacks would give SOJ power.
Back to Handmaids Tale, a newspaper dated September 15, 2014 titled “President's Day Massacre” is seen in S2 as an prop at the Boston Globe Newspaper.
It states the Congress, the Supreme Court and the White House were all attacked. The unnamed President took a gunshot to the chest and shoulder was taken to the Georgetown University Hospital were he died. The White House was bombed, so that means the President was either at Congress or at a unknown fourth location. In the books it was stated all the attacks were done by Islamic fanatics, but no official perpetrators are stated in the show. Though in our currently in our time, Islamic Extremists seems the most likely . Some wonder why there wasn’t a designated survivor which is only used for the State of the Union or Presidential Inaugurations and other such events. As the attacks didn’t happen during a State of the Union this explains why. Congress and the Supreme Court must have both been in session to make sure all targets were in place for the attack. Although these three locations are stated, there were most likely other individual targets across D.C; Lawyers who were at their homes, military officers who were stationed at the Pentagon, FBI & CIA directors along with other key targets who would have posed a threat to the rising Gilead government. Martial law was being declared right after the attacks came on the news with National Guard units being activated in Baton Rouge, Los Angeles, Chicago and other large cities.
Any survivors that miraculously ( conveniently ) missed their assassinations or weren't there that day at the attack were all most likely SOJ members. These survivors were now significantly higher on the level of government. Just as Bush JR addressed the 9/11 attacks with a national speech to the nation, so would the SOJ survivors. They would have recited a bible verse just as Bush did with Psalms 23. Something along the lines of "The fruit of our nation has been taken away from us, we shall find the villains who committed this act, with God's watchful eye protecting us we shall overcome". The surviving members would had a emergency government session and declared a national state of emergency. The nation was just attacked at the heart of its power, the people would have accepted into the new rules, no matter how totalitarian it was. Just as we did with our privates after 9/11 with the Patriot Act. The rest of the world would have given massive support. In addition is "Posse Comitatus Act" and the" Insurrection Act", which would support the legal precedence for the military to used as a domestic security force during martial law, The attacks are largely considered when SOJ truly controlled the remains of U.S. Government
So when you ask "Why did these soldiers who swore to uphold the constitution of the U.S against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same", betray the U.S?
Besides the previously mentioned high possibility that SOJ had high ranking officers in the military. The public faces of SOJ likely had outreach, youth programs, day cares, along side the WPCC. By the time SOJ starts as a community program before the creation of Gilead, that is more then enough time to grow propaganda or popularity into a kids and young adults head to enlist in the Gilead's future military .Think about it, how many pimple faced 17/18/19 year old's joined the military after 9/11 happened? The same thing must happened after the D.C Attacks, young eager Americans who just graduated high school wanting to enlist to protect their country. Just as Eden Blaine is such a true believer at 15 when she is married off. We see that she was raised to believe this by her mother, who probably just wanted the best for her daughter in this new Gilead world, We see that after the D.C attacks there is a stronger protection of children. The education system likely changed as well, with elementary and middle schools giving SOJ ideas into the children students, Don't think of Gilead's commanders in business suits taking over bases and troops, think of a Colonel or General that has been in the military since your mom was a baby.
New members of congress and other positions from each state would be nominated or chosen to replace the deceased. The time it would have take to figure who is dead, announce the new rules, decide who would run or be nominated would have taken time. The surviving members would have fast track the rest of SOJ members to replace. All of these is what they are saying in public to the american people, but in reality its all B.S. The new FBI director would have publicly stated that they are hunting down the conspirators. All while the country is still under martial law. The new government would lowered or removed foreign aid, putting in a private SOJ fund for the future Gilead government, recalled certain troops from the rest of the globe, recall one or two fleets into the U.S oceans to enforce its coastal waters to stop people from leaving and smugglers. When the fleets arrive, they replace Admirals and Commanders with SOJ supporters , The attacks didn't happen on a Monday and Republic of Gilead created on a Sunday, everything was slowly built up; supporters, popularity, laws, guardians. Three to 5 years pass until Gilead is official after the D.C attacks taking place in late 2014; according to the newspaper; with the current show time taking place around early to mid 2020s .
--The Civil War --
Just as hazy as the actually takeover, because there is no way of telling how fast events happened; month, year, 5 years.
SOJ has infiltrated the highest levels of government and the military. The laws have slowly but surely been built up to empower the Republic of Gilead. No specific date is given for when Civil War started perhaps its been 3 to 5 years, but you can guesstimate Hannah's birth, age when with parents, and when Hannah is seen again at the end of S1.
During the first American Civil War, things reached a tipping point and the nation was at war with itself. For this second civil war it is unknown if it was the actually creation and enforcement of the Handmaidens , a different important law for Gilead, or if one of the free state/s actually rose up against the rising tyrannical "U.S Government" that lead to a military revolt. The Civil War has begun, stars and stripes all over the eastern U.S are sent to the ground and replaced with the Republic of Gilead flag. Military units all over the United States would have been activated, Gilead controlled borders would have been shut down, newly formed Guardians would have been fighting police and loyalist N.G all over.
( This next bit is somewhat heavy guess work due to very little information known about the early conflict or current status of the Civil war and basing heavily off this map which can be seen on Commander Waterford's desk in S2E11/12?) Gilead most likely controlled everything east of the Mississippi River at the start of the war except for the south-east ironically known as the Bible Belt; South Carolina , George, Florida, Georgia, Alabama and the other southern and south-eastern states.
Some things to know are currently
  1. 327.2 million Americans with at least 9 million living overseas as of 2019 , but again we can lower this number for H.T due to the fertility crisis.
  2. ; As of 2016 in the US there are; around 1,358,193 Active personnel for all active branches (their job is military 24/7)-with at least 450,000 overseas; stationed in Germany, Korea, Philippines and so on , and 14,000 in Afghanistan , 6-8 thousand in Iraq.
  3. Reserve personnel for reserves and National Guard around 811,000 ( They are trained for the military, but maintain civilian jobs and called be called in to active service if needed )
Just to give you a general idea of how many people could be fighting and how many Guardians there could be.
Although with the environmental problems and fertility crisis, we can expect this number to be somewhat lower because of the very little newborns to grow up and replace cycle of troops that the U.S needs every year to maintain its large troop status. Everything on the west side of the continental U.S is under the control of a new U.S Government; controlled by the governors with military support from each state's National Guard. This new US Government would recall any U.S Forces left around the globe. U.S. Forces would be setting off from Japan, Germany, the Phillipines. With the United States Forces in Korea having around 20-30,000 troops stationed there it could be iffy, if all U.S forces leave Korea that would leave South Korea heavily undermanned against a North Korea invasion. Then again, North Korea is already a nation crippled by lack of modern technology, mostly medical and farming, in the real world. So its possible North Korea is decimated by the fertility crisis and environmental problems. Leaving S.K to feel safe enough that N.K wouldn't invade even with most US forces gone from the peninsula. These U.S loyal troops would arriving all along the west coast of Californa, Oregon, and Washington (state) , traveling by any Naval units left in the region bringing along armored and aircraft units to reinforce the California front.
They would be reinforcing N.G units that likely faced heavy losses to the Guardians in the very start and early stages of the Civil War. The middle of the U.S , was likely the early defensive line set along Texas, Colorado, Montana line. Going back to the Gilead map, it appears most of the fighting is actually taking place to the south/south east and the West coast.. Most of Texas and nearly everything in Florida is in rebel controlled territory. Which is strange due to the oranges in S1 make it seem like Gilead has advanced on the conflicted territory of Florida from the "rebels". Then we look back to the map again seen at the end of S2, we see the U.S controls most of California, Oregon, and Washington state which then makes it strange in S2 when Eden offers the Guardian a strawberry "all the way from California" So Gilead is planting, farming, reaping, and transporting it all the way to the east coast while in U.S held territory? Think about those two things . Though the Commanders and the rest of Gilead call them "Rebels" we must assume Rebels are actually the U.S Military and not just resistance movements ,due to the size of the conflicts zones and Gilead not wanting to say U.S troops to give them legitimacy.) If there was a large amount of U.S military forces on the eastern U.S they likely retreated to the deep south of the U.S. If those units are not being able to be reinforced or replenished war equipment, the surviving Florida troops may have been evacuated to U.S Navy ships in the Gulf , retreated to U.S held Puerto Rico or even to the naval station in Cuba. Combative Naval Support may be limited for reasons of targets, collateral damage, or simply unable to provide naval support to U.S ground troops.
Now we turn to the North, in Season 1, June says there are American soldiers fighting with tanks in the remains of Chicago. When you look at the map again we see the northern parts of Wisconsin and Michigan are still under control of the U.S Remnant, with the rest of both states in blue stating that they are clearly in Gilead control without resistance. June's Chicago reference likely meant that at some point the U.S had control of Chicago, but was defeated by the Guardians of the Faithful. June mentions the Americans in Chicago sometime after she arrives with the Waterfords, but S1 takes place two-three years after her capture. So its possible that the fighting in Chicago had been over for quite some time.
"Maybe it was a U.S invasion of Chicago through Lake Michigan to combine the Michigan/Wisconsin front into one large battlefront?."
Nice to think that the U.S military has tried a aggressive strategy into partially reclaiming the Northern Midwest, but is unlikely due the massive damage the U.S Military has received all around. If M/W front collapses they should be able to retreat to the Canadian border and either be interned or allowed to assimilated with whatever remains of the U.S Military in Canada.
Where is NATO and U.S allies?
For those that don't know NATO ( NORTH AMERICAN TREATY ORGANIZATION) is a international alliance of 29 countries which include ; USA, Canada, Germany, Spain, France, England and so on. The initial reason for this alliance was to protect themselves against a invasion against the former Soviet Union back during the Cold War. Although NATO has been involved with humanitarian efforts and smaller conflicts like Kosovo and Libya. Article 5 states "a attack on one of us is a attack on all us". Which was to deter the Soviet Union from invading and annexing its neighbors. Article 5 has only been issued once, by the US immediately after the 9/11 attacks.
NATO maintains around 2 million active duty personnel. The main problem is that the US is the bulk NATO's military capabilities. Out of 29 member states, only 8 have reached or maintained 2 percent of its GPD (money funding). Some believe they that European allies have grown to comfortably relying on the U.S for NATO Military. So would NATO even be able to give basic logistical support to the U.S Government, let alone a full on NATO invasion of Gilead in any form?
Also the general idea for NATO and the US is that Russian would overrun the Baltic states, and reach the German border or possibly the Rhine River within nine days before the Americans could reinforce NATO -Europe which could take too long. So the idea of all of NATO's combat nations even just assembling to help America could take too long, especially if they are not maintaining its budget. Then factor in mobilizing countries that are also affected by the pollution and birth problems, then your moving weapons, equipment, ammo, food, gas, support personnel, across the Atlantic Ocean to Canada where they would have to set up staging areas all along the Canadian border into America/Gilead. Then depending on the status of Russia and China, they suddenly have a Europe empty of defense on the other side of the hemisphere. Could they really trust Russia not to invade? They are in just as much trouble and pain as the rest of the world.
In season 2, while Luke is in Little America, Ontario, Canada, he states that both Canadian and British troops have increased military exercises along the border. It's possible the military exercises are just for show. Similar to the U.S and S.K military exercises; a constant reminder to Gilead-Korea not to do something stupid or use W.M.Ds of any kind.
In comparison to real life, Canada currently has around 68,000 active personnel with around 27,000 in reserve. This is SIGNIFICANTLY lower to America's pre-civil war manpower. British Army force's likely reinforced Canada as they are a commonwealth country. The exact size of the British reinforcements are unknown. In comparison, when England sent the BEF ( British Expeditionary Force) during W.W 2 , it took them a month to send out 152,000 troops with ammo, vehicles, and supplies in France.
Now there's plans, ideas, fan fiction, thoughts and ideas from everyone on what would happen. That would just be insane from going over all of ideas on what could happen. So forget all those and only focus on my idea.
If Canada were to invade Gilead and liberate the rest of the U.S, it would be under a joint American-Canadian-British invasion force; with various combat support from other NATO allies. ACB troops would swoop down from British Columbia to reinforce the exhausted American troops along the west coast (Look back at the map) Troops would enter from Ontario-New York state border with troops from Quebec pushing south into New England / New Gilead District, as there seems to be heavy rebel fighting there already (Rebels in Blue Hills mentioned). The Quebec troops would push down to meet the Ontario troops. They would then peel off into the coast to spearhead into D.C. Canadian/ US Marines would seize Albany, New York as well as the coast of Maine.
Even with a combined Canada/ British/ American naval fleet to push on the Atlantic Ocean and liberate the coasts they would have faced heavy losses against the captured American turned Gilead fleet. Although during the early start of the war if there were Loyalist Navy members that were unable to escape with a ship or join a loyalist navy group, it is possible they scuttled the ships that were docked in ports to prevent Gilead making use of them. Similar to what happened in W.W 2 with the Vichy France
What about NUKES used in the Civil War and the Colonies?
So nukes are not to be taken lightly. Nuclear war has always been a terrible thought in everyone's head, especially during the Cold War when W.W 3 could have happened at any second. Nukes haven't been used militarily since 1945, when the U.S bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki. They were bombed because an American invasion of Japan could have killed over a million people; from the Americans, the zealot Japanese soldiers, and the civilians killed in the crossfire.
Currently the U.S has around 6,000 nukes, only 4,000 are active and ready to launch. Even semi General locations are Classified . We do know there are several silos in the Great Plains though. The U.S also has around 14 Ohio-Class submarines which carries a dozen nuke missiles each. There is no way of telling who is a loyalist and who is willing to join Gilead.So there could have been mutinies and infighting on ships all across the navy and missile bases across the country. If Gilead could actually use the nukes is unknown. They could be using it as a threat like North Korea does, is unwilling to use nukes, or another reason.
Full yield nuclear weapons like B-61, Titan 2, B-83 are possible reasons for the colonies, but doesn't seem likely for either side to use. If Gilead truly has pushed U.S Forces as far back as the West Coast, the U.S forces could use limited high yield missiles along the Gilead lines to push back the Guardians. Would Gilead use nukes back at them? What would the international community think of this action, even if it was a last resort, similar to Israel's plan. Now the large swaths of land are destroyed from the blast and the radiation, plus all that nuclear fallout is heading to Mexico. Now you have a city neither side can use, any potential farm land is irradiated. Things that neither side can afford if they wish to take over the Continental U.S
There are different types of weapon used for nukes : neutron (high radiation, low explosive ), atomic/fission, hydrogen. Depending on what was used and where it detonated, might be a plausible reason the wasteland/ colonies. You know what, just watch john oliver explain and get form your own idea.
When the Mexican ambassador visits Gilead and the Waterford she just says "My hometown hasn't had a child born in 6 years". She doesn't say anything along the lines of "Your nuclear fires have destroyed us even in Mexico."
We assume "The Colonies" are large swaths of land that are uninhabitable due to the radioactive waste, or fallout from the nukes. The colonies are cleaned up by women who have been sent there for their crimes. We know Emily /Ofglen and Nadine/Ofwarren were sent off to the colonies where they dig up the waste soil and thrown into bags, where they are hauled off by F.M.T.Vs. The closest known radioactive wasteland is seen below as "Arkansas nuclear one" which is a nuclear power plant. We have to assume that's not where Emily and Nadine were sent off off due to the massive distance.So its likely there are smaller radioactive/polluted lands near Boston and throughout the country.

Enjoy my terrible map markers I made in Microsoft paint

"Post"- Second American Civil War
Shout out to u/Kspence92 for making the U.S is now Taiwan comparison.
The Republic of Gilead now has control over most of the continental United States. The United States government is now in exile to Anchorage, Alaska where the new capital is set up. The 50 stars on Old Glory are now reduced to 48 hollowed stars and two normal stars; which represent the states of Alaska and Hawaii. Tens - if not hundreds of thousands of Americans are now refugees in Canada or other countries. The U.S is no longer the world's leading superpower, no longer the strongest country in the world, the world's bastion of democracy is now crumbling down on itself.
Official the S.A.C.W is still going on against the Gilead secessionists, while officially the civil war is over with only "rebels" (aka U.S Military) fighting a hopeless war. In Toronto, Canada is a neighborhood known as " Little America", a reference to the large areas of mostly Chinese neighborhoods throughout the U.S known as "China Town". In Nick and Moira's side of the story we what could have been the original U.S Consulate or just turned into location for the Americans to use. If it is the original consulate the distance is a 30 minute drive from the Pearson International Airport where the Waterford's arrive as diplomats in S2 E9. We see U.S Marines stationed there, they are called " Marine Corps Embassy Security Group ". It's possible they were originally stationed during the rising events of the Civil War and stayed as loyalists. U.S Embassies and Consulates across the globe may still be functioning, providing assistance to the Americans that were stationed or living aboard, as well as the Americans who were moved as part of the refugee program
Military strength is greatly weakened from its current 3-6 year long civil war. It's naval supremacy around the globe is now reduced to defending the West coast and its Alaskan / Hawaiian / and California sea routes. The new government consists of Governors, retired politicians who came back , and state senators who were able to flee to Canada or retreat to Alaska from California before the war reached them. This government is likely seen as the legitimate government across the globe except by nations who recognize Gilead simply as a "Screw you" to the U.S. The United Nations Building in New York is likely abandoned and being reused by Gilead. The new United Nations Assembly likely relocated to its second largest office in Geneva, Switzerland. Gilead as a nation is condemned and faces embargoes or tariffs all around. The E.U has done this as well and is hurting the Gilead economy, but it is hurting the E.U just as badly. Waterford even says " The Gilead economy will come to a crash in 6 months if the trade deal ( mexican-gilead trade ) doesn't work out"
Just before the Waterfords leave for Canada, Eden Blaine gives Nick chocolate chip cookies stating "never seen a ticket for chocolate before". This means the Mexican deal with through, and economically Gilead can continue as a nation for many years to come. Though long for the distant future?
In S2 E9, when the Waterfords are in Canada for negations, Serena Joy is approached by a man named Mark Tuello, he says he is "A representative of the United States government" . He then offers her asylum in Hawaii and to tell her story, in her own words. This is very plainly- " We give you a new home, keep you self, and you tell everyone how terrible Gilead is". Though it is unknown if he or the U.S Government is aware of the fact she was one of the key plotters for the coup. He offers her cigarettes , most likely the same brand she smoke. All of this is a clear sign of Tuello being a CIA agent trying to recruit Serena as a propaganda asset. A high ranking Commander's wife defecting would be propaganda coup for the U.S . The mere fact that John doesn't work in the semi official motto of the CIA , "And you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free." (John 8:32) is clearly a missed opportunity by the show's writers.
The U.S likely maintains it seat on the Security Council and on the United Nations due its long term status as a superpower and ability to stay in the fight against Gilead. Similar right after W.W 2 , the Republic of China (ROC) continued it's civil war against the "Peoples Republic of China " ( Communists/ PRC,) . The Civil war was stopped after Japan invaded mainland China, afterwards the warlords and factions of China united as one until the Japanese were stopped. Eventually the Communists beat back the Nationalists to Taiwan, a island just of the coat of China. It wasn't until 1971 was the ROC expelled from the U.N and the PRC was officially recognized as nation. This is still a controversy to this day regarding the One China Policy and the Two Chinas.
( Personally in my opinion , this where I think things get sloppy on the wider narrative)
Although Canada allows most of the Americans as "guests", they still maintain relations with Gilead. During the Waterford visit to Canada we hear a news report say " Security was tight today at Toronto Pearson International Airport for a historic occasion. The first visit to Canada --. The identity of the official, seen here with his wife, has not been made public, nor has an agenda for the visit. Trade will almost certainly be a major topic of discussion. Our economy is still recovering from the loss of the former United States as trading partner. Another long-hoped-for-goal is calming tensions along the Canada-Gilead border. A lot of work to be done there, and today marks a promising start. A spokesperson for the American government in Anchorage expressed deep disappointment at Canada's perceived normalizing of Gilead and its controversial, even retrograde policies. The Canadian government did not respond " That night Waterford tells to Serena " We made progress this morning. Border security is on the table, maybe even extradition of illegal immigrants." We all know of course illegal immigrants are just the Marthas, Guardians, and so on, who escaped from Gilead. That same night they arrive, Nick gives Luke the package of letters that were smuggled out. That morning the Waterfords are kicked out of Canada and the talks are cancelled because of the letters. There's one single huge problem with this. Why would letters be the thing that kicks them out? We know people were trying to escape early Gilead because of its laws and you know, machine gunning protesters. People are still constantly escaping from Gilead . Moira's refugee consultant says " I go from having no one, to 14 people in one day". Moira talks to the Guardian defector who says "I was in the Army, then in a week i was a Guardian and hanging people for being "gender traitors". Moira was a Handmaid and a sex slave at Jezebels. All of these people probably gave a report of who they were before and were in Gilead, what they did, what they saw, who was killed, and how they escaped. So Canada and the rest of the world knows all the crazy war crimes in Gilead. Its like when people escape and defect to South Korea. We know Korea is terrible place, highly militarized, personality cults with the Kim family, and people disappear all the time to be killed or imprisoned in work camps. We already know all of these things , the people who escape just keep confirming what we already know. So why would letters from these people be the kill shot for the Canadian-Gilead talks?.
--If you've been reading this whole thing while using the restroom, please seek medical advice Also, I tricked you into reading my fan fiction!
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2019.01.24 07:16 kittehgoesmeow What A Day: Witness, Tampered by Brian Beutler & Crooked Media (01/23/19)

"He made goat for me for dinner. He killed the goat."—Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey on Mark Zuckerberg, obviously.

You Win Some, You Ransom

The government shutdown is hurting millions of people, damaging the economy, and dealing Republicans more and more embarrassing setbacks, but there are signs that Democrats might blink first.
House Democrats are reportedly considering a “counter-offer” to President Trump of over $5 billion for non-wall border-security funds. That’s more than Trump initially requested from Congress before the Viceroy of Trump’s Brain, Ann Coulter, complained and Trump began holding the government hostage for a physical barrier along the southern border.
Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC)—the number three House Democrat—even described the looming offer as a “smart wall.”
This softening is hard to explain given how poorly the politics of the shutdown are playing for Republicans.
It’s good that Democrats are holding firm against Trump’s demands for a physical wall, but offering him unilateral concessions would set a terrible precedent that Trump will likely exploit by using shutdowns as leverage again and again. As our Jon Lovett observed, “Either we prove it doesn't work, or we prove it does.” Democrats seem to be flirting with proving it works.

On Trump's TiVo

President Trump’s former fixer and criminal co-conspirator Michael Cohen will no longer appear willingly before the House Oversight Committee on February 7, citing Trump’s ongoing campaign of harassment and intimidation against Cohen’s father-in-law. Cohen has offered to testify at a later date, but he’s been ordered to report to prison on March 6 so time is not on his side.
Note: Trump has just successfully tampered with a witness, which is a crime and an impeachable offense that in no way implicates Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation, so Democrats have no excuse for ignoring it. The power to conduct oversight and investigations by these House committees, the norms that recognize the importance of this role—it’s like a Bed Bath and Beyond coupon. Use it or lose it.
The good news is, House Democrats just added a bunch of young progressives—Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ayanna Pressley, Rashida Tlaib, and Ro Khanna—to the Oversight Committee. They don’t seem very cool with Trump threatening witnesses and whistleblowers with no consequences, and the committee is considering issuing a subpoena for Cohen’s testimony, which would be a good start.

What Else

Hundreds of federal government employees and their supporters filled the Hart Senate Office Building on Capitol Hill to demand that Senate Republicans allow a vote on and pass legislation to reopen the government. The flight-attendants union president is relatedly calling on "activists from across the Labor Movement to talk with their union leadership about conducting a General Strike to end the Government Shutdown."
House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler has warned Attorney General Matt Whitaker he must answer questions about his interactions with Trump—including about Trump’s efforts to interfere with Robert Mueller and federal prosecutors in New York—unless Trump affirmatively invokes executive privilege. Whitaker is scheduled to testify publicly on February 8.
Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar is refusing, for now, to testify before the House Energy and Commerce Committee about the Trump administration’s child separation policy—a dry run for what promises to be a historic GOP effort to stonewall legitimate congressional oversight.
South Bend, IN, Mayor Pete Buttigieg—a 37-year-old, openly-gay Afghanistan war veteran, who launched an insurgent bid to chair the DNC two years agowill be the first millennial presidential candidate.
Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) has resigned as chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation, and stepped aside from her role as chair of the House Judiciary Crime, Terrorism, Homeland Security, and Investigations Subcommittee, amid a lawsuit claiming she fired a foundation aide who accused a supervisor of sexual assault.
Raiders quarterback Marshawn Lynch is buying up real estate in Oakland to provide housing for long-time residents who might otherwise get driven out by gentrification.
Amazon Scout is kinda cute, but of course the robots will use our innate protectiveness of cute things against us—they feel nothing, know no pain, experience no guilt, and shipping is free!

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You've Gotta Be Fucking Kidding Me

The global plutocratic elite has gathered in Davos, Switzerland to mock the growing clamor for higher marginal tax rates on the rich, call critics communists, and brush off responsibility for inequality, war, and climate change. Keep it up guys, it’s working really well.

What In The World?

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro cut off diplomatic ties with the United States and gave our foreign service officers 72 hours to leave the country after President Trump officially recognized the president of the Venezuelan National Assembly, Juan Guaido, “as the Interim President of Venezuela.” The Trump administration threw its support to Guaido after the assembly voted to declare Maduro’s presidency illegitimate amid enormous anti-Maduro protests in Caracas.


Chuck Wendig on Twitter: "wow, Pelosi has already responded, guess she's president now"
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2019.01.03 18:24 brunettedude READ THIS POST FIRST - This is how you can read the memoir or listen to the audiobook! :)

Hello friends! My memoir is designed to be accessible to everyone in different formats. I wrote a book about my adventures drawing 1,000 dick pics. On my subreddit here I posted every individual chapter alongside their drawing. You can also read it all together as if it was a physical book by going to my Blurb listing. You can read my whole entire book for free there by clicking on "preview." (You can also order a physical copy for $10) If you prefer listening to audiobooks instead, you're in luck- I also have an audiobook that you can listen to for free, too! For easier access, below is a table of contents for my memoir. Click on the name to be redirected to the posting. The time next to the chapter name is when the audiobook plays that chapter.

I hope to fucking God you enjoy this. It's taken a lot of work and it's been incredibly fucking fun making this too. I hope you enjoy reading and listening. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask me. Send me DM here, or message me on Snap @tjgoodface, Twitter @thedickartist, or [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]). I LOVE YOU ALL :)

NOTE: I used to upload all of my dick drawings on Tumblr. Sadly, because of the porn ban, many of my drawings have been taken down, but some are still up there. If you'd like to see hundreds of other penises, go to :)

The Beginning
Pee Wee Herman Jr. #271 (12:30)
A Hole In A Dick #109 (14:35)
The Street Pharmacist #722 (16:00)
Want A Gumjob? #384 (21:20)
How I Lost My Anal Virginity #474 (22:10)
What Would Jesus Do? #853 (30:08)
The Mysterious Foot Fucker #114 (34:35)
The Nicest Thing Anyone’s Ever Said To Me #740 (37:00)
A Friend #203 (38:30)
Of Meth and Men #995 (39:20)
No Matter What I Do, Someone Hates Me #308 (45:50)
The Gloryhole Entrepreneur #798 (47:00)
A Kink Festival In San Francisco #LOTS (51:00)
An Old Classmate #15 (1:00:05)
Candle Fetish #752 (1:00:42)
The Throuple #656-658 (1:02:50)
A Long Distance Fap #48 (1:05:40)
My Gay Grandpa #997 (1:07:08)
An Oompa Loompa #432 (1:13:50)
Why I Got My New Shirt #955 and #752 (1:15:45)
I’d Still Blow Him #56 (1:17:25)
When You Give A Professor A Cookie.. #187 (1:18:25)
Introduction to Incest 101 #794 (1:22:40)
What Is The Proper Etiquette For Man Nips? #184 (1:29:20)
Elf-On-A-Shelf #181 (1:30:45)
The Story Of The Dick I Never Drew #0 (1:31:35)
I Don’t Think The Lactation Room Was Ever Used For Lactating #825 (1:39:55)
More Balance Than Thanos #996 (1:42:08)
A Self Professed Twitter Slut #824 (3:31:30)
Maybe One Day He Could Fuck Me Though #819 (1:47:30)
The Asshaver and Friend #809 and #927
Martha Stewart In Disguise #972 (1:56:54)
A Tinder Date #2 (1:57:55)
Random Acts of Blow Job #925 (2:00:05)
BOTTOM HERE LOOKING #827 (2:02:30)
A Life Unseen #944 (2:07:10)
Adventures Into The Urethra #989 (2:15:08)
The Service At Applebee’s #233 (2:24:55)
This Is Gay Culture #924 (2:26:58)
That Time I Almost Died #949 (2:29:50)
Take Notes Stephenie Meyer #836 (2:32:54)
Why Campus Police Were Called On Me #Undisclosed (2:33:19)
Okay, Maybe I Am A Whore #987 (2:37:30)
Mayonnaise In My Beard #103 (2:38:45)
Further Evidence I’m A Dumbass #808 (2:45:25)
How I Became A Prostitute #787 (2:54:25)
Do You Ever Think Someone Jizzed In The Toilet You’re Sitting On? #815 (3:01:26)
Story of A Married Man Looking #990 (3:06:20)
The Dick Artist's Dick (2:48:54)
Local Movie Star #312 (3:13:50)
A Family Visit To The Local Dick Sucker #200 (3:14:45)
The Night I Became Gay Cinderella #954 (3:16:25)
Paris Hilton’s Future Assistant #801 (3:19:56)
A Night At Red Lobster #122, #133 and #920 (3:21:13)
Part-Time Nudist #425 (3:32:38)
Owner of Stroke #748 (3:34:30)
Meanwhile In Afghanistan #636 (3:35:40)
How I Learned How To Say “Bag” #216 (3:37:30)
A Billboard For Dick Art #177 (3:44:25)
My Friend’s Husband #280 (3:47:05)
30 Minutes Or Less #912 (3:48:20)
Just My Luck #743 and #744 (3:49:50)
Why I Don’t Feel Bad Firing My Personal Trainer Anymore #826 (3:54:40)
Daddy #828 (3:58:30)
Why I Went To The ER #810-#815 (4:02:20)
What True Love Looks Like #741 and #742 (4:12:50)
The Dry Humper #957 (4:15:45)
Too Hot For Grindr #958 (4:17:10)
An Ass For Art #750 (4:18:15)
My Chemistry Partner #1000 (4:23:24)
A Wednesday Night Out #175, #844, #963, #964, #965, #966 (4:26:56)
Final Thoughts

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2018.07.11 20:51 sad_brick86 My raw abridged (but very long) story so far.

I’ve never told anyone everything, I don’t know if I even can. So I’ve decided an anonymous outlet is the way to go. It will be long but I will leave out as much as I can, I have to put this somewhere else besides just in my head. I’m not in danger of hurting myself, in fact I finally have a goal after years of just existing, so no one needs to read this except to hear my story without worrying and respond in whatever way you feel like.
My father was ex-navy drifting around southern CA where he got meth from who would be my grandmother. My mom was 15 at the time he was 23 and I was a mistake but they got married and moved to his hometown in NY to raise me away from drugs (LOL). I didn’t receive oxygen for a while and the doctors were worried I might be special, I might be. They divorced when I was 4, I would later find out that my dad was extremely abusive and in the end he almost killed her before letting her go. He cheated a lot but she didn’t stray until near the end when she couldn’t take it. My step dad would enter my life immediately and this would end disastrously. My dad continued drugs and skanks until he had a kid with my babysitter, which due to drugs was born blind. My first brother may not even be related to me and we rarely speak, he is gay but like super gay. I don’t really know how to feel about him, I don’t care that he’s totally flaming though. Next My mom would have my sister who is a whole other story. Both my mom and dad moved around a lot, combined with joint custody I bounced around a lot never establishing roots until my mom got the house. It was a nice big two story in a cul-de-sac with a pool, I did some middle school and all of high school here and only made a few friends.
I made a group of friends at the house and the four of us hung out a lot, like every day. One of us was bullied out when we started smoking weed, another moved onto hardcore substance abuse and the last my best friend struggled with drugs and crime got married and joined the marines. We experimented going down on each other, enjoying it enough to do it several times through our years. He got me to join the service with him, I went army. He got kicked out for punching a superior which wasn’t surprising at all. My mom helped him get a place and he totally took advantage of and screwed her over at which point we stopped being friends. I had another friend from some apartment complex a long time ago but we just drifted. I was a little punk, stupid, ignorant, disrespectful and downright hateful at times. I didn’t believe depression was anything more than an excuse, I was racist and I kept mostly to myself because I was kind of outspoken at times. I hate remembering myself like this but it’s true and I can’t change it. I wasn’t breaking laws besides getting high and I wasn’t violent, also I knew how to be well behaved around adults. I once kicked a chair out from a kid with two broken legs who just moved from wheels to crutches, I feel really awful about that. I mostly kept to myself, but am very charismatic in random spurts and tend to attract perspective friends who I always disappoint.
I lost my virginity at 15, she was 14 and after a while of long distance clinginess, I broke up with her. It didn’t stick, I couldn’t do it because I did care about her. I dated and kissed another girl behind her back but that’s the extent of my cheating in my whole life, I felt awful then and still do. Even after finding out she stayed with me until one day I decided to end it for good. I told her that I hated her and never wanted to see her again, it was so extremely shitty. I have sought and received forgiveness recently. I dated another girl for a while, she was weird. Into cutting, bi, goth and liked my huge mistake of pink hair (my mom was a barber by the way, even owned her own shop). She was great in bed and I was in love with being in love so I complicated it until I met her. I will not say her name but when I say Her you know. I met Her years prior while she was in an abusive relationship but I could never get over amazing she was. It may be shallow but it was love at first sight, she wasn’t desirable to most but to me she was perfect. I gave up on weird girl immediately when She approached me in the high school hall, nothing mattered but having Her. We hooked up right away, sex before first date. I learned she was a whore the hard way but loved her, and I’m not saying easy girls are whores or that sexual women should be shamed but she was legit the town whore. Throughout our relationship she told me her extremely promiscuous story, but I loved her. She would cheat, we would split and we would get back together. Our passion was intense and to this day I have never felt such a full connection with anyone. I had beaten my step dad pretty bad one night and moved to NM with my dad who moved away when I was 16. Her and I couldn’t take it. I moved back with my grandma (mom side) in NY and Her and I were back on, until we weren’t. I enlisted and then proposed, we got married and I shipped to basic. She came to my graduation and I moved on to AIT. While I was in AIT I had phone privileges so we talked much more, which showed me some bad signs. One night I confronted Her and she confessed, I saw it coming but I have never to this day been so devastated. 6 years together on and off, she was the one. I loved Her like I didn’t know was possible and we were married less than a year. My trust is still damaged. She would later confess to more. Everything I suspected was true and worse, she blew a guy 1 night after the wedding, fucked 3 guys in the hotel after my basic training ceremony and was living with her boyfriend for several months before I found out and she was playing on him with me.
The army is where I would finally grow though. I was a model soldier for a while, as my units and chain of command grew shittier so did my outlook and I became a bare minimum soldier. It would be my final year of service when I experience depression first hand. I was deployed asap from my first unit (90 days after getting there) to Iraq. 6 months in a soldier in Kuwait would lose his shit and I replaced him, Kuwait isn’t even a deployment so whatever. In Iraq we were bombed and I went on a convoy to Baghdad once, I adopted to danger well. I reenlisted for Germany while deployed so another short 90 days in NY before moving again. Before that my uncle drank himself into a coma and My grandma didn’t pull the plug for weeks until (not realizing) my birthday. That was pretty rough. My mom finally left my step dad and when I go to visit her new bf is a coke dealer and I do tons of blow with them. She had lost her barber shop already. It’s at this point I start to drift from my mother, her life is leading to ruin but she doesn’t listen and that angers me, why try to help someone who doesn’t want it. I have been drifting from people my whole life, including family, should she be different? I get to Germany and due to chronic back pain from basic, habits from Ft Drum and being in Germany I developed a self-medicating drinking habit. Another deployment would help me fix this actually. I got in touch with Her and almost got back together with her until a girl talked me out of it and we fell in love. We deployed together to Afghanistan and when we got back we got hitched. Getting stationed in TX and WA afterwards. My tour in TX is what made me hate being a soldier, my 1sg was an arrogant ass who cared more about his word being law than taking care of any of his soldiers. Me and several other soldiers were on permanent profile (our bodies were fucked up) and he couldn’t stand us. I suddenly became withdrawn, I didn’t like doing anything anymore, the passion in my marriage was waning, I was gaining weight and was just generally depressed. When I was younger I remember My great grandmother died and my grandma stayed in bed for months, I thought it was absurd and tried tough love to no avail, when I felt a similar path I called her. Her father sexually abused her as a kid and she blocked out the memories until her mom died, I was shocked! That with the recent loss of her son and she was there with me, she couldn’t help, we could only be there for each other. I hadn’t gone through anything like that so why me!? It was time to let my contract end, but before that 1sg would try to fuck me by putting in an overweight discharge 2 months before I’m out. I was able to stall it to my ETS date but that was a rough couple of months. My wife already outranked me and stayed in so that’s how I got to WA.
My depression was taking a toll on my marriage. She was outgoing, materialistic and country to boot while I was just kind of there. I tried getting jobs, but I always failed by quitting, stopping or not meeting expectations. That hurt. I tried college and failed miserably, that hurt more. It is worth noting that I am very intelligent and worked communications for the army quite effectively. My shortcomings were coming from an indescribable place within in a most despicable way. I didn’t do anything, couldn’t, wouldn’t I don’t even know!? Showering, brushing my teeth, generally taking care of myself or my surroundings just didn’t happen. I wanted to do them, I knew I had to do them but I just didn’t and I couldn’t understand why. My wife couldn’t understand and didn’t know how to deal with it at all, saying go get help or just do something about it already. My shame lead to me hiding things from her and our trust waned as well, resentment grew. I saw a doctor, got some pills. Tried several pills until Effexor helped and I stuck with it for a long while but there is circular issue with my condition, the pills help but I just don’t take them? Another straining confusion. I turn to what I remember helping, weed. I even ask my doctor who tells me that my combination of back pain and depression is very treatable with cannabis. My wife hates it (but can’t wait to get out and do it?) but I live in WA so I do it anyway. Government doctors won’t prescribe on VA salary but it’s just legal anyway so I do it. I hide it from my wife but it helps me, the problem being she’s not dumb so to hide it well she never saw it help. She finds out we go to counselling and I find out she has been ready to leave for a while, gut punch! I didn’t know it had gotten this bad, time had passed so fast while I was stuck. My grandfather died right around this time, he was like a father to me before my dad really stepped up. It was his 5th bout of cancer and he was 92 so it was his time but it hit me hard. My wife and I were together for 5 years, married 3+ and she was about to deploy. We made a plan but only after being gone for two weeks she called me and said she couldn’t do it anymore, I don’t think there was any one else and honestly, I don’t care if there was. She wanted me to stay and take care of the house and our dogs and cats, but we always had a friend living with us and her mother lived with us too (more strain) so I called my dad and decided to live with him. He is a trucker and my step mom is cool so it’s cool being here for him while he’s gone. Before I leave I get a letter saying my disability kicked in, finally a ray of hope. I take the dog she lets me and I head out to NM once more.
So here I am, in my dad’s house paying small rent watching out for my stepmom. No job, no friends, no desire, no passion. Smoking with my medical card and hoping the next video game or show will fill some hole in me. I have a step sister and step brother who I actually call my brother and sister, met them around age 13. My step brother is ex-navy and messed up, heading down a dark path and worse off than me. My step sister has a wonderful husband they are my only friends, we do family game day every week and hang out a lot. If it wasn’t for cannabis I would be in such miserable pain I wouldn’t even go out with them. One time while being sober but on my pills I cried at a party for no reason, I just get kind of fucked up for no reason sometimes like someone else not knowing what I’m doing or where I am is deciding how I feel at that moment. The passion didn’t just leave my marriage it left me, I have no desire for a romantic relationship, kissing seems weird and foreign to me (which sucks because I was good at it), I still get horny but anything other than self-satisfaction feels wrong. I’m not a whole person, I feel disconnected from the world and the comfort of knowing that I’m not going to kill myself isn’t enough anymore. The people around me worry and I’m so ashamed of myself I try to keep everything in and shut myself off. I have abandoned so many friendships and family members that thinking about them is bringing tears to my eyes, people I truly care about. My sister was about 4 when I beat her dad and left, I had little contact before she hit 13 now none. She got manipulated online and has no internet access, it lead to cutting herself and a full grown piece of shit going to jail. I don’t like her dad and my mom turned into trash, my sister even tried hanging herself and spent time in a ward. Her dad started drinking himself to death after his divorce, she is in foster with a good friend and protective parents. I feel like I should contact her but I feel like she has enough going on, why add my messed-up self to her world? Or is that an excuse?
Last year my grandma called to talk about my mom and I lost it, she had been hospitalized by her new new bf several times and was just sinking into a bad town, drugs, and life. I couldn’t take it anymore, I told my Nana that I was done, if she wanted to be trash instead of being there for me than she doesn’t need my help. She fought help at every offer. She even stopped going to trials for my sister and just seemed totally gone. Nana told me My mom was changing her ways for real but I didn’t believe her, I told her I was just waiting for the call and she knew what I meant. Nana was upset but understanding and we ended the conversation well. She called 2 hours later no shit to tell me mom was dead. She just didn’t wake up, autopsy revealed LVH related sudden death, an aneurism and no drugs in her system. I don’t know how to feel still. I don’t know how my sister feels, I know Nana has lost 2 children around my birthday as my mom died about 2 and a half weeks before and my uncle on. She wants to die but her faith is keeping her going, I wish I had faith but I just don’t (seen miraculous things but don’t think I can ever have fait). She had actually moved from CA to NY to be a part of the family, now she’s back in CA.
I’m 32 years old, been just self-reflecting for about a year now and scraping by on my disability. All my hate is gone. I have come to terms with myself, my sexuality and my condition. I’m done hating myself and feeling like there’s nothing I can do. I am overweight but very handsome, charming, funny and smart. I am capable when I apply myself and can quickly respond and adapt to unexpected situations. I have become a very relaxed person, observant and reserved. I am getting better at controlling outbursts. I realize I’m not just an entitled lazy sponge with no right to feel this way, I have a condition and I can manage it if I try hard enough. I am done judging others, life takes us down some strange paths. I feel like I can see me using my understanding of the world to become part of it again. I have finally come to realization which lead to a goal. I realized that the world sucks, nothing is fair and there’s nothing I can do to stop the pain I’ve already experienced. There’s more pain down the road and I can’t stop all of that either. My goal is to do what I can to be happy again. I want to move back to WA (my ex is long gone from there) because I loved it. I want to do something with meaning to me. I have to get a job and save up money and a reference but I’m terrified of failing. Not anymore! I just need to find something to love and do that, then I can move on with my life. I want a job in the gaming shop or dispensary fields since those are the only things that ever make me feel that spark for life anymore. I can do this. I am not an extrovert and don’t need to be one, going places (and I mean anywhere) does nothing for me. I’m not better by a long shot but my pit just turned into a tunnel, I need to overcome a lot of fear and doubt still but I can see the light in the distance. I just want a small happy life with a few close friends, to find my peace and be content.
That is the short version. There is much more shame and tragedy but I have shared what resonates the most.
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2018.04.13 04:12 911bodysnatchers322 Transcript of George Webb Video Series Part 308 "Hillary's Leakers, Hackers, and Henchmen" [@Georgwebb / #HRCRatline]

  • >>>CONT
    • The cops within she called in the nine bag which is basically turn--small amount of narcotics street term for that here
    • But then we have shootings
    • And where we're not getting responses for--ten minutes whatever--yeah ten minutes it
    • I mean it really sounds like a I don't mean to say like a Humvee on each corner
    • But I don't know a desperation a sadness that was another story where a guy be shot at ran through her home knocked over her baby her baby or like a toddler
    • And then she was afraid that the guy chasing him was going to come through that was going to be she had shoot up her house
    • So that was interesting I just say I don't know what the solution is checkpoints--I think I think of checkpoints all over the media where CNN you see right presentation where are they not here in Chicago do stories on them all these murders that are happening yeah this channel wives rather manual not talking about it why is nobody not talking about I just got the idea of checkpoints--it's like we're gonna check IDs going in
    • And out of this neighborhood until things get better
  • {{ 911: NOTE: I'm going to give up on transcribing videos so carefully with back and forth with Taskforce. She's too low volume to get autotranscriptions and also too difficult to understand in some cases, and both of you talk very quickly so I can't type it up, sorry. I just can't do it. You produce too much time of video. I might just pick out unique entities and list them in these long live videos, since that's what we're after }}
  • And that's just the way it is
  • And that just just--some visuals--like--they have a guard shack at every location every Government location in DC and--you're going to be on candid camera you're gonna your license plates on candid camera we're going to throw some blood lights on the street and--you're you're not going to be able to just kind of like I don't know ratline--can't just I mean
  • And literally there's no we did see a police car eventually in our time there we saw one
  • But anyway that's all that we really have to report there's no great statement we have to make other than it's very real shock is very real it's not a joke it's a lot of people dying like we say the first night where you're here we had seven murdered in one little neighborhood South Shore
  • So and yet we're right underneath the Boeing sign--I mean there's blowing head quarters
  • So anyway I think there's got to be a solution to this street crime I don't know what it is I'm sure somebody's tackled this that knows what they're doing
  • But whatever is possible is not being done I would you say that's true can feel that not only does gracious dad has been hopelessness in this young mother we helped a blind guy get into a lift
  • And he seemed to be the happiest guy around because he couldn't see anything right yeah--he was oblivious to it--and he he was seem like the happiest guy because he couldn't see the threats anyway alright that's it for
  • Now, we'll check in with you later
  • Day 175.1 Cohen-Pinchuk Raid Just Gives Up More Clinton Oligarchs - YouTube
    • It's day 175
    • And Daily Caller gets credit for being the first alternative media site to be first out with a real reason for the raid on Trump's lawyer's office Michael Cohen's office
    • And that is to try to dig up dirt on Trump
    • This is the hundred and fifty thousand dollar donation to Trump's charity
    • And of course it ignores the millions of this Ukrainian oligarch's contributions to the Clinton Foundation, which is the same MO that we've seen over and over:
    • Accuse someone else of what you did only make sure that there is at least some shred of evidence {{ Party of Projection }}
    • And this is going to be the key from here on in
    • And thank God Bob Mueller keeps exposing Hillary's Ukrainians and Hillary's Russians
    • And Bob Mueller is actually doing a good job of not only exposing Hillary's Russians and Hillary's oligarchs and Ukrainian oligarchs, but also they're hacking teams, and also [exposing] the MO of using hacking teams to steal money for these oligarchs
    • So this is the gift that keeps on giving with Mueller
    • Now, admittedly he's doing it by accident
    • But in no way do we want to stop Bob Mueller from doing what he's doing
    • Now, there's other folks that said isn't this CrowdStrike really covering their hacking teams?
    • Crowdstrikes hacking teams are called the "Bears"
    • There's different hacking teams usually in teams of 12
    • The Cozy Bears [are] maybe the Awans
    • The Fancy Bears maybe Suschin
    • And there's about six hacking teams at that Trump just threw out of the country is
    • Were they the hacking teams of these millionaires?
    • Is Trump gonna go after all the millionaires and all the millionaires hacking teams?
    • We don't really know that yet
    • But what I did was I put together a quick playlist for all these different entities
    • So that people could get up to speed on who these different entities and aking teams are
    • Or just do a quick refresher
    • So if you don't remember Victor Pinchuk
    • And the Brooklyn Nets etc there's a quick playlist there if you don't remember CrowdStrike and they're role in the DNC
    • And their role really through this the last almost well let's see 20 years either as a corporation or as a loose confederation in cabal inside the FBI, then you have that
    • And then of course Deripaska will add other ones as they come along
    • Friedman certainly will come along
    • Pinchuk will certainly come along etc as well as
    • Now, we also can kind of do threads of playlists through all the different videos we've done with the NGA and different departments
    • And Deep State actors that the that these players that this kind of McCabe Brennan cabal used to destroy people, either through surveillance or what have you
    • And I've created playlists for them
    • Of course there's an Epstein playlist
    • PDD-62 is this idea of using surveillance to crush people
    • So there I created a playlist there
    • EB-5 is the way of getting resources into the country, to man your surveillance etc
    • And then you can go all the way down here to even Uranium One etc
    • To understand how machinations of these criminal actors go
    • And finally I would say there's some ugly attacks yesterday from other YouTube channels as well as other folks that potentially are related to me
    • And all I would say there is did we expect any different?
    • Do we expect that these these conspirators, this Brennan McCabe cabal wouldn't have actors and a voice
    • And actress to act out what they've actually already said in private
    • That they've already said it in in writing to destroy the careers of FBI agents...
    • The ugly attack against Robyn Gritz yesterday was really nothing more than giving voice and action towhat McCabe has already done to Robyn Gritz administratively
    • So it is ugly as it was at least we all saw it for the ugliness that it was
    • And it really was almost a complete recapitulation of Andrew McCabe's actions toward Robyn Gritz
  • Day 175.2 Atlantic Council - What Can Our Crowdstrike Bears Hack For You Today? - YouTube
    • It's day 175
    • And this is part two
    • And a lot of people say Oh George you're trying to be this white knight--rushing to every damsel in distress that needs help
    • Robyn Grit and others--all the female reporters in in Turkey
    • And Syria with Serena Shim, and Shiba Gardi and Vanessa Beeley--Eva Bartlet etc
    • well I'm going to be fair
    • And even-handed today to talk about Irina Chalupa one of the key conspirators she's a woman from the Ukraine, or the key conspirators in the Trump Russia narrative
    • Her sister--if it really is her sister--Alexander Chalupa who is a operative for the DNC
    • She's the one who keeps dropping the Chalupas in Obama's lap
    • Saying oh by the way Mr. president were full flight into and surveillance campaign
    • Do you want us to go public with it and leak it to the press, or do you want to sign off on it?
    • And so your choice is basically a John Brennan embarrasses your administration with yet another leak or you can go ahead and sign this paper here on August 29 2016 Mr. president
    • This has been Brennan and a Clapper and Hayden used these women over and over
    • Again, to do their dirty work they hide behind them
    • They're cowards of course, so they make the women be the brave ones
    • Here's Evelyn Farkas
    • Again, yet another apparatchik among us in the State Department
    • And Department of Defense that wants Trump investigated
    • She was the foremost fixer if you will in Ukraine
    • And these folks all know each other well from the Atlantic Council
    • So here she is Evelyn Farkas she may have remember herself uh outing herself on MSNBC saying hey I'm one of the key conspirators in the Russia-Trump hoax
    • So you keep going here Susan Samantha Power
    • Of course Cass Sunstein sends her in
    • The 260 different on maskings in a breathtakingly short period of time: two months
    • Evelyn Farkas was the one who said let's get as much as we can, dirt as we can, as fast as we can, let's collect it all
    • So rou literally everyone wearing wingtips in Washington got in in New York anybody, associated with Trump, or Trump's babysitter's: were all tapped
    • This is going to be the most embarrassing of that in our country's history
    • It's going to make water well in the words of calls from this is 30 water gates I think it's more
    • But FBI director Kallstrom may it hit it on the head this is 30 watergates
    • But what I like to do is drill down, and say what unites all these folks?
    • Where do they all meet?
    • They all meet in Washington DC over 15 on 15th Street not far off Pennsylvania Avenue at a place called the Atlantic Council
    • And the International Advisory Group to the Atlantic Council is where I always go when I want to get the dirt
    • Here's Viktor Pinchuk here he is making oil deals he was a member of the Ukrainian Parliament
    • But he's a always giving bribes $100,000 bribe $250,000 bribes
    • And it's rinsed through the Atlantic Council
    • Now, Rupert Murdoch's office is oh it's also on that council
    • And also on that Advisory Board
    • His office just got raided
    • Is that why they raided?
    • It is it really CrowdStrike trying to clean up the mess it's a really crowd strike trying to strike the crowd yet again?
    • Here's Ernie Moniz for us to part of energy some people call him earnest money money Tom onna ties
    • I think Eric Shinseki of VA a lot of folks go into the Democratic positions
    • Here of courses Hagel going into deep DoD Greenberg
    • I'm sure that's a person that's related to Mr. Greenberg of are good friends of microloan Fame down in Asia
    • So if you go through here it's just really
    • Here's Edelman the PR firm that kind of destroys different groups with it's sort of a Fusion GPS a domestic Fusion GPS
    • I think the pipelines was the last time they really got involved
    • But basically these groups are adept at destroying opposition political opposition, destroying people, much as Fusion GPS does all over the world
    • And of course here you've got general Clapper on this board
    • Now, you're gonna have a lot of influence George Soros
    • And all the other SEIU Beetles
    • And of course Carl Bildt
    • Here's our Carl Bildt organizing the invasion sort of a MAVNI for Europe sort of bringing in all these operatives these trained Military Intelligence operatives gangs if you will or trained trained Gladio teams into Europe
    • So there's Carl Bildt
    • Everything that you would want on one on one team to put it all together
    • This is the list of people buying pay-to-play overseas from the US State Department
    • And of course it wouldn't be complete without Madeleine Albright
    • And her shadow Secretary of State which is Hillary Clinton
  • Day 175.3. Task Force Sources McCabe Home in Chappaqua Four Months Before MSM - YouTube
    • The orientation is locked
    • So you'll have to see more of me
    • And less of Chicago good morning Chicago
    • So obviously we're downtown
    • And we had some big successes this morning
    • Task Force has a right to claim big success
    • The Thomas Paine article is out
    • (Rahm? Rahm? It looked like Rahm my hip we have the nurse's outfit on again.)
    • (I do have the Bitcoin we're gonna go down to Daley Plaza we're gonna try to get him to Bitcoin I sure hope he's there)
    • So Thomas Paine is out with a big story today about the two decades well actually a three decade relationship between Hillary Clinton and McCabe
    • But this one is--oh by the way look at my look at my t-shirt "spy ring in Congress"
    • This is made by Bernie Bridges
    • And Bernie Bridges told me this morning she's taking all proceeds of anything that she sells and donating it to someone you know and love
    • So anyway hey everybody
    • So if you haven't heard the big news today, the story of that Task Force did and we did
    • But Task Force found it
    • I did a story December 2nd 2017 about Andrew McCabe living right down the street from Hillary Clinton
    • I published photographs
    • I said I don't think Andy actually lived there much
    • I think was the spy house it was the hacking house to defraud HEY
    • Defraud or scare the living bejesus out of different people in New York
    • Threaten them with SEC action in order to take their businesses away from them
    • Or they could use soft power
    • Soft power is getting Hillary Clinton a campaign contribution
    • This is for Senate!
    • This is for Senate
    • 1998
    • The house was in Chappaqua in 1998 you can read Thomas Paine's article about that four months later now
    • Now, it has come to his fact-checking network of FBI folks
    • And X FBI folks there's a network folks
    • Like I said way back when there's a network, and it's real
    • And now, when people see this corruption for what it really is that this has been
    • And again, Thomas Paine said three decades
    • If you go back three decades I still say Andy was the one who went into the evidence cage for the going all the way back 1996
    • I want to say for the Oklahoma City bombing investigation
    • I believe the current ODNI chief is Dan Coates
    • I believe he was the running now
    • The Congressional committees on that they had reprisals against Dan Coates
    • But you're gonna find Andy was a guy who went into the evidence cage
    • I'm gotta say 1997 there was a there was an FBI whistleblower at the time
    • And I can't remember his name
    • But I printed several times when I do if you go to my PDD 62 playlist it's in there I list all the whistleblowers over
    • And over when I list the PDD 62 documentation
    • So if you want to go there you can find it I'm gonna do a lot more playlists because there are there are
    • So many gems like this which just totally blow up the narrative
    • And I'm talking about taking down the whole narrative, with just one fact
    • Hey they've known each other and been neighbors for two decades
    • Jill McCabe as well living right there
    • And Andy didn't disclose it
    • And he did not disclose right James Comey put out you got to get it now, because it is going to get taken down from from Twitter
    • The one ninety know this isn't the one ninety these aren't the one hundred ninety whistleblowers
    • This is the this is Andy McCabe buying a home in Chappaqua just down the street
    • It's got all kinds of cables running out of it
    • I said this this is hacking team hacking team hacking team
    • Was that where the Awans started? We don't know
    • WWas that where Suschin and the fancy bear started?
    • We don't know, but we now know that I told four new viewers they probably don't remember me talking about when I worked at McAfee
    • Or we were taking we were a company taken over by McAfee--Network General I worked there in 1999
    • And there was a hacking team of 12
    • Russians from Moscow
    • They worked in the weapons they worked in cyber weapons in Moscow
    • Now, I've talked about this a lot
    • People have forgotten it
    • But go back I'll have to do I have a CrowdStrike playlist--you can watch kind of going back all the way
    • But I said these guys are they're making viruses! in order to sell antivirus software, at the end of every quarter!
    • It was a criminal activity
    • Bill Larson was a CEO
    • Bill I'm calling you out as a criminal!
    • I reported a channel stuffing at the end of quarter
    • I got nice I got set up real nice for that
    • That's 1999 that was the first team of 12
    • Now, I don't know if there was teams of 12 before that or teams of 12 after that well there obviously was a lot of teams of 12 after that
    • Trump just kicked six teams of 12 out
    • But getting back to the McCabe we don't know if the hacking team was there I don't think it was a nice enough house to be honest with you--you got to talk really loud though because that the bus is that I know I mean Chappaqua is a very small community
    • And I know it's in a community of like 1,400
    • And it's something like you have to look at true pundit's article this ago 1,400 kind of elite community a mile from Hillary Clinton's house her house is probably very nice I'm assuming
    • So I don't know I know he's sold or resold
    • And refinancet it also in 2013 I have those documents and
    • So there I don't know the condition of that house or its value
    • I know what he sold and resold it for
    • I don't know what that money from 1998 to 2013 what happened during that time
    • G: the timing to me makes sense to having a hacking team house like at Awan type house for the run-up to Senate
    • And of course going up against Joe John F Kennedy John F Kennedy jr. right that's why she they move to chat they John house in Chappaqua to specifically establish residency what you have to have to run for Senate
    • She was the first lady John F Kennedy jr. was running as that New York Senator
    • And they bought a house in Chappaqua to run against him
    • And prevent him from winning that seat
    • And then that's when his plane somehow fell from the sky
    • G: right right
    • And the reason why he sold it in 2011 to a Burgess to its 2013 to purchase to a Burgess removed from the database well it's that's alright it's it's still out there the story is still out there Peter purchase
    • But it mister NBC CBS or whatever
    • And he's--NOC buddies right I don't want to say any did the we had anything to do with--JFK jr. by the way I don't want to say that I just said few Task Force just talking about timing
    • But what we do know is
    • And I'm sorry about the portrait here I wanted the landscape
    • So you can see Chicago not well I guess you get to see spy ring in Congress
    • But the patterns the patterns the modus operandi is what's important here the hacking teams of 12 the safe houses
    • The thousands of wires running out
    • The removable hard drives the thumb drives
    • All this stuff was was worked out in the Senate campaign way before they ever got to Washington
    • Then they sell the house after Hillary's in the Senate twice for the run up for the presidency
    • She doesn't want to run for Senate
    • Again, she wants to be president
    • So they sell the house in 2013 to Burgess
    • And cash out--and some NOC fund, some CIA NOC fund caches Burgess out
    • And then they come to Washington
    • So it that's a big story today
    • And that's a huge story
    • And we got to do more playlists that pick up a lot more of Jenny's stuff a lot more Taskforce stuff--the problem is is I got used to introducing you by your fake name to different people and
    • Now, I got
    • Now, I've got the bug
    • Now, I got the other fake name
    • So there you go
    • So anyway there's lots of stuff
    • So we're gonna have to go through
    • And we did the Deripaska I did the Deripaska that's the derringer coming out of the pasta
    • We all these guys all these guys go back to Prokhorov
    • Pinchuk
    • Deripaska
    • The original 12 Andy Andy comrades running Kompromat all go together
    • So Prokhorov was the guy who was going to launder the money through the sports teams
    • Pinchuk was the more the oil energy kind of guy
    • They did minerals through Deripaska through ???
    • They had they had a funnel for all the drug for weapons business they had
    • And their selling of the secrets they had funnels for all the different ones all the different Russians represented different money laundering funnels
    • Do you want to add to that?
    • TF: I just want to give a shout-out to Thomas Paine
    • And True Pundit because it's amazing article people should try to find in read
    • And we will read retweeted out he's just that Thomas Paine
    • And true
    • But it is great great investigative work
    • And people really need to follow that
    • So yeah that is a good shot
    • And he did say something about the attorneys
    • I mean the Inspector General living in that neighborhood
    • And I didn't think Horowitz lived in that neighborhood
    • The Inspector General has ER Doc's so
    • Now, how does the Inspector General leave this out Comey sent out a blanket email to all the FBI saying there's no conflict of interest here in McCabes
    • And know how to Clinton's right no conflict of interest oh well I forgot to mention my kid mows their yard
    • And we're we're close enough to--borrow cups of sugar from each other, you what I'm talking about sugar--
    • And Jill McCabe's a doctor there I don't know she brings sugar to the party
    • I'm not saying she seems like a very nice woman
    • She seems like a very nice woman caught in a horrible horrible thing
    • And Hillary it's always the same thing
    • Hillary always takes it to the next level there are no limits for Hillary
    • McCain stopped at dirty weapons
    • Comey stopped at dirty weapons
    • Hillary does not stop at anything to win she does not stop at anything
    • So we're gonna go down we're gonna try to get Rahm
    • And we'll talk about the network of people she built in the United States with the help of Andy to sell to get this Bitcoin
    • We'll talk about that in a little bit--that's gonna come out
    • But for right now, we got to get Rahm his Bitcoin we'll see you a little bit
  • Day 175.4. Rahm-Com - YouTube
    • Orientation is locked again, oh well
    • well here we are sorry about the portrait orientation
    • We've got the Picasso oh there you can obviously see that they made modifications to the back part of it
    • They've spring-loaded all the wiring
    • And they've made the law advance started up here now,
    • And I'm here with Task Force the band everyone asked what the heck did he get all that Bitcoin?
    • Well if you kind of line all this stuff up
    • 1998 late 98 when the house is bought, when Andy McKay buys the Chappaqua house right right
    • And I'll try to get more of Rahm in here and less of a spy ring in Congress is when all this stuff happens
    • You have a hacking team that goes into Chappaqua to extort money which we will be coming out and talking about
    • But it's the group out in the Long Island house for the SEC
    • I was in New York for a couple of years
    • And we had I had a building I was in a building where the SEC enforcement division was just out of coincidence
    • And there so we had a hacking team of 12 up there
    • Then we had a happy team go into Congress right about the same time right
    • we had Rahm Emanuel go into Congress in 1999
    • We had Anthony Weiner going to Congress in 1999
    • And it kind of became the foundation of this let's just call it the "Bitcoin kids"
    • The Bitcoin kids
    • This is before Bitcoin
    • But I'm just saying a lot of times when you get money from illegal operations beyond the dark weapons beyond even things that have the color-of-law, you need to hide it in into things like Bitcoin
    • So I'm gonna just set the stage here for for why things happen the way they did
    • Hillary moves to the Senate in 2002
    • TF: right well after Bill and Hillary leaving the White House
    • Number one Rahm Emanuel was part of Bill Clinton's White House
    • So people need to remember that way back
    • As was Podesta--they were both inside the White House very close very close and
    • So Hillary then decides to she's going to run for Senator, simultaneously as she's leaving as first lady
    • So she needs to establish residency in order to represent, you have to establish residency
    • So they buy the house in Chappaqua we're in the same year were ending McCabe is first located in Chappaqua at a house down the road
    • JFK jr. was running in that Senate position
    • And that New York's in a position Hillary decides to buy house now, and she would have to explain the reasons why she chose there
    • But she chose there to run in that district to run against JFK jr.
    • We all know what happened I don't know I'm not getting into all that
    • But we all know what happened to JFK jr.
    • And in that election, when JFK jr. unfortunately passed away, Hillary Clinton won that Senate seat
    • And became on the Senate Armed Services right out of the White House
    • Now, do you think the Chappaqua house could have been a reminder of like Chappaquiddick, because they do sound so similar
    • Like, remember what happened your brother at Chappaquiddick?
    • John-John, right you might want to sit this one out?
    • I mean maybe there's a little bit of a--a little bit of a WINK threat there shuttle going on subtlety's?
    • Well we do know that we did a story about this December 2nd 2017
    • And there was a fire at the Chappaqua house, right?
    • About a day or two later
    • I remember at the Hillary's chef Hillary's Chappaqua house
    • We did the story of December 2nd and that which is breaking big now
    • And there was a fire right at her house right maybe a day later yeah maybe a day later
    • So you could check the records for when there was a fire at the Chappaqua house
    • Now, it just so happens I when I went to Chappaqua with a thumb drive, this is gonna start getting more relevant
    • I hope we weren't on camera that whole time?
  • Day 175.5. Chicago RiverWalk Live With Task Force - YouTube
    • {{ RAW transcript only with autoreplacements }}
    • You're not familiar with Chicago you've kind of got the bridges in a little bit higher level
    • And then just on the other side of this wall here is where Bernie Bridges works with all of our homeless quite a bit of homeless just right here on the other side Bernie Bridges is out on her bridge on the Kennedy today talking about working with the spy ring in Congress
    • So we've got that a spy ringin Congress shirt Bernie Bridges will sell you a spy ring in Congress shirt if you want to inspire a in Congress shirt Bernie Bridges is your girl
    • So here we are with Task Force I know it's gonna be a little bit windy down here by the river
    • But it's worth it if you're over here Task Force I think we're good
    • And then you can speak right into the microphone here
    • So let's just go through a couple of the well first of all congratulations on your success today today I know how it feels to be well I don't be humble I know how it feels to be in the middle of a story
    • And then when this story goes big this happen with me with a hard drives I think you're having your hard drives moment--where you go for 200 days people don't believe you don't believe you from for you as a little bit shorter is about four months
    • But then vindication came today when people did discover that Andy did have a house of Chapel right yeah I think--just doing putting all the research in there's a lot of documents
    • And stuff that you're trying to weed out
    • And figure out what's most important
    • And you stumble upon something like that
    • And you tried it I be I've tweeted it I sent it I to about a thousand different people how many people I sent it directly into people inside Washington people don't believe it could be possible
    • And then when it breaks something big it's like just it works--in the ends the research pays off
    • And the most important part is the truth that's what we're all about
    • So
    • And she's very humble about it
    • And doesn't want it wants the credit Thomas Paine really for verification because it's really those FBI agents that have retired that want the best for the FBI that really do kind of make the story because they verify it they sure that the truth is going out there
    • And it kind of as that final fact check not not from just--regular people who--who are suppressed kids who want to get to the next self-congratulatory oh by the way we're right under Trump Tower here not just those kids
    • But real real Intelligence service professionals who can say yes this is exactly what happened
    • And this is I mean they're trying to bury it already right they're trying to bury the story already things like that you know
    • Again, I just I give a shout out to Thomas paper being up there
    • But also to Robyn Gritz
    • And him
    • Again, I'm gonna mention her name she's the one that stood has stood up against the ending McCabe we have a spokesman out there I hate spokesman yeah seems like fund me
    • And support her
    • And in her battle as she she's taking on the system Thomas Paine's another guy that's been a part of that
    • And I wanted to say about Robin I mean she's not gonna be like oh I'm gonna go away she's gonna be a part of the solution--she's gonna
    • And I don't want to say too much more on that
    • So let's go to the bombing most people don't know we are have a raging bombing campaign right
    • Now, they think there's Trump sitting on his hands right well there were Navy Navy fighter jets whatever sins
    • And they bombed a bunch of what was originally called Taliban synthetic labs which is basically where you're--taking the opiates
    • And processing them in those areas
    • And then it's kind of come out more honest is this Western Afghanistan or Eastern
    • I'm not exact locations
    • But it's coming out--more
    • And more really running those labs
    • And where is that stuff coming from it it's Catholics in action right the damn Catholics
    • Again, are running these drug labs in Pakistan would create a lab wait I think it's the I think it's the cars International League right cars Internet Inc has got I did not realize they had the resources to create labs--that's quite amazing so
    • Now, do you think Trump will just keep the bombing campaign going while he's kind of keeping the world in suspense that's about what he's gonna do on the other yeah I don't I don't know I think that was--trunks one of his main things was opiate the opiate--the problem in here in this country
    • And this is a big big big part of the story that people don't understand of how the opiates where they're coming from how its being synthesized in different labs
    • And where that's occurring
    • And why he's moms might be dropping on the labs to stop the opiates from coming in
    • And killing American people
    • And that's been
    • And that's been really covered up I mean we really haven't had a lot of coverage on that to be honest you really have to dig there are some like Navy Times
    • And people I mean it's hard to send kids--up in in to war
    • And the moms are all like I don't know
    • And them grandmothers
    • And the dads
    • And the brothers
    • And everything it's hard not to be honest--this gonna show up there's a lot of satellites up there you're gonna see the bombing and
    • So anyway I'm just seeing that comments for the first time they're close enough
    • So yeah well we'll try to get the comments as we go
    • So a couple other stories what do you want to cover a couple of other stories that seem to come to mind the only other thing I would say is that we didn't we try to cover earlier we got to we didn't get a chance to win load about the soldier we were out in daily square
    • And yeah
    • And a soldier who has served his country in Afghanistan just to hear on a patriot who has followed George from the first days came up
    • And said hey scrunchie recognized George
    • And we got a chance to shake his hand or he knew you to though you knew Task Force yeah I knew
    • So yeah
    • So it was a great chance to meet him
    • And he asked him what we could do better what would be most helpful
    • And he said you need to have a Chicago whistle doe whistle blower Sunday like you do in DC because they're supporters they want to talk so
    • Now, I am just quite shocked that we have not had a ROM siren or ambulance a lot of people are calling it the Romulans we have not had a Romulans since we've been down here
    • Now, roms got to get out of the city at some point doesn't he I mean he's you think it'll be my fire truck--with that booster seat or do you think it'll be a rambling
    • So Romulus probably gonna be lots of diversions right you might have a Romulus going one way with a fire truck
    • And a booster seat going another way and--all different diversions
    • So no one can really follow that yeah rom worked pretty close to state
    • And lake
    • So if you want to try to get the Bitcoin we survive we're still are
    • Now, we
    • Now, we hear Mark Zuckerberg may be delivering a lot of Bitcoin
    • But in hand delivering a lot of Bitcoin in Congress today what is your take on you watch a little bit of the testimony what should I watch the testimony mostly yesterday that on the senate
    • And my take was first of all that when they did it's the statistics of how many of the people questioning mark zuckerberg had actually taken cash for more exact reverse our Facebook's company it's a little hard to question
    • And fire off appropriate questions
    • And you can look at Thomas Paine's article on that
    • And fire off tough questions about what's happening with data in the selling off of data when you're actually taking money from the company yeah I think it was like 30 or 40 Senators had taken
    • And almost all that sherry had taken money from him
    • And a like big chunk some money like half a million dollar chunks right before he goes on to the Senate testimony as like they're not even separating pay-to-play with the conjunction to just pay play pay play--it's almost like one word
    • Now, in Washington
    • But I'm kind of glad I'm out of Washington to be honest with you yeah it's actually wonderful to be out here with the people that this is these are the great people great American patriots whether they're veterans or bernie bridges or just--people that are trying to do what's right by our country
    • And get it back to the rule of law
    • And ethics
    • And morality at all
    • Now, now the big news is we knocked out we knocked Paul Ryan of the he's retiring I think he knows the Racine story's coming we're still gonna do the Racine story Paul because we get it's not it's bigger than you
    • But Paul nellen
    • Now, becomes the front-runner in that race s
    • So I think our time in Milwaukee was well spent what are your thoughts on on Paul Ryan yeah well I think it's a little it's probably shocking everyone that he's deciding to resign not shocking to me
    • So are you ready to drop your connections between Paul Ryan
    • And Andy McCabe yet or no no I think we're gonna go to Racine
    • And we're gonna do some investigating there information that we have that may be the ghost signal to start sending right ramya lenses in all directions that may be your go signal go ahead I'm sorry
    • So yeah I just think we're--we're gonna go to spend some time in Racine
    • And tell some stories that need to be cooked cold or gay at least get some information out there that people can start doing some research because racing is a big important part of what's going on in our country well just like Hull House are my objective isn't to make any judgments it's just to go to the places--film around it show the metadata
    • And then people come up with all kinds of stuff
    • Now, your whole house is gonna be moved oh oh
    • we don't know that for sure
    • So all right well we're gonna leave that
    • So what other news you want to cover there's probably a couple more Senators a couple more Congressmen then I won't be running for reelection seems like a lot of people just serve at the Blues
    • But--not wanting to run for reelection
    • And I'm gonna it's going to be very curious to find out their reasoning which I think will come out at a later date
    • And time about why they chose or whereas yeah
    • So I'm gonna take questions here for a second as our as our ACOG oh cab goes by our Chicago water taxi--I want to see a little bit about--Bobby Rush Bobby Rush was commenting with Mark Zuckerberg
    • And we've been in a couple of different Senate meetings where people will mention COINTELPRO
    • And they'll say Oh COINTELPRO
    • And then
    • And we don't run that anymore
    • And we always have a chuckle on that one that's what Hillary restarted with Andy McCabe in 1998 you're gonna find that this whole process that we've been talking about McCabe maybe not rahm emanuel because he comes in a little bit later
    • But the whole thing with p tech
    • And the whole thing with mueller was to cycle up Sibel Edmonds is reporting a lot on this I don't know why anybody else doesn't
    • But to cycle up
    • And restart COINTELPRO much much more surveillance much more surveillance from the sky that's our NGA that's why we talk
    • So much about the NGA that's why the Larry Clayman suit for me that's why we created a playlist for an GA because it's not only about the metadata of you walking of you making a phone call while you're walking up
    • And down Riverwalk
    • But it's actually geo-locating you here
    • And then being able to go back with a d-wave type computer a quantum type computer
    • And actually replay your life replay your life see where you error every minute of the day
    • Now, I believe in the criminal justice information system
    • And that's in Clarksburg Tennessee that's run by a guy named Burrell who was in the Washington field office the counter-intel office with all of his friends like Shawn Henry
    • And Adrian Hawkins
    • And of course Andy McCabe
    • And Bill Priestap here in Chicago they actually have a d-wave
    • And they can reconstruct any put person walking along here
    • And their time
    • So all murders could be solved today they just don't want to let on that they have this time capability Burrell's company is called temporal data systems
    • So that's that's what it's all about
    • So anyway I'm gonna take a few questions here as we go
    • And if you can think of any other news items what am I aware of do all caps what am I aware of somebody has said is somebody's history temporal data systems yes that's Burrell's company we have a spokesman for a McCabe that we normally see at this point along the way who's using every possible Federal agency to point out the fact that I was correct with the diplomatic cover the diplomatic containers shipping their Uranium games Uranium One as well as other games [Music] Silva's
    • So I think that maybe eat it we I normally can expound a little bit more
    • >>>CONT
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2018.03.17 23:32 TricksterPriestJace Respect Scott Taylor

Name: Scott Taylor
Alias: Taylor Scott
Date of birth: July 7th, 1970
Appearance: Scott is 5'6", 130 lbs and appears to be a woman in her early twenties. He still has the voice of a forty five year old man, which can get quite disconcerting.
Background: Scott was a biathlon athlete who made it to the Olympics, only to come in 32nd. Of course not getting a medal in an obscure sport doesn't get much sponsorship deals, so he never turned it into fame or fortune. Instead he tried to use his skills for the good of his country and joined the Canadian Army Rangers. Four years later he had another shot at the Olympics, but while his shooting game was perfect his skiing wasn't good enough for medals again.
His Olympic dreams dashed, he still found the military life suited him. He served a peacekeeping force in Bosnia Herzegovina and had three tours in Afghanistan with JTF-2. In his spare time he still enjoyed skiing and also found a love of spelunking and cave exploration. He retired at 45 with a military pension when he was getting too old to keep up with the special forces.
With plenty of free time and enough money to get by he decided to travel and explore caves. When he heard about an expedition into the 'magical' tombs newly discovered in Egypt he signed up. He entered the tombs with ten other explorers and a week's supplies, planning to be two days in, two days back. When the team was gone for five days, the sponsors knew something was up. When they were gone a week a rescue team of metas went in to look for them, but they found no trace. After a month with no contact, they were declared dead.
A further three months later Scott emerged alone, completely changed. He now looked like an albino woman half his age dressed in ancient Egyptian clothing carrying a burning torch and wielding a spear. His tales of monsters and mummies and curses only encouraged more explorers to search the tombs.
Personality: Scott is helpful and friendly. She is still getting used to her new gender and tends to call guys that hit on her homophobic slurs. More than one guy has gotten a black eye for grabbing Scott's ass. She will usually apologize afterwards. Ironically she finds herself most comfortable around gay guys these days.
Alignment: Registered Tier 2 equivalent hero
Tier: Super
Intentions: Stay super, possible RP related gear upgrades.
Base of Operations: Calgary, AB Canada
A large collection of guns. Scott never had a wife and rarely had a girlfriend combined with the Army covering his day to day needs meant she was able to feed her hobbies. Her pride and joy are her three heavy sniper rifles, a Russian SV-98, an American Barret M82, and a MacMillain TAC -50. She also has several assault rifles, shotguns, pistols and crossbows and a dozen other .308 and .338 rifles. She even has a little .22 pistol with a silencer she calls her 'mouse fart' gun. Her collection is worth over $200k.
A rebuilt classic Land Rover
A cursed dagger
A torch with a flame that never goes out.
A spear that drips blood at a rate of ten thousand drops a day. She has measured it to between eight and nine seconds per drip but has no idea that it actually keeps time, as it uses a different clock. The spear is durable up to 1 ton or 6 kJ without damage and won't snap until 4 tons/24 kJ of pressure/damage.
A backpack that contains an extradimensional space. To retrieve an item he has to verbally ask the backpack for it. For some reason every item he retrieves is entangled in unwound 8-track tapes of the Tom Jones album 'What's New Pussycat.' (Backpack can hold 100 kg of gear, not including the 8-tracks. He cannot put his dagger in the backpack.)
  • Cursed Dagger: Scott has a bronze dagger with an 8" blade that magically keeps clean and sharp. Scott can stab for 500 J/mm2 and slash for 150 J/mm2. Whenever the dagger is not in hand it will teleport onto Scott's person in its sheath. This makes throwing the weapon impossible and getting through airport security difficult. Scott can hand it to someone else, and they can hand it off too, but as soon as it is released it teleports back to Scott. If the sheath is taken off it behaves normally until the dagger is triggered, at which point it teleports too, even if it was in hand. Other people can take the dagger from Scott, either from the sheath or disarming him. It still returns to her when they let go. Scott can move the dagger to another location on her person, like putting it on her belt or in a pocket or backpack, provided she doesn't put it down. The dagger can be taken if someone other than Scott uses it to kill a person, at which point it curses them and follows them.
  • Curse of lost love: Scott was cursed by a mummy to look like its long lost love while it tried to resurrect her. Since the mummy was simply a creation of the anomalous location and not the physical manifestation of an ancient spirit, it didn't actually have a long lost love to possess Scott's body. The mummy was quite surprised when, expecting to meet its long lost love Scott stole the sacrificial dagger and stabbed it in the eye.
  • Regeneration: Every day at noon Cairo time her body returns to the state it was when the ritual was cast. Any damage, aging, dehydration, starvation, mutilation, etc. Is healed at 1kg/s. If she was reduced to a bloody pulp the largest chunk restores. If she revives in a deadly environment she simply returns the next day and the next until she can live again.
Character Physicals:
Human, 125 ms reactions.
Adept cross country skiier. Scott doesn't think she is particularly fast on skis because she compares herself to Olympic level athletes.
Adept at military hand to hand combat, mostly quick take downs with a knife.
Master shooter, sniper
Fluent in English and French, passable in Dari.
Whenever she tries to use a knife, whether a boot knife or a kitchen utensil she finds herself using the cursed blade instead.
Touchy about her gender.
Since she is refreshed at around 4:00 AM MST, she operates as if that is when she wakes up, and tends to get fairly tired by 10 PM.
Can be permanently killed by her knife. Lethal injury from the knife or lethal mutilation of her corpse by the knife will prevent resurrection.
Scott will lose her powers if he goes a month without returning to the tombs for two months. She is unaware of this and regularly returns as an advisor for others who wish to explore the Tombs
Three confirmed kills at ranges exceeding 1500 m.
Can hit a man sized stationary target with 50/50 accuracy at 3 km under optimal conditions.
Drew, aimed and fired service pistol at a target 10 m away in 300 ms
Was turned to stone and partially eaten by a basilisk. Revived 17 hours later at noon.
Burnt to ash by a phoenix. Revived four hours later at noon.
Survived without water for a month never suffering more than a day of dehydration.
Head sliced off by a trap. Revived.
Was skeletonized by scarab swarm. Revived from the skeleton 5 minutes later, was eaten again. Revived from the skeleton 24 hours later.
Got cavities filled at the dentist, spat out the fillings when she revived the next day, cavities back to normal.
Stayed up all night, felt refreshed and rested at 4 AM.
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2018.03.16 16:35 TricksterPriestJace Scott Taylor

Name: Scott Taylor
Alias: Taylor Scott
Date of birth: July 7th, 1970
Appearance: Scott is 5'6", 130 lbs and appears to be a woman in her early twenties. He still has the voice of a forty five year old man, which can get quite disconcerting.
Background: Scott was a biathlon athlete who made it to the Olympics, only to come in 32nd. Of course not getting a medal in an obscure sport doesn't get much sponsorship deals, so he never turned it into fame or fortune. Instead he tried to use his skills for the good of his country and joined the Canadian Army Rangers. Four years later he had another shot at the Olympics, but while his shooting game was perfect his skiing wasn't good enough for medals again.
His Olympic dreams dashed, he still found the military life suited him. He served a peacekeeping force in Bosnia Herzegovina and had three tours in Afghanistan with JTF-2. In his spare time he still enjoyed skiing and also found a love of spelunking and cave exploration. He retired at 45 with a military pension when he was getting too old to keep up with the special forces.
With plenty of free time and enough money to get by he decided to travel and explore caves. When he heard about an expedition into the 'magical' tombs newly discovered in Egypt he signed up. He entered the tombs with ten other explorers and a week's supplies, planning to be two days in, two days back. When the team was gone for five days, the sponsors knew something was up. When they were gone a week a rescue team of metas went in to look for them, but they found no trace. After a month with no contact, they were declared dead.
A further three months later Scott emerged alone, completely changed. He now looked like an albino woman half his age dressed in ancient Egyptian clothing carrying a burning torch and wielding a spear. His tales of monsters and mummies and curses only encouraged more explorers to search the tombs.
Personality: Scott is helpful and friendly. She is still getting used to her new gender and tends to call guys that hit on her homophobic slurs. More than one guy has gotten a black eye for grabbing Scott's ass. She will usually apologize afterwards. Ironically she finds herself most comfortable around gay guys these days.
Alignment: Registered Tier 2 equivalent hero
Tier: Super
Intentions: Stay super, possible RP related gear upgrades.
Base of Operations: Calgary, AB Canada
A large collection of guns. Scott never had a wife and rarely had a girlfriend combined with the Army covering his day to day needs meant she was able to feed her hobbies. Her pride and joy are her three heavy sniper rifles, a Russian SV-98, an American Barret M82, and a MacMillain TAC -50. She also has several assault rifles, shotguns, pistols and crossbows and a dozen other .308 and .338 rifles. She even has a little .22 pistol with a silencer she calls her 'mouse fart' gun. Her collection is worth over $200k.
A rebuilt classic Land Rover
A cursed dagger
A torch with a flame that never goes out.
A spear that drips blood at a rate of ten thousand drops a day. She has measured it to between eight and nine seconds per drip but has no idea that it actually keeps time, as it uses a different clock. The spear is durable up to 1 ton or 6 kJ without damage and won't snap until 4 tons/24 kJ of pressure/damage.
  • Cursed Dagger: Scott has a bronze dagger with an 8" blade that magically keeps clean and sharp. Scott can stab for 500 J/mm2 and slash for 150 J/mm2. Whenever the dagger is not in hand it will teleport onto Scott's person in its sheath. This makes throwing the weapon impossible and getting through airport security difficult. Scott can hand it to someone else, and they can hand it off too, but as soon as it is released it teleports back to Scott. If the sheath is taken off it behaves normally until the dagger is triggered, at which point it teleports too, even if it was in hand. Other people can take the dagger from Scott, either from the sheath or disarming him. It still returns to her when they let go. Scott can move the dagger to another location on her person, like putting it on her belt or in a pocket or backpack, provided she doesn't put it down. The dagger can be taken if someone other than Scott uses it to kill a person, at which point it curses them and follows them.
  • Curse of lost love: Scott was cursed by a mummy to look like its long lost love while it tried to resurrect her. Since the mummy was simply a creation of the anomalous location and not the physical manifestation of an ancient spirit, it didn't actually have a long lost love to possess Scott's body. The mummy was quite surprised when, expecting to meet its long lost love Scott stole the sacrificial dagger and stabbed it in the eye.
  • Regeneration: Every day at noon Cairo time her body returns to the state it was when the ritual was cast. Any damage, aging, dehydration, starvation, mutilation, etc. Is healed at 1kg/s. If she was reduced to a bloody pulp the largest chunk restores. If she revives in a deadly environment she simply returns the next day and the next until she can live again.
Character Physicals:
Human, 125 ms reactions.
Adept cross country skiier. Scott doesn't think she is particularly fast on skis because she compares herself to Olympic level athletes.
Adept at military hand to hand combat, mostly quick take downs with a knife.
Master shooter, sniper
Fluent in English and French, passable in Dari.
Whenever she tries to use a knife, whether a boot knife or a kitchen utensil she finds herself using the cursed blade instead.
Touchy about her gender.
Since she is refreshed at around 4:00 AM MST, she operates as if that is when she wakes up, and tends to get fairly tired by 10 PM.
Can be permanently killed by her knife. Lethal injury from the knife or lethal mutilation of her corpse by the knife will prevent resurrection.
Scott will lose her powers if he goes a month without returning to the tombs for two months. She is unaware of this and regularly returns as an advisor for others who wish to explore the Tombs
Three confirmed kills at ranges exceeding 1500 m.
Can hit a man sized stationary target with 50/50 accuracy at 3 km under optimal conditions.
Drew, aimed and fired service pistol at a target 10 m away in 300 ms
Was turned to stone and partially eaten by a basilisk. Revived 17 hours later at noon.
Burnt to ash by a phoenix. Revived four hours later at noon.
Survived without water for a month never suffering more than a day of dehydration.
Head sliced off by a trap. Revived.
Was skeletonized by scarab swarm. Revived from the skeleton 5 minutes later, was eaten again. Revived from the skeleton 24 hours later.
Got cavities filled at the dentist, spat out the fillings when she revived the next day, cavities back to normal.
Stayed up all night, felt refreshed and rested at 4 AM.
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2018.01.19 04:18 FinnagainsAwake Crimea is Russian
Workers Hammer No. 226 Spring 2014
Fascist-infested, imperialist-backed Ukraine coup
Crimea is Russian
On 18 March, Crimea officially rejoined Russia as Russian president Vladimir Putin signed a reunification treaty with his Crimean counterpart. This came two days after Crimea voted by nearly 97 per cent in favour of secession from Ukraine and absorption into Russia, with 83 per cent of the electorate reportedly participating in the poll. The overwhelming desire of Crimea’s population to rejoin Russia is irrelevant, however, to the Western imperialists. The Obama administration and its European allies, including Britain, have refused to recognise Crimea’s reunification with Russia. David Cameron proclaimed that: “A sham and illegal referendum has taken place at the barrel of a Kalashnikov.” The British government has joined Washington and the EU in imposing a new round of sanctions against Russia, including travel bans and asset freezes targeting officials. We say: No to sanctions against Russia!
As Putin was ratifying the accession of Crimea to the Russian Federation, in Brussels, Arseniy Yatsenyuk, appointed Ukrainian prime minister in the wake of the imperialist-backed, fascist-infested coup in Kiev, was signing an “association agreement” with the EU. In a further provocation against the Russians, the EU imperialists have brought forward similar deals with two former Soviet republics — Georgia and Moldova. Meanwhile NATO’s sabre-rattling has continued apace. At a 6 March meeting General Anders Fogh Rasmussen assured Yatsenyuk that NATO “will strengthen our efforts to build the capacity of the Ukrainian military, including with more joint training and exercises”. Already the US has sent twelve warplanes and 300 personnel to Poland in the wake of Russia’s intervention in the Crimea. And while planned joint military exercises with Russia have been cancelled, around 1300 troops, including British forces, are set to take part in Rapid Trident, a military exercise in Lviv, western Ukraine. It is in the interest of the working people internationally to oppose this imperialist warmongering.
MARCH 3, 2014 — As Russian strongman Vladimir Putin deployed troops into Crimea, following a resolution in the Russian parliament, the Western propaganda machine went into hysterical overdrive. US secretary of state John Kerry declared that Russia would pay “a huge price” for its incursion, threatening Russia’s removal from the imperialist Group of 8 and the freezing of Russian assets abroad. Without the slightest hint of irony, Kerry pontificated, “You just don’t, in the 21st century, behave in 19th century fashion by invading another country on completely trumped up pretext.” Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, etc — the list of countries threatened and invaded by the US and British imperialists “in the 21st century” goes on and on. Indeed, events in Ukraine have the hands of the US imperialists in particular, as well as those of the European Union (EU), all over them.
Russia’s intervention into Crimea is a direct response to the overthrow of the government in the Ukrainian capital of Kiev. On 22 February, the corrupt pro-Russia president, Viktor Yanukovich, was toppled by a right-wing coup spearheaded by fascists and supported by the US and the EU; Yanukovich subsequently fled to Russia. The thugs toting Molotov cocktails who have been at the head of the three-month mass mobilisations in the streets of Kiev, seizing government buildings and violently confronting the police, now have the upper hand. The fascists of the Svoboda party have a deputy prime minister and several ministers in the new government. Svoboda co-founder Andriy Parubiy is now head of the National Security and Defence Council, which supervises the armed forces. The new deputy prime minister for economic affairs is Oleksandr Sych of Svoboda, a member of parliament infamous for his attempts to ban all abortions, including in the event of rape. While Arseniy Yatsenyuk, Washington’s favourite and head of the Fatherland party, is now in charge as prime minister, the thugs of Maidan square continue to dictate policy.
The seizure of power by a right-wing Ukrainian nationalist coup deeply alarmed the populace in Russian-speaking areas of eastern and southeastern Ukraine in particular. Indeed, one of the first acts of the new regime was to abolish a 2012 law allowing the official use of Russian and other minority languages. This was rightly seen as an attack on non-Ukrainian minorities, prompting widespread protests, including even in Lviv, where the fascists have a sizable base. Thirteen out of Ukraine’s 27 regions, primarily in eastern Ukraine, had adopted Russian as a second official language, and two western regions adopted Romanian, Hungarian and Moldovan. In Crimea — where 58.5 per cent of the population is ethnic Russian, 24.4 per cent is Ukrainian and 12.1 per cent are Tatars — Kiev’s new chauvinist law hit particularly hard, as some 97 per cent of the region’s two million people use Russian as their main language, regardless of ethnic background.
The Russian military, with the aid of local “self-defence” forces, has established control over the Autonomous Republic of Crimea. Reportedly, the majority of Ukrainian troops in Crimea have switched sides, with some resigning. Meanwhile, the head of the Ukrainian navy has defected to the Russian side, as well as the 800 personnel of a Ukrainian airbase in Crimea. Unrest has also spread to eastern Ukraine.
There are numerous Russian troops and naval personnel on the Crimean peninsula. By agreement with previous Ukrainian governments, the city of Sevastopol is the home base for the Russian Black Sea Fleet.
Predictably, the new Ukrainian government has denounced Putin’s intervention as a Russian seizure of Ukrainian territory, and bourgeois pundits have raised comparisons with the 2008 Russo-Georgian War. The Russian military intervention into Crimea is not akin to that war, during which Russian forces moved into Georgian territory. In that war, Marxists had a revolutionary defeatist line, opposing both bourgeois military forces. (Georgia was backed by Western imperialism.)
Contrary to how it is often presented in the Western media, the Russian intervention into Crimea is not an intervention into a “foreign country”, notwithstanding Crimea’s formal status as part of Ukraine. Crimea has been Russian since the late 18th century, when it was wrested from the Ottoman Empire. It was only in 1954 that Soviet premier Nikita Khrushchev ceded Crimea to the Ukrainian Soviet Republic. Later, with the collapse of the Soviet Union, this took on significance, as the fate of the area was the subject of heated disputes between the now bourgeois states of Russia and Ukraine. In 1991, an attempt by local inhabitants to hold a referendum on Crimea’s independence was banned by the Ukrainian authorities. Another attempt in 1992, which asked whether voters wanted Crimea returned to Russia, was also declared illegal by the Ukrainian government. Pro-Russian Crimean forces attempted yet again to have another referendum in 1994 but Kiev once again intervened, first downgrading the referendum to a consultative vote and then banning it altogether. The vote went ahead anyway, with overwhelming support for autonomy, including nearly 83 per cent of voters backing a provision allowing Crimean residents to hold dual citizenship (Russian as well as Ukrainian). The following year, when several Crimean parliamentary deputies threatened to hold a referendum on reunification with Russia, the Ukrainian parliament annulled Crimea’s constitution, abolished its presidency, moved to disarm the presidential guard and began criminal proceedings against Crimea’s president at the time, Yuri Meshkov.
The main opposition from within Crimea to seceding from Ukraine comes from the Tatars, an overwhelmingly Muslim Turkic people. On 26 February, fighting in the Crimean capital of Simferopol broke out between Tatars and pro-Russian demonstrators, leaving two dead and 30 injured. Distrust of Russian authorities among the Tatars dates back to the period of Joseph Stalin, who deported the Crimean Tatars en masse in 1944 from their historic homeland to Central Asia and other parts of the Soviet Union.
Since the counterrevolutionary destruction of the Soviet degenerated workers state in 1991-92, we have emphasised the need for working people to join together in struggle against capitalist exploitation and all manifestations of oppression, national subjugation and anti-Jewish bigotry. In a 3 April 1995 statement by the International Communist League, issued at a time when we were banned from Ukraine as part of an anti-communist witch hunt, we stressed that “today, in our quest for the democratic rights of the working people and all nationalities to be asserted and defended, we believe that a plebiscite on national affiliation is in order in the Crimea and Chechnya” (Workers Vanguard no 620, 7 April 1995).
The people of Crimea have every right to self-determination, including independence or incorporation into Russia. In the present juncture, exercising that right might well depend on the support of Russian forces. Indeed, it was the new Crimean government that requested Russian intervention.
It is principled for Marxists to support the Russian intervention into Crimea. That Crimea was ever transferred to Ukraine was a stupid administrative error of the Khrushchev regime, contrary to the history as well as the national and linguistic make-up of Crimea. Although it remains to be seen, the new authorities have at least verbally stated that they want to redress Tatar concerns. Crimea’s deputy prime minister, Rustam Temirgaliev, has declared that the local government will offer the Crimean Tatars a place on Crimea’s Supreme Council and that funding for programmes of resettlement and reintegration of those deported during the Stalin era will be plentiful (Russia Today, 2 March).
For the right of all nations to self-determination!
The right of self-determination and other national rights apply to the peoples of all nations, including those of great powers like Russia. As Marxists, we have always rejected the methodology that democratic rights apply only to certain “progressive” peoples, as opposed to those designated “reactionary”. For example, the Zionist state viciously oppresses the Palestinians, but we recognise the national rights of Israeli Jews as well as the Palestinians and oppose the view that the Jews should be driven into the sea. In Northern Ireland, the Catholic minority is oppressed by the (slim) Protestant majority and the British state. But we recognise that the Protestants are a distinct community and oppose their forcible reunification into an Irish Catholic state. We stand for an Irish workers republic as part of a voluntary federation of workers republics in the British Isles.
Self-determination is a democratic right and not an absolute one. Its application is subject to the demands of the class struggle. As Bolshevik leader VI Lenin underlined, the recognition of the right of self-determination is a way to get the national question off the agenda and to foster the fighting unity of the proletariat, thereby enabling the working people of different nations to see who their real enemies are — namely, their respective capitalist classes. We are implacable opponents of Russian nationalism, just as we oppose all forms of nationalism. Thus we supported the Chechen people in their military struggles for independence against their brutal Russian bourgeois oppressors, under both Boris Yeltsin and Vladimir Putin.
In intervening into Crimea, Putin is seeking to defend the interests of capitalist Russia against the Western imperialists, who are aiming to establish a client state on his border. At the same time, in the context of increasing hostilities against ethnic Russians in Ukraine, Russia’s realpolitik military manoeuvres intersect the very real national fears faced by Russians in Crimea.
Workers must sweep the fascists off the streets!
Just as our attitude towards Russian intervention into Crimea does not entail the slightest political support to Putin’s capitalist regime, our opposition to the Ukraine coup does not entail any political support to Yanukovich and his cronies. What was necessary in the lead-up to the coup was for proletarian class unity to be asserted above the national and ethnic divisions that plague that country. It would have been in the interest of the international proletariat for the working class in Ukraine to mobilise to sweep the fascists off the streets of Kiev. Today, it would certainly be in the interest of the proletariat for multiethnic, non-sectarian workers militias to be formed to crush the fascists and repel any and all expressions of communal violence.
In our article “Ukraine Turmoil: Capitalist Powers in Tug of War” (Workers Vanguard no 1038, 24 January), we pointed out the major role played by fascists in the anti-government demonstrations in Ukraine. But despite ample evidence that neo-Nazis have a strong hold on the opposition now in power, the New York Times and other mouthpieces of the American ruling class still will not call them by their right name. The Western media continues to sell the lie that this coup is the result of a “peaceful revolution” for democracy and against corruption.
Svoboda is a fascist anti-Jewish party whose leader Oleg Tyagnibok claims that a “Moscow-Jewish mafia” controls Ukraine. This party derives from the Ukrainian nationalists led by Stepan Bandera, who militarily collaborated with the Nazis during World War II and carried out mass murders of Jews, Communists, Soviet soldiers and Poles. The party was initially named Social-National Party of Ukraine, an intentional reference to the German Nazi (National Socialist) party. In January, Svoboda led a 15,000-strong torch-lit march in Kiev and another in its stronghold of Lviv, in western Ukraine, in memory of their hero Bandera.
Even more extreme groups such as the Right Sector, which considers Svoboda too “liberal” and “conformist”, went on to outflank Svoboda in the protests. Introducing paramilitary gangs, they turned the tide of the protests in Kiev to attacks on police, with the aim of overthrowing the government. Following the coup, Right Sector supporters in Stryi, in the Lviv region, destroyed a national monument to the Red Army soldiers who died liberating Ukraine from Nazi Germany. (Dozens of statues of Lenin have also been dismantled in the past couple of months.) Aleksandr Muzychko, leader of the West Ukrainian section of the group, has pledged to fight against “Jews, communists and Russian scum until I die”. Asserting the Right Sector’s authority over the situation, Muzychko declared that now that the government has been overthrown, “there will be order and discipline” or “Right Sector squads will shoot the bastards on the spot”.
To the extent that a government exists now in post-coup Ukraine, its laws are largely dictated by these neo-Nazi, Russophobic, anti-Jewish, ultra-nationalist outfits. In addition to stripping the official status of minority languages, the new regime also banned in the western regions of Ukraine the “Communist” Party of Ukraine (CP), which openly collaborated with the bourgeois Yanukovich regime, as well as Yanukovich’s Party of Regions. The CP, which claims 115,000 members and more than two million voters, reports that its supporters have been harassed and beaten and that the CP leader’s house was burned down. Meanwhile, citing “constant warnings concerning intentions to attack Jewish institutions”, a Kiev rabbi called on the Jewish population to leave the city and even the country if possible. Indeed, on 24 February a Jewish synagogue was firebombed in Zaporozhye in southeastern Ukraine. A 3 March statement by the Russian Foreign Ministry noted, “The West’s allies now are outright neo-Nazis who wreck Orthodox churches and synagogues.”
The present crisis in Ukraine was precipitated by Yanukovich’s decision to reject a “partnership” with the EU. That deal was tied to an IMF loan that would have put the Ukrainian working class on starvation rations, as happened to the Greeks and others. US assistant secretary of state for European and Eurasian affairs Victoria Nuland, EU representative for foreign affairs Catherine Ashton, US senator John McCain and numerous other American and European politicians rushed to Maidan square in Kiev to encourage the protesters and show their support. On 17 December, Russian president Putin offered the cash-strapped Yanukovich a $15 billion [£9.1 billion] loan and a reduction in gas prices. While far from enough to lift the country out of poverty, this would have been a temporary reprieve for Ukraine, which is about to default. Putin’s loan was immediately denounced by the US Senate as “Russian economic coercion”.
At every level, what is going on in Ukraine is the product of the capitalist counterrevolution that destroyed the Soviet bureaucratically degenerated workers state and ravaged the economies and peoples of the former Soviet republics. The Ukrainian economy, which had been integrated into an all-Union economic division of labour, was dealt a severe blow. Living standards plummeted throughout the former USSR. In Ukraine, real wages in 2000 were at best only one-third of 1991 levels, while industrial employment fell 50 per cent between 1991 and 2001.
As a former Soviet Republic, Ukraine is still economically very dependent on Russia. The bulk of industry — the production of steel, metals, railway cars and nuclear equipment — is located in the heavily Russified and Orthodox eastern Ukraine, not in the more rural and Uniate Catholic west. These industries, crucial for Russia, are of no use to the Western imperialists, who are intent on liquidating them.
Ukraine’s population of 46 million is deeply divided, with much of western Ukraine advocating closer ties with the EU while eastern and southern regions look to Russia for support. The country was also polarised between corrupt gangs of capitalist tycoons who were earlier scratching each other’s backs while gorging themselves on the theft of the industrial wealth built up over decades by the multinational Soviet working class. Some of these oligarchs, with an appetite for more European investment, orient to the West. Meanwhile, Yanukovich’s support derived from eastern Ukraine and Crimea, which trade with Russia.
The Ukrainian working class, which had shown militancy in the early 1990s in the eastern industrial Donetsk region, has so far remained silent as a class. No doubt the workers feel little sympathy for mafia chief Yanukovich. But the pro-imperialist coup in Ukraine, ushered in by fascists, offers up the working class for even more savage exploitation by the imperialists.
Great-power rivalries
Siding with ultra-reactionaries and fascists has never bothered the “democratic” US imperialists. In fact, the Banderaites are old friends of Washington. After World War II, Western intelligence protected Bandera’s units and turned them into a guerrilla force against the Soviets, also making them a mainstay of Radio Free Europe. Today, in need of even harsher austerity to keep profits flowing, the Ukrainian ruling class and its imperialist godfathers may find the fascists handy to divert the focus of social discontent from the oligarchs and foreign capitalists to minorities like Jews and immigrants, or to crush militant workers and leftists.
When Barack Obama first came to power, he talked of attempting a “reset” of relations with Russia. However, the US attitude towards Russia today resembles something from the days of the Dulles brothers during the 1950s Cold War era, with the vilification of Russia a theme constantly reiterated by both US media and politicians. But the US imperialists’ hostility to Russia is no longer about overthrowing the collectivised property relations that were established by the 1917 October Revolution. Rather, it is an expression of “great power” politics.
Seven decades of a planned economy transformed Soviet Russia from a largely peasant country to a mainly urbanised one, with rough military parity with the US, a skilled workforce and a very substantial number of highly trained scientific and technical personnel. Thanks in great part to the high price of oil and gas in recent years, the Russian economy has recovered from the catastrophe of “shock therapy” that came with capitalist counterrevolution. Russia is the world’s biggest producer of oil and gas, and it still has a sizable nuclear weapons arsenal. It also has a permanent seat on the UN Security Council and the power to at times be a thorn in the side of the US, as when Obama threatened to attack Syria last year.
In its constant drive for world hegemony, the US has been trying to curtail Russia’s strength as a regional power, continuously expanding NATO into Eastern Europe and attempting to install pliant regimes through a series of colour “revolutions” in former Soviet republics. The US has also established bases across Central Asia and elsewhere on Russia’s periphery. This military extension is aimed at the encirclement not only of capitalist Russia but also of China, the largest and most powerful of the remaining bureaucratically deformed workers states. For its part, Russia has numerous times gone along with American imperialism. For example, since 2009 Russia has allowed the US to transport troops and weapons to Afghanistan through its airspace, having previously limited transport through its territory to “nonlethal” supplies.
With breathtaking hypocrisy, the US and EU — with their media mouthpieces in tow — condemn Russia for “interference” into Ukraine’s affairs. It is, in fact, the imperialists who have their dirty hands all over Ukraine. When a telephone conversation was leaked last month between Victoria Nuland and Geoffrey Pyatt, the US ambassador to Ukraine, all the focus in the media revolved around her statement, “Fuck the EU.” Disappeared was the fact that this was a dispute over who should take power after Yanukovich, with Nuland outright rejecting the prospect of former boxer Vitali Klitschko, who was being promoted by German imperialism (Klitschko actually pays taxes in Germany). As professor Stephen Cohen aptly described the phone call in a 20 February Democracy Now! interview, “The highest-ranking State Department official, who presumably represents the Obama administration, and the American ambassador in Kiev are, to put it in blunt terms, plotting a coup d’état against the elected president of Ukraine.”
In the recent coup, the EU — with Germany, France and Poland taking the lead — has played a prominent role as a battering ram for IMF austerity. The EU is an imperialist trade bloc dominated by Germany, and its “offer” of partnership would spell even deeper poverty for the Ukrainian working class. The IMF loan tied to the EU agreement stipulates that Ukraine cannot accept any financial support from Russia. It requires the slashing of gas and oil subsidies for Ukrainians, making it impossible for many to heat their homes in the frigid winter, and demands further and far more drastic privatisations of public services and industries. In short, it would ensure massive economic privation for Ukraine’s working people, east and west.
Ironically, Yanukovich, who had been more than willing to work with the EU, probably turned down the loan agreement because he feared he would not politically survive the social consequences of the austerity package accompanying it. Ukraine needs some $35 billion [£21.2 billion] just to meet its debt obligations over the next two years. But not much is actually on offer from the EU and US imperialists.
Pro-imperialist socialists
The Western bourgeois media has been working overtime to pass off the reactionary demonstrations in Kiev as a “fight for democracy” and to cover up the role of open neo-Nazis. In this they have been aided by the reformists of the Socialist Workers Party (SWP). An article by party leader Alex Callinicos titled “Putin raises the stakes in imperialist Crimea crisis” (, 22 March) describes the protests that ousted Yanukovich as “a genuine popular movement against the now exiled president”. The SWP acknowledges that what it coyly calls “the far right” has “played a significant role in the ‘Euromaidan’ occupation in Kiev” but asserts that “those who claim Yanukovych’s overthrow was a ‘fascist coup’ are parroting Moscow propaganda”.
Nowhere does the SWP recognise the right of self-determination of the Russian population of the Crimea. Rather, parroting British capitalist propaganda, the SWP insinuates that the massive vote for rejoining Russia was illegitimate “confirming the existing reality with Russian troops on the ground”. The SWP denies the threat posed to Ukraine’s minorities, claiming that “beyond a parliamentary vote in Kiev to strip Russian of its status as an official language, there is little evidence of any real threat to Russian speakers.”
In its theoretical journal, the SWP seeks to put a more “Marxist” gloss on its opportunism. Acknowledging “the role of fascist forces in the events” in the Ukraine, the SWP claims: “Ukraine's Euromaidan protests illustrate the contradictory nature of movements, which in the context of a social crisis can either be pulled to the left or to what Leon Trotsky called the ‘counter revolutionary politics of despair’” (Socialist Review, March 2014). The SWP habitually tails every mass movement, no matter how reactionary its leadership and programme, and ends up in bed with the worst enemies of the proletariat, from Khomeini in Iran in 1979 to the Muslim Brotherhood and then the bonapartist generals in Egypt today.
The Socialist Review article claims “When the unrest began last November there was a progressive element within the demonstrations with many workers and students joining.” Naïve left-wing groups, trade unionists and gay activists who tried to join the protests were expelled from the square by force of arms and beaten. The SWP is used to the company of arch-reactionaries. From its inception in the 1950s, the SWP’s international tendency has always sided with “democratic” imperialism. At the outbreak of the Korean War, the SWP abandoned Trotskyism by refusing to defend the Soviet Union, China and North Korea, going on to support any and all forces arrayed against the Soviet workers state in the name of “anti-Stalinism”. This included prettifying General Andrey Vlasov, the leader of the Russian fascists who fought on the side of Hitler’s Nazis during the Second World War.
The Russian Revolution and the national question
The Bolshevik party that led the October Revolution of 1917 steadfastly stood for the equality of all nations, peoples and languages. The Bolsheviks opposed any form of national inequality or privilege. This enabled them to rally the working people — Russians, Jews, Armenians, Azerbaijanis, Ukrainians, etc — to overthrow the rule of the capitalists and landlords.
For the first several years after the October Revolution, the Bolsheviks assiduously defended the rights of the various peoples and nationalities in the country. For example, the Crimean Autonomous Republic was established in 1921 within the Russian Federation; about a fifth of its population were Crimean Tatars. In the first years of Soviet power there was a marked development of Crimean Tatar national culture: the Tatars founded national research centres, museums, libraries and theatres. However, with the triumph and consolidation of a Stalinist bureaucracy beginning in 1923-24, Great Russian chauvinism began to flourish. Within years, teaching of the Crimean Tatar language and literature was ended, and all publications in the language were banned.
When the Nazis invaded the Soviet Union in 1941, a section of the Tatars welcomed them as liberators. But many other Tatars fought in the Soviet Army against Germany. Stalin then vindictively visited collective punishment on the Crimean Tatar population. In 1944, some 180,000 Tatars were deported to Central Asia and other parts of the USSR. The Chechens and Volga Germans received similar treatment. Almost one-half of the Tatars died on the way to exile. It was not until 1967 that Soviet authorities began the “rehabilitation” of the Tatars. Only two decades later were they allowed to begin returning to Crimea, creating great bitterness among the Tatars.
However, it would be a mistake to view national relations in the Soviet degenerated workers state as a simple continuation of the tsarist prison house of peoples. The policies of the Stalinist bureaucracy had a contradictory impact. The existence of a socialised economy with central planning provided the material basis for developing more backward areas of the USSR, such as Soviet Central Asia. Ukraine underwent substantial industrialisation and development. The achievement of full employment, medical care for all and other gains undercut the most virulent forms of bourgeois nationalism and anti-Semitism that are fuelled by the discontents of capitalist society. The Red Army smashed the Nazi invaders during World War II, liberating Ukraine from the fascist scum.
With the restoration of capitalism in the former Soviet Union, all the “old crap” returned, leading to a sharp intensification of communalism and a proliferation of national hatreds pitting working people against each other in a dog-eat-dog struggle for survival. As we have noted in the past, the breakup of the Soviet Union revealed a situation of considerable interpenetration of peoples and of economic production units that were inherited from and geared to a bureaucratically centralised planned economy. That is the situation with Ukraine, particularly in the eastern regions.
The future under capitalism is bleak. Further economic immiseration could well lead to increased bitterness and strife among differing ethnic groups, with a bloody “resolution” of the national question. As we noted in concluding our article on Ukraine in Workers Vanguard no 1038 (24 January): “The crucial task is to forge Leninist-Trotskyist parties that will wage a thoroughgoing struggle against all manifestations of nationalism and great-power chauvinism as part of patient but persistent propaganda aimed at winning the proletariat to the programme of international socialist revolution.”
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2017.09.15 17:00 cinciforthewin Demographics of /r/CFB

Hello All,
This has been a long time coming, but last December bakonydraco, StrawberryTea, and myself cinciforthewin asked for your team fandom and location for the /CFB fan map. Well, that map is coming soon finally (That's all I got....). We also asked for demographic information so we can give you a better understanding of the backgrounds of the users who frequent the sub.
When we posted the poll for the last time, there were 215000 subscribers. This number has now grown to more then 270,000 subscribers. So, all the data here is getting closer to being out of date, but we had a large enough percentage to give a good idea.
While every question has a variable number of responses, all questions got more then 4700 responses. At the time, this is roughly 2.2% of the subreddit population.


The average age of this sub is 24.75 years. To split this by age range, the percentages out of 4744 responses goes as follows:
Age Range Number %
0-10 2 0.04%
11-17 199 4.19%
18-22 1727 36.40%
23-29 2063 43.49%
30-39 602 12.69%
40-49 112 2.36%
50-59 27 0.57%
60-69 4 0.08%
70-79 2 0.04%
80-89 1 0.02%
Other 5 0.10%
No Response 178 -
Pie Graph
Separated out by team, the average age of fans of each university (Minimum of 3 responses) can be found here under the tab Fan Age.


We received 4834 responses to this question. As a subreddit, this group is predominately male.
Gender Number %
Male 4631 95.80%
Female 172 3.6%
Non-Binary/Third Gender 10 0.2%
Other 21 0.4%
No Response 88 -
Pie Graph
University Separation can be found Here (Minimum of 3 Responses) under the tab Fan Gender.

Sexual Orientation:

We received 4755 responses to their Sexual Orientation.
Sexual Orientation Number %
Straight 4493 94.5%
Bisexual 123 2.6%
Gay 92 1.9%
Other 23 0.5%
Lesbian 11 0.2%
Pansexual 5 0.1%
Asexual 3 0.1%
Demisexual 2 0.0%
Queer 2 0.0%
Questioning 1 0.0%
No Response 167 -
Pie Graph
These responses are not separated by team.


We received 4735 responses to their Race.
Race Number %
American Indian, Alaska Native, or Aboriginal 32 0.7%
Asian 197 4.2%
Black/African American 73 1.5%
Native Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander 12 0.3%
White 4347 91.8%
Hispanic/Latino 11 0.2%
Middle Eastern & Semitic 9 0.2%
Puerto Rican 2 0.0%
Other 11 0.2%
Multiracial 42 0.9%
No Response 187 -
Pie Graph
These responses are not separated by team.


We received 4669 responses.
Hispanic / Latino Number %
Yes 210 4.5%
No 4446 95.2%
Other 11 0.2%
Mixed 9 0.0%
No Response 253 -
Pie Graph
These responses are not separated by team.


We received 4531 responses.
Nationality Number %
United States 4315 95.2
Canada 39 0.9
United Kingdom 25 0.6
India 22 0.5
Australia 14 0.3
Ireland 13 0.3
Germany 8 0.2
Philippines 8 0.2
Netherlands 7 0.2
Mexico 6 0.1
Brazil 5 0.1
Italy 5 0.1
France 4 0.1
Albania 3 0.1
Columbia 3 0.1
Ecuador 3 0.1
Russia 3 0.1
Sweden 3 0.1
Vietnam 3 0.1
China 2 0.0
Denmark 2 0.0
Finland 2 0.0
Malaysia 2 0.0
Poland 2 0.0
South Africa 2 0.0
South Korea 2 0.0
Taiwan 2 0.0
Afghanistan 1 0.0
Andorra 1 0.0
Argentina 1 0.0
Austria 1 0.0
Congo, Democratic Republic of the 1 0.0
Congo, Republic of the 1 0.0
Dominican Republic 1 0.0
Hong Kong 1 0.0
Iran 1 0.0
Lithuania 1 0.0
New Zealand 1 0.0
Nigeria 1 0.0
Pakistan 1 0.0
Peru 1 0.0
Portugal 1 0.0
Samoa 1 0.0
Singapore 1 0.0
Spain 1 0.0
Thailand 1 0.0
Uganda 1 0.0
Ukraine 2 0.0
Other 4 0.0
No Answer 607 -
Pie Graph / Pie Graph With At Least 3 Responses
These responses are not separated by team.


We Received 4764 responses per their education.
Education Number %
High School Diploma/GED 1107 23.2%
Trade or Vocational School 54 1.1%
Associate’s Degree 275 5.8%
Bachelor’s Degree 2532 53.1%
Master’s Degree 527 11.1%
Doctorate (MD, MBA, JD, DDS, MFA, etc.) 269 5.6%
No Answer 158 -
Pie Graph
University Separation can be found Here (Minimum of 3 Responses) under the tab Fan Education.

Occupational Field

We received a total of 4743 responses for their occupation.
Occupational Field Number %
Student – Undergraduate 1068 22.5%
Student – Graduate/Professional 256 5.4%
Student – High School 205 4.3%
Engineering 708 14.9%
Business 598 12.6%
IT 418 8.8%
Medical & Health 186 3.9%
Education 174 3.7%
Law 152 3.2%
Science & Math 152 3.2%
Public Service 133 2.8%
Arts & Entertainment 92 1.9%
Retail 83 1.7%
Military 71 1.5%
Manufacturing 57 1.2%
Athletics 49 1.0%
Media/Communication/Journalism/Writing 39 0.8%
Agriculture, Forestry, & Fisheries 37 0.8%
Construction 25 0.5%
Transportation & Vehicles 25 0.5%
Financial 24 0.5%
Technology 21 0.4%
Energy/Raw Materials 20 0.4%
Food & Drink 20 0.4%
Marketing/Advertising/Sales 18 0.4%
Architecture 13 0.3%
Labor 8 0.2%
Environment 7 0.1%
Government 7 0.1%
Hospitality 7 0.1%
Non-Profit/Philanthropy 7 0.1%
Distribution 6 0.1%
GIS/Geography 6 0.1%
Religion 6 0.1%
Security 6 0.1%
Unemployed 6 0.1%
Other 5 0.1%
Design 4 0.0%
HVAC 4 0.0%
Logistics 4 0.0%
Stay At Home 4 0.0%
Anthropology & Culture 3 0.0%
Animals 2 0.0%
Insurance 2 0.0%
Real Estate 2 0.0%
Travel 2 0.0%
Disabled 1 0.0%
No Response 179 -
Pie Graph \ Pie Graph - Students \ Pie Graph - Non Students
These responses are not separated by team.

Extra Information

Age vs Occupation of the Sub can be found on the Age vs Education tab Here

Please keep your eyes out for the fandom maps, coming soon!

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2017.07.14 05:14 911bodysnatchers322 Transcript of George Webb Video Series Part 85: "Hillary's Leakers, Hackers, and Henchmen" [@Georgwebb / #HRCRatlne]

[Part 81] [Part 82] [Part 83] [Part 84] [[Part 85]] [[Part 86]] [[Part 87]] [[Part 88]] [[Part 89]] [[Part 90]]
  • Day 262.2. Hillary's Leakers Hackers and Henchmen
    • Okay. Day 262 part 2
    • Of course right here, right where I'm standing, is where the Egyptian security specialists put their roller weapon right there on 27th and then moved along down to MWW headquarters
    • Now my only question is they actually had to take out a pressure cooker bomb with a cell phone wired to it with all the wires and strings like the clock kid the bomb clock kid
    • Now we're supposed to believe the story
    • They roll down here after they dropped off the first bomb over on 23rd
    • Then second Bomb they dropped off here they pulled it out they dropped it on the ground here by this parking meter
    • Their security specialists now they are trained in airport security
    • And then they took the 13 dollar, 99 cent bag and roll it this way
    • So just think about that for a second the story now, of the drop in the first bomb off accidentally, dropping the second bomb off accidentally
    • Then taking the $13.99 this bag this way
    • And I'll just walk the route to show you how many cameras would they would see
    • And I'll just start covering the other news items of the day as I do that
    • First one I said was Fusion GPS
    • Fusion GPS is the Hillary hit squad for trying to entice your political opponents into doing something wrong
    • And as I we did a mock Fusion GPS meeting with Donald Trump jr. that's why we did it
    • Sure enough as predicted came out today that Donald Trump jr. was looking for negative information from the Russians to something to hurt Hillary
    • So as I mentioned yesterday this would be made into a very big deal, which has been already this morning
    • And Trump jr. has already answered that the woman mumbled something about being able to support Hillary or hurt Hillary and they don't know why she was even in the meeting
    • But mostly they talked about a Russian adoption program
    • And I happen to be involved with that program, where they were taking a lot of kids out of the Eastern Europe, and trying to shut that down
    • And the Americans were doing right after the fall of the fall of the Soviet Union
    • So I just wanted you to see go back to the Egyptian pilot story
    • I'm not all the way back yet to MWW
    • Look at all the cameras that would be here, that those guys would be on here
    • This is sixth Avenue, the Avenue of the Americas
    • And 27th look at all the cameras
    • Now Mr. McCabe why wouldn't you pull why would you pull the cameras at this corner look at this!
    • There's cameras everywhere not a conspiracy it's Aa camera!
    • The whole Egyptian security guard pilot GID trainees, coming into the country, coming out of the country, dropping the two bombs--is an operation, it's not an accident
    • That doesn't happen without government sponsorship government, government help
    • The radio-wave building right over there 49 out of 27 {{ ?? }}
    • So moving on the impeachment
    • We're going to get to MWW in a second
    • But we're still went down on the street with all these cameras, that McCabe could have pulled to that night right?
    • Instead of suppressing it and flushing the investigation like he did the Hillary and Huma Servers and Awans Brothers as well
    • So you probably heard me say this yesterday about the four clocks for clocks up on the Metro
    • Really kind of stand for the four ratlines
    • Ones kind of a KK&R ratline that clock kind of presides over the market and depleted uranium weapons, white phosphorus weapons, all kinds of weapons, and it also oil and gas deals
    • You've got another face to the clock that's the old British East India Company ill drug clock, which is the old venerable Clinton Foundation clock, Mena Airport clock, Offutt Air Force Base clock then the drug clock
    • I call it kind of a Her Majesty's clock in deference to the old crowd
    • But the new clocks are the ones that disturb me the most
    • I think I've said this a couple of times
    • And those are the what I would call the Kosovo clocks or the DynCorp clocks
    • Those are the clocks that manage and oversee the ratlines much in the same way that Central Station just down that way has the quad clocks managing the train lines
    • Clocks here down at mww kind of manage the ratlines
    • Aand as we've seen before, DynCorp is Huma trafficking--its trafficking women, trafficking young boys, trafficking young girls, but also this organ harvesting
    • It's yet another clock
    • And then finally the Intelligence clock or the flying clock or the selling national secrets clock, which is maybe some people say Oh THe Awans, they were just innocent dupes managing this illegal network of depleted uranium, white phosphorus, the things that people in America just don't have the tastes for
    • Well that's not true
    • It's far beyond that.
    • There's still satellite secrets is still research to the Health for viruses, that means they stole key defense technology, basically they became the replacement for the Chinese
    • That's the role that Chinese had in the first the first Clinton administration the Bill Clinton administration
    • So again just think about all of the cameras that I've passed here now, on the way to getting back to my subway for the Egyptian
    • I don't know if they carried that sheep $13 Louie Vuitton bag back
    • But something tells me they did
    • Because they wanted to signal the Tony Podesta appeared the toy-building those toys that in Harlem they were always filled with heroin the old Helliwell plant
    • But I haven't the only thing they rolled they rolled it all the way back here to show Tony that they were done
    • Then just dropped it here in the in the park
    • Who knows?
    • One thing I like about the clock here and the symbology of the clock though, is it pulls all the ratlines together to where they actually are
    • We don't need to go to Israel because those people people who did this are not in Israel
    • They're all looking at that clock right now
    • Chelsey's looking at the clock right now
    • Hillary looking at that clock right now
    • Bill can see the clock
    • Mike Kemper at MWW key o'clock Tony Podesta there up at the top of the toy building he can see the clock
    • We're in the right place for this story
    • Anthony Weiner, Huma Abedin--we're within a block of all the conspirators right now
    • There's no reason not to close on conspirators
    • And everybody is going to say, "well Podesta: How about Podesta? He's on the road."
    • True: Podesta on his travels with Charlie--it's almost like he's traveling the ratlines in kind of a "Travels with Charlie" Way
    • First, he goes to the Clarksburg, West Virginia to visit McCabe, to make sure he's got his escort
    • That's sort of the Intelligence clock or the Awan brothers Intelligence selling national secrets ratline
    • Then he goes to Offutt Air Force Base, which is that old venerable drug Network
    • The old British Empire clock just now on airplanes instead of ships
    • Then he goes to Colorado, which is going to be your center of Oregon harvesting, and cord blood, and all the live forever technologies
    • And then finally he goes to Utah for the operation underground
    • Which has been running child abduction services all over the world
    • And as well as Intelligence operations
    • It all is tied neatly together here
    • Neatly together here in Madison Square Park
  • Day 262.3. Hillary's Leakers Hackers and Henchmen
    • Okay. It's day 262 This is part four
    • If you were down here by the Javits Center, Hudson behind me
    • We have more information about Safe Cage
    • Safe cage looks like safe cages can be one of those Emirates one of the not-so-famous Emirates of UAE
    • Not Dubai, not not Abu Dhabi, but one of those other ones called Ras up there on the tip of UAE
    • That's going to be owned by the Pakistani Ministry of Defense
    • Again the link between Pakistan and UAE
    • Pakistani Ministry of Defence in Rawalpindi Punjab
    • relp Indy just being a little bit north of Lahore [PK]
    • We'll keep you posted as the story develops
  • Day 263.1. Hillary's Leakers Hackers and Henchmen
    • Okay. Day 263 part 1
    • Here in Seth Rich's neighborhood
    • And see a nice little Memorial the Martin Luther King here, I think, because there's the sign there the 63 March
    • I'm not sure if the bikes are the same
    • But anyway Dilyana Dilyana Dilyana Dilyana Gay Tanned Shiva. Gaytandshieva is a Bulgarian journalist from Sofia, Bulgaria
    • I don't know if you remember me talking about John McCain and Lindsey Graham's illegal arms factory in Bulgaria called "Arsenal"?
    • And I don't remember if everybody heard me say that the arms were being shipped through Incirlik Air Force Base in Turkey
    • And then moving on and people remember me talking about Silk Way not Silk Road: Silk Way Airlines an Azerbaijani airline that used the diplomatic loophole that we talked about two weeks ago I think
    • Remember there was a little incident in Zanesville Ohio guess that was a month ago
    • Now about a diplomatic loophole?
    • Well Dilyana again a beautiful woman I don't know what it is with all these supermodel reporters breaking stories in in Syria but she's the one who found that silk way Airlines used the diplomatic loophole to ship weapons from Bulgaria through two Incirlik down to all the UAE, Saudi Arabia and other places[dg1]
    • Also over to Azerbaijan to fund the rebels over there
    • Turns out it's a Saudi Arabian owned airline
    • Now she went back and put two and two together she looked at a shipment that was coming from a port in Bulgaria to a port in Saudi Arabia
    • And since it was shut down and caught, she figured well they're doing it some other way they're doing it by air I think I mentioned that yesterday under the clock where I said the British Empire was by sea with the drugs and now by air. Big story.
    • The diplomatic cover and that's just how one journalist helps another in this whole thing
    • And again it's not usually not America journalists that help me it's ones that are overseas
    • Everyone in America is too busy saying something crazy
    • Speaking of American journalism I guess there's a bill going through Congress--and this comes directly from the crowd
    • I think the House bill is 257 and the Senate bill is 118 but basically making what I'm doing with you and speaking with you and giving you information-- illegal?
    • So we had the Smith Mundt cake which was making it legal for them to lie but
    • Now here's 257 and 118 coming down the pike that make it illegal for me to tell you the truth
    • So I guess they're covering their bases here
    • So I'd like more information on those two, people that know what's going on
    • I'm going to go up to the hill and ask some people about that just get their opinions
    • So that's an important story
    • And then finally there's this NGP VAN story how do we know the NGP van story was going to be
    • So important because we knew it's not just a donor database Mr. Podesta it's also a recipient database and as you always used to say: "it's better to make the person a recipient first because then they always become a donor"
    • And we know all the kinds of donors and recipients you're talking about with the picture over your shoulder with the heart-rending heart-rendering that you have over your shoulder
    • So there was a horrible crash in Louisiana
    • You've heard me mention Lake Pontchartrain the listening station the Navy listening station there
    • There was a horrible crash there
    • You heard me mentioned the c-130s at Incirlik not Incirlik Air Force Base but Offutt Air Force Base in Omaha where Seth Rich is from
    • 16 people killed yesterday
    • So we're going to get more information on that
    • You're in a tough situation as a reporter sometimes, because what do you do?
    • Just let the drugs come in and then let them go to Ohio and and put half the kids in jail and kill the other half or do you say something about it?
    • Now the D state will strike back sometimes
    • And I hope this isn't a deep state chill, where they're striking back against the people that run in those C-130s to keep them to keep them quiet I just hope that's not the case
    • So finally this NGP-Van thing I'm sorry I got off-track this the Zero Hedge article lots of articles came out by the forensic-inator that show that the 25 or 28 megabit of second rates are only possible using a thumb drive
    • There is one other way there is one other way and that's the leased line
    • The leased line you can actually get in the United States that could do that kind of data rate it would be expensive it would be like maybe 10 15 20 thousand a month depending on the date the rate you got
    • Depending on the rates 2 DNC got but if it was Huma, there was Huma, and you were supporting you were supporting a remote employee that let's say was sick, said she had morning sickness or something, and that's why she had to be remote
    • Or Uretsky if you said oh we have a remote administrator in Boston--a remote administrator in New York like Justin Cooper, you could basically do a backup every time the system backed up
    • And I believe that's actually what happened now
    • Every backup was also backing up remotely I think this is the "whoops I backed up your data again" that Huma and Anthony worked so many times in Congress,
    • The Awan brothers worked so many times in Congress with a blackberry to the laptop backup, because "whoops I did it again" I can always say there was no intent, and no crime, again go with modus operandi in the past will follow all these stories today as they develop
  • Day 264.1. Hillary's Leakers Hackers and Henchmen
    • Okay. Day 264 I'm on first and tee-like T1
    • That's that data rate that you need to get data out of the, data out of the DNC
    • Anyway, Seth Rich lived right down this road on first
    • W is up that way, so you had to come this way down to this major intersection called Rhode Island
    • So we're just going to kind of walk that street
    • Now I'm going to get back to Seth Rich, but I'm going to switch over to Dilyana
    • And the reason I walked the routes is so that people if he really is riding his bike to the DNC every day he's going to be well known to all the people along here
    • They're going to see a guy riding his bike to work every day
    • So just keep that in mind as I've walked this route
    • So this is kind of a gentrifying neighborhood
    • It was mostly a black neighborhood until maybe a couple years ago
    • And now it's changing
    • But anyway let's talk about Dilyana because ... I posted her picture today I think everybody can see me good morning how beautiful everybody is
    • And how beautiful Dilyana is and let's not let that get in the way
    • But let's get her on skype so if somebody could find her skype address we'd love to Skype I am actually thinking about going to Bulgaria and actually visiting the nine weapons caches, because this is going to be the key to the whole last 20 years of your legal arms trade
    • So that's important
    • Now the Western media, alt-Media is going to crush this story and talk about something else
    • I'm just wondering why (move over for a jogger here)
    • I'm just wondering why people would follow Kim Kardashian who's someone from Armenia, who's not very smart--she's beautiful but Dilyana is just as beautiful if not more so and she's smarter than
    • And she just broke the biggest story about NATO in the last 20 years
    • So I don't know why she's not an international superstar already
    • But Dilyana is going to be the key way bigger than Woodward and Bernstein
    • Because when we're in bursting at the end of the day it's just tape on a door
    • And it's George W Bush trying to get rid of of Nixon to put his boys in with Ford--That's kind of not that interesting
    • This really is with the depleted uranium weapons the funding of all the different NATO armies with these depleted uranium weapons the white phosphorus still all over Kosovo
    • That's what I not what I love about depleted uranium,
    • But if you want to you don't think I got my facts right, just walk in Kosovo anywhere with a Geiger counter: you'll you'll get the you get the proof real fast. It's not going anywhere, so you have all the time in the world to find it.
    • Matter of fact, if I do go to Bulgaria to visit Dilyana, I do want to walk those battlefields with a Geiger counter, just to show the spikes and how does take off
    • So having said all that back to the Seth Rich thing.
    • Seth Rich's parents say don't walk the old route, you're not helping.
    • Well I went to the vigil for your son, Joel
    • I went to the vigil for your son[sic] {{brother}}, Aaron
    • Now you guys might have been busy doing oil and gas deals at Gas Institute, Joel
    • Or Aaron you might have been busy doing hacking for our good friends at the aircraft company
    • But I was at your son's vigil, trying to find the murderer
    • Now what I noticed was so different is when I've gone over there and walked the site two or three times I walked it all day yesterday, asked about Seth Rich.
    • Walked it all day the day before: sneers. Just disgust.
    • {{ 911bs: George you may think I'm disrespectful in these posts but here goes, my very likely unpopular opinion on these particular parents (and brother) whom I think are spineless.[bp1][bp2] }}
    • Somehow political football then I'm a Bernie guy and he's a Bernie guy somehow this is a political football right?
    • When I went to Delphi in Indiana, what, had a glass of wine, I let everybody knows where the two girls were garrotted and murdered, near Plainsfield, near the Jamaat al Fuqra tear in Plainfield Indiana I had at least 30 people that came up to me with different information within an hour I would say well within two hours at least I had very good leads on the double garrotting lead which tied back to the films in Plainfield teaching double garroting for the for the neck I had the girls with the autopsy potential with the missing fingers and the other girl maybe missing a little part of her finger that went right back to the films of the them teaching the double garrotting in Plainfield
    • So we had the DNA fact that the DNA was being suppressed in fact autopsies were being suppressed the fact that that matched the Evansdale murders the fact that both of them had packing plants in fact both of them had people with visa problems that were bringing in fact that the modus operandi has always been to bring in immigrants in the kinetic and of low-level low-tier job for disposal of dead bodies
    • Now not
    • So much because organ harvesting has come up
    • So much right all that had tremendous help I was there an hour within an hour of posting it I had a tremendous amount of help on the internet trying to find the killer we still I still think we got it we know who did it all we have to do is do the DNA of everybody who's a suspect if they're from that plant we know the nationality of who killed those girls
    • So this is the part I can't understand with with Jeff rich think like why the why all the hate trying to find the killer your son's killer just don't understand that
    • So anyway I think I get my Donuts here pretty quick
    • Now I get a cup of coffee here pretty quick I didn't want to stay scratching kids oh well anyway
    • So moving on to other stories they've talked a lot about people have sent me Bev Harris talking about SDI you all the stuff she's done we'd love to interview Beth Harris Bev Harris would be great I know Jason might have been in a hurry when he talked about it for being on Infowars but I just want to say that I love to talk to her especially about SDI you got a lot of feedback yesterday saying it's not just about donors that ban information is critical the SEIU controlling votes and fixing elections for their people because once you fix the election you control everything else especially controlling all the union's union jobs the union contracts with local local municipalities local state agencies then that's critical for the unions to move forward in terms of getting paid to play and SEIU wants to be that broker
    • So I'm sorry if I under played the van information a little bit last night the other person is Nikko house Nikko house I've seen him as a personality on YouTube and I'm very interested in that gentleman because he worked with Jared back on the DNC lawsuit and he actually went down there and I think spent a couple of months with defects to be interesting to talk to him as well
    • So if you want to get a hold of Nikko house that'd be great as well that's it for this morning we'll follow all these stories and more
  • Day 264.2. Hillary's Leakers Hackers and Henchmen
    • {{ No Autocaptions, so I'll try my best at 80-100 wps and george at 75% }}
    • Day 264 part 2
    • In front of the "Unified Scene" theater
    • When you want a unified scene you train people in improv shakespear, like I said they do a lot
    • So anyway, I just wanted to talk about RT. RT Picked up the story about the local copying of the drive for the DNC, trashing the Russia-hack story yet again.
    • Don't know about Drudge yet
    • There is now an impeach-o-meter that you can google with the probability of Trump's impeachment, as I would predict that would occur.
    • We're going to see the Chris Wray Confirmation Hearing
    • Mentioned the gigabit line, which would be 128mB/s, this morning. That's what I meant by T1 not the old T1s I used to buy for a megabit a second t1s. I meant gigabit you can get for under 5k a month
    • Bottom line is at the DNC, if you have the Awan bros inside, I don't know how many more Awans we need at Congress at the DCCC--what do you need credentials of 7 or 8 in Congress for 14-15 much more evidence do we need, to say they were in the building?
    • So they are in the building. That's the same bldg at the DNC..that's who did the hack. We dont need T1s or Vans outside
    • But we do need 2 Vans ouside near the Seth Rich Bike Rack to threaten ppl at the DNC, but we dont need that to copy those files
    • JG?: "Good."
  • Day 264.3. Hillary's Leakers Hackers and Henchmen
    • Oh French Captions this time.
    • Day 264 pt 3
    • This is known as "the gaggle" when you're waiting for a subcommittee meeting
    • Always good conversations in line
    • Waiting for Chris Wray Hearing, that's going to start one hour from now

  • Day 264.4. Hillary's Leakers Hackers and Henchmen
    • Okay. Day 265 just got out of the Ray hearing here with Jason Goodman of Crowdsource the Truth
    • Gotta say pretty disappointing
    • JASON: yeah
    • G: Pretty disappointing I mean Lindsey Graham--he did learn another country that could have hacked. He learned Ukraine
    • J: He's a dope
    • {{ 911bs: CONCUR }}
    • G: So we got two countries now touching each other that Lindsey can concede that could possibly involve himself an election
    • Now if I put six Pakistani and ISI Intelligence agents in that building maybe he could visualize that they could possibly also hack an election
    • And if I put them into a building like that over at the DNC, which shares the same facilities as the DCCC--that's not the DNC that's obviously the Dirksen office building--but making an example of:
    • We're talking about opportunity we're talking about having a card top-secret access
    • We're talking about being trained in hacking tools
    • We're talking about having all these companies all these houses all these companies in Pakistan all these connections to arms dealings companies all these connections to Pakistani military and military Intelligence contractor contacts
    • But no. The one 20 minute meeting with the Russian gal, who is the Fusion GPS plant, is what he talked about
    • What Lindsey Graham decided to talk about today
    • J: He was super aregressive with Ray, like just loading in with question feeding
    • G: Aggressive about one thing: do would you consider Donald Trump Jr's actions of taking a meeting--who somebody was saying, one guy was basically saying, "hey I think Hillary Clinton is running a child not child trafficking but she's bringing 12 years old out of Kosovo into Turkey and then moving him off they spend a little while as a DynCorp political military officer of political military police officers girlfriend but then they get shipped off to the Middle East as wives, and that's supposed to be celebration of Muslim religion and whatnot
    • I'm not anti-muslim I'm not anti Pakistani I'm not anti Pakistani ISI.
    • I'm anti Pakistani ISI when you're in that building with top-secret clearance with six of you making three times with the normal
    • J: Why aren't you anti-pakistani ISI
    • G: Well I am I'm just saying it's got to be very specific I'm---they---brought up the Muslim thing in the the meeting
    • Dick Durbin
    • Who I like is a good Senator, but this is not any of that
    • It's just like the killings in Delphi
    • I'm not anti-muslim there I'm not anti Pakistani there
    • I'm anti Jamaat Al Fuqra Jamaat Al Fuqra Anti Jamaat Al Fuqra was the double garroting
    • It's the first garrotting upsets me but the second knee in the back and the second garrotting around the neck and the pole with the decapitation that's what I have to draw the line
    • So anyway very very disappointing
    • Hillary Clinton was the big winner today Hillary Clinton was the big winner today
    • So a champion the champion was Lindsey Graham, championing Hillary Clinton's lying about the fact that somebody exposed my child trafficking is somehow Russia interfering in our election
    • I don't see that
    • I think when you you're taking Russian girls at 12 years old and selling them off to Arab sheiks, that pisses who Putin off
    • I think that is a Human rights issue not an election issue
  • Day 264.5. Hillary's Leakers Hackers and Henchmen
    • Okay. Day 264 part 5
    • This is a summary of our time in Congress
    • First of all I want to give as much support to Dilyani as I possibly can
    • She's a great journalist and she's got a couple of great interviews out there that I'd love to support her she's that Bulgarian journalist that broke this story about all the shipping from Silk Way
    • And some anonymous person on Twitter gave her all of those shipping tickets those diplomatic shipping tickets
    • All the talk now is of white phosphorus, depleted uranium, sarin gas, and the diplomatic loophole
    • And all the shipping points are all the things we've covered in this series
    • We covered Nigeria, we've covered Congo, covered Sudan, we've covered Libya, covered Syria, covered Turkey, covered Azerbaijan, we've covered Pakistan, there's flights going to be flights to Afghanistan
    • So basically all of them
    • Now the subcontractors are the key
    • These are going to be So calm SOCOMM
    • So calm SoCOMM is the unit United States Special Operations Command, which is also based in the same place CENTCOM is based, which is Tampa Florida
    • And all these SOCOMM contractors these and these are also going to be NATO contractors, are going to be the key contractors to focus on
    • So there's a company here in Virginia called Purple Shovel in Sterling Virginia
    • I believe that's going to be the uranium
    • Why is the shovel purple?
    • Well if you shovel uranium all day, your shovel is going to be purple at the end of the day
    • The other one is going to be Regulus Global in Virginia Beach
    • Who do we know down in Virginia Beach? Becky Smith down in Virginia Beach
    • Virginia Beach is going to be I believe the people doing the shipping of different ores
    • Not not exactly sure yet--if that's going to be white phosphorus
    • Or if that is going to be bringing white phosphorus excuse me into the country or depleted uranium
    • Don't know--if that company is going to be that company
    • But then there's also going to be Skybridge Technologies in Florida which is going to be based in Tampa as well
    • And that's going to be we're going to be flying uranium
    • I don't know if it's gonna be hu uranium or the other types of things that we've seen in the country as well as depleted uranium weapons
    • So that's coming up
    • The the other guy just got hit by another car here is kind of too bad but imagine what it would be like being hit with a bunch of depleted uranium like that little Yemeni Girl.
    • As a matter of fact Yemen is going to be another one of those countries
    • So I really would like to help Dilyani as much as I possibly can with all the research we can
    • We need to encourage all the whistleblowers to come forward from all these different companies they've been involved in all these activities again
    • Just like Zero Footprint
    • Just like Timber Sycamore
    • These are companies that are built outside of the any structure of the US government,
    • Outside with Gmails and not State Department emails
    • NO going through the loophole of the foreign Intelligence loophole--the finding loophole, going through foreign Intelligence agencies
    • You're going to find the Awan brothers is going to be a part of this, because most of the flights go to Lahore, Pakistan. Interesting
    • So Azerbaijani airway--the Silk Way airline is going to be the airline that is using their diplomatic passports
    • Different diplomatic folks on Azerbaijan airlines--that Silk Way airlines that are going to be the key to getting all that stuff to Lahore and there's 350 bills of lading that we have now
    • So we're going to actually be able to go trace directly from Purple Shovel in Sterling Virginia here, directly to Lahore Pakistan
    • And that plane is supposed to be stopping in Baku, but it some for some reason goes another thousand miles to Lahore Pakistan and then another thousand miles back instead of just stopping in Baku
    • So anyway we're also going to be talking to the border patrol tomorrow
    • The customs customs is going to report that although there is a requirement to scan everything, both stuff coming in shipments coming in on flight, as well as by by boat--by ship, that they're going to say tomorrow--I think it's Myclean something like that it's not McClellan it's like McLennan he is going to say tomorrow that indeed they have not been able to meet that requirement in our US ports that's at ten o'clock tomorrow
    • So full day
    • We're going to be streaming in about 40 minutes
    • We're hoping to get Dilyani on the phone
    • We want to get around Skype as well
    • Obviously for obvious reasons {{ 911bs: obvious cat is obvious }} and that's today's report
  • Day 265.1. Hillary's Leakers Hackers and Henchmen
    • Okay. Here at the corner of T over there where I'm staying and first
    • Down the street here is First Avenue
    • W down there's where Seth lives. So it would have been a short walk here to get this one bus
    • No transfers all the way down to Washington
    • So I've spent most of this week going to all these different businesses, talking to people, at morning, noon, and night
    • Hey you ever seen Seth Rich?
    • A lot of these businesses are new
    • This convenience store here--the one down by Seth Rich where he was killed--he was killed
    • As closed changed ownership
    • Here's an interesting thing Congressional capital--you're actually giving money to view these renovations
    • The thing about DC is even though they don't vote, they have a lot of money like a state
    • Which makes it just as important for politically controlling as a state
    • So keep that in mind as we go through
    • But anyway yeah a lot of places are changing over
    • See a lot of the gay pride flags now--really has changed in the last year I think
    • So we'll see how that develops
    • That deep uranium the guy who is my key contact to the uranium-five, and they do a lot more than that.
    • They're national security, but I call them the uranium five
    • Said, "George one of these days take one video where you just take a slow walk and explain everything explain what you're thinking don't try to do everything so fast"
    • And that's what all that's all I'll do on this one--so much has happened
    • As I've said before this isn't really about Seth Rich--
    • I've said that from the beginning
    • It's not a lot about the Awan brothers
    • It's really about the deep state
    • And a lot of people say, "well you're never going to stop the deep state."
    • Allen Dulles you you were the guy who put I'm going to call him 'Mac'
    • So the person who Kennedy put in charge of consolidating all the Intelligence operations, so that it was one point in control for Kennedy: I'm not going to say his name yet I am going to say he's an Irish-Catholic
    • I'm gonna call him Mac {{ Douglas MacArthur? }}
    • This is the days when Mac, wasn't McCabe, and that kind of way of running the FBI
    • Was Mac when it was when it was the right way to run the FBI
    • So anyway he died at 51 of shellfish poisoning and complications from that
    • But you know George the deep state they tell me, oh they killed Kennedy, they--Frank Church had the quick cancer,
    • The church committee was the second chance at the state
    • Maybe the COINTELPRO folks when they did the burglary that was maybe one other thing moment time 73 74
    • But you can't beat the deep state
    • Well I would just point to the fact that the whole phrase "deep state" didn't even exist then
    • I try to look at on the media media mentions I look at media mentions to try to gauge the national consciousness
    • A lot of mentions of the deep state it's very much on the consciousness of a lot of people and even politicians are saying it now
    • Used to be one or two used to say and now we've got quite a few
    • So that's a good sign
    • The other thing is the internet that didn't exist we have that now
    • So I can report to you directly, you can see a two minutes after I report it
    • And again remember along the way you saw the camera there, where Seth Rich's bus stop was
    • Reason I do this is there's all these churches, all these people, I'm real long here all these people would have been riding the bus with Seth Rich
    • Or walking along this pathway or runners would have seen him along this pathway
    • This is why I do this over and over and over, when I'm trying to find out something about a story called digging
    • I call it digging
    • A lot of people lately have been hitting me on the psychic thing
    • Oh George is psychic because I've been right a lot {{ 911bs: lololol }}
    • So George is psychic--I'm not psychic
    • I've never believed in the occult in my life!
    • The way you get to be able to predict stuff is dig
    • Oh George you knew about the 20-laptops, you knew about the 20 Blackberries and you knew about the four laptops, already, and that's how you got the leak of serial numbers, from the Congressional guy
    • Yeah: I went and knocked on ALL those doors!
    • So I'm not ashamed of that at all
    • "Oh George you looked at the legislative calendar
    • "You looked at all the people that were submitting bills for impeachment
    • "You looked at all the subcommittees you looked at all the majority whips you looked at all what ship and humor was saying"
    • That's how you knew that the impeachment bill was coming
    • Yeah! It's not magic it's digging
    • It's a lot to keep up with
    • I'm just saying that that's how it happens
    • It's not pretty it's not a pretty process you're spared from it, thank goodness
    • So let's talk about Dilyani
    • So if you can't
    • So the first thing is it's all about the deep state
    • And there's two ways I think really to beat the Deep State or three maybe
    • 1) One is to Embarrass the Deep State--is to show the ratlines and say
    • "This is who's really running the show"
    • "This is really what is happening there"
    • "Really is nine trillion dollar dark budget..."
    • " really is spent on covert operations"
    • "The elites really do make money on ratlines"
    • "The elites really do collapse neighborhoods like this"
    • "or The elites least really do fix elections for unions [to get contracts]" {{ SEIU, one big gov employee union that gets defense contracts to run ratlines, and conduct in-spy-der trading such as precognition of futurewars and futurewarpartners because you're making those topplestrategies and giving those contracts }}
    • So different--like is a plumbing union I believe--get contracts
    • "Corruption really does exist"
    • So you have to expose ratline
    • So I call that embarrassment or exposing the ratlines that's one way
    • 2) Second way is [the] legal way. I am not a lawyer. Judicial Watch is Freedom Watch is. Larry Klayman and Tom Fitton--I always support those guys in any way I possibly can I'm not an attorney. So that's why I don't do that
    • 3) And [the] Third way is in the court of public opinion. And I guess that's a wrinkle, in the same way of embarrassment
    • (Go this way. Everybody gets to be on TV. When you go out in public, you get to be on TV. So I won't get hit hopefully)
    • So anyway that's my strategy
    • Now with Dilyani: if I--if it doesn't work on the state level, or the DC level, local level, then I go to the national level
    • Doesn't go to the national level, I go to other countries
    • Doesn't go to other countries, I go to the world level the World Court the UN
    • So I don't stop, just because one door gets shut down, or when window gets shut down
    • Right now that's why I'm doing working with Dilyani, because she has broken a major story
    • That will be the kind of the other half of the jello mold, to what I've been doing with the Awan brothers--that depleted uranium
    • So that's the strategy
    • Dilyani is going to be the key I want to meet her in London go to Julian Assange meet with him.
    • Sit down, look at how all this weapons traffic, look at the Kosovo through the middle east, through the kind of the market, I call it the serious kind of the market of the bazaar
    • And then everything going down to the oil sheiks as far as the girls go
    • Oil is coming one way. Guns are going the other way. Girls are going south. Oil and and doctoral candidates are coming north
    • So that's the strategy is continually work state / local / Federal / World
    • >>>>>Cont
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2017.07.09 17:51 AutoModerator Weekly Roundup Random Chat Notifications

News roundup for the previous week.
In International news
  1. Russia-China cooperation
  2. China and ASEAN agree to draft code of conduct in South China Sea
  3. Bolivia, China sign science cooperation agreement
  4. China, Russia share opposition to U.S. THAAD in South Korea: Xi
  5. China, #Finland pledge further cooperation in Arctic affairs, sustainable development
  6. Future Energy: China leads world in solar power production. According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), the country installed more than 34 gigawatts of solar capacity in 2016 - more than double the figure for the US and nearly half of the total added capacity worldwide that year
  7. No bulldozers used by China for destroying Indian army bunkers: India. Also denied that the border standoff with China is the longest since 1962. The army spokesman also said at no physical scuffle had occurred
  8. #Pakistan has been smoothly implementing an ambitious plan to build an economic corridor with China, despite experiencing some challenges, Planning Minister Ahsan Iqbal said
  9. #Duterte thanks ‘good friend’ China as it donates weapons for Philippine Islamist fight: The weapons worth some 50m yuan (US$7.35m) “highlights the dawn of a new era in Philippine-Chinese relations” Duterte said. China has also donated 15m pesos (US $300k) in relief assistance to help Marawi recover
  10. DPRK declares success of ICBM launch (Should China care? Should anybody that is already right beside North Korea care?)
  11. Australian man attempted to rape a Chinese tourist
  12. Trump urges China to end North Korea ‘nonsense’, China urges calm
  13. China's involvement in Africa is understated
  14. China-Russia diplomatic double act exposes Trump's crudeness
  15. #Philippines not married to US, can still pursue China, says Manila’s top diplomat: “Since China has been gracious enough in many, many fields of cooperation without conditions, it has really sparked mutual trust,” he said
  16. Russia and China tell North Korea, U.S. and South Korea to embrace de-escalation plan
  17. Putin presents Xi Jinping with Russia’s highest state award
  18. Russia & China sign $10bn investment fund to ease ruble-yuan settlements
  19. China, Russia plan deal on new Far East transport routes
  20. US Threaten China Over North Korea Just Before G20 Summit Where It'll Be Isolated On Trade on And Climate Change Negotiations
  21. How Russia and China are bonding
  22. #Thailand, China to Sign $5 Billion Rail Infrastructure Agreement: The first stage of the rail, the 252 kilometers from Bangkok to Nakhon Ratchasima, once complete, will stretch more than 1,260 kilometers to Kunming
  23. China, Russia team up to challenge the dominance of Western media: Lu Xinning, deputy editor-in-chief of the People’s Daily, urged the Chinese and Russian media to work together to break the dominance of Western discourse in a speech
  24. Hundreds demand ‘justice for Yingying’ as kidnap suspect makes first court appearance: US Magistrate Eric Long ordered Brendt Christensen held without bond in the kidnapping of Yingying Zhang
  25. Fearful Chinese parents rethink sending children abroad after Zhang Yingying’s kidnapping in US: “I wasn’t so sensitive to this sort of story in the past. But since I started reading more news about overseas Chinese students, I realised safety is really a big problem, especially for girls,”
  26. Mandarin now second most spoken language in Australia
  27. Ahead of fractious G20, Germany and China pledge new cooperation
  28. Egyptian Police Detain Uighurs and Deport Them to China
  29. Multilateral treaty prohibiting nuclear weapons may be adopted on Friday
  30. BRICS member countries oppose protectionism in trade
  31. Sikkim Stand-Off: China and India Collide in the Himalayas
  32. Johnathan Cromwell Charged with First-Degree Murder in Death of Pokemon Go-Playing Grandfather Jiansheng Chen
  33. Russian and Chinese media should jointly resist #fakenews such as the recent story about Syrian boy Omran Daqneesh, Sputnik and RT Editor-in-Chief Margarita Simonyan said at the third Russia-China media forum in Moscow
  34. Germany’s football diplomacy delights beaming Xi Jinping as Chinese president and Angela Merkel watch kids’ match in Berlin
  35. China Gives Millions of Dollars in Weapons to the #Philippines to Fight Daesh: Rodrigo Duterte said that China, being a “good friend, understands” the gravity of the situation in the fight with the militants
  36. #Nepal to seek access to two land, three sea ports in China: will allow Nepal to conduct trade with third countries through China. Nepal presently conducts trade with third countries only through India. Nepal signed up to China’s ambitious Belt and Road Initiative on May 12
  37. Chinese embassy issues notice to Chinese nationals in India, asking them to pay close attention to personal safety, local security situation
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  1. President Xi Jinping drew the "red line" for handling relations between the mainland and Hong Kong, warning against attempts to undermine national sovereignty or challenge the central government's power
  2. 'Schoolmaster' Xi leaves Hong Kong smarting: Xi also called on authorities to "enhance" education to raise awareness of China's national history and culture, alluding to the need to bring young people back into the fold
  3. China’s Communist Youth League sets up dating service: Chinese authorities announced reforms of the league last August, overhauling its leadership, restructuring its personnel system and improving its work at the grass-roots level, focused on ideological education among young people
  4. It's Official. China Is Launching A "War on Pollution"
  5. A Remote Chinese Province Uses Its Climate To Grow A Big-Data Industry
  6. China had put 2,595 high-speed #trains into operation by the end of 2016, accounting for 60 percent of global high-speed trains
  7. Adorable Solar Farm in China is Literally Shaped Like a Giant Panda
  8. Cinemas required to play video on core socialist values, Chinese dream: "No matter what you do, as long as you respect the country, our society, our nation and our family, you are helping us to realize the Chinese dream," said the video
  9. Gay man wins lawsuit for coercive psychiatric treatment: The courts have ruled the hospital infringed on his personal freedoms by forcing him to receive psychiatric treatment
  10. New Hong Kong government, same old lousy attitude towards English: All three previous chief executives, with varying degrees of apathy, did not do much about this city’s English. Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor does not post messages in English. Her media briefings are also Cantonese-only affairs
  11. Special favors for foreigners spark resentment: After a 21-year-old woman from Zimbabwe gave birth, the deputy mayor paid a visit to the hospital despite the heavy rain. Whenever news of this sort breaks out, it triggers a debate over whether there is still foreigner-worshipping sentiment
In SciTech news
  1. #Beijing citizens can now get through the gates just by swiping their mobile phone. Beijing metro authorities have launched the "mobile phone one-card-pass" service, trialing the system on the Fangshan line
  2. World-leading science center to be built in #Beijing: will focus on areas of great advantages, including material science, space science, atmospheric environmental science, earth science, information and intelligence and life sciences
  3. Chinese researchers create antioxidant-rich purple rice to combat cancer, other diseases
  4. Second Launch of China’s heavy-lift Long March 5 rocket declared a failure: The rocket’s four liquid-fueled boosters performed well, falling away from the rocket as scheduled. Separating from the rocket’s second stage later than predicted in a mission timeline
  5. Large #dinosaur fossil site found in SW China: More than 5,000 fossils have been excavated from a fossil wal" in Pu'an Township, since October last year. The unearthed fossils belong to at least five dinosaur categories, such as ornithopods, sauropods and stegosaurs and date back to Jurassic period
  6. It’s Too Late to Stop China From Becoming an #AI Superpower: Baidu, Tencent and other leading Chinese internet companies have spent heavily to build up large, skilled teams in machine learning and AI. The government has put the technology at the heart of several initiatives under its latest 5yr plan
  7. New Beijing to Shanghai High-Speed Trains Feature Super Comfy Beds
  8. China produces world's 1st cloned dog using gene editing
  9. Chinese researchers develop new avenue for the large-scale synthesis of Janus particles: will significantly expand the utility of Janus particles, creating new opportunities in a wide variety of applications, from the environment to health, especially in oil-water separation and biological detection
  10. Minister of Science and Technology Wan Gang said the country will soon release a national strategy to detail how to boost the development of AI through 2030. Devote more resources accelerate the application of AI in education, healthcare, security and other sectors
  11. The Chinese plan to overtake all self-driving cars
  12. Physicists from the United States and China have observed Ultra-High Intensity #Laser Sparks New Behavior in Light: yielded unique X-ray pulses with the potential to generate extremely high-resolution imagery useful for medical, engineering, scientific and security purposes
  13. China’s quantum satellite adds two new tricks to its repertoire
  14. Chinese Tech CEO Investigated For Taking a Self-Driving Car to His Own Company Event
  15. China Is Investing Heavily In #ArtificialIntelligence, And Could Soon Catch Up To The U.S.: Two weeks ago, China set up its first AI alliance, the China Artificial Intelligence Industry Innovation Alliance. Group aims to incubate 50 AI-enabled products and 40 firms, as well as 20 pilot projects
  16. Confidence in US innovation falling; China leads way on AI
  17. Shenzhen: City of the Future. The high-tech life of China’s Silicon Valley
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  1. Indians warm to Xiaomi, Vivo, Oppo, pushing Chinese brands to 51 per cent of market: Chinese smartphone makers enjoy a debt-light capital structure...India Ratings said. Better technological capabilities of the Chinese players leading to superior product offerings have also contributed to success
  2. Chinese stocks could attract more than $400 billion in inflows once shares are fully included in widely followed MSCI indexes, the world's largest asset manager BlackRock said
  3. China has moved way past its knockoff phase. Now Chinese companies are setting global trends in technology products or business models in areas such as supercomputers, technology-enabled transportation, digital payments and artificial intelligence
  4. As Elon Musk races to finish building the world’s biggest battery factory in Nevada, China poised to leave him in the dust. Chinese companies have plans for additional factories with the capacity for more than 120 gigawatt-hours a year by 2021, enough to supply batteries for 1.5m Tesla Model S
  5. The #AIIB earned a top-notch rating from Moody's Investors Service thanks to factors such as a solid capital base and good management, an endorsement that should give the lender easier access to global bond markets
  6. iFlytek (6th), Tencent (8th), Face++ (11th), Dji (25th), Alibaba (41st), Ant Financial (49th) and Baidu (50th) among MIT 50 Smartest Companies 2017
  7. Volvo cars (owned by Geely), already an international brand, to transition completely to electric powered engines by 2019, to coincide with China's battery factories push.
  8. China's Financial Debt: Everything You Know Is Wrong
  9. China manufacturing activity accelerates in June, with official #PMI at 51.7, beating expectations, In the services sector, the official services PMI for June rose to 54.9 from May's 54.5
  10. Overseas shoppers sustain Chinese e-commerce boom: According to trade report by Pay-Pal and Ipsos, China rose to be most popular cross-border e-commerce destination for the first time in 2016. Up to 21% of the 28,000 respondents from 32 countries said they had shopped on Chinese websites last year
In Military news
  1. North Korean, Russian, Chinese Missile Tech Advances Raise Threat to US: China “continues to have the most active and diverse ballistic missile development program in the world,” according to the report, prepared in conjunction with the Defense Intelligence Ballistic Missile Analysis Committee
  2. Chinese Fighter Jets, Ships Warn Off USS Stethem Sailing Near S China Sea Island: Stethem missile destroyer trespassed Chinese territorial waters off the Xisha/Paracel Islands. Beijing "dispatched military vessels and fighter planes in response to warn off the US vessel."
  3. Why Chinese submarines could soon be quieter than US ones
  4. RAW: Chinese aircraft carrier formation conducts trans-regional training
  5. The top engineer working to make China’s naval dreams reality
  6. South China Sea outposts readying for Beijing's missiles: "Beijing can now deploy military assets, including combat aircraft and mobile missile launchers, to the Spratly Islands at any time." Asia Maritime Transparency Initiative
  7. Chinese Cruiser or Destroyer? Full Details on PLAN's First Type 055: The large size of Type 055 is therefore more the result of the need to have a ship with sufficient endurance for global non-stop presence. It should be noted that NATO has already classified Type 055 in the category of cruiser
  8. Chinese Military's Secret Weapon Against U.S.: America still spends about four times as much as China on its military. But comparing the raw numbers is misleading in a number of ways. China can concentrate its armed forces in Asia. Since 2001, the cost per US service has increased by 41%
  9. PLA Xinjiang Military Area Command in a drill operation in a mountainous area in NW China's Xinjiang
  10. China’s strategy protecting own territory, while increasing military presence within disputed waters. According to the report China’s A2AD and its Geographic Perspective, the military’s ability to protect the region has increased dramatically in recent times
  11. US Naval Operations Chief: 'Our Advantage is Shrinking'
Other Notables
  1. Hunger for Homegrown Content Helps Chinese Reality TV Shows Edge Past Foreign Rivals
  2. [Traditional Instrument Instrument] 回夢遊仙 Dream Wanderer / 千年緣 Thousand Year Fate
  3. Russia, China and Pakistan Will Have to Clean up the US-Created Mess in Afghanistan
  4. Excavations in China
  5. Guanzhou
  6. Yu the Engineer and Flood Stories from China: Crash Course Mythology #17
  7. Wedding photos in border police college in Guangzhou
  8. Chinese Male Height Prediction Analysis
  9. Quora: Is China the next America?
  10. Sino-Japanese co-production anime "RoboMasters" PV
  11. You guys got any good music from the mainland?
  12. White girl sings in Chinese to her Chinese boyfriend.
  13. American girl who moved to China
  14. Russia-China Tandem Shifts Global Power By Ray McGovern
  15. Higher Brothers x Bohan Phoenix - No Hook(OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)
  16. Angry Taiwanese Boy Destroys His Own Clothes Out Of Anger That The Mainland Are Richer Now
  17. Globe-trotting couple meets hundreds of fans: Zhang Xinyu and his wife, Liang Hong, the stars of online travel show On The Road, have spent the past five months traveling 60,000 kilometers in a Y-12-a twin-engine turboprop utility aircraft
  18. [Traditional Instrument Music] Style 6
  19. "Take Over America" advertisement goes viral in China
  20. The Ivy League #Architects Who Revitalized Design in China: University of Pennsylvania first began offering architecture courses in 1868. Architecture department attracted Chinese in first half of 20th century. Among these students were the young Liang Sicheng and his wife-to-be, Lin Huiyin
  21. More Hong Kong women seeking husbands on mainland: It is common for Hong Kong women to marry men from South China's Guangdong Province, which shares the same language and lifestyle
  22. Why does the Mongolian flag have the Yin Yang symbol on it?
  23. North Korean missile launch pits China and Russia against the US Analysis
  24. A Man, a Plan, a Canal in China
  25. Skeletons of 5,000-year-old Chinese ‘giants’ discovered by archaeologists
  26. White Atlanticist Supremacists Fret Over Sino-German Co-operation
  27. Why Foreigners in China Should Check Their Privilege
  28. Anecdotally, how do you feel about democracy in mainland China?
  29. Bhutan should be more worried about a takeover by India: Bhutanese expert
  30. First footage of WW2 sex slaves who still shame Japan
  31. Massive Chinese sun altar is offering clues about the country's ancient past
  32. Falun Gong defames private Chinese citizens. Any thoughts?
  33. Journey To China (Trailer 2017) Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jackie Chan Movie
  34. Marvel and NetEase to Create New Chinese Superheroes For Marvel Universe
  35. Chinese aircraft carrier Liaoning arrives in Hong Kong
  36. Fall in love at the gym - they did
  37. Mantou has one of the biggest dress collections for a 5 year old girl. Her large wardrobe is the work of her costume designer father Qian Xiaofeng who has made 100 dresses for his daughter since she was born
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2017.07.02 18:26 feedreddit THE PRESIDENT posts a video of himself pummeling a man with CNN logo on his face -- CNN: ‘We will keep doing our jobs. He should start doing his’ -- SASSE punts on '20

THE PRESIDENT posts a video of himself pummeling a man with CNN logo on his face -- CNN: ‘We will keep doing our jobs. He should start doing his’ -- SASSE punts on '20
by [email protected] (Daniel Lippman) via POLITICO - TOP Stories
THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES tweeted a 28-second video of himself punching someone whose face is covered by the CNN logo. The altered video is from one of his appearances 10 years ago on WWE.
THE TWEET -- THE PRESIDENT at 9:21 a.m.: “#FraudNewsCNN #FNN”
LET’S BE CLEAR -- The president has just sent his 33 million followers a video of himself pummeling a man covered by the CNN logo. CNN anchors and reporters -- indeed, anchors and reporters from many media outlets -- have been threatened and harassed. The president tweeted this message from the comfort of his summer golf home in New Jersey, surrounded by Secret Service. Meanwhile journalists are in the field, across the country and the world.
THE WHITE HOUSE keeps telling us the president wants to talk about policy, but the media doesn’t want to cover it. Since June 30, the president has tweeted once about health care -- and it was to suggest a new strategy for Republicans. He has tweeted eight times about the media.
CNN’s FIERY RESPONSE: “It is a sad day when the President of the United States encourages violence against reporters. Clearly, Sarah Huckabee Sanders lied when she said the President had never done so. Instead of preparing for his overseas trip, his first meeting with Vladimir Putin, dealing with North Korea and working on his health care bill, he is instead involved in juvenile behavior far below the dignity of his office. We will keep doing our jobs. He should start doing his.”
THE WHITE HOUSE did not immediately respond to a request for comment about the tweet.
FROM A D.C. REPUBLICAN: “Lord almighty. It seriously gets worse every day.”
-- @NancyPelosi: “Violence & violent imagery to bully the press must be rejected. This #July4th, celebrate freedom of the press, guardians to our democracy”.
TOM BOSSERT, the president’s homeland security adviser, walked onto Martha Raddatz’s set on ABC’s “This Week” just moments after the tweet posted. Jake showed him the video on his iPhone just as he was walking out of the green room. Raddatz asked him for his reaction on set. “There’s a lot of cable news shows that reach directly into hundreds of thousands of viewers that are really not very fair to the president. So I’m very proud of the president for developing a Twitter and social media platform where he can talk directly to the American people.” He said Trump is the most “genuine president” and “non-politician president” in our time. “No one would perceive that as a threat,” Bossert said.
BUZZFEED: “The edited version of the clip has circulated on Reddit’s The_Donald -- which has become a hub for followers of alt-right, far-right, and Trump supporters -- over the last few days prior to the President tweeting it. It is not clear how the president became aware of the clip.”
-- REMEMBER: A few weeks ago, House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) was shot and he now lays in a Washington hospital recovering. The president, at that time, called for the country to unify. He was roundly praised. Republicans and Democrats said it was time to ratchet down the political rhetoric.
ANA NAVARRO, on “This Week”: “It is an incitement to violence. He is going to get somebody killed in the media. Maybe that will stop him.”
KEEP IN MIND -- Ben Jacobs, a reporter from The Guardian, was recently bodyslammed by a congressional candidate.
BY THE WAY … The man whose face is covered up appears to be Vince McMahon, the husband of Small Business Administrator Linda McMahon. See the original clip from 10 years ago
-- BARACK OBAMA in Jakarta, Indonesia, per the AP: “‘I wasn’t worried about what was in the newspapers today,’ former President Barack Obama said Saturday during a nostalgic visit to Indonesia's capital, his childhood home. ‘What I was worried about was, ‘What are they going to write about me 20 years from now when I look back?’”
-- MITCH MCCONNELL, per the AP, in Kentucky: “‘If Republican Senators are unable to pass what they are working on now, they should immediately REPEAL, and then REPLACE at a later date!’ Trump wrote early Friday. Later that day, McConnell told reporters after an event in his home state of Kentucky that the health bill was challenging but ‘we are going to stick with that path.’ He added: ‘It’s not easy making America great again, is it?’”
PRESIDENT TRUMP at the “Celebrate Freedom” rally honoring veterans last night at the Kennedy Center: “My administration is transferring power outside of Washington and returning it to where it belongs, the people. The fake media is trying to silence us but we will not let them. The people know the truth. The fake media tried to stop us from going to the White House, but I’m president and they’re not. … “The fact is the press destroyed themselves because they went too far. Instead of being subtle and smart, they used the hatchet and the people saw it right from the beginning. ... The dishonest media will not stop us from accomplishing our objectives on behalf of the American people. Their agenda is not your agenda.”
-- DESPITE THE BLUSTER, we’d venture to say President Trump has given nearly as many interviews to the New York Times and Washington Post since winning the presidency in November than Barack Obama did in eight years. Right?
-- @maggieNYT: “POTUS used July 4 vets event to attack the press/first amendment: ‘The fact is the press destroyed themselves because they went too far.’”
-- QUICK NOTE: Imagine if Barack Obama used a veterans event to attack the press.
THE NEW WALL STREET JOURNAL -- SAM WALKER, the deputy enterprise editor at the WSJ (@samwalkers): “Are WH attacks on TV media ‘news’? I dunno... These @shaneharris scoops definitely are:
FOR POSTERITY [email protected] at 3:41 p.m.: “My use of social media is not Presidential - it’s MODERN DAY PRESIDENTIAL. Make America Great Again!”
IVANKA WATCH -- “When Dad’s the president -- a look inside Ivanka Trump’s complicated world,” by WaPo’s Monica Hesse and Krissah Thompson: “Ivanka Trump’s office: clean, white, quiet. A zone of punctual start times and promptly-offered water bottles, and a conference table at which she conducts meetings. A short, winding walk away from her father’s Oval Office downstairs. She does not necessarily appreciate daily schedules. Neither does her father. When Ivanka needs to see the president, she stops by. When he needs to see her, he calls. When he wants her opinion, he asks for it and she gives it, but without expectation that it will be followed.She sees her role as not to persuade, but to inform and support ...
“Anyone who has invested in her the ability to change her father clearly doesn’t understand the dynamic that has always governed their relationship and also the dynamic of a president and his staff. After all, she works for him. ... When she disagrees with her dad, she asks herself whether the issue was a campaign promise or not. If it was, she readily suppresses her own wishes. She believes that doing otherwise would undermine what the American people voted for. She asks herself why her opinion is more right than the 46 percent of the country who put her father in office.”
NOTHING TO SEE HERE -- “With health bill looming, senators aren’t rushing into the July Fourth spotlight,” by WaPo’s Paul Kane: “Sen. Susan Collins will celebrate the Fourth of July within view of the Canadian border, at a remote northeastern Maine town’s annual parade. Sen. Lisa Murkowski will appear on the other end of the continent in an old timber town on an isolated Alaskan island. These two Republican senators, critical swing votes in the debate over health-care legislation, are not exactly rushing into the public spotlight to engage their constituents on the controversial plan and their own decision-making about the proposal.
“Then again, at least they have released information about where they will be. That’s more than most Senate Republicans have done at the start of a 10-day break wrapped around the nation’s Independence Day celebration. This creates the belief among liberal activists that Republicans are trying to hide, which in turn primes every public moment to become that much more confrontational.”
-- W.H. LEGISLATIVE DIRECTOR MARC SHORT ON TIMING, to JOHN ROBERTS on “Fox News Sunday”: “Well, look, we’ve gone through a long process in the House and got it completed and passed in the House. We now are in the Senate where there’s been obviously a lot of procedural delays in this process. We are at the point of scoring two separate bills throughout the course of this recess this week. So, we hope that we come back the week after recess, we'll have a vote.”
WHAT BRAD PARSCALE IS READING -- “Pro-Trump Twitter operatives market paid tweets,” by Shawn Musgrave: “From the moment he declared his candidacy, President Trump commanded legions of online followers. Now, having helped win the White House, factions of self-made social media operatives are redirecting their skills and infrastructure to promote other candidates nationwide. Some are even vying to spin their experiences from the presidential race into new business models, seeking to promote other candidates by paying pro-Trump Twitter users to tweet and retweet scripted messages. Pro-Trump tweeters say they deserve at least partial credit for defeating Hillary Clinton, as well as for the string of Republican victories in recent special elections. A handful are pursuing paid gigs from aspiring conservative politicians, pitching their organized -- and often secretive -- follower networks to ‘America First’ candidates willing to pay.
“It’s an unproven concept, one viewed with skepticism from established campaign veterans and with varying levels of disdain from those who tweet Trump’s virtues for free. After all, Twitter derives its power from authentic, grass-roots messaging. But pay-to-tweet enthusiasts say they’re selling the future of social media strategy, and that candidates won’t have any choice but to pay.”
MAUREEN DOWD in the NYT: “Cruella de Trump”: “The 71-year-old president’s pathological inability to let go of slights; his strongman reflex to be the aggressor and bite back like a cornered animal, without regard for societal norms; his lack of self-awareness about the power he commands and the proportionality of his responses; his grotesque hunger for flattery and taste for Tony Soprano tactics; his Pravda partnership with David Pecker, the head honcho at The National Enquirer, which has been giving Trump the Il Duce treatment while sliming his political opponents, the ‘Morning Joe’ anchors and Megyn Kelly -- these are all matters that should alarm men and women equally.
“Trump has moved his shallow kiddie wading pool of gossip and ridicule from Trump Tower to the White House, where it is so outlandishly out of place that it often feels like we have a Page Six reporter as our president. … Before he got to D.C., Trump was used to media that could be bought, sold and bartered with. He is not built for this hostile environment and it shows in his deteriorating psychological state. Even though he’s in the safest space of all, he’s not in a safe space.”
THE WHITE HOUSE appears to be putting more of their aides on television to talk about the president’s agenda. They had Tom Bossert, the president’s homeland security adviser, on ABC and Marc Short, the president’s legislative affairs director, on Fox. The Trump administration has had no one on the Sunday shows on many occasions. A few weeks ago, Trump’s attorney Jay Sekulow went on the shows.
SUNDAY BEST -- HHS SECRETARY TOM PRICE to NBC’S CHUCK TODD on “MEET THE PRESS” -- TODD: “I’m just asking you as a father. If your son tweeted about a woman like that, what would you say to him?” PRICE: “Chuck, you know, this is really remarkable. You’ve got incredible challenges across this nation, incredible challenges around the world. The challenge that I've been given is to address the health care issues. And your program, a program with the incredible history of Meet the Press, and that’s what you want to talk about?” TODD: “I don’t.” PRICE:“Let me suggest to you that the American people want to talk about the challenges.”
TODD: “Mr. Secretary, I don’t. Mr. Secretary, with all due respect, you’re blaming me for what the president of the United States has spent his entire week focused on?” PRICE: “No. Listen to me, with all due respect. The American people are concerned about a health care system that is not providing choices, where premiums are going up, where insurance companies are vacating markets all across this land. And that’s what they want us to concentrate on. And that’s what they want us to fix. And that’s what I and the president are working on.”
-- CANCEL AUGUST RECESS: “Let's bring everybody into the room. Let’s do this full-time 18 hours a day, six days a week. Let’s cancel the August state work period, and let’s do it in full public view and have hearings and get to work on something that works better than Obamacare. We pledged that, and the American people deserve that.”
-- NO ANSWER ABOUT A 2020 CHALLENGE TO TRUMP: TAPPER: “So, senator, you're not taking that advice. In fact, you’re going to be crossing the Missouri on Friday, going to Iowa and speaking at the Judge Joseph Story Dinner. Is there any chance that you will challenge President Trump for the Republican nomination in 2020?”
SASSE: “Well, first of all, let’s be clear why I’m going to be in Iowa this weekend. I don’t want to admit it anywhere, let alone on national TV, but Nebraska lost to Iowa last year in a football game, and I lost a bet. So, I have to drive Uber in Iowa next weekend. So, that’s the reason I’m going to be in Iowa. It’s about Hawkeyes and Huskers’ bloodletting on the football field and the aftermath of that. But I don’t know who that guy is in your segment, but here’s what I believe.
“I believe that, on the Fourth of July weekend, we ought to have every kid in America having their moms and dads and aunts and uncles and grandmas and grandpas getting together and saying, we hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men and women are created equal, that they’re endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
“That’s what America is about. It’s not about Republicans and Democrats who have important differences on policy screaming at each other that the other side wants to kill somebody. Politics are subordinate to the things that are supposed to unite Americans. And this is a weekend that we should be celebrating all that.”
JOHN ROBERTS talks with SEN. JOE MANCHIN (D-W.VA.) on “FOX NEWS SUNDAY” -- “Manchin: Dems want to work with Trump on health care,” by Connor O’Brien: “Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin on Sunday said members of his party are willing to work with Republicans and President Donald Trump to find a bipartisan solution on health care. ... ‘I want him to know there are Democrats that want to work with him,’ Manchin said. ‘But right now, they can’t even repeal it. They can’t get 50 votes to repeal it because somebody’s getting hurt more than what they’re willing to sign on to.’ ‘Look at some of us. Work with us Democrats who are willing to meet you in the middle, who have always been willing to meet you in the middle,’ Manchin said.”
JOHN DICKERSON talks with SEN. MIKE LEE (R-UTAH) on CBS's "FACE THE NATION: DICKERSON: "If Republicans can't agree on a replacement option at the moment why would they be able to agree on one in the future?" LEE: "Well, if we adopted a measure, if we passed a measure repealing Obamacare, and put a delayed implementation measure in there. With the understanding that at that point after passing the repeal measure we would undertake the step by step process of deciding what comes next. I think it's easier, sometimes when you lump too many things into one piece of legislation, you doom its likelihood of success and I fear that that might be where we are today and i think that explains a lot of what President Trump was talking about in his tweet the other day. What Senator Sasse mentioned in his series of communications on Friday and I think it’s very much worth considering, it’s consistent with what I thought would be better, a more likely to succeed legislative strategy over the last six months."
REMEMBER THIS GUY? -- “Christie adds government shutdown to his legacy: The move comes after New Jersey lawmakers failed to pass a budget by the annual deadline,” by New Jersey Playbooker Matt Friedman: “Chris Christie is heading into his final six months as governor presiding over New Jersey’s biggest government crisis in more than a decade: A shutdown that will literally turn the lights out in Trenton. New Jersey lawmakers failed to pass a budget by the annual deadline at midnight last night, and Christie promptly issued an order sparking the closure of government offices and services deemed non-essential. State parks and beaches will likely be closed this morning, just in time for the holiday, as will motor vehicle offices. Courts could be closed come Monday. Tens of thousands of state government employees will be furloughed. …
“‘It’s all going to come down to when folks get up tomorrow for the July 4th weekend and drive down to Island Beach State Park to spend the day and a sign says it’s closed,’ said Patrick Murray, director of the Monmouth University Polling Institute. ‘They’re going to blame Gov. Christie and nobody else.’” … Subscribe to New Jersey Playbook
-- “Illinois blows budget deadline as threat of downgrade looms,”by Illinois Playbooker Natasha Korecki: “Illinois lawmakers blew their deadline for a budget agreement and instead entered their third fiscal year without a spending plan on Saturday, despite worries about the state facing an unprecedented downgrade to junk status.” … Subscribe to Illinois Playbook
THE CABINET -- NYT A1, “E.P.A. Chief Voids Obama-Era Rules in Blazing Start,” by Coral Davenport (online headline: “Counseled by Industry, Not Staff, E.P.A. Chief Is Off to a Blazing Start”): “In the four months since he took office as the Environmental Protection Agency’s administrator, Scott Pruitt has moved to undo, delay or otherwise block more than 30 environmental rules, a regulatory rollback larger in scope than any other over so short a time in the agency’s 47-year history, according to experts in environmental law. Mr. Pruitt’s supporters, including President Trump, have hailed his moves as an uprooting of the administrative state and a clearing of onerous regulations that have stymied American business. Environmental advocates have watched in horror as Mr. Pruitt has worked to disable the authority of the agency charged with protecting the nation’s air, water and public health.”
STEVEN BRILL in WaPo’s Outlook section, “Nine ways to really fix Obamacare”:
MEDIAWATCH -- “Wall Street Journal Said to Reduce Print Operations Outside U.S.,” by NYT’s Emily Steel and Prashant S. Rao: “The Wall Street Journal is scaling back its print operations in Europe and Asia, two people familiar with the plans said … [as] part of efforts by the news organization to cut costs and focus on its digital offerings. The latest move would involve greatly reducing publication of its print newspaper in Europe … That includes eliminating free copies and reducing hotel distribution deals that are not profitable. The Journal will continue to publish an Asian edition in Tokyo, but is exploring other ways to reduce print publishing elsewhere in Asia.”
FUN READ – “Beach reading for a summer of scandal,” by Darren Samuelsohn: “Feeling overwhelmed by nonstop news about the Russia probe and desperate for some historical context? Do you work or live at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue? If you answered yes to either of those questions, POLITICO has some summer reading recommendations for you. We canvassed veterans of previous investigations and longtime Washington fixtures for suggestions beyond All the President’s Men. Our list covers everything from subpoenas to grand juries and how a White House can weather scandal. Ahead of the Fourth of July holiday, here’s some great material to pack in your beach bag:
“‘A Timeline: Russia and President Trump,’ by Steven Harper, recommended by Nick Akerman, former assistant Watergate prosecutor ... ‘All the King’s Men,’ by Robert Penn Warren, recommended by Jim Manley ... ‘The Breach,’ by Peter Baker, recommended by Don Goldberg, former crisis communications spokesman, Clinton White House.” With four more selections
BONUS GREAT WEEKEND READS, curated by Daniel Lippman, filing from Great Barrington, Massachusetts:
--“The Rise of the Thought Leader: How the superrich have funded a new class of intellectual,” by David Sessions in TNR: “Interviewed for The Ideas Industry, [Niall] Ferguson is frank about his transformation from Oxford don to thought leader: ‘I did it all for the money.’ ... Thought leaders all share a core view that extreme wealth and the channels by which it was obtained are not only legitimate but heroic.” (h/t
--“Zohar’s Translation Unlocks the Secrets of Jewish Mysticism in an Age of Extremism,” by Newsweek’s Alexander Nazaryan: “Imagine the Old Testament as written by H.P. Lovecraft, Bible stories tripping on acid, rendered in difficult-to-decipher Aramaic, full of wisdom and beauty but shrouded in obscurity, a 1,900-page text written more than 700 years ago whose teachings have been embraced by celebrities like Madonna but not fully understood even by most scholars of Judaism.”
--“How We Save Face--Researchers Crack the Brain’s Facial-Recognition Code,” by Knvul Sheikh in Scientific American: “A Caltech team has deciphered the way we identify faces, re-creating what the brain sees from its electrical activity.”
--“Is the staggeringly profitable business of scientific publishing bad for science?” by Stephen Buranyi in the Guardian: “Despite the narrow audience, scientific publishing is a remarkably big business. With total global revenues of more than £19bn, it weighs in somewhere between the recording and the film industries in size, but it is far more profitable.”
--“Retail giants enable trucker exploitation,” by Brett Murphy in USA Today: “Powerhouses such as Target, Costco benefit while drivers plunge into debt.”
--“Anxiety at the Gates,” by Edward Schwarzschild in Hazlitt: “[E]very morning, as part of my job [as a TSA screener], I was supposed to run my hands up and down the legs, torsos, and arms of my fellow citizens. I was supposed to do this in such a way that no one would feel groped. Our cheerful instructors offered guidance. Exert the same pressure you use to spread peanut butter on a sandwich. Say clearly what you’re going to do and then do it. We’d grow numb to it before long, they assured us.” (h/t
--“The Killer in the Pool,” by Tim Zimmermann in the July 2010 issue of Outside magazine – per’s description: “In February 2010, a killer whale named Tilikum dragged his SeaWorld trainer into the pool and drowned her. It was the third time the orca had been involved in a death during his 27 years in captivity. This is his story.”
--“In the Light of the Conflict: Photographer Andrew Quilty’s experience in Afghanistan,” by Jelena Bjelica on Afghan Analysts Network: “I do not think of myself as a huge risk taker. A lot of planning goes into travel outside Kabul. We do not just jump in a taxi and head for the hills. I was inexperienced and a bit ignorant in Badakhshan, and probably pushed my luck more than I would these days. Now, working with colleagues, I’m often the one telling journalists to wrap up their interviews because it feels like we have been in one place too long.” ... 26 of his Afghan pix on one page
--“The Shah of Iran: An Interview with Mohammad Reza Pahlevi,” by Oriana Falaci in the Dec. 1, 1973 New Republic: “‘[A] monarchy is the only possible means to govern Iran. If I have been able to do something, a lot, in fact, for Iran, it is owing to the detail, slight as it may seem, that I’m its king. To get things done, one needs power, and to hold onto power one mustn’t ask anyone’s permission or advice.”
--“The Gay Men Who Fled Chechnya’s Purge,” by Masha Gessen in the New Yorker: “The stories of those who survived detention and torture and are now living undercover in Putin’s Russia.”
--“The Future of Coal Country,” by Eliza Griswold in the New Yorker: “A local environmental activist fights to prepare her community for life beyond mining.”
--“The Polaroids of the Cowboy Poet,” by Dan Zak in the Jan. 13, 2016 WaPo: “He captured a crumbling city and almost went down with it. Then one man saw his photos."
SPOTTED IN NANTUCKET: Greta Van Susteren and John Coale walking on the island’s Straight Wharf dock on Friday night.
OUT AND ABOUT IN THE HAMPTONS -- LALLY WEYMOUTH held her annual summer party last night at her house in Southampton. There was a long gold carpet entrance from where the parking was to a big tent next to her house. She served champagne, rare filet, fried chicken, cornbread, a big chocolate cake, ice cream and cookies decorated as American flags. Brother Don Graham did a big tribute to toast Lally (whose birthday is tomorrow) and shouted out Steven Spielberg’s upcoming film about how Ben Bradlee and Katharine Graham challenged the government for the right to publish the Pentagon Papers in 1971 (Tom Hanks is playing Bradlee and Meryl Streep is playing Graham). Don made a big deal that Spielberg was there and jokingly conceived a Spielberg movie about Lally and described the cast (some actors and some in the room).
-- SPOTTED: Jared and Ivanka chatting with Joel Klein and Alan Patricof, Kellyanne Conway on the dance floor, Boyden Gray, Chris Ruddy, Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) and wife Iris, Katharine Weymouth, Mary Jordan, Richard Cohen, Margaret Carlson, Gillian Tett, Steven Spielberg chatting with Steve Clemons and Robert Hormats, Carl Icahn, Tom Lee (famous for doing a leveraged buyout of Snapple and now lives in Princess Radziwill’s house), Charles Koch, John Paulson, Dina Powell, Richard Edelman, George Soros and his wife Tamiko Bolton, former Florida Gov. and Sen. Bob Graham (Lally’s uncle), her cousin Gwen Graham (who is running for Florida governor), Maria Bartiromo, Ray Kelly, Bill Bratton, Alan Patricof, Jeff Rosen, William Drozdiak, Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-N.Y.).
SPOTTED at a dinner Friday night in Aspen in honor of Fareed Zakaria hosted at the residence of Alexandra Munroe, senior curator at the Guggenheim and her husband Robert Rosenkranz, chairman of Intelligence Squared US: former U.S. Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul, K.R. Sridhar, Karen Brooks and Bob and Soledad Hurst. Pic
WEEKEND WEDDINGS – “Chrysovalantis Kefalas, Thomas Pavlick” – N.Y. Times: “Mr. Kefalas, 37, is a vice president for executive communications at the National Association of Manufacturers, an advocacy group based in Washington. He graduated from Loyola University Maryland and received a law degree from the University of Baltimore. ... Mr. Pavlick [Tommy McFly], 31, is the host of ‘The Tommy Show,’ a weekly talk show on CBS Radio’s 94.7 Fresh FM in Bethesda, Md., and a special-projects reporter for WUSA 9, a television station in Washington. He graduated from Luzerne County Community College. ... The couple were introduced through mutual friends in July 2013 at Lauriol Plaza, a restaurant in Washington.” With pic
--POOL REPORT FROM KELLEY MCCORMICK: The ceremony was at “Sagamore Pendry Hotel in Baltimore on Saturday night, surrounded by family and friends. Officiated by Bob Madigan, serenaded by Erin Willett [of ‘The Voice’] and attended by Kelly Collis, Jen Richer, Samuel Ashner, and Zoe Shyn. Late night pizza and dancing was still going on when this report was filed [at 1:24 a.m.], with music being spun by DJ Neekola.” Pics ... ... The autobiographical cake by Charm City Cakes
SPOTTED: Ellie Schafer and Heather Rothenberg, Tammy Haddad, Kate Bennett, Kevin Baron, Cathy Merrill, Susanna Quinn, Matt Glassman (credited for first introducing the couple), Kelley and Brian McCormick, Jay Timmons and Rick Olson, Erin Streeter and Chris Israel, Wendy Gordon, Jill Collins, Elizabeth and Penelope Thorp, Jake Maccoby, Kris Van Cleve, Emily Miller, Peter Morris, Barbara and John Martin, Mike Drachkovitch and special guest Connor O’Donnell.
--“Eliese Lissner, Derek Callahan”: “The bride, 28 ... is the director of missions and an associate director of leadership at the Anti-Defamation League in New York. She develops international travel programs to engage lay leadership, and recently coordinated the league’s mission to Rome, where she met Pope Francis. She graduated from Drew University and received a master’s degree in integrated marketing from N.Y.U. ... The groom, 30, is a news producer in Englewood Cliffs, N.J., for CNBC’s ‘Mad Money,’ a financial investment program hosted by Jim Cramer, and is pursuing an M.B.A. through Syracuse. He graduated from Ithaca College.” With pic
OBAMA ALUMNI -- “Nirupama Rao, Matthew Landy”: “The bride, 35, is an assistant professor of economics and public policy at N.Y.U. Next month, she is to join the faculty of the University of Michigan. She graduated from M.I.T., where she also received a Ph.D. in economics. From 2015 to 2016, she served as a senior economist at the Council of Economic Advisers in Washington. … The groom, 44, is a portfolio manager in New York for Lazard Asset Management. He also serves on the board of Friends of the Children New York, a nonprofit that mentors at-risk children. He graduated from Monash University in Melbourne, Australia.”
--Former Obama White House intern and Navy officer Mark Jbeily married Helen Hansen, art historian and Courtauld alum, at Perkins Chapel in Dallas on Saturday. “Helen and Mark met in their first day of their first class of their first year at UT. Both just finished graduate school in the UK where Mark was a Marshall Scholar, and they are now off to Pensacola for Mark’s naval aviation training.” Pics ...
TRANSITIONS: Chris Kelley has started on API’s federal relations team as a director focused on international and corporate issues. He most recently was deputy chief of staff for Rep. Brad Ashford (D-Neb.).
BIRTHWEEK (was Friday): Kristen Ellingboe, researcher for CAP Action
BIRTHDAY OF THE DAY: Jonathan Capehart, WaPo opinion writer and MSNBC contributor. How he’s celebrating: “I’ll be with my husband Nick with our friends Bryan Rafanelli and Mark Walsh at their home in Provincetown.” Read his Playbook Plus Q&A:
BIRTHDAYS: Courtney Geduldig, EVP of public affairs of S&P Global ... Brad Todd, founding partner of On Message … David Lopez, director of special projects and advisor to the president and CEO at the Kaiser Family Foundation and an Obama WH alum ... Luci Baines Johnson is 7-0 -- she was recognized in a bipartisan Congressional Record tribute by Reps. Eddie Bernice Johnson (D-Texas) and Joe Barton (R-Texas): (hat tip: Lyndon Boozer) ... Katherine Lehr ... Politico’s Victoria Adeniji and Maria Rivero ... DCCC deputy research director Sammi McClain, an HFA alum … former White House chief of staff and former N.H. Gov John H. Sununu is 78 (h/t Ryan Williams) ... former Mexican President Vicente Fox is 75 (h/t Mexican Amb. to the U.S. Geronimo Gutiérrez, Fox’s former undersecretary of foreign affairs) ... Larry David is 7-0 (h/t Dick Keil) ... former Philippine first lady Imelda Marcos is 88 ... Scott McGee of Kelley Drye & Warren ... Matthew Dybwad, senior sales account manager at Adobe ... Fenton CEO Ben Wyskida is 4-0 ... Gus Ericson is 27 … Kara Rowland, Fox News Capitol Hill producer ... CNN Politics’ Alysha Love ... Berrin Tunçel ... Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-N.Y.) is 33 (h/t Nala) ... Rep. Doug LaMalfa (R-Calif.) is 56 ... Rep. Randy Weber (R-Tex.) is 64 ... former Rep. Mike Castle (R-Del.) is 78 ... Collin Davenport is 31 ... RSLC’s Devon Gallagher ... WaPo’s Jessie Niewold ...
... Gina Woodworth, SVP of public policy and gov’t affairs at the Internet Association ... Derek Gianino, director of international policy at the U.S. Chamber … U.S. Army Captain Chuck Nadd, founder of nonprofit Operation American Dream ... Sara Roberts ... NFL’s Caroline Keyes ... Arkadi Gerney, executive director of the Hub Project and SVP of campaigns and strategies at CAP Action ... Ethan Oberman, co-founder and CEO of SpiderOak, is 41 ... Trevor Neilson ... Jean Cecil Frick ... Marie Formica, delivery manager at Benefitfocus and FamousDC alum ... Reuters’ Michele Gershberg ... Sam Nitz ... Jonathan Woods … Brooke Oberwetter Coon … Emily Stanitz … Lily Velasquez … Lyndsey (Hamilton) Fifield ... Hannah Rosenthal … Sam Hutchison … Michael Matthews … John Brown ... Susan Vilmain (h/ts Teresa Vilmain) ... Ali Chishti ... Ashley Zohn ... Mike Chapman ... Josh Cahan ... figure skater Johnny Weir is 33 ... Lindsay Lohan is 31 ... actress Margot Robbie is 27 (h/ts AP)
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AskReddit What would be shown on a NSFW Mr. Rogers neighborhood show for adults? Rogers
mildlyinteresting Made these bricks from Lego molds that we filled we Jello. Lego
pics Effects of Agent Orange on children in Vietnam Orange
news Active shooter incident at Colgate University right now. Not in the media yet. Fingers crossed it turns out okay. Link is to Colgate's website. Colgate
gaming Craziest Modded Xbox I've Ever Seen Xbox
gaming Outlast 2 with Philips Hue lights xpost from /outlast Philips
AskReddit What is your favorite place to visit in the continental United States? United
news Active shooter on Colgate University campus in Hamilton, NY Colgate
videos My friend started a new Youtube channel to help get people into crypto currencies. He's great for answering any questions you've been afraid to ask about about Bitcoin or Etherium! Youtube
Music Whatever happened to the talented Hip Hop artist Chief Keef? His rhymes were legend and it was an honor to bump his raps in my Ford Escort. Ford
todayilearned TIL in 2001, the United States' military airdropped 2.4 million Pop-Tarts in Afghanistan during the US invasion. United
pics Going through my emails today and decided to delete all 12k +the few I've read undead emails, and because Yahoo is stupid I have to scroll all th3 way to the bottom. Look what I found. Yahoo
news Police Respond to Reports of 'Armed Person' at Colgate University Colgate
television The fall of ESPN has begun… and it’s only going to accelerate ESPN
WritingPrompts WP in the near future, various chains and companies let their mascots get snarky with each other on Twitter, firing various insults and burns back and forth. Until one day, a mascot Twitter takes things a little too far. Twitter
Showerthoughts The last cell carrier to offer Paul Marcarelli, the "Can you hear me now?" actor from Verizon now at Sprint, more money will win. He's left all the other carriers and the last one will look the best in comparison. Verizon
pics When the jerks at Whole Foods cram everything into one bag because they are in a hurry Whole Foods
gaming I bought every Mario toy they had at McDonald's over the weekend McDonald's
gaming I bought every Mario toy they had at McDonald's over the weekend McDonald's
mildlyinteresting top right Google Chrome on Mobile displays a :D when you reach 100 open tabs Google
funny Parody of "Coming Out" Youtube Videos Youtube
videos What happens when you combine 2 Google Home bots desperately trying to conversate between each other and Twitch chat Google
news Portland May Day Protesters Hurl Cans of Pepsi at Cops Pepsi
pics My suicidal nephew posted this on his Facebook today, he is now surrounded by loving family. Facebook
AskReddit You rub a Diet Pepsi bottle and a genie wearing a polyester suit emerges. This is the Mediocre Genie, who can make instantly you proficient in a below average way in the skill of your choosing. What is your wish? Pepsi
Jokes Just got an email from Google explaining how to read maps backward... Google
worldnews Venezuela's President Maduro calls for new constituent body - BBC News BBC
worldnews Report: Facebook helped advertisers target teens who feel “worthless” Facebook
movies Jack Black in Orange County will always be a favorite of mine! Orange
personalfinance Discover and Chase are suddenly offering free credit checks in their apps that dont hurt your credit score. is this legit? Chase
Jokes What the pirate said when he left the Honda dealer... Honda
nottheonion Australian detained in United States for 'overstaying visa by 90 minutes' United
pics In the back of a taptap pickup truck in Port au Prince Haiti, feat. Mom au
personalfinance Can you get Chase Sapphire Preferred annual $95 fee waived? Chase
Showerthoughts Someday, we will all be saying "Back in my day, we had to Google things we wanted to learn" Google
WritingPrompts WP "We are an Army of Stars unleashed.The Sky takes notes when we speak. Our capes move with the Wind.Because of the Wings beneath. This is Royalty" Sky
nosleep This guy from my school went missing after shooting a video for his Youtube channel on illegal grounds. Youtube
news [Seattle May Day demonstrators pass ‘peace joint,’ share Pepsi The Seattle Times](
Showerthoughts "The Sky is the Limit" is a pretty poor thing to say to someone aspiring to be an astronaut. Sky
Showerthoughts All I need is a driver's license to rent a box truck U-Haul, but I need to be 25 to rent a Honda Civic Honda
AskReddit Your last Google search is your super power, while your second to last unrelated search is your weakness. What are you master of? Google
space Neil DeGrasse Tyson on Colbert Tyson
TwoXChromosomes How Intel Eliminated Its Own Gender Pay Gap Intel
AskReddit What happens if you steal an iMac from the Apple Store? Apple
videos Introducing The Frork™: McDonald's Latest Invention ft. Anthony Sullivan McDonald's
pics Guess they REALLY want you to update. People using an older version of the Youtube app are punished with a 30 second wait everytime they go back into it. Youtube
aww My Sadie Bell in a Minnie Mouse outfit Bell
AskReddit Could two smart computer science PhD students create a search engine that unseats Google? How vulnerable is Google to this possibility? Google
todayilearned TIL there are 71 different gender options on UK Facebook 50 in America Facebook
dataisbeautiful Top Movies as Percent of Industry Box Office Total OC Total
gaming Xbox One and Xbox 360 Deals With Gold until May 9 announced: ‘Street Fighter X Tekken’ and ‘DmC: Definitive Edition’ among the best deals Xbox
nottheonion Australian detained in United States for 'overstaying visa by 90 minutes' United
sports Pregame - Chicago Bulls vs Celtics Game 6 @ the United Center United
worldnews North Korea says it is 'ready for war' with Donald Trump's United States United
worldnews Indian IT services firm Infosys plans to hire 10,000 American workers, open 4 U.S. tech centres Infosys
AskReddit What's the most WTF thing you've ever heard or read about the United States or its culture? United
worldnews Google, Amazon And eBay Discontinue Support For Apple Watch Apple
worldnews Google, Amazon And eBay Discontinue Support For Apple Watch eBay
worldnews India-based IT services firm Infosys said it plans to hire 10,000 U.S. workers in the next two years and open four technology centers in the United States after Trump targets outsourcing firms Infosys
worldnews India-based IT services firm Infosys said it plans to hire 10,000 U.S. workers in the next two years and open four technology centers in the United States after Trump targets outsourcing firms United
Music [Mayors bet music, BBQ sauce over Blues-Predators semifinal FOX Sports](
AskReddit How does Apple take stunning photos for its iPhone advertisements? Apple
nottheonion Protesters throw Pepsi cans at police during May Day demonstrations Pepsi
gifs 1950's Ford dump truck doing a wheelie Ford
nottheonion Sierra vista woman finds note from Chinese prisoner in Walmart purse Walmart
AskReddit What will happen if Google starts charging for every search? Google
AskReddit Designers of Reddit logo, why the orange tint to the red. Are we hint hint hinting for a love of Orange people? Orange
AskReddit if Kraft Punk is the cheese-off of Daft Punk, what would be the cheese-off of other famous bands? Kraft
worldnews UK should not back US Middle-East policy, say peers - BBC News BBC
funny Found this guy on Google street view Google
funny Australian Uber driver accidentally picks up a sex worker instead of his real lift! The resulting conversation is hilarious! Uber
mildlyinteresting The McDonald's app looks like an tear-off calendar. McDonald's
television Neil deGrasse Tyson Imparts Sexy Cosmic Knowledge The Late Show with Stephen Colbert Tyson
Showerthoughts We would have figured out the concept of gravity way earlier if Adam had applied his brain instead of instinctively eating that Apple ! Apple
mildlyinteresting Today I noticed that Google Calendar's favicon has the day of the month Google
Music Fiona Apple - Shadowboxer Piano Pop Apple
dataisbeautiful Cultural value orientation scores for 80 countries based on research by Shalom H Schwartz using Google Sheets OC Google
pics This Volkswagen has a integrated Beer opener. Volkswagen
AskReddit Can anybody tell me if adidas are going to release black adidas manias in their new champagne pack? and if so, when will they be released? adidas
sports Why is ESPN laying off so many people? ESPN
videos ELLIE GOULDING - First Land Rover Velar driver in New York City. Land Rover
AskReddit What are some of the most mysterious/creepy things you've seen on Google Earth? Google
LifeProTips LPT: Mother's Day in the United States is 12 days away. United
movies Johnny Depp is fed lines through earpiece, ex-managers claim - BBC News BBC
AskReddit Has anyone actually won something from those Facebook "Share, Like & Win" Posts, what did you win? Facebook
photoshopbattles PsBattle: This awesome 40 dollar foot tattoo sold on a Facebook yard sale site.. Facebook
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AskReddit Why are the Ocean and Sky blue? Sky
AskReddit Apple, Google or Microsoft - who will fail first ? Google
AskReddit Apple, Google or Microsoft - who will fail first ? Microsoft
mildlyinteresting My school used an old Apple iPhone to remind students about no electronic devices during testing Apple
sports 18 year-old Mike Tyson with Cus D'Amato before Tyson's first professional fight against Hector Mercedes on March 6, 1985 in Albay, NY. Tyson
worldnews Hackers Alert: Orange Is The New Black S05 Leaked Online Orange
explainlikeimfive ELI5:Why do mobile games want me to log into Facebook and Twitter? What do they gain? Facebook
mildlyinteresting This Volkswagen Golf has an integrated Beer opener. Volkswagen
personalfinance Just leased a CPO '15 Lexus GS350 two months ago for 3 years.. I hate it. Keep or roll into a new financed car I want? Lexus
gaming Shadowrun was one of the best shooters of last gen and it recently became backwards compatible on Xbox One. Check out this video that explains all of the different abilities and weapons. It's an amazing game and probably the best game you have never played Xbox
Showerthoughts Vaping is to cigarettes what Google Glass was to sunglasses. Google
videos A mashup of almost every Walt Disney Animation Studio release Walt Disney
todayilearned TIL there would be no Apple without Walter L. Shaw according to Jobs. Inventions based on his patents include: the speakerphone, call forwarding, conference calling and the answering machine. As well as the black box. Apple
todayilearned TIL that The McAfrika was a burger sold by McDonald's in Norway and "traded" as a Limited Edition Olympic Games Burger. It attracted significant public criticism as a result of its name and the timing of its launch. McDonald's
AskReddit If we saw your recent Google search history what would we think about you? Google
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Futurology Chinese internet giant Tencent opens artificial intelligence lab in Seattle Tencent
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news H-1B Visa Effect: Infosys To Hire 10,000 American Workers - NDTV Infosys
science Increasing the percentage of elementary school children in the United States who participate in 25 minutes of physical activity three times a week from 32 percent to 50 percent would avoid $21.9 billion in medical costs and lost wages over the course of their lifetimes, new research suggests. United
Documentaries MSNBC's Controlled Opposition: Myth of the Progressive Media2016-Examines MSNBC's Role As A "liberal" Arm of the Corporate Media Progressive
food HOMEMADE Apple Pie Apple
funny Out-of-sync Facebook video grabs Facebook
news GM, Ford and Toyota all post U.S. sales declines in April Toyota
news GM, Ford and Toyota all post U.S. sales declines in April Ford
television "Put down the book, pick up the remote" Collider TV Talk is going live and daily for this week. One of my favourite Youtube shows discussing all things television. Youtube
videos Introducing Microsoft Surface Laptop Microsoft
explainlikeimfive ELI5: Why is the United Airlines CEO testifying before the US Congress? United
Showerthoughts With nearly $250 billion in cash, Apple can now credibly buy an entire country. Apple
worldnews Jordan Edwards shooting: Texas police change account of death - BBC News BBC
videos Revised Toyota Hilux now handles the moose test Toyota
funny This is the second time my local news station has posted something on Facebook without first reading it.... the comments section is blowing up! Facebook
personalfinance Reallocate Target Date Fund? Target
Showerthoughts Even if the Google ad on top of the search result is exactly what I'm looking for, I'll still instinctively click on the same page that isn't displayed as an ad. Google
AskReddit Why do does the Google store say 17+ but when you download a dating app, you have to be 18? Google
videos Neil deGrasse Tyson Gives Audience a Science Boner. Tyson
explainlikeimfive ELI5: Why do people hack others Facebook profiles and start a new one? Facebook
nottheonion Indian IT firm Infosys to hire 10,000 American workers Infosys
pics This is the second time my local news station has posted something on Facebook without first reading it.... the comments section is blowing up! Facebook
pics The new Fanta logo and bottle design in the UK Fanta
funny This Microsoft Support agent came on a little strong Microsoft
news Jordan Edwards shooting: Texas police change account of death - BBC News BBC
todayilearned TIL the United States national bird, the bald eagle, was saved from threat of extinction by the actions of the EPA and a Chippewa National Forest Wildlife biologist. United
news Brexit: Theresa May says she'll be 'bloody difficult' to Juncker - BBC News BBC
AskReddit You've been hired to produce a job posting for President of the United States of America. What does your post say? United
askscience How do forward swept wings on an aircraft differ from a Delta wing and a straight wing? Delta
mildlyinteresting This charging station at my local Audi dealership. Audi
Music Enrique Iglesias - Be With You Dance Pop Acoustic Walmart Soundcheck Walmart
videos Introducing Microsoft Surface Laptop Microsoft
Showerthoughts I haven't actually seen any Apple wireless earbuds in use Apple
mildlyinteresting This sponsored result for Ford when searching for Chevy Ford
funny [Protesters throw Pepsi cans at police during May Day demonstrations World news](
news [Protesters throw Pepsi cans at police during May Day demonstrations World news](
Showerthoughts Searching Google on Bing is like a girl asking a friendzoned guy to help her find a boyfriend Google
Music Cameron Grey - Cocaine Ferrari hip-hop 2017 - This kid quietly dropped his album with major production including a track by Kanye Still Trappin and no one knows yet Ferrari
Jokes TIL that Subway will give you your money back if they mess up your order. Subway
videos Venus Ferrari - Beautiful Disaster Electro pop 2017 Ferrari
videos Just a Porsche towing a 314-ton jumbo jet. Porsche
Music Venus Ferrari - Beautiful Disaster Electro pop 2017 Ferrari
pics Saw a Ferrari today. Reminded me of someone... Ferrari
funny Saw a Ferrari today. Reminded me of someone! Ferrari
listentothis Kardashev -- Between Sea and Sky Atmospheric Deathcore / Ambient Sky
Showerthoughts Thank you Google maps for keeping up with my every move then updating me with a creepy "everywhere you were" notification on my phone. Said no one, ever. Google
AskReddit Which is Most Popular Team? Manchester United or Manchester City? United
todayilearned TIL that in the 90's, Coca-Cola tested vending machines that would automatically change prices based on the temperature outside. The higher the temperature the higher the price. Coca-Cola
videos Check out my Friends new Youtube Channel! Youtube
worldnews FBI woman went to Syria to wed IS recruiter she investigated - BBC News BBC
AskReddit Serious Why does the United States think it alone has a god given right to possess nuclear weapons? United
space Cassini Just Dove Into way-too-quiet ‘The Big Empty’ Between Saturn and Its Rings Dove
funny My Mom went from POS to Ferrari in one day. Go Mom!!! Ferrari
news Facebook denies targeting insecure users - BBC News BBC
television How ESPN Became A Conservative Cause ESPN
videos How I Do $250,000 a Month Selling Alibaba and Ali Express Products on eBay & Amazon Alibaba
videos How I Do $250,000 a Month Selling Alibaba and Ali Express Products on eBay & Amazon eBay
worldnews Hackers used Microsoft Word bug 'for months' Microsoft
aww Sai Mama Caterpillar - Sai MaMa Caterpillar says: "Teaching a Child not to squish a bug..." "...Does More for the Child than for the Bug" Caterpillar
worldnews FBI Director Comey, NSA Director Rogers will testify about Russia on Thursday Rogers
worldnews The United States on Tuesday criticized Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro's intent to create a new super-body known as a "constituent assembly," saying it was an attempt to cling to power United
videos New and Improved Pepsi Ad featuring Kendall Jenner - Purposely Shitty Version Pepsi
pics An old deck of United Airlines cards from my gf's grandparent's Cribbage set. United
gaming An Xbox Pro Tip from me: Easily mark which games in your collection are backwards compatible by using small green color coding stickers. Xbox
AskReddit Who do you want to be the 46th President of the United States of America and why? United
mildlyinteresting Found a vintage Nike jacket at Goodwill with ticket stubs to Forrest Gump in the pocket Nike
pics Simulated tilt-shift of the new Apple campus. Apple
funny I guess Uber has a new payment method. Uber
worldnews 50,000 Haitians living in the United States could face deportation United
Showerthoughts Uber ratings shouldn't be affected by being drunk in the car. One of the main reasons I Uber is so I don't drive under the influence, so why should that make it harder for me to request a ride in the future? Uber
funny Oh Facebook marketplace, you never cease to amaze me. Facebook
mildlyinteresting This steak that looks exactly like the the contiguous United States United
funny When Taco Bell asks if you got your drink yet and you didn't even order one...just go with the flo Bell
mildlyinteresting Found this 56 year old Pepsi bottle today with the cap on. Pepsi
mildlyinteresting This Nike outlet offers try on socks Nike
todayilearned TIL the founders of The North Face and Patagonia drove from San Francisco to South America on a bus to surf when they were young, and remained friends until death. The North Face
AskReddit Where are porn films made in the United States? United
todayilearned TIL that BBC reported the World Trade Center tower 7 collapsed 20 minutes before the building actually fell. BBC
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